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28+ More Of The Best WordPress Digital Downloads Themes



There are certain things you’ll need if you want to sell online, digitally downloadable products.  One of those things you’ll need is a great WordPress theme with the traits, details and qualities you need to sell those products efficiently and safely.  WordPress, paired with Easy Digital Downloads is a great idea because it’s so powerful and quickly adjusted.   Whatever kind of digital products you’re selling, one of these themes could be perfect.  eBooks, After Effects projects, MP3s, video files and more.  If you’re creating a recipe book, a novel, short stories, any sort of book.  Digital downloads are really popular nowadays, so maybe it’s time to get into the mix with a fantastic digital download WordPress theme.  We’ve got another collection of WordPress digital downloads themes, you might be interested in too!


composition wordpress portfolio, blog and digital downloads theme

To get a theme that loads so quickly, Composition packs at a great deal of features which you may expect in a much larger theme. However, the developer GraphPaper Press generally does not mess up with bloated code, therefore this Composition theme is a fairly good example of the form of WordPress site themes that are leading the market. Composition is a mobile device friendly, using absolutely responsive in every way layout and your portfolio will look fantastic with masonry grid designs for articles, photographs and portfolios also. You are able to integrate Composition together with the Quotation Media plugin to create your site to an electronic downloads business. For photographers who’ve been selling iStockPhoto, ShutterStock or other stock photo and footage sites, it is a fairly cool way to earn some extra money and also to have the liberty to do everything you need, not what the proprietors of the other sites need.

The composition isn’t hard to customize and personalize as you are able to move your articles, blogs and welcome messages around to the areas you need them to become. Composition features blank HTML5 markup, a theme customizer for bettering your site, it is translation ready, SEO optimized, fully widgetized, provides the alternative of custom wallpapers, webpage templates. GraphPaper Press is famous for their excellent support and also the documentation for archiving is comprehensive and comprehensive.

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Stock Photography

stock-photography wordpress online digital sales theme

Stock Photography is a WordPress theme that has been made to assist you market your photos, images and photos on the internet and keep all the money on your own. If you are on websites like iStockPhoto, then you are aware that the site’s commission can occupy a great deal of your hard-won money, however Stock Photography makes it so that you may earn more per purchase and the easy layout means that you can spend more time developing your business and less time designing a web page with all the qualities you require. The plan of the theme is straightforward and professional, a true head start to making a brand to resist the contest.

Together with the built in Market Media plugin, you may sell photographs, movie clips, prints, digitally downloadable publications and much more. It is possible to really make an whole firm with this particular theme plus some well chosen images to market. Stock Photography is responsive also, meaning that it looks good on almost any device. Whilst you are building up your company, it is extremely important to consider that element in mind. For promoting your job, you might want the number that article types offer you and Stock Photography contains them, such as audio and video articles, quotes, galleries and links, simply to mention a couple. This way, you can definitely build your company in an assortment of ways, not through regular posts with the identical design every moment.

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Shop Isle Pro

shop isle pro wordpress woocommerce ready theme

Offering you a highly customizable and tidy layout with a built-in service for WooCommerce compatibility, ShopIsle Pro is the right option for anyone who’s looking to set up shop with an electronic downloads market. ShopIsle Pro is built mainly for online shopping, that is why it integrates WooCommerce compatibility at its center so users may set up their store in their webpage and exhibit their products in an organized and professional manner.

Purchases are easy and just a click away, the cursor hovers above a merchandise as a Add to Shopping Cart button slides effortlessly. It is a very cool effect. Users can then track of this assortment of electronic downloads, they’ve added to shopping cart by taking a look at the’shopping cart’ logo found in the top-right hand aspect of the display.

Whether you are selling a eBooks or marketing a web series for horror fans, ShopIsle Pro includes a design that’s completely customizable to satisfy your preferences. The parallax scrolling makes your internet shop multilayered and more satisfying to your customers, and the responsive design makes your web site match perfectly on almost any device, computer or web-enabled devices, so whether your buyers use their telephones or their tablets, you can be sure your products are reachable and presentable. For a shop selling electronic downloads, that is a very key feature to offer you.


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sider wordpress theme horizonta

Sider is a wonderful WordPress portfolio theme which allows you do do almost anything with it you can picture, from promoting your photos online to blogging with a stylish, graceful theme and it allows you to showcase your art, photographs or whatever you have created with a well-made portfolio page. The plan of Sider is advanced, it captures the interest of your readers and that helps make a great first impression, which is vital in developing your business. Sider is incredibly simple to customize, whether you would like to adjust the header or footer design, add your custom symbol, proceed around text cubes and widgets. Slider integrates with a plugin called’Sell Media’ that lets you sell photos as digital downloads, or prints of your artwork. In any event, you will have an extremely elegant theme to assist you grow your organization. JetPack integration ensures you may have a delightful looking portfolio page too. The excellent thing about JetPack is that it’s constantly updated and upgraded, which means you’re not relying upon some code which may go out of style before you even realize it. Customize matters like typography, featured articles sliders, lightbox galleries and a whole lot more. Unlimited galleries, along with a completely responsive design, mean this theme can really help set your work apart, perfectly framing it and revealing it is value.

Easy Digital Downloads, also WooCommerce, make it feasible to sell any type of product that’s digitally downloadable. That means, you don’t have to simply sell pictures, you can sell music or eBooks too. Even when you’re giving away things, it is possible to set the cost as’free’ and as most of us know, free is a really good price. Thankfully, Sider is incredibly easy to correct and edit to fit the demands of your website, many different functions can be added, removed and altered to suit your company.

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squarecode easy digital downloads theme

With SquareCode, you can now make a multi-author (some call it a multivendor) website using WordPress and Easy Digital Downloads. If you’ve been considering becoming a contest with places like or even, you know that there are a lot of alternatives for creating a multi vendor website, some of them are incredibly expensive. For example, CSCart charges well over $1000 to get a permit for their multivendor plugin extension. Do not get me, it’s fine, but it’s very expensive and, honestly, difficult to learn. SquareCode attempts to get in the market at a reasonable price. WordPress itself is free of coursethis theme runs under $70 and Easy Digital Downloads is free also, though you will need to add a reasonably priced Front end Submissions plugin to allow true MultiVendor capacity.

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bookrev shocase image

BookRev is a testimonials theme for WordPress, bursting with new design and characteristics which make it an ideal online reviews magazine for books, music, recipes. . .anything you would like to review, actually. This completely responsive theme is a well made masterpiece of communicating genius, with clean and perfectly validated code. If you’ve got a little bit of HTML or PHP experience, it is very simple to customize this theme. If you’re not experienced, do not worry, BookRev does not require coding skill to make the most of it. BookRev is responsive and it works good on every browser that people are likely to use these days. Custom widgets, a readily editable color and typography set up and a potent theme options panel all help make BookRev a great choice for a testimonials theme for WordPress.

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Check out the big layout on Argo. It starts with a bold design pattern, type of a Metro design, and refreshing looking typography and a super modern, hyper clean design ethic. It adds completely responsive performance, the latest CSS3 and HTML5 code and Easy Digital Downloads compatibility. You may drag and drop images to edit themthe theme supports opinions and testimonials on products and it is, of course, entirely responsive. It’s got a lot of other cool features like a sticky header, off-canvas navigation to your readers who have been perusing your website from a mobile device. This theme would make a delightful pick for an online publishing company that was looking for a modern, bold feeling net presence.

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Sell Photos


Sell Photos is a theme that is about it’s name. Sell Photos was especially crafted to allow you to advertise, promote and showcase your pictures at a bold, easy, clean and crystal clear site. Sell Photos is more than its design, however, it is about allowing you to construct a photography company with a simple, sleek and contemporary site which gets the strong options you want to cultivate your brand and your company. Sell Photos is a theme that does not allow it to own layout get in the means of delivering content that is memorable, because the layout stands in the background, allowing your photographs, videos or other visual articles take centre stage.

1 facet that you must have in a site nowadays is responsiveness. Sell Photos, luckily, is totally 100% responsive on almost any device. That means regardless of how the customers access your website, it is going to look amazing and deliver consistent results, time after time. Responsive themes often rank better, everything considered, which is very good for building your visitors and expanding your company. In the current competitive marketplace, you really need to get a 100% responsive site. Like the title suggests, you may sell photographic downloads or prints using this theme, as a result of its incorporated Sell press plugin, from GraphPaper Press. (it is also possible to sell eBooks for apparatus such as a Kindle as well as music or movie files such as MP3 or MP4.) Basically, anything which may be downloaded is simple enough to market with Sell Media. 1 good thing is, it is an all in 1 solution. Considering that GraphPaper Press made the theme, should you encounter any issues with utilizing the theme or the plugin itself, then it can readily be remedied, employing the rapid and comprehensive support choices.

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What’s a marketplace?  Well, a marketplace is a very special type of online store, where you can bring buyers and sellers together, even if you don’t create the products themselves.  Sort of like Envatoo, Creative Market, Etsy or or other websites like that.  Why would you want a marketplace theme?  Well, should you decide to compete with some of the larger marketplace setups, like Envato or Etsy, you’ll need a great, stable website.  There are many ways to go, some are expensive like the CS Cart MultiVendor Addon, Yo!Kart, X Cart Multi-Vendor or Magento’s Marketplace plugin.  Those are all great solutions, but some of them can be sort of expensive and a bit tricky to set up.  But if you want the comfort of using a familiar CMS like WordPress, this is probably the most cost efficient manner to get a multi-vendor site set up.  Anyway, that’s what this theme is all about, allowing you to create a place where people can sell their products, while you take care of the work behind the scenes.

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chromatic wordpress portfolio theme

They phone Chromantic the greatest photography WordPress theme for good reason, it is a superb way to market your pictures, get noticed from your following customer and also to showcase your job. The easy design and navigation imply it’s simple to focus the attention where it must be, in your amazing visual content. Chromatic, from GraphPaper Press, is a beautiful option in the event that you genuinely feel your articles must come first.

If you’re searching for a WordPress portfolio theme that’ll be eye on each size or kind of digital apparatus, subsequently Chromatic has everything you’re looking for, 100 percent responsive designs. This type of feature is remarkably important nowadays, some might say it is crucial, since 100% responsive themes often out-rank the identical fixed width website, all things being equal. And your customers will appreciate the simple fact it is 100% responsive whenever they attempt to get your website on a device such as a Android or iPhone. This gives you assurance that you are providing the best user experience you can to each customer you get. Though Chromatic is essentially a portfolio theme, it may serve nicely as a site also with a number of post formats, such as hyperlinks, video or sound files, quotations, pictures and, of course, ordinary text articles. Insert galleries from one to five pictures broad, sell prints and photos, and of course MP3 or eBook documents, together with the built in Market Media plugin, created by GraphPaper Press. Overall, Chromatic is a high powered portfolio theme that may genuinely help give your site a nice fresh appearance.

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pyxis wordpress digital downloads theme

This theme, known as Pyxis, is a contemporary and transparent WordPress theme, best for selling electronic products from any area or subject, such as photography and motion picture design or movie. This theme is designed based on the most recent edition of Bootstrap and it’s remarkably responsive for net-enabled devices such as Smart Phones and tablets, such as iPads to present your prospective clients a user experience which has been amazing. Pyxis makes it effortless for you to establish a site for additional electronic content or downloadable products. This modern WordPress theme provides unlimited color choices, 600+ Google Fonts, 13 default desktop fashions and also the capacity to upload your logo with only one click. They will look brilliant. Furthermore, this theme contains a ton more and more Isotope pricing tables, with numerous filters, CSS3 cartoon effects which are powerful, JS animations which are amazing, page. It provides custom article kinds for Downline, Testimonials and FAQ along with custom widget for Product Details.

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Tuned Balloon


Tuned Balloon is a easy to use theme with elastic design that looks fantastic on any device, large or little. Tuned Balloon theme utilizes basic, core WordPress options (pages,post,classes) to make a website that is user friendly for quite beginners but for progress users. This dependable, very elastic, innovative, gorgeous and user friendly WooCommerce WordPress theme will make it possible for you to advertise new product, grow your internet business, handle delivery along with your stock, sell present products and communicate with clients and far more. WordPress is a great approach to begin a digital downloads business on the internet, even when you’re not a specialist in programming, as it might be very easily altered to accommodate your requirements. This appealing layout looks amazing on any device, as it is perfectly 100% responsive. When you are developing a company, shoppers are clearly vital and which makes it feasible for them to get your website at anyplace anytime is vital.

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Sell Photos

sell-photos wordpress istockphoto clone

Sell Photos, by Graph Paper Press, is a WordPress theme especially crafted to enable you to market your photographs online. It’s layout is bold, easy, distinct and totally understated. This theme is clean, 100% responsive and chic. We think that it’s an excellent means to have the ability to construct a company selling digitally downloaded photos and graphics. It’s possible to place this theme up to get a company selling difficult prints of images also, not only digital downloads. You will find a wealth of simple to personalize settings, such as headers, backgrounds, menus, text blocks, widgets as well as the favicon. Create infinite galleries in many different designs. You may go with just one column up for as many as five. Post formats are offered for videos, sound, quotations, links, galleries and, of course, pictures. Can not see pictures with no pictures, right?

What is a market? Well, a market is a really special kind of online shop, where you’re able to bring sellers and buyers together, even in the event that you don’t make the products . Type of like Envatoo, Creative Market, Etsy or another sites like this. Why would you need a market theme? Well, in the event you opt to compete with a number of the bigger market setups, such as Envato or Etsy, then you’re going to want a great, stable site. There Are Several Ways to go, a few are pricey like the CS Cart MultiVendor Addon, Yo!Kart, X Cart Multi-Vendor or even Magento’s Marketplace plugin. These are great options, but a number of them are able to be kind of pricey and a little tricky to prepare. But if you would like the comfort of working with a recognizable CMS such as WordPress, this is probably the most cost efficient way to acquire a multi-vendor website setup. Anyhow, that is exactly what this theme is all about, letting you make a place where people are able to market their products, as you look after the job behind the scenes.

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bookish wordpress book sale digital download theme

Bookish has been made for online entrepreneurs and eBook authors alike and combines whatever you need to instantly get your product seen by a lot of individuals! It is a fresh open WordPress theme appropriate to ebooks authors, book authors, entrepreneurs, electronic products, downloadable material providers or websites which are similar that needs a feature rich nonetheless beautiful existence online. It is created with a responsive design which makes it an ideal match for all devices.

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eBook WordPress eBook Sales Theme


EBook WordPress eBook Revenue ThemeEBook is a superior WordPress theme which has been made to enable you to promote different products and novels. The theme incorporates complete WooCommerce compatibility significance, it’s likely to market both real and electronic products. Owing to its ultra- right forwards setup and easy design, eBook theme is ideal for those seeking to start as quickly as possible. This appealing, dependable, flexible, very simple to use and stylish theme makes it feasible to build your company, handle shipping and your inventory, sell present products, communicate with clients and promote new products and far more. WordPress is an efficient means to begin a web company, even when you’re not a professional in programming, because it’s going to be quite readily shifted to accommodate your requirements. This striking style appears extraordinary on every and each device, as it is coded to become 100% responsive. When you happen to be creating an internet based company, customers are clearly vitally important and allowing them to get your website anyplace anytime is quite important. I believe Monument Valley are an especially nice looking, powerful theme, when coupled together with Easy Digital Downloads.
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Mazine is a really elastic e-commerce theme, with WordPress e-commerce plugin, ajax contact form, animated sortible gallery and much more. This is definitely ideal for selling eBooks online if that is your thing or downloadable pictures, audio, After Effects templates or whatever else you can consider.

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shopkeeper wordpress ecommerce woo theme

Using Shopkeeper, you can construct a pretty and strong WordPress digital downloads site type of like Etsy, iStockPhoto as well as Envato. You are able to produce a great deal of cash by promoting digitally downloaded products like pretty photos, amazing sound documents and movement picture designs as well as PSD files. Shopkeeper is a completely gorgeous, thoughtfully designed, swipe empowered, technologically innovative, user-friendly and visually elegant, conveniently resourceful and superbly trusted WordPress eCommerce theme, a one-stop store solution for all electronic shopping internet site requirements. Simply put in content and start advertising now.

The Revolution Slider plugin provides sliders which are great to exemplify your preferred, in Parallax visual animations and striking CSS3, on seasonal or sale products. All comprised images are sharp high resolution, Retina- images which were ready, and the strong Foundation front-end code has driven Shopkeeper to become 100% 100% responsive, meaning owners of apparatus, platforms or screen sizes can see your store and absolutely love the expertise you provide them.

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Can I sell electronic products on WordPress? Together with this theme, you can! It is made to permit users to sell electronic products. What type of digital products? Any sort! So long as the file available is stored (uploaded) as ZIP archive you’ll be secure. It usually means you could readily sell stock photos, fonts, templates, videos, icons — anything you enjoy. Payments should be created via PayPal and all purchased files are instantly available for downloading directly from consumer’s private page. Needless to say, registration is essential and just verified payments (confirmed by PayPal) will create required document download connection.  What are a few of the greatest eBook revenue themes? Well, Bookstore is just one. Bookstore is a fresh 100% responsive WooCommerce powered WordPress store theme, both applicable for any type of electronic products, from book shops, libraries, book stores, ebooks, software, programs or may be utilised to make affiliate websites linking to shop like Amazon and B&N. This theme is strong and packed with fantastic layout and features.

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musik wordpress theme for easy digital downloads

Musik is a professional grade music theme which allows you handle files, artists, music and sound files which you can promote to your clients. When it’s podcasts, music, books on cassette, you name it, even whether it is downloadable, Musik will enable you to market it. It is possible to sell only tunes, bundled together records, handle musical genres and musicians as well as the sound preview supports either OGG or MP3 formats. There is a jQuery based music player (jPlayer to be exact ) and a playlist service, with drama background also. Save the participant quantity, repeat, shuffle and more all on your browser, which can be handy to your potential clients.

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The people behind Catalyst theme frame have opted to change to some other web building platform: Dynamic Website Builder. It has got the exact same great performance you probably learned to appreciate about Catalyst. When it’s installed, you will have access to a complete suite of management and design resources to build, run and grow your whole site. In spite of no programming experience, you can use Dynamic site builder to create your very own fully-functional site from the bottom up. Contrary to other theme frameworks, every Dynamic Website Builder child theme appears completely different. I have noticed this theme used to fantastic effect in building program pages.

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humbleshop wordpress clean fun flat digital downloads theme

Humbleshop is a nicely created, minimum, flat style theme that has been created particularly for Easy Digital Downloads to behave as a superb shop to market digital products such as video documents, eBooks, After Effects projects, PSD documents and perhaps even WordPress themes! Humbleshop was constructed around Bootstrap, making it seem great and the real-time customizer means that this theme will appear exactly like you would like and want it to make your company shine. Humbleshop is easy and clean, flat style and contemporary up to date using all the characteristics which make it an ideal selection for a digital download product lineup. The theme isn’t hard to prepare, easy to customize and filled with features you expect just from expensive themes. The 100% responsive layout is essential have, you will find infinite sliders, an extremely customizable homepage, constructed in Google map, Google fonts, article formats and a lot more.

Demo Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


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1 Comment

  1. john leaver

    January 17, 2017 at 4:19 am

    I tried stock photography theme and had real problems setting it up. The support service from Graphic Paper press was non existent. All they said was it was a problem with WP and not there theme. I eventually worked out the problem myself which related to their menus setup. I then had another problem and the y didn’t even bother replying.

    The only good thing they did was give me a refund.

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WordPress Theme Collections

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With those themes, you may make a trendy, fun community located around any kind of market, where your customers can join, share information and contribute distinctive and original content to help grow your neighborhood. That is pretty cool. With WordPress and a BuddyPress and bbPress ready theme, you can begin any type of internet forum you would enjoy, regardless of what the subject matter, it is going to seem incredible and you will have the ability to develop an internet community of like minded people efficiently.

Wow! Buddypress, the premier Social Networking plugin for WordPress, was made back in 2008, while attempting to incorporate social networking capabilities to some site that has been powered by WordPress MU. The first stable release was in May of 2009 and because moment, Buddypress has changed and grown a great deal, from very fundamental to some highly effective tool which permits you to make whole social network sites easily. In 2016, you will find a whole group of premium and free Buddypress themes out there to pick from and a huge variety of useful plugins available for WordPress and Buddy Press that actually expand the awesome built in attributes and allow you power your attributes and performance.

BuddyPress has existed for a little while today, but it’s popularity is still increasing. As an increasing number of developers produce new addons and extensions, it is becoming stronger than ever. Always a wonderful combination.



If you’d like set a social networking on the world wide web, you probably already understand that BuddyPress is a great alternative. It is must be the very first plugin you stumble across in the event that you’re developing a community. Why is it so common? Since this zero price plugin provides a easy and quick means to come up with a brand new online community with consumer profiles, action streams and more. WordPress and BuddyPress are well suited to make it simpler to create a rather well run, little or large online community of like minded or harmonious people, whatever category you’re considering.

Though BuddyPress is intended to work nicely with many WordPress themes, it truly is highly advised to select one which is especially constructed for BuddyPress, so you are effective at make a much better use of all the excellent advantages it provides. BuddyApp is just one such theme. With this specific BuddyApp theme, the finds seem fantastic and mailing remarks has never been simpler, because this incredible layout specializes in allowing people develop new connections, get brand-new pals and send opinions. Onstruct a powerful community with innumerable incredible functions. Users may personalize a great deal of alternatives like share ideas and work, take a look at data, follow different users, assemble collections and much more.

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


enfold wordpress multipurpose premium theme

The Enfold WordPress theme was constructed by Kriesi, among the hottest expert programmers in ThemeForest WP design market. Enfold was made to offer you an extremely malleable theme to folks who didn’t have professional design abilities. It unites user friendly control panel options using a handsome and reachable appearance that’s excellent for many distinct kinds of sites. On top of that, it gives easy drag and drop placement of page components and attributes. Enfold is perfectly accommodated for BuddyPress to earn a trendy, informative social media for your own.

Regardless of what business you operate in, Enfold has an alternative for you. It comes standard with assorted pre-made pages ideal for corporate restaurants, business, creative portfolios, fundamental or complex blogs and much more. It offers exceptional”Coming Soon” webpages to construct attention before launching the primary website. Selecting among those demos is as simple as pushing a button. Individuals that wish to produce a much more particular look will love the simple drag and drop page editor. This allows for special placement of several different website features and content cubes that may best be utilised to discuss the info that you desire with your customers. The Enfold WordPress theme has extensive documentation and guides in addition to tutorial videos to aid with every part of site development.

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Boss 2.0

Boss WordPress BuddyPress theme by BuddyBoss Reviewd by Top Notch Themes

Boss 2.0 is here and it is a highly effective approach to craft a particular BuddyPress community. There is simply no sort of social networking you can not start with Boss, any subject, any vocabulary. Inspire your customers to make new connections, create memories and produce an whole community. The design of this Boss theme is quite flexible, it is possible to customize almost everything you see in the colours to designs to fonts, navigation, widgets photographs and a whole lot more. The Admin panel is strong, easy to use and it’s also a type of’set it and forget it’ position, you should not ever need to reconfigure your website after the first setup. Wish to make an internet learning platform? Well, simply slap on the Social Learner Add-On and you are going to be in business. Ad membership amounts also, offering some superior features not found at the simple amount of membership.

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Divi WordPress Theme for Drag and Drop Page Building

Divi is a remarkably strong theme, therefore it should not be a surprise that it completely supports BuddyPress, as well as all it’s other capabilities. Divi is a multipurpose powerhouse template, so in the event that you would like to incorporate BuddyPress having an wonderful portfolio, an internet webstore, a company portal site or even your private site, Divi may do just fine. The performance is high degree and on top of that, because Elegant Themes is among the most reliable theme manufacturers around, their service is topnotch. Yep, if you would like to bring the most common social networking builder plugin into a WordPress theme, you may wish to think about this theme.

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Weston WordPress Premium eCommerce Theme

This is Weston, from Theme Trust and if it seems like your normal multipurpose theme constructed around Visual Composer, it has got lots of great features within. With Visual Composer set up, you may add a lot of awesome performance to flip Weston to a full featured BuddyPress site. Check out a few of the informative codes here. Since Weston was assembled with Visual Composer, it is highly flexible and lets you make a social networking from the bottom up. Share a frequent interest with a massive group of individuals, you can construct an entire community about it. From small towns to sports clubs, music groups to shared hobbies, there is nothing a fantastic Buddypress theme like Weston can not do to assist you make a memorable community which you could be proud of.

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Community Junction

Community Junction WordPress BuddyPress theme

That allows your customers to register, create a profile and begin making articles, comments and links with other customers. It is just like a social networking in a box, regardless of what that shared link would be also, from sports clubs to meals, cities and businesses. Community Junction can also be WooCommerce ready, which means you’re able to market some products if you would like to. BuddyPress and WordPress are an excellent match, as they absolutely mesh to make an amazing and strong social networking on any subject you are considering.

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting

One Social

One Social WordPress bbPress themes


On the lookout for a powerful, full featured theme which permits you to make an internet community? Take a Look at the Same Societal, from BuddyBoss. A few of the qualities of One Societal comprise social login integration, so individuals can join in their Google Facebook or even Twitter accounts. The strong, nicely appointed admin panel will do lots to raise your capacity to personalize your community. Produce a blogging system, allowing your visitors to produce their own site, with User Website Add-on. You may also sell products with WooCommerce.

1 Societal is a sweet small theme from BuddyBoss, it has got a wonderful demonstration and easy, effective layout. This theme can truly get the work finished. With an easy, tidy, nicely laid out and minimalist layout, your website’s members will have the ability to readily see what things most, and that is your articles, and of course the links your website’s members create. What type of social networking are you generating? When it is a large social network or a small, highly special project, state an intranet site for your business, the 1 Neighborhood WoordPress theme is a superb option that will assist you to get the task finished. With One Societal, it is possible to personalize your website in almost any way you might possibly wish to personalize it. 1 Community is straightforward, it is intuitive, it is quite easily customized and it is flexible enough for any type of subscription group. 1 Societal additionally supports multiple languages, which usually means you are going to have the ability to accept and welcome community members from all around the world.

What type of community are you currently attempting to begin? A neighborhood group based around your area or city? Perhaps a community for sport fans of a specific team? How about something such as a shared love of food, entertainment or news? Whatever it’s that you want to talk, a good BuddyPress theme like OneCommunity might be the ideal way to begin. 1 Neighborhood has a simple, contemporary and stunning style that is ideal for allowing the attention drop in your articles, and also the links your community members can create on your site. That is crucial, because user experience could be raised as the material gets more of an attention. Easy to use, multilungual assistance, societal login integration along with a strong admin panel, it is all there using One Neighborhood. You may add a User Website add-on to flip this theme into an actual multi-author BuddyPress community.

More attributes include social login integration, so individuals can join from Facebook, Twitter or Google+ whenever they would like that. The admin panel raises the customization capabilities. Produce a blogging system with User Website addon. Sell products together with WooCommerce. Replicate the demonstration website using a one click install.

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Gone WordPress BuddyPress theme

This is a BuddyPress and bbPress ready theme, ideal for building an internet community. Whether you are preparing a forum or a full-featured BuddyPress neighborhood, here is a fantastic option. You will find attractive and attention grabbing sliders, Visual Composer is contained and it is even WooCommerce ready. This is a whole social networking in a box and you may develop and manage your internet community from the characteristic packed, adaptable and powerful admin area.

This is Gone, a superbly well crafted bbPress and BuddyPress ready theme for WordPress, allowing you put up an internet forum immediately using WordPress. Gone includes a fashionable design, I truly like the boxed design, it is contemporary and simple to navigate and also very straightforward to customize. With WooCommerce assistance and Visual Composer bundled on this particular theme, you may make an internet community and market products as you’re at it. There are lots of custom widgets, so you can quickly and quickly fix fonts and colors and each page will seem incredible once your website is installed. Gone also comprises demo data for superb speedy setup of your website.

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


woffice wordpress buddypress and business theme

Woffice is a BuddyPress empowered Intranet/Extranet theme for WordPress, powerful and feature packed, Woffice includes a contemporary sense, a material-design motivated interface and it has also got lots of useful options which make it an perfect theme for those that wish to exploit the ability of BuddyPress to art and intranet or extranet solution. There is a projects manager attribute, idle alarms, member dash and much more. All this can help you help individuals to work collectively. Woffice has been among the very popular BuddyPress themes for a few years now and it is still going strong.

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Live Support

Live Support WordPress tech support themes

Live Support is a WordPress technician support or help desk theme that is Buddypress compatible, which means it’s possible to make an internet community to provide support for your customers, regardless of what niche. Live Support enables for live chat, functions as a complete service knowledge base, is WPML encouraged so you’re able to provide help in numerous languages and there are numerous pre-made styles to pick from to help provide the ideal design which fits with what you are attempting to achieve. Although this theme is BuddyPress harmonious, in addition, it functions as a normal website, great for sites or company sites.

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HTMagazine wordpress sporting news magazine theme

Sports magazines are an ideal match for viral news sites, and that’s why we’ve put HTMagazine within this collection. This theme makes it effortless to assist your viewers share your articles through all the significant social networks, whether it’s soccer highlights, cricket, basketball, baseball, rugby or golfing clubs. Regardless of what sports information you are generating, a theme like MHMagazine is a superb way to help monetize and enhance your own content. When you try to find the very best WordPress website theme, you ought to find one which has numerous functional features. With how often and how fast sports create the national and global news, you won’t have any problem with producing new and interesting articles, so it is essential that you have a theme which lets you blog easily. HTMagazine tries to do just that with attributes like responsive in every way screen, BuddyPress and bbPress performance, WooCommerce, a reviews and ratings platform built right in, a drag and drop page founder and Google Ads/Adsense service for easy, rapid and powerful monetizing of your own content.

HTMagazine functions for any kind of organization, and thus don’t feel like Sports is the one thing this theme would work for. I have seen demonstration websites for Video, traveling, politics, engineering, design and fashion, wellness, food and travel, gambling, news publications and much more. HTMagazine is dynamic and flexible, which is now very popular on ThemeForest. HTMagazine can also be packed to the brim with SEO qualities to get your website load up lightning fast, allowing for top positions in the SERPs. The admin panel is the place you’re going to be making edits for this superb theme and it has got enough choices which you could add a great deal of performance and generate a singular and exceptional search for your site. Fantastic assistance, advaqnced typography, retina screen and optional boxed or ffull-width designs make this theme a true winner for any kind of magazine.

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Here’s our original collection of WordPress buddypress themes.

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WordPress Theme Collections

Beautiful WordPress Video Portfolio Themes



We’re back with another outstanding collection of some of the best WordPress video portfolio themes around.  If you’d like to see an even larger collection of WordPress video themes, try our huge collection out for size.  I think you’ll find something you like there.

Empire Video Theme For WordPress

wordpress full screen video theme

MoonBear Themes has upped their ante with the creation of the Empire Theme. This theme boasts an elegant yet simple take on the popular portfolio website design for artists, photographers, illustrators, and other individuals in the artistic field. The theme’s creators meant the theme for minimal cpanel or WordPress dashboard management. It is their goal for the end user to concentrate more on their craft and let the website do the work when showcasing their art.

Empire Theme is easy to use with a built-in visual composer and page builder. As an end user, all you have to do its type your blog posts and upload your photographs of your art and the theme will automatically create sliders and layout grids to showcase them.

The Empire Theme comes with a minimalist design that may suit most creative individuals since it gives them free reign into the formation of a web page that represents their personal brand or business.

The Empire Theme can also work as WordPress video theme if you wish to display more of your video content. Other features included in the theme are: fully responsive design, retina display ready, built-in Ajax contact forms, prebuilt 404 pages, css3 animations, and FontAwesome icon sets.

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This GPL WordPress theme is called the Silverbow theme and it is a perfect theme for anyone who demands a good quality free template that can accomplish numerous different duties. Silverbow is definitely a quick loading template too, it is one of the fastest loading themes we’ve examined. Silverbow’s style is minimalist, practical and eye-catching, and it certainly works for just about any type of written content.

WooCommerce is the most prominent eCommerce plugins for WordPress and this theme is designed to look lovely and work perfectly. You can actually promptly create an impressive store in a flash. This theme is also a very fast loading theme, a particularly mobile friendly theme, retina-ready and clean personal blogging theme for WordPress.

Silverbow is an exceedingly responsive WordPress portfolio site, variable online store theme. For producing a fantastic website, you need the a wonderful theme. Silverbow was made to be the best style of blog theme, created for almost any web site. For creative portfolios, Silverbow definitely hits the mark, this design is excellent for almost any well crafted portfolio web page.

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king wordpress free fashion blog and ecommerce theme

You will find a lot of free WordPress templates to choose from and the King WordPress theme is absolutely one of the best. For every sort of online business, an amazing minimalist design can really be a superb option. The style doesn’t get in conflict with your content material. King also has a lot of brilliant, efficient advantages built in to cause it to be state-of-the-art.

Selling some stuff online? Aww yes! It’s very simple to do! WooCommerce is regarded as the most popular shopping cart plugin for WordPress and the King theme is fully optimized to look attractive and work very well. You are able to almost instantly set up an amazing web store before you know it. The complete style is fluid and responsive, modern and simple, centering your visitor’s eyes on what is considered completely crucial: the content. Your site’s readers can look forward to an experience which is unparalleled.

Looking into make some changes to the look of your site? If you should choose this theme, it’s a guarantee that you will have a very functional internet site. For innovative portfolios, King totally gets the job done, this template is fantastic for almost any aesthetically pleasing portfolio website.

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Uberto WordPress Theme For Video Portfolios

uberto wordpress theme

Uberto is a blog theme that is wonderful for showcasing your video clips, travel videos, sports highlights and more.  A simple and straightforward design doesn’t need to be boring and Uberto keeps this firmly in mind.  The clutter free visage of this template means your content is the star of the show.  Readers and viewers will find exactly what they’re looking for the first time, which helps create a perfect user experience and makes your content have the impact you want.  Google is going to love that, along with loving the fantastic design and lightning-quick page load times.  Bootstrap is what powers this theme, so if you want a fast loading, attractive WordPress video theme portfolio page, this is the one.  Uberto supports audio posts types, as well as regular text posts and video.  There are a bunch of custom widgets too to add flair to your site and make it really have that ‘wow’ factor that so many people are looking for.  For more WordPress personal blog themes, we’ve got another collection you may enjoy.

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Keen WordPress Minimalist Video Portfolio Theme

wordpress minimalist theme

Keen is a beautiful, minimal and elegant theme for displaying your video posts in style.  This handsome template is simple to customize and fun to use for both end viewers and webmasters too.  The graphical design of this template is cool, I love the geometric layout and if you have bold, handsome images, Keen will add just the right frame to make them look even better.  Get viewers focused on your content with wide screen video and images with this truly multimedia theme for WordPress.  Keen is simple to look at, but the features it has are strong and powerful.  That’s a great combination.  The potential for this theme is incredible, it leaps off the screen and photography buffs, videographers or cinematographers, along with website designers and other creative folks are going to love what can be done to make a fantastic user experience.  Here’s our collection of more great flat WordPress themes.  Enjoy!

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Viduze WordPress Video Magazine Theme – WordPress Theme

This is Viduze, a well built, well styled, simple to navigate and easy to customize video magazine theme for WordPress.  Any kind of journal, magazine, newspaper or blog will look great with Viduze.  This theme is really easy to use, well designed, it has clean code, it’s modern, engaging and beautiful.  How can one theme do all that?  Well, it’s fresh, strong, clean, well made and feature filled, that’s how.  Features like iFrame support, WooCommerce and more.  The responsive design of Viduze is very trendy, the features on the back end are simple to use, it’s a cool, refreshing and easy way to display any sort of multimedia content.  The navigation is very straightforward and the list of features is comprehensive.

This theme offers you a great deal of fabulous options you’ll enjoy, like multiple responsive layouts, SEO optimization, great documentation and fantastic support, featured, popular and recent videos, multiple colors and fonts and powerful, flexible theme options that let you make this site your own, separating it from other sites that might be using the same theme. Viduze theme is sleek, unique, BuddyPress ready, it’s flexible and gorgeous for any sort of video blog, magazine, video sharing page, video tutorial site or entertainment blog. You really can build an entire social network around the videos on your site, whether it’s gaming, movies, music videos, sports highlights…you name it.  Viduze allows you to embed clips from all of the major sites like Hulu, Vimeo, Youtube or Daily Motion or host your own videos.  Here are some more great WordPress magazine themes that also support video post types.

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OnPlay Video WordPress Themes

onPlay WordPress theme for playing videos

onPlay is an advanced video magazine theme for WordPress, with a lot of unique features and flexible layout. Everything is easy customizable and you can add as many featured categories on homepage as you want.  Tons of post types make this magazine theme more than just a multimedia site, it can work for anything you want it to.  WordPress video themes have never been more popular and now’s the time to really take control of your website with a fantastic video template like onPlay.

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Soledad Minimalist WordPress Video Theme

soledad minimalist wordpress theme

Soledad is a one of a kind theme.  This is a dynamic and polished WordPress video template, one of the best we’ve seen this year.  Carefully crafted, powerfully featured, well coded and easily changed up if something doesn’t work for you right out of the box.  The attention to detail is wonderful, a pixel perfect theme if ever there was one.  Hey, this is even the top selling Video Blog and Magazine theme of 2016, which means it’s going to be around for a while.  Video backgrounds, video posts and more are why we recommend this theme for those looking for a wonderful solution for displaying a video portfolio or even embedding video clips in blog posts.

Soledad includes 250 home page demos, 250 customization options and 200 slider and blog combos, so there’s no limit to what kind of look you can create with this theme.  The page load speeds are incredible, because it’s so well coded and not bogged down with junk you don’t need.  That helps in the SERPs for sure.  HTML5 and CSS3 are part of the reason for that.  It’s simple enough for beginning webmasters to do a lot of custom work to it as well, the visually engaging design really sets off those powerful features.  Check out our collection of WordPress minimalist themes if this Soledad theme isn’t exactly what you were looking for.

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Goodwin Beautiful WordPress Video Portfolio

goodwin video photography portfolio

Goodwin is a photography and video portfolio theme that uses full width layout to really make your projects pop.  Goodwin has a custom slider that supports video and photos alike, even mix and match with a slide show incorporating both.  That makes for an eye-catching presentation of your creativity.  There are simple and AJAX albums where, again, you can show off multimedia and photography.  AJAX allows you to preview everything on the same page, or use the standard simple album to display a gallery slideshow.  The popular masonry layout features a vertical scrolling design with impressive impact.  Goodwin is a professional level theme and it’s aimed at thos who want to take their videography or photography career to the next level.  Showcase your art, your skills and your career with this powerful theme.

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Glider Multimedia WordPress Theme

wordpress flat video theme

Glider, a theme developed by the Crumina Team, is a theme that features flat UI designs. This allows the theme to create visually-appealing pages that displays well in retina and other mobile devices. With the Glider Theme, you will have different customizable theme options, an easy-to-use page builder, a built-in visual composer, ready to use icon packs, a menu customizer, translation ready files, and WooCommerce shopping cart compatibility.

The Glider Theme suits different people and companies depending on how the theme is customized. It can work as a corporate website theme, a business website theme, a product specific theme, a personal blog or website theme, and even as a magazine theme. Glider includes built-in layout options to make the theme work for you.

Other features included are: 500+ Google Web Fonts, Cross Browser options, News Slider customization, Mega Menu option, Layer Sliders, unlimited sidebar options, pricing table options, and pre-translated French, Portuguese, Russian, and German .mo and .po files. The Glider theme also includes shortcodes to create buttons, panels, alert boxes, columns, Orbit slider, tooltip, and reveal shortcodes. Other visual shortcodes included in the Glider Theme are FAQ toggle blocks, simple Image galleries, Posts galleries, Video blocks, map blocks, tabs blocks, Flickr content blocks, social media share buttons, tour section blocks, and accordion section blocks.

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SnapTube WordPress Youtube Clone Theme

This is Snaptube, a well crafted, feature packed WordPress multimedia blog, newspaper, magazine, journal or periodical theme.  SnapTube is completely modern, exceedingly easy to use, engaging for both webmaster and end user, well designed in both layout and code, not not mention the fact that it’s as beautiful as it is strong, fresh, well made, feature filled and clean. The design is sleek, crisp, fashionable, modern and elegant and it has many great features that make it an ideal way to display any sort of video or multimedia content.

This WordPress video theme is well coded, well designed, very beautiful, well organized and very powerful for any kind of magazine, video tutorial site, video sharing page, video blog or entertainment blog. You’ll have the ability to embed clips from all of the major sites like Vimeo, Daily Motion, Youtube or Hulu or host your own videos. This theme offers up a ton of outstanding amenities like fantastic support, front end user posting, powerful theme options, multiple layout variations and a great responsive design.

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Pure Photos Photography and Video Theme

pure photo wordpress photography video theme

Pure photo is a great looking full featured theme that allows you to showcase and sell photographs, video, prints or anything photography or videography related.  If you want a WordPress website that matches your high end camera, Pure Photo is a fine choice.  This full responsive theme for WordPress has both light and dark versions, a live WordPress customizer, which allows for instant style changes with live preview, so you can change out fonts, colors, layouts and element sizes before they go live on your website and decide exactly what you want in real time.  There are 20 custom developed short codes included, so your posts and pages can look stylish, with simple and clear cut navigation and more.  There are two premium WP sliders included too, Revolution and Layer Sliders, with 9 unique full screen slider effects.  We think showing off and selling photography and video clips with this theme is going to be a great way to get your company more business.

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Avada MultiPurpose Video Portfolio Theme

avada wordpress responsive video theme

Avada is definitely the most popular WordPress theme on the market and now it supports a video slider, which is the version shown above.  This theme is incredible, the level of detail is amazing and it’s so flexible, there’s nothing it can’t do.  Possibly that is why Avada is incredibly widely used.  Check it out.  Avada provides various features which make it suitable for virtually any internet website. Pick from one of many amazing and helpful sliders, outstanding and functional headers, copious fascinating and properly organized image variations, include a feature packed and impressive eCommerce market as well as other capabilities.  This truly mesmerizing theme does just about everything extremely well and it’s stunning and remarkable too.

With the Fusion Builder, one can create any smartly-designed and wonderful configuration imaginable. Fusion Builder is a lot more than a webpage builder, it’s a highly effective design program to allow you to create the absolute best webpage you are able to.  Having this amount of assorted options to pick from, you could be puzzled at first, but Avada is conveniently simple to get going.  Great for beginners.  There are plenty of incredible styles and variations you are able to construct, blog post types, portfolio page styles and various other elements are also remarkably modifiable. There are lots of preferences and features that it’s not hard to understand exactly why Avada is the most preferred WordPress theme.

Demonstation web sites display Avada’s miraculous usefulness as a digital photography portfolio, vintage shop, landing page, new and innovative retail store, gym, tech online community, church, restaurant, travel blog, design blog, artistic shop, law company, webhost, architectural structures company, lodging and resort, life style or another handy, amazing type of site. That’s an excellent breakdown that stresses the many captivating ways you can use Avada. Also, you will find these demo websites may be rapidly and without problems installed to enable you to get started off fast and cheap. And, it’s a matter of modifying your site’s distinct layout.  The theme offers incredible levels of support and documentation to go along with the remarkable design and style, so it’s perfect for beginners and WordPress experts too.

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Jarvis Parallax Video Theme

jarvis parallax video portfolio theme

Jarvis is a full featured video parallax theme for WordPress.  Therre are a lot of WordPress video themes on the market, so it’s important you select a good one like Jarvis, a well designed one page template for showcasing your video content.  WordPress video themes come in all shapes and sizes, parallax being new of the newer and most unique choices.  If you are looking for a parallax video theme, Jarvis may be the one you’ve been searching for.

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Flick WordPress Video Blog Theme

flick multimedia portfolio theme

With Flick, posting videos to WordPress has never been easier.  Flick is a clean, multimedia portfolio theme that is perfect for bloggers who have media content such as video, photographs, images, graphics and other media. It’s fully responsive with a nice clean design, so the focus always stays on your content, and there are slick mouseover effects and features to help maximize your blogging potential.  For WordPress video themes to be successful, they need to be well designed, engaging, easy to use, beautiful and modern, their success is often based on how fresh the design is and it needs to be well made, strong, feature filled and clean. That’s Flick.  The design is modern, elegant, crisp, sleek and fashionable and it has many powerful features. This video theme is well organized, very beautiful, very powerful, well coded and well designed for any variety of entertainment blog, video magazine, video website, viral site or video blog. You can embed your video from big sites like Vimeo, Netflix, Daily Motion, Hulu or Youtube or self host your videos.

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Okay, that’s the collection for now, but we’ll be back soon with more amazing WordPress video portfolio themes.

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WordPress Theme Collections

Adventure Blog WordPress Themes



For world travelers and travel bloggers, there’s a lot of different WordPress themes that could be perfect for your website.  We’ve created this collection of Adventure blog WordPress themes to help give you a big selection of themes that might be perfect for helping to build you’re website.  You want something fast loading, something with a great style and tons of features to make the right impression and to help grow traffic to your blog.  You may also be interested in these adventure journal WordPress themes, since they’re pretty closely related.  No matter which of these theme collections you prefer, you’re going to get a very high quality theme, one with everything you need to make your blog a massive success.

So, here we go, the very blogs themes for adventure websites.

Go WordPress Adventure Blog and Travel Blog Theme

Top Notch WordPress themes - Tour & travel WordPress Theme

First on our list is a classic looking adventure blog theme called Go.  This modern, gorgeous WordPress theme is ideal for travel and tourism blogs, websites that cater to travel and adventure.  The clean, simple style works great no matter where the destination is.  If you absolutely love to travel and want to explore and discover what there is to see on every corner of the world, Go is a theme that’s made for you.  This theme has all the essential functions and features that make it a perfect system for booking services like hotels, resorts, events, honeymoons, package tours, cruises and more.  Travel agencies, tour operators, tour companies and more will absolutely love the Go WordPress theme.  Go is even WooCommerce friendly, so you can sell products on your website.  Something of a rarity with travel blog and adventure blog templates.  Check it out to learn more below.

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Travel Dojo WordPress Global Destinations Theme

Top Notch WordPress themes Dojo – Travel Agency Tours – Just another WordPress site

This theme is called Travel Dojo, it’s a delightful looking full-screen WordPress travel blog and adventure blog theme.  The Travel Dojo WordPress theme is responsive, looks great on all devices, it’s cleanly coded and perfectly cleanly designed.  This theme is great for disseminating the most information possible in a very attractive way.  With Theme Dojo, you get the options of video front page to help showcase whatever destinations you have in mind.  It’s a great way to attract attention to your website.

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SeaShell Adventure Blog WordPress Themes

Top Notch WordPress themes Modern Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

SeaShell is a typography centered WordPress theme for adventurers who want to share their experiences with a stylish and attractive blog.  That doesn’t mean SeaShell skimps on the images, those are presented in a nice fashion too.  SeaShell is a professional WordPress blogging theme that’s modern, responsive and packed with features.  With incredibly cool typography, SeaShell is a wonderful way to shed light on your posts and pages.  Get writing with SeaShell.  I think this is a really cool WordPress flat blog theme too.  With this theme, you also have a perfectly build Adsnese ready theme that can help you monetize your website in multiple ways.

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Safarica Adventure Blog WordPress Templates

Top Notch WordPress themes Smart & Creative Blog

This theme is called Safarica, it’s a classic blog theme for adventurers who value everything that WordPress can bring to the table.  Safarica has been around for quite a while now and it’s proven itself to be very popular with over 600 downloads so far.  This is a smart, creative blog solution, made by one of the more experienced WordPress developers around.  For personal blogs, niche marketing blogs, corporate and creative blogging websites.  Safarica is flexible, you can extend it’s base functionality with addons and plugins and no coding is ever required.

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Outdoor Clean Modern WordPress Blog for Adventurers

Top Notch WordPress themes Just another WordPress site

Outdoor is a classic looking flat WordPress travel and adventure blog with very modern, attractive style.  Outdoor is an incredibly elegant magazine and blog theme, wonderful for WordPress adventure magazine theme sites.  With Outdoor, you get a theme built for hiking and outdoor websites, it’s got a great drag and drop page builder, an attractive masonry grid layout and infinite scrolling.  Outdoor supports plugins like BuddyPress and Jetpack, it’s all based on a rock solid framework too, which makes it load fast and look great on all devices.

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Travel Tour WordPress Adventure Travel Agency Theme

Top Notch WordPress themes 1 - Travel Tour

Travel Tour is all about adventure, with a classic look, this theme is great for travel agencies who want a clean, professional and flat style for their website.  Travel Tour is built for social media integration, it allows the ability for world travelers and tourists to book travel arrangements on your site and pay with a variety of different payment gateways.  Travel Tour gets some really solid reviews too, so it’s definitely a theme well worth checking out.

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Wanderers WordPress Template for Adventurers

Top Notch WordPress themes – An Adventurous Theme for Travel and Tourism

Wanderers is a theme built for the most adventurous among us, folks who want to discover new places, experience world travel and blog about it with a very stylish and attractive template.  Creating a travel agency has never been easier than with Wanderers.  This theme has every single feature and function you could ever want, though if it *doesn’t* have a feature, it’s WordPress, so you can always add onto this template at a later point in time.

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Scout WordPress Adventure Blog and Photography Theme

Top Notch WordPress themes Theme – Just another WordPress site

Scout is an image centered WordPress adventure blogging theme that’s got tons of amazing style, features and it’s really simple to use as well.  This premium WordPress theme was developer for personal blogging sites for world travelers.  The integration with your images is flat out stunning, so nature lovers, hikers, wanderers and travelers will love seeing the great looking posts you create with this theme.  You’ll get tons of documentation too, so this template is a great one for beginners with the WP system.  Over 15,000 sales tell me this developer knows what they’re doing and while Scout is a relatively new theme, I believe this one will be a huge hit as well.

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Paperio Fresh, Awesome Looking Blog for Adventure Websites

Top Notch WordPress themes - Responsive and Multipurpose WordPress Blog Theme

Paperio is a blog for adventure based websites, it’s simple, clean and sleek, polished and sophisticated, this theme is totally straightforward to use, combining great looking style with tons of features that make it ideal for your travel blog.  With tremendous visual appeal, a clean and uncluttered design, SEO friendly page load speeds, this multipurpose adventure blogger WordPress theme is great for folks on the go.  Whether it’s photography or travel stories, Paperio is a great place to get started on your path to adventure.

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Travel Time Travel Agency WordPress Theme

Top Notch WordPress themes Time – Just another WordPress site

Travel Time is a clean vacation and adventure blog theme, ideal for hotels and resorts that need a clean, modern and professional style to present their content in a straightforward way that helps businesses grow and thrive.  With Travel Time, you get a full set of tools, it’s incredibly simple to adapt to suit your needs and Travel Time is SEO friendly too, so you can really build traffic fast with this template.  Travel Time really is the perfect template for travel websites, travel agencies, hotel and resorts, beach hut rentals, you name it.

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Asprilla Minimalist WordPress Blog for Adventures

Top Notch WordPress themes Travel – a Multi-Concept Blog

Asprilla is a WordPress travel blogging theme with incredible style, clean lines and tons of features.  Asprilla is a theme that you can easily adapt and adjust to fit your needs.  With Asprilla, you can be as adventurous as you want to be, ensuring all you posts, pages, images and text look great and make a wonderful first impression.  This multi-concept blogging theme is amazing for photographers, world travelers, designers and anyone who has an amazing story to share on the internet.  Asprilla is a WooCommerce ready WordPress theme too, just in case you’d like to sell products.  For more WooCommerce WordPress themes, try our full collection.

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Travelog WordPress Blog for Adventurers and Travelers

Top Notch WordPress themes Blog Theme For Travelers

This theme is called Travelog, it’s perfect for adventurers who want to blog using WordPress.  This Travelog theme is highly adaptable, attractive and modern, the features are plentiful and it’s really simple to get started with.  Travelog will help your images look great, will help you build traffic to your site and it’s stunningly simple to get started.  With immaculate code, the Travelog WordPress theme is so well organized, it’s going to really help make presenting your travel and adventure destinations a breeze.  The typography helps make sure your posts look as good as they possibly can too, which helps with the user experience.  I highly recommend this theme for all your travel blogging needs.

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Trendy Travel, WordPress Travel Agency Theme

Top Notch WordPress themes Travel- A complete travel agency & travelweb theme(1)

Trendy Travel is a very nicely crafted WordPress travel blog and travel agency theme.  Trendy Travel looks great, it’s exceedingly simple to use, it has a gorgeous flat style and plentiful options.  With Trendy Travel, you can cater to world travelers, adventurers and explorers.  Trendy Travel is a real destination WordPress theme and it’s been very popular so far.

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Nord Clean, Minimalist Adventure Blog

Top Notch WordPress themes – Simple & Minimal WordPress Blog Theme

Nord is a very straightforward adventure blog WordPress theme.  With Nord, you can keep a sort of online journal to let your followers know what you’ve been up to lately.  Nord perfectly integrates with Instagram to provide a platform for sharing images as well as text based posts, just what a globetrotting traveler needs to make the most of modern social media accounts.  For more great minimalist WordPress blog themes, check out this collection.

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Adventure Press WordPress Adventure Blog and Journal

Top Notch WordPress themes Press – Just another WordPress site

This theme is called Adventure Press, it’s a clean, modern and flat style WordPress theme built for travel blogs, journals and guidebooks.  With Adventure Press, you have everything you need to create a stunning, beautiful and full featured blog to share all of your experiences.

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You will find loads of free WP themes out there and the Silverbow WordPress theme is definitely one of the best, particularly for adventure blog sites or WordPress personal blogs. This premium quality theme evades the issues that a few freebies possess, such as they fail to load rapidly or maybe they simple don’t offer the functionality you want. This Silverbow theme provides you with an attractive looking structure for all kinds of posts or pages, it’s simple style is spectacular and simple to use.

Starting up an online store? Right on! It’s super easy! Silverbow’s strong and popular eCommerce shopping cart, WooCommerce, enables us to offer whatever you want on your website without touching a line of HTML or CSS. This theme is also a very fast loading theme, a tremendously responsive one, Retina ready as well as sleek weblog template for the WordPress platform.

Purchasers can find it easy to personalize their site’s visuals, because there’s a large number of available colors and fonts. Absolutely no sophisticated coding experience is necessary for the installation or modification process, because Silverbow is quite practical. For creating an excellent website, you will need the a proper web template. Silverbow was designed to be just the right kind of blogging template, well suited for almost any web site. For creative websites, Silverbow totally gets it right, this template is excellent for almost any well crafted portfolio page.

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king wordpress free fashion blog and ecommerce theme

This GPL template is the King WordPress theme and it’s a terrific choice for anybody who desires a quality free WordPress theme configured to carry out a considerable amount of different duties. This excellent template avoids the predicaments that some free templates have, such as they do not load quickly or they don’t even possess all the features you desire. This nice looking King theme gives you an amazing framework for your posts or pages, it’s simple style is exquisite and user friendly. Minimalist but powerful and effective, King is a WordPress theme that always impresses.  For more great looking WordPress travel blog themes, check this collection out.

Selling products? Yes! It’s a snap! This theme is a WooCommerce ready theme, so you can craft an online shop listing almost any products you want to. With a perfectly responsive design, the King theme renders exceptionally well on all screen sizes. That is certainly vitally important considering how many readers employ hand held gadgets to use the net.

Do you need to make some alterations to the style of your website? If you decide to use this theme, you will find it easy to maintain a user friendly and flexible web page. For producing a pleasant personal blog, you will want the a proper website. King was designed to be a perfect blogging theme, suitable for any type of internet site. You can actually display any type of art work too, King offers a stylish and flexible portfolio incorporated.

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