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Crate, Fast Loading Minimalist WordPress Grid Portfolio – Minimalist WordPress Theme – Minimalist WordPress Theme

Okay, here we go, a really deliciously simple portfolio theme, minimalist in style and packed with features that make it among the very best themes around.

I’m telling you, this theme loads up fast.  Crate is absolutely bloat free, Neuron Themes has ensured that the code is completely clean and up to the latest standards of the WordPress codex.  It pays off too, this theme loads up incredibly quickly. speed test

There you go, just over a half second load time and the page isn’t exactly tiny, those images add up and the total size is 1.3 MB.  So, a great load time, as you probably know, helps SEO with rankings.  That’s awesome and worth it for those who want to rank as high as possible.

Here’s what Neuron Themes says about Crate.

Minimalist WordPress Theme crafted and built with passion from our team, if you’re looking for a clean and simple minimalist theme, Crate is the right choice for you.

So, what do you get with Crate, aside from a fast loading minimalist theme that’s great for personal blogs and lifestyle blogs alike?  Well, this theme uses the native WordPress live customizer, which is great because if helps you avoid theme lock.  That’s when you find it more difficult to switch themes because of things that your theme does that others don’t.

Crate ensures you have the flexibility to change your mind down the road.

Crate is WPML ready, so it can be translated into any language, which we understand is incredibly important and getting more important every day.  One click demo import can help you save time setting up your website.  The unique portfolio types are also very helpful, with different grid and masonry looks.  I mentioned the lean code already, but it’s worth re-iterating.  With incredible support, you’ve got the full package.

A great blog, with great style, an attractive portfolio option and incredible performance.

It’s all there.

Even though it’s a really nice theme, Crate might not be exactly what you had in mind, so two more great themes by the same developer are Mango and Proton.  We hope you enjoy!

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Coquinessa, Lifestyle, Recipe and Personal Blog Theme – Just another WordPress site

Well, what Coquinessa provides in styish appearance, it definitely scrimps on the theme description, but that’s okay.  That’s what we’re here for and we’re going to do our very best to figure out what this theme has to offer and what kinds of advantages it provides to users who choose to purchase it.

This theme was made by Cresudo and…you know, what does Cresudo mean anyway?  It’s an anagram of sourced, but I doubt that has anything to do with anything.  But hey, whatever.  Maybe we’re not supposed to know?

Visually, Coquinessa is very attractive, it’s an ideal solution for a lifestyle blog or a personal blog.  But you don’t have to be limited to those angles, add in a recipe plugin and create a lovely recipe site.  There are five different blog layouts, four post formats, four custom widgets, excerpt length control settings and more.

The design is pure style, I love the width of the single column layout and the prominent social media links are going to help you market your content on all the major social networks.  Coquinessa relies more on widgets than it does anything else, which means you’ll never be theme locked by installing this template.  Sure, the style is what it is and you don’t have the massive amount of layout flexibility that you might with a so called ‘premium’ theme that uses something like Visual Composer.  That’s definitely not a bad thing because Visual Composer tends to create bloat and that lowers page load times.

Speaking of page load times.

I took the liberty of doing the site speed checker at Pingdom and the results are strong.

Coquinessa Speed Check Results

For a page that’s nearly 4 MB, 1.27 seconds is very fast.  Optimize that image and you could probably expect to drop the time to well under a second to load up.

Cheetah speed!

If you like this theme by Cresudo, maybe you’ll like the last one we reviewed, it’s called Enoire.  Enoire is another very fast loading theme with elegant, simple and stylish presentation.  That may be a great choice for some of you, but I think you can’t go wrong with either theme.

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Enoire, Minimalist WordPress Lifestyle Blog and Magazine – Just another WordPress site

I’ll tell you, I wish the theme maker Cresudo did a little bit better job of describing this theme, because it’s attractive and well styled, but it’s tough to figure out what this theme is all about.  Enoire is all about style.  Oh yeah, I should mention, don’t confuse Enoire with our great looking free theme called Empire.  Very similar.  It’s a mistake anybody could make.

I’ll do my best to show you what Enoire is all about.

Enoire is a responsive theme, with a lot of industry standard features and functions, such featured posts, sticky navigation and social media icons included.  There are five great looking blog layouts, four post formats for different types of blog posts and four custom widgets to help you build your website with style.  Translation ready and SEO optimized, Enoire includes demo content to help you get your blog up and running quickly.

One more thing, Enoire is a lovely theme in terms of design for personal blog sites and lifestyle blog pages will look fabulous with this theme.  You could even install a recipe plugin to make Enoire a fast loading, beautiful recipe blogging site.  But don’t feel limitd because with a theme that’s this stylish, this fast loading, this flexible, you can do almost any sort of blogging.

Speaking of load times, check this out, the results from Pingdom.

Enoire Speed Check Pingdom

Just a tick over a second load time for a 4.1 MB site?  That’s like greased lightning!  The benefits of a fast loading theme are really clear, they help your content rank and what’s more, people won’t get tired of waiting for your blog posts to load, that means your bounce rate will drop like a stone.

Tons of benefits to that.

I’d really love to see them add WooCommerce support to this theme but, I guess you can’t always get what you want.  Still, the theme works great if you don’t need a WooCommerce solution and with a little CSS styling, you could always adapt it for an online shopping site.

Another theme we recently reviewed by Cresudo is called Coquinessa.  It’s similar in a lot of ways, but laid out a bit differently, so it may be another great option for you.

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Antverp, Business and Financial Industry WordPress Theme

Antverp WordPress Personal Business Theme

Insurance for business, sometimes it’s necessary.  So if you’re an insurance agent in need of a website template, consider Antverp.  It’s not just about insurance though, the entire financial industry is what this theme was built for.  But Antverp isn’t just for accounting companies and CPAs, any sort of business advisors could really benefit from this theme.  Companies and private consultants too, maybe even headhunters and search firms?  Corporate financiers, financial management companies, tax services and other types of financial advisors can all use a clcean, corporate theme like Antverp.

The theme developer has this to say about the ANtverp theme.

Great choice for the companies or individuals who provide insurance services, business consulting, investment advising, or tax assistance, is our new WordPress theme Antverp. Antverp has actually a very versatile design, so it can be used for any specific niche to build any business website.

The theme is perfect for mentioning all your key services so that you could establish a reputation of professionalism and reliability. Visual Composer support allows creating more new layouts at your taste. A number of blog styles let you present the most useful information about the niche you present in a more attractive way. This business theme is SEO friendly and totally responsive which is a key factor for user attraction on the web.

Antverp is easily manageable and easy customizable which makes it a perfect option for your business. The theme is optimized to work with such popular plugins, as Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, Essential Grid and more!

Antverp has proven to be pretty popular in the first few days of it’s release, it’s a hot download.  Just three days in, it has been downloaded 7 times already.  At that rate, this theme will be a massive hit.

Responsive design, boxed or full width layouts, multiple sliders, multiple blog and post styles, tons of customizer options and more, Antverp is a powerful business theme you should relaly at least consider.

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Onley, Financial Consultants and Business Theme

Onley Financial Business WordPress Theme

Helping businesses find comprehensive solutions.

That may not mean a lot to you, but that’s what they said in the sales copy in the image above.  What does it mean?  Almost nothing, it’s a completely empty and pointless thing to say.  It’s pointless, almost offensively vacuous and a complete waste of time to read.  It.  Means.  Nothing.

So, why did they put it in the copy?  No clue, maybe it’s a type of greeking?  What else did the them developer have to say abou their newest creation, Onley?

Training, Coaching, Consulting & Business WordPress theme is a premium WordPress theme with its design particularly regards to Training and Coaching as well as it enables you to build a wide variety of business websites.

Have a look at some of the more meaningful features included with Olney

  • Fast, intuitive and smart page builder will make your customization fast and easy. You layout will be ready for publishing in a minute.

  • Create stunning slides with different animation effects easily with Revolution Slider.

  • The Finance is ready to use from the box. Quickly install it via FTP or WordPress and after you activate it you can load demo content. Then you can add your own content on already designed pages

  • Install Seville with our powerful one click installer. Get your site up and running in no time!

  • Quick, easy and rocket fast Look of your website on mobile devices is very important these days. So we made sure Seville looks great both on mobile, desktop and retina screens

  • Seville is compatible with most popular WordPress plugin that supports creation of multilingual layouts. Translate your website to any language with WPML.

  • Choose any of the Google web fonts library through powerful theme options panel! Now you can set a unique style for your brand.

  • Seville is compatible with the most powerful and most popular custom contact forms WordPress widget! create your own forms in seconds!

  • Seville enables you to easily override default template files using a child theme. It also enables you updating your theme in the safe way!

  • Seville is based on most popular, well established, powerful vafpress theme options framework Extensive documentation plus great video guides on how to setup and customize

  • Trucking will make your customizations super easy and fast! Seville looks great among all major browsers including IE9+.

So, they’ve managed to call this theme by three different names in that description.  The Finance.  Seville.  Trucking.  This theme is, allegedly, called Onley.   So, what’s the deal? I mean, I’ll say this, at least it doesn’t use Visual Composer.  But those are some red flags, the CTRL C/CTRL V web development doesn’t work for me.

I can’t recommend this thing, it’s a total piece of shit.  Maybe try Rebel.  Or Entrepreneur.

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Pallas, eCommerce WordPress Theme for Electronics Stores

Pallas Clean and Fun WooCommerce Theme

Considering they call this a tech store theme, it sure does look like it could work for a little bit of everything.  I like the clean design, the very clear layout that actually does get a lot of information across in a very quick way.  For some WooCommerce themes, that’s a big struggle.  Not for Pallas.

Pallas has 8 pre-made layouts for a big head start in designing your website and more layouts are simple to create.  Each one responsive, mega menu compatible and user friendly.  Lots of people are looking for visual categories at the top menu and Pallas has that dialed in.  Great looking setup too, it looks really well integrated.  For products you can display them in tabs or a slider.   There’s even a daily deals module you can use to countdown specials on your site.

You need a blog?  Pallas has a blog module included too.

Using Category Tabs Slider in many places in each homepage, products in categories are displayed beautifully in slider. Also can upload category thumbnail in this module. Vertical Megamenu shows many product categories with pretty icons in vertical direction. And links Blog, Contact Us, About Us page are shown on Megamenu. Categories with thumbnail image are displayed in Category Top. New, Featured, Bestseller, Most viewed products are in Products Slider per row. Pallas is 100% responsive. Whether your customers use tablets, mobiles or desktops to access your site, they’ll all have the same consistent user experience. Google Rich Snippets are in Product page will support better for SEO. Layered Navigation in Category page helps customers filter products via attributes such as color, size, material, manufacturer,…with toolbar which you can change two modes: list or grid product view. Pallas theme bring Theme Options – an easy to use tool for you to customize color of background, text, links..your expectation.

So, does Pallas have what it takes to become a big hit on ThemeForest?  It’s hard to say, there’s so much competition nowadays, it’s going to be a big hill to climb.  Still, there’s a lot to like about this theme.  The header and footer layouts are by Visual Composer, but that shouldn’t slow your site down too much, hopefully.

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RealtyElite, Premium Quality WordPress Real Estate Theme

RealtyElite WordPress Real Estate Business Template

Deceptively simple, that’s what RealtyElite aims for.  Deceptively simple is a deceptively difficult thing to achieve, but RealtyElite hits the mark in every way.  With this design, the theme developer Real Web, was going for a very simple but difficult to achieve task, a professional website that looks great and performs even better on any device.  A theme that looks like it’s much more expensive than it actually is.  With advanced search functionality, real estate agents or agencies can create a really great looking flat, corporate style website that incorporates Google maps to let customers know where all the hottest properties are.  The home listings are simple, packed with information that’s simple to digest.  For realtor’s who want to list and sell single properties or multi property listings, RealtyElite is equally adept.

RealtyElite is a premium and feature-rich real estate theme that offers amazing solution for real estate agents and companies, rental business and listing sites.  Moreover, this theme lets you enable the option to admit your visitors to publish personal properties. RealtyElite is fully integrated with PayPal payment system, Membership Packages, advanced Agent and Agencies custom post types sections, Login/Register option and live intuitive theme options panel that allows you to customize your theme to suit your business needs. RealtyElite WordPress theme comes with ready to use layouts for different real estate directions such as real estate agency, properties listing, single property, property rental, realtor website, real estate broker, properties directory and much more.

I had never really heard of Real Web before diving into this review, so I did some research on what they have to offer.  With six other themes preceeding RealtyElite, they’ve only racked up just over 200 sales in total.  But their ratings have been generally positive, including a perfect 5 star rating on their eCommerce/WooCommerce theme called AllStore.

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Abape, Travel Agency and Travel Magazine Theme

Abape Travel Blog WordPress Theme

Travel the world and the seven seas.  At $59 a license, you better bring a lot of great things to the table and looking at the history of this developer, PhysCode, I really like what I see.  So far, this author has very close to a 5 star rating on ThemeForest with close to 1000 sales so far.  Their biggest hit is Travel WP, a theme that’s been very popular with over 600 downloads and a 4.84 ranking.  So, it’s well loved and seems to work well for a lot of folks.  That’s a travel blog or travel agency theme though, not like this pure eCommerce site.

What does PhysCode have to say about their latest creation?

Abape Tour is a WordPress Travel theme developed for travel agencies and tour operators of any size. It offers a lot of flexibility and possibilities in setting up tours. You can indicate as many tour attributes as you like. These attributes can later be used for setting up a search form.  Abape Tour travel WordPress theme is integrated with WooCommerce plugin. It is possible for customers to pay for tours directly in your website with Paypal and other payment services provided by WooCommerce. You can create tours with custom product type with more options. You also can setup price for each day in the week.

Since these guys are so new, here’s a look at their introduction text from ThemeForest so you get an idea of what they bring to the table.

We are a group of experienced designers and developers. We create digital experiences, visual identities and emotional connections between brands and people.  We design and build websites for all sizes. From small, but effective, business start-ups to large multi layered corporate mega-sites.  We work on Creative Web Design, WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify.  Once you purchase our products, you also sign up for our dedicated support system 24/7/365. We’d love hearing from you to make the products even better and better.

Okay, well, that’s enough for today.  Let us know what you think about this theme called Abape?

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Kanaz, WooCommerce Shopping Theme for Modern Websites

KANAZ - Multi Store Responsive WordPress Theme

With just 4 WordPress themes to their credit, Theme-Ocean is a relative newbie to the WordPress development scene, but they’re doing incredible stuff so far, in terms of design at least.  Kanaz is that 4th theme and I really do like the design of this shoe store demo shown above.  Is Kanas just a shoe store?  Oh, definitely not.  This is a full service eCommerce shop for all occasions.

This clean, elegant WordPress Theme was especially designed for creating business professional online shops. It is super for fashion shop, devices shop, game shop or any other categories with 5 homepages variation.

More than just an online retailer, Kanaz isn’t only best designed to display your products with beautiful image slider in header region.

It is retina ready, fully responsive and mobile-ready to ensure that your website will look stunning and work smoothly across all modern devices to give your users an amazing viewing experience. Kings is the right choice if you want to create professional and truly unique eCommerce website with ease.

What else do you get with Kanaz?

You will get lifetime update and free support, just ask us then we will help. Super fast create demo content website with oneclick import demo feature. Mobile friendly is a must for modern website, Kanaz is fully Responsive Layout and adapt any screen. Kanaz is built with native WordPress Customizer, that’s why it is so easy to config layout. Easy create multiple language website with WPML support.

Slider is one of the Big part for any modern website, Revolution is completely awesome for creating eye catching sliders. Email marketing is the cheapest and smartest way to do marketing, now you can easy create opt-in form with AJAX Mailchimp. Creating content using old WYSIWYG is good but Visual Composer is way more great to create complex responsive layout content, we have it for you with this theme.  Easy customize and create content page using 30 shortcodes, we dont touch any original Visual Composer shortcodes, we just extends and create new ones. VC row with equal columns cutomization create equal columns row, this is a trick to create equal columns. Kanaz is build with most simple way to be able to responsive or your config for each element, block or your boxes in visualcomposer

Search engine optimization, Css3 animation include and easy use with one click to select and easy custom breadcrumbs for each header, category page, archive page, and even each post, product and more.

With Kanaz, you get access to 700+ Google fonts, so you can select any google font which is suitable with your website.  Advance google map with all stylings support which help you create custome beautiful google map.

With WooCommerce, you’ve got the AJAX filter, AJAX page nav, AJAX sorting, Single Product AJAX add to cart(both simple product and variable product).  There are grid, list, with sidebar layouts give you ability to create any kind of layout you want. Multi Browsers Compability make you create shop for almost any client’s browser.  That’s the power of WooCommerce.

What else?

Powerful header configuration. Change header of any page, custom post, page… title, you can even use header style switcher to change between header styles. What if you want to create a really big and complex website with many pages and links, you need some way to organize them, create big website with many categories, pages, using mega menu. We offer multiple labels to create focal points for your navigation bar, suitable for events or important pages you want customers towards. Easily change blog layout, grid, list, masonry and read more text, excerpt max chars length, show/hide blog metas.

Font icon is fast, scale-able, and trending now in modern websites, thousands font icons give you ability to do creative content page. We included child theme ready for you to do customization without worries about overriding code. You are serving to the internet so visitor must have a way to connect you, we use famous contact form 7 plugin to build contact form in this theme. Coming soon mode with admin bar countdown, use this mode when you develop your website or maintain it.  Creating an awesome Responsive, Elegant, Modern websites never been easy but NOW, with Revolution Slider for unique smooth animating slider and Visual Composer for Responsive complex content working together with some great plugins such as contact form 7 bring to Webmasters all the weapons to do it with ease and fast.

Another theme we recommend highly is Mango, a minimalist and professional WooCommerce theme.

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Sherlock, Multi-Purpose Visual Composer WordPress Theme

Sherlock WordPress Theme Presentation – Flat and Multi-Purpose

Hooray, it’s another Visual Composer theme!  Whoopie!!!  Everybody seems to love Visual Composer because it’s super easy to use, but I think these themes are incredibly trashy.  They suffer from assive amounts of bloat, you can get locked into your theme with very little chance to simply switch to a different theme without losing information or simply breaking your entire website and if you download a theme that has Visual Composer bundled with it, you’re basically at the whims of the theme developer to update their theme with the newest Visual Composer iteration.

That’s not a great thing.

But, sometimes the positives outweigh the negatives and you may find some Visual Composer powered multipurpose themes to be worth the time and effort it takes to get them working properly.  Anyway, that’s neither here nor there, but here…is what the theme’s developer has to say about the Sherlock WordPress theme.

Sherlock is a Creative WordPress Theme with an amazing modern design. Pixel Perfect WordPress Theme built with Visual Composer. You can choose from 170 + Page Templates. Every page is easily to customizable with infinite options given by our Advanced Theme Options Panel. There lot of premium plugins included for free like Revolution Slider and Layer Slider

Well, those are some bloated plugins all around and they’re almost guaranteed to slow your website down.  That’s going to tank your rankings, so I’d suggest you avoid those kinds of WordPress plugins and themes that rely heavily on Visual Composer and other code-bloated tools.

Sherlock is by THEMEPLE, who have quite a few themes available on ThemeForest, many of them are quite popular.  But that’s the trend these days, pile tons of stuff into a theme, bundle it up and sell it for $60 and people think it’s a huge bargain.  And, I suppose it is, until something breaks, that is.

Sherlock is off to a fast start with sales, but I’m a little concerned since one of their last themes, Motive, has gotten absolutely brutalized by reviewers to the tune of a 3.2 overall rating on ThemeForest.  I see a lot of defensiveness an deflection in the comments, sounds like their support forum is lacking and it’s showing with the very, very bad reviews, 20% of reviews have given this theme a 1 star rating and that’s just not acceptable.

Again, that’s for THEMEPLE’s other theme Motive, the Sherlock theme is as yet unrated, though I’m concerned what it’ll be like when it does get a handful of ratings.

If you’re looking for a theme I really do recommend highly, try Mango.  Basically, it’s the polar opposite of the Sherlock theme.  It loads fast, it’s cleanly built with strong code, it’s simple to use and it’s a great value.  I highly recommend it.

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