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Yogi – Yoga Health WordPress theme

I’m actually sort of irrationally angry at the text on this demo page, how slow it is to animate on and off. You can change that, but it’s distracting to me.

For companies that specialize in health, beauty, fitness and overall wellness, this Yogi WordPress theme provides the professionalism and attention to aesthetic detail that would best serve customers and clients. Take time to explore all of the documentation that comes with this theme or peruse the interesting screenshots and see a live demonstration to get a feel for all the different features and elements that can be included with a Yogi theme build. The developers also run and informative newsletter you can subscribe to.

Here is what the developer, NooThemes, has to say about Yogi.

Yogi is clean and delightful theme for any event, spa, wellness, fitness and health beauty training related website.

Designed specifically for a yoga center, included 4 custom post types: class, trainer, testimonial, event and tons of shortcode and widgets, its clean design and unique elements can softly enlighten up your mind just like when you sit down and practice some yoga poses. There is no limit to a niche, of course. Yogi can fit in any event, health, spa, dance class, or other beauty related website, just little work needed and imaginative you.

Extended for yoga, empowered by HealCode, Yogi is compatible with MINDBODY, the popular yoga online app for class online registration and payment. You are able to get class list, schedule, pricing and redirect your visitor to check out on MINDBODY website. Additionally, you have another option to create membership package and direct payment on site using Woo Commerce.

Yogi has proven to be very popular so far, with over 1000 downloads and a solid to very solid 4.55+ rating on ThemeForest.  The support seems fast and friendly, so I think it’s still a good value.

As the name of the theme implies, Yogi focuses on its audience’s philosophy of calm and a soothing enlightenment. Since the content of a web page can vary so greatly, this theme can also be tweaked to best serve the purpose of the site. Building precisely what you need is quick and intuitive. Yogi offers the trainer, class, event and testimonial blog posts styles as well as numerous copy and paste shortcodes and widgets.

One unique specialization that the Yogi WordPress fitness theme shares with only a few other designs is compatibility with the popular yoga app MINDBODY. Installation and inclusion on your website are simply a matter of clicking the button and dragging it into place, but the power and functionality bring your site will be much appreciated by visitors. With this app, people who come to your website can search and register for Internet-based classes. The Yogi WordPress theme also includes the premium plug-in Revolution Slider and the powerful WooCommerce option for making secure sales online.

So, let’s take a look at Yogi in action from around the web.

Yoga Elixir.  They’re from Australia and they’ve been busy stacking rocks.  There’s nothing wrong with that though, I’m sure it’s soothing.  (Until the rocks fall over and then you just get so mad!!)

www.yogaelixir.com.au-Homepage - Yoga Elixir

They even love Yogi in the land down under! I said do you speak my language. He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich.

Here’s a massage therapist  in Denver, Manton Massage Clinic.

Manton Massage devener Colorado

This massage therapist website uses Yogi and I’ve seen plenty of other sites use it, not just Yoga studios.

Okay, that seems like enough for today, please let me know if you use Yogi and maybe we’ll throw your site up here to show as another example of what Yogi can do for your website.

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