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Avamia, Creative, Artistic WordPress Portfolio Theme



Avamia, Creative WordPress Portfolio Theme for Artists

At an absolutely staggering $199, this WordPress theme is probably far too expensive to be worthwhile. I can’t recommend any theme that costs this much, there are plenty of other great portfolio themes out there at much more reasonable prices. That said, I decided to review it anyway to see what Avamia has to offer to justify such a large price tag.

I always sort of think that anyone who prices a theme this High, they’re probably really not searching for sales, they don’t want to deal with the support. However, if somebody sells out nearly $200, I guess that is what would make it worthwhile for them?

Avamia Artistic Portfolio WordPress Theme

This theme offers a very clean, simple look. It sort of reminds me of a lot of designs that I have seen on Squarespace. So, for those of you who are migrating content from an existing Squarespace account, perhaps this theme could be somewhat useful to you? However, going from a free platform to a theme that costs $199, that may be a bit of a shock to some of you. I know it would be a shock to me. So far, 44 people have chosen to download this template, although I am not entirely certain that it has always been priced at such an outrageous amount. One good thing that I can say about this theme, it is GPL license, meaning it is completely open-source in every way. So, if you have to have a GPL theme, this could be a decent option.

Have you been in search of a WordPress theme with full documentation and superb tech support, incredible, professional, well made code, many adaptable, impressive customization choices, a clear-cut, minimalistic design and a fresh structure which is simple to operate?  Then Avamia might be exactly what you’ve been looking for, a simple blog theme where the content is the star of the show, there isn’t a lot of extra ‘fat’ getting in the way of the images and text.  For once, the designed didn’t go overboard loading this theme up with extraneous content that wasn’t necessary and it shows.  Avamia is a delightful blog and you should really consider it if you’re looking for a new, minimal blogging template.

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