So, we loved our first collection of kids themes so much, we created a whole other collection with new, inventive themes for kids.  The original WordPress kids themes collection is here and we really hope you enjoy that one too, but hey, let’s get to the awesome products, shall we?


Kindergarten WordPress theme for kids

Kindergarten is a Bootstrap 3 and retina ready theme for children, which also happens to be responsive and fun.  This theme is mostly built to be a webpage for daycare centers, babysitters, kindergartens, prescools, early education providers and preschools.  Kindergarten is built to make your school look fun and professional, and kids, teachers and parents will all love this theme.  Little kids deserve an amazing, inviting, incredibly purposeful WordPress template.

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WordPress theme for kids

Pulp is a very cool and original Premium WordPress theme that is very easy to setup for beginners, but has the flexibility to really appeal to seasoned WordPress users too. Pulp is a perfect theme for anything creative, like a kids art page, or even the personal theme for an entire family.  Pulp is compatible with the professional WooCommerce e-Commerce system which means it’s easy to start selling products in no time.  Young people need a fun, trendy, exceedingly usable WordPress child friendly theme.  A properly composed childrens template must have plenty of functions to make it completely unique and enjoyable.

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WordPress childrens themes

Babysitter is a flat, clean and responsive theme that will appeal to both kids and parents alike.  A competently made childrens blog theme really should have lots of capabilities to cause it to be distinctive and exciting.  It has an amazing, professional feel to it too, so you’ll give the first impression that you want.  This theme is perfectly suited for babysitters, nannies, a daycare center or a mommy blog.  Anything related to children really.  Oh, here’s another idea, Babysitter could be perfect for a nanny or babysitting jobs board?  Children need a lively, exciting, exceptionally purposeful WordPress theme.

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WordPress themes for kids

Sky is a dreamy little kids style WordPress theme that floats above the pack in with a wonderfully whimsical style that will leave your visitors with a sense of wonder and joy.  Sky works in a unique way, loading all of it’s content with AJAX, so that the page load speeds are really fast.  A well prepared kids blog template must have plenty of features to cause it to be innovative and even lots of fun.  No matter how many pages you have, the page load speeds are lightning quick.  A lot of the design elements in this theme would be perfect for a blog about kid stuff, a blog aimed at mothers, a page for promoting an app aimed at children or even an educational business.  Youngsters ought to have an entertaining, appealing, incredibly well-designed WordPress kids theme.

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Kidz Store

WordPress childrens store theme

Kidz Store is one of the finest WordPress ecommerce themes for the niche of children’s products like WordPress theme kids party supplies or a children and toys WordPress theme.  Kidz Store is designed to make setting up an online shop quick and easy, not to mention affordable.  A nicely prepared kids blog template requires plenty of functions to ensure it is innovative as well as exciting.  This theme comes crazy cool features for selling kids products like clothing or toys, and here’s a great thing: it’s compatible with WooCommerce. Because of it’s quirky design it’s best used to create sites for selling toys, clothes, children’s books and other products that kids love.

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Kids Life

kids life wordpress childrens retail theme

Kids Life is a carefully built WordPress Kids Theme for day-care centers, Kindergarten and education, preschool, arts, crafts, nursery, training and products sales.  Anything kid related, this theme is a great fit.  Drag and drop your way to an amazing design, filled with cool designs and features that make selling products fun and easy.  Parents will love the carefully crafted pages, easy navigation and awesome design of this page.  A nicely made kids template really should have lots of features to ensure it is one of a kind as well as exciting.  The theme options panel will make it easy to manage too, so you can set up a blog or a WooCommerce portal fast.  Kids Life is retina display ready and it’s 100% responsive too, which means it will look fantastic on smart phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers, no matter what resolution the screen is.  WooCommerce is a free plugin that makes it incredibly simple to set up an online shopping experience that will keep customers engaged and get them ready to purchase your products.  But if you prefer to keep it to a blog, this theme can do that just as well too.  There’s a calendar pro support too, whoch helps manage and promote educational events and the unique blog design is adaptable to a wide variety of looks.  This theme is WPML compatible too, which allows you to translate it into any language you want.  Selling products for children has never been easier.

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Mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers.  Everybody is going to find Peekaboo to be a really great theme for kids.  It’s geared mainly toward daycare, preschool and other small businesses.  If you’re promoting kids products, it can do the job too.  A competently built childrens template needs huge amounts of attributes to cause it to be special and also fun.  I’d love to see somebody with a cool line of children’s clothing set up a WooCommerce version of this site and since WooCommerce is a free plug-in, it’s not going to be too expensive to do just that.

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Carry Hill


Carry Hill School is a gorgeously designed WordPress Theme for your child school, child care, but it would suit any children, art, craft or creative website. It comes with Drag and Drop Page Builder which enables you to create your page content with ease. You can rearrange your content blocks any way you like.

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Kid’s Voice School

WordPress kids education theme

A properly prepared children’s blog theme must have huge amounts of features to ensure it is innovative and also enjoyable.  Kid’s Voice School is a gorgeous WordPress Theme for your children’s school, child care, but it would suit for any children’s educational, art, craft or creative website.  Custom widgets, a customizable slider and multiple blog layout variations mean it will be a snap to promote kid’s products or services with this theme.

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Kids Toys

WordPress kids toystore theme

Kids Toys WordPress Shop was originally designed to promote kids products and activities.  Toys!  Games!  Music!  Candy!  I think this WordPress theme would be wonderful for an online shop selling any number of products aimed at kids.  Could be perfect for selling baby clothes or kids toys, games, online activities.  If you add on Buddypress, it could be a perfect kids social network too.   Let your creativity know no bounds!

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Happy Kids

WordPress childrens theme

Happy Kids is a clean and simple design, aimed mostly at kids and parents, but it’s got a very professional look too.  This is a really strong children’s WordPress Theme. It is designed to appeal to basically K-6 age kids, daycare centers, preschools, toy stores and other small businesses. Happy Kids has a responsive design, tons of design elements and comes packed with 6 different color styles and 9 different background patterns.  Your children need an amusing, appealing, stunningly usable WordPress childrens theme.

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Child Care Creative

WordPress child care ecommerce theme

Young ones ought to have a fantastic, delightful, fantastically usable WordPress theme.  Designed for the child care industry and kids in general, this is a fun illustration style and it would be great for children’s, family, art, craft, creative and environmental website. A properly built childrens blog theme needs to have a pile of features to ensure it is one of a kind and exciting.  The Child Care WordPress eCommerce theme, with the power of WooCommerce, could be perfect for building an online shop selling children’s products like toys, clothes, games, it’d also be great for a day care center, babysitting service or anything else you feel would suit the design style.

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Sunny Kids

WordPress kids clothing store theme

Sunny Kids is a Premium WordPress theme that is incredibly easy to setup and comes with a great bunch of features that make it perfect for anything related to children. Perfect for a children’s, kids, family, creative or art themed website.  Sunny Kids is also WooCommerce ready, so it can be used to sell products aimed at kids, like toys, games, clothing and accessories.  There are no limits with Sunny Kids.

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WordPress baby announcement theme

Starting a family?  Want to spread the good news?  Try Arrival theme.  Arrival is a child theme built just for announcing a new addition to the family. Arrival has beautiful custom Google fonts and a clean design make this the perfect children’s theme.   This baby WordPress theme is definitely going to impress.

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Kiddoturf is aimed at being a website for kindergartens or day care centers, but would be just as strong as a babysitting business site, a blog about children’s activities, a mommy blog and more.   This theme features a responsive layout, so it will look great on any device.  Kiddoturf is a children WordPress theme that has a fun and pretty design, so your WordPress site will make a lasting impression on all the boys, girls and parents who visit.

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Mary Poppins


This is Mary Poppins, a fun and dreamy looking feminine WordPress theme with a well thought out design and enough features and style points to help you build an incredible WordPress blog site.  Mary Poppins offers you the ability to use one of 19 pre-made color schemes in the settings panel, six different layout variations, headers and footers that can be swapped out at a whim.  Each designed for crystal clear navigation and a lot of panache.  Many Poppins supports Google analytics, so you can see your blog’s audience grow each and every day.  Custom CSS, slider options and typography options allow you to choose exactly how your style and website will be presented.  Significant documentation is included too, so your site will be up and running before you know it.  That’s like a spoonful of sugar to my ears.  Or something.

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