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Alia Clean, Minimalist WordPress Personal Blog Theme



Alia, Minimalist Personal Blog Theme

Alia Clean, Modern WordPress Theme

Alia is a very clean WordPress team that’s designed for personal blogs or corporate blogs, but I think it would do just as well for lifestyle blogs, travel blogs and possibly even recipe blogs, if you find the right download to help you construct recipes.

This theme has a minimalist design, that’s clear enough from the beginning, but it also has relatively few settings. That means this theme is lightweight, fast loading and won’t bog down even if you have some long posts or large images. You can install this theme within just a few minutes and be blogging almost immediately. Alia has less distraction for both reader and bloggers alike. Keeping these settings minimalistic made Alia very easy to customize. Here are some more great WordPress minimalist themes you may want to consider.

Without much effort, you can create a blog that looks just like you wanted to look. One really interesting thing about this theme is that the developer offers free customization, just get in touch with them after you purchase the same and they can help you make the theme do exactly what you wanted to do. Alia comes with a layered PNG file, layered PSD files and more. Alia is well-documented and responsive, this clean and creative personal blog WordPress theme is high in terms of readability and it’s Simple and Clean lines make your stories really stand out.

I also really enjoy the typography of this theme, the focus is squarely on the text on your page which is always important.p it can be difficult for a WordPress theme, particularly a minimalist theme, to get the attention it deserves considering how saturated the market is. There are thousands and thousands of minimal WordPress themes out there so to stand out from the crowd can be a big challenge.

Simplicity is Better

The Alia theme is so stripped down and so simple, you simply have to pay attention to it. The same as already sold 6 times in the first day on the market so I’d say it’s doing a pretty good job of being different enough to make an impact. Alia offers author stories so that you can share every moment of your blogging career with your fans. Alia can help you keep in touch with those fans with multiple social media features.

The Alia theme is SEO optimized and it works perfectly with SEO ultimate or yoast to provide all the SEO features you could possibly want. Alia is responsive so that it looks great on all devices no matter what screen size. You can even set up a clean, pristine looking woocommerce website so you can sell some products if you choose to. I think this is great for fashion blogs and lifestyle blogs that might want to link out to some products or sell some merchandise or something along those lines.  For the rest of our collection of WordPress personal blog themes, check out our full collection.

There are a lot more really cool aspects to the Alia WordPress ting. You can show your posts in a variety of ways with different blog layouts which is always a welcome addition to any theme.

Before I get too far, here’s a look at the front page.

Alia WordPress Minimalist Personal Blog Theme

Alia Post Types

There are also a variety of different post formats and post types.

You’ve got your standard text post format, which is a sort of traditional way to post to your blog.

Alia has a video post format where you can either embed video from sites like YouTube or Dailymotion, or you can host on your own local server.

There’s a gallery post format to show multiple images in one Gallery. It’s very attractive.

There’s an audio post format to add audio content from sites like SoundCloud or your own local server.

You can post via the status post format to use posts from any of your favorite social media profiles.

And finally there is via side post format which lets you put short text with or without a title. It’s sort of like a Facebook status update or a tweet.

In Conclusion, Buy It!

This clean, fast and light WordPress theme works great right out of the box. There are unlimited colors available and both San serif or serif typography options are available. Native WordPress customizer is very easy to use and Alia is widget ready for adding more functionality. The minimal design and retina Retina Display along with Gorgeous typography make Alia a stunningly attractive WordPress theme for any type of blogger. I love the different blog layouts and the responsive design as well as the SEO optimized coat. Alia is well-documented and the support staff really cares about giving you the best WordPress theme. Was created by and I will always be there.

Okay, we’ll be back soon with more outstanding WordPress themes just like this one.

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