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John Smith

VCARD John Smith Photo Portfolio

Personal portfolios, personal blog sites and resumé sites will all benefit from a theme like John Smith. It’s got a really unique style all it’s own.

Meet John Smith.  Yet another John Smith?  Seems like very theme here uses the fake name of either John Smith or John Doe.  Come on people, let’s get creative.


Now then, this theme is a WordPress vCard web template that’s got a very eye catching design, since it uses so many big images to get it’s point across.  What’s that point?  Well, I think the point is that your content is incredible and worth taking a look at.

Strangely, this theme doesn’t have any reviews that I can post, it hasn’t had a review in the last year and a half.  But the overall rating is poor, just 3.9 out of 5 stars.  For 400+ downloads, that’s very low indeed.

The theme is, allegedly, still being supported by FXOffice, the developer, but it’s not completely obvious that anyone even cares enough about this theme to need help with it.  It’s strange.

I wonder if this exhange has anything to do with it?

Hard coding a ton of stuff into a theme can be problematic. Also, three months to wait for an update? That’s just far too long for me. Word gets out about that kind of stuff too.

No updates in over a year, nobody cares enough to rate this theme, I’d skip it and look for something better.  There are a ton of great options out there so don’t settle for something that’s bad or poorly supported.

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