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Avada One Page WordPress Theme

Avada is the best selling WordPress theme in the history of ThemeForest, that makes it one of the most popular WordPress themes in the world. That’s because ThemeForest is one of the top providers of WordPress themes anywhere. Since its most recent update, 5.9 at the time of this writing, Avada is now GDPR ready and it’s perfectly compatible with Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0.

No matter what type of plugins you want to add to this theme, it is perfectly suited to fill your needs. It’s really stunning, this theme has been sold over 500,000 times. That’s just really a staggering number come almost a hundred thousand sales per year. With that type of popularity, you would expect this team is incredibly simple to customize and easy to extend to give it any feature that you could possibly want to imagine. That is absolutely the case. Avada offers a wide-ranging theme customization panel, that makes it a snap to add new features, move stuff around and make the look exactly like you want it to look. There is seemingly a demo site for every need.

Of course, that includes one page themes. Avada is certainly among the best themes anywhere and worthy of consideration if you are looking for a fantastic one page template to build your dream website around.

Avada One Page Full Screen Startup WP Theme

One page themes are incredibly popular these days, and it’s easy to see why. Getting all of your information across to your reader in just one page, that can help save time and energy. It’s also incredibly simple to navigate on one page theme, not always the case for a multi page template. If this particular theme is perfect for you, rest easy. There are plenty of other great WordPress one page themes out there and we have gathered up a collection of them for you to take a look at it.

Avada is certainly one of the absolute best one page themes available. One great thing that I like about this theme, it also offers a multi-page style. In fact, it offers many of them. That makes this theme totally flexible. If you choose to turn your one page website into a multi-page site down the road, you won’t run into issues with making you are content look like you’re established brand. Branding is a very important part of building a successful website and the Avada WordPress theme does a great job of making sure that that is never forgotten.

We have found nothing but the absolute best WordPress themes available, each and every one of them with fantastic design and a multitude of features to help keep things exciting for you readers and user-friendly for you, the webmaster. If you know of a great one page WordPress theme that we have not included in our collection, you should certainly let us know in the comments so that we can add it as soon as possible. We really want our collection to be the biggest and best on the net, we can only do that if we continue to find high quality themes oh, no matter where they are located. So, we will be back shortly with more fantastic themes, check back anytime you have the need to find a fantastic template.

This is the Avada WordPress theme, the best-selling theme in the history of ThemeForest. This wildly popular theme has sold over 440,000 times so far and it seems like it’s just getting started. It’s got a staggering rating of 4.77 on well over 20,000 rating so far, which is incredible. Besides being the number one selling theme in the history of ThemeForest it’s also one of the most feature filled themes available on the net. The support is reliable, friendly and caring.

There are dozens of pre-made, full-featured websites already created for you to choose from. The customization options are user-friendly and easy to accomplish anything you want. There’s a demo and seller for all the pre-made content that they offer. Avada is ready to do whatever you wanted to do to make your website a big-time success. You get lifetime updates with Avada, 6 premium plugins worth over $200. There are 255 pre-made web page designs, so far, and they keep adding new ones every month. Thousands of options are available to create a custom look for your site, no matter what industry you’re in. The fusion Builder is fun, fast and user-friendly as well.

Some people say that Avada is the Swiss army knife of WordPress themes, and I agree.

The fusion Builder is one of the fastest and best Drag and Drop page Builders available on the internet today. It makes editing your pages fast, easy and even fun. With Avada you get a library dashboard to add extra power to your WordPress installation and manage every element individually. You can assign or unassign Global elements with a click-of-a button in Fusion Builder.

Avada has recently added several more demo sites, as I mentioned before, they keep adding new ones constantly so it’s worth from time to time. You get free updates theme Fusion makes a habit of getting back to people who need help very fast. The updates keep flowing, this theme has been updated several times.

Avada is Advanced network of options give you tons of power and tons of flexibility to create your side without ever having to touch a single line of code. The fusion theme options, fusion page options and fusion Builder all work together to make your website building easier.

There are 50 panels of neatly organized options to help you quickly and easily control your entire website. The fusion Builder is a dragon drop page builder that lets you easily create custom pages that look just like you want them to look.

New theme on the market offers as many customization options as the Avada WordPress theme does. Whether you’re building a portfolio a Blog and e-commerce site or something else entirely, Avada is a perfect fit for what you need. The themes developer has recently added a new Gallery element that’s perfect for photographers who want to create a beautiful image gallery with full column framework using both Grid or masonry layouts. There are tons of image hover effects and many options available.  Here are some more great portfolio WordPress themes that might interest you.

Avada works perfectly with WooCommerce so that you can start selling products or Services quickly with any one of a number of different, gorgeous woocommerce demo sites. Just import the demo and replace the content with your own. It’s completely easy to do and let you spend more time building your business.  For more WordPress WooCommerce themes, try this collection.

There are unlimited designs available with Avada because the powerful framework that this theme is built on allows you to create virtually any style of website that you want which eliminates the need for multiple themes or extra plugins.

There are powerful theme options along with Incredible page options to give you the tools you need to create a completely unique site that’s not like anything else on the internet. All that without having to know how to code which is a beautiful thing.

Avada is so responsive, it’s flexible framework lets you select any site with in boxed or widescreen format and all of it will look perfect on any screen size.

The fusion core plug-in is totally intuitive and it’s what drives Avada and probably why Avada is so popular. It’s easy to use to construct a page visually, the short code generator, Mega menu and fusion slider only serve to add more power to what Avada provides. The developer of and if you should run into any problems while using the, their support is always fast and friendly.

Let’s take a look at some reviews.

Wow, I don’t really know what else to say. This is the best theme I’ve ever seen. I’m a full-time web developer, and this thing blows me away. I wanted to thank you for all your hard work. Best money I’ve ever spent in my entire life! Amazing!

Glowing review to say the least.  Here’s another one.

I have been a member for nearly 5 years. I have purchased hundreds of themes here in the envato marketplace. Never have I run into a thing that covers all I will ever need in one theme. I may not purchase another for a very long time as a result of this one. There’s absolutely nothing these guys didn’t cover. Thank you theme Fusion for creating one of the best themes I’ve seen and had the pleasure of working with 5 years.

Okay, what else is there to say, right?

Avada is fully responsive, has a powerful admin panel to help modify the theme to your liking, is fully customizable in every way, has retina ready ready graphics, is super easy to install and setup, has demo content in Porter, Auto theme updater and tons more.

Here’s a look at some of the dozens of demo styles that Avada comes with first up is the Avada launch demo.


Here’s a look at the Avada SEO template.


One for a creative freelance artist.


Or a creative, digital agency.


A beautiful photography theme style.


A modern, clean and beautiful eCommerce store.  Here is a collection of other clean WordPress minimalist themes.


What about coffee shops, let’s not forget them!


And a lovely lifestyle blogging theme.


Whew, I’m sure I left a bunch out because there are dozens more.

Avada is the most popular theme in the history of ThemeForest for good reason. Quite simply, it’s the most versatile and easy-to-use multipurpose WordPress theme ever made. It’s one of a kind. Other themes of attempted to include the vast amount of options that Avada has, but they’ve all come up a little short. Even the best of themes has a difficult time matching the amount of options that you get with the Avada theme. The flexible network of options is paired with a user-friendly interface that lets anyone, beginner or WordPress expert, to craft a beautiful, responsive website that does everything that they want anymore.

Avada has amassed tons of positive reviews and has been featured on countless websites around the internet. This clean modern design come use for any type of website, it doesn’t matter what business you’re in the Avada WordPress theme works perfectly. The amount of options for customization is seemingly infinite, there are dozens of professionally-designed demonstration sites that can be easily imported with just one click. The average rating of the Avada theme is closing in on five stars, which makes it nearly perfect. Bill with clean HTML5 code as well as css3, the Avada theme is SEO optimized and loads incredibly fast. On top of that it works with popular SEO plugins like yoast.

This theme, despite how many features and options it has, is incredibly easy to use and customize. The fusion Builder is probably the best Drag and Drop Page Builder on the market and you will always have full control over your websites Style.

If you want to see more WordPress multipurpose themes, we’ve built a collection you might enjoy.

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