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August 22, 2018

Anaglyph WordPress Theme

A flat and dynamic, full featured and attractive theme like Anaglyph, will enable you to create a really attractive and functional website for nearly any purpose, making your users take note and keeping their attention the entire time they’re on your website.  Anaglyph is dynamic, it’s fun, it’s breezy and full-screen.  It’s a one page theme that doesn’t just do one thing, it’s multifaceted and a major league hit of a theme.  This feature packed, responsive theme looks dynamite on any device, offering a user-friendly and intuitive admin panel to control everything.  It’s like the Wizard of Oz, the man behind the curtain, pulling levers and switches and all of that?  Yep, that’s exactly what this admin panel is like.  It’s full of magic and amazing stuff and maybe even some flying monkeys.  First Gear, Car Enthusiast’s WordPress eCommerce Theme

Whatever you find behind the curtain, you’ll be able to alter it, making settings that are absolutely perfect for your needs.  Tweak layouts, mess around with typography and colors.  You can really structure the page to highlight any sort of content, from video and images to text based blog posts and more.  Anaglyph doesn’t require you to be some kind of code-master either, a Bruce Lee of HTML5, a Chuck Norris of CSS3, you can be a regular person and still get a great result with this theme.  The slick, powerful style means you can get a website of any sort built in just a day, which is faster than Rome.  And Rome is pretty nice.  Gallery Pro, WordPress Photography Portfolio for Image Galleries

There’s a lot under the proverbial hood too, Bootstrap framework powers this theme, along with CSS3 and HTML5 code, letting Anaglyph support tons of bells, whistles, features and elements.  Impressive, right?  Well, if you’re trying to get a site built fast, you need impressive stuff, so it comes as no surprise.  The Visual Composer plugin makes it a snap to design a layout you love and WooCommerce means you can sell any kinds of products you could possibly imagine, whether they’re tangible goods like clothes or electronics, to digital downloads like MP3s and computer software.

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Helium, Simple and Modern Grid Portfolio Theme


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