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Bakix, Powerful WordPress Crowdfunding Theme




Bakix is a crowdfunding theme that has a very clean, full screen image to attract attention on the front page. Furthermore, the campaign Pages, the individual fundraising pages that is, look just as nice. I think that it’s going to instill a lot of confidence in folks who come to your website. Building that trust between campaigners and would-be downers is an important aspect of any crowdfunding or crowd fundraising website. This one does a great job of balancing style and functionality. It has all of the plugins and extensions necessary to create a really successful crowdfunding website.

Bakix is a rare breed, it is a WordPress theme pill for crowdfunding or crowdsourced donations websites. You know the ones, something similar to GoFundMe or Kickstarter. Well, now you can create your own website in this Mitch, using a great-looking theme like this one. If you have a non-profit company, if you are creating online donation campaign, even political nonprofits, this fundraising or crowdfunding WordPress theme is great for soliciting donations to any sort of fundraising campaign. For volunteers, nonprofit campaigns, environmental awareness, volunteer organizations, no matter what type of website you have, this theme can help you raise funds for it.

I’ve seen a lot of crowdfunding themes for WordPress lately, it’s a really trendy niche.  The Bakix theme looks to be one of the cleanest and most accessible of these offerings, so I decided to take a deeper look at it.

Bakix, WordPress Crowdfunding Theme

I’m certain that there are more great looking crowdfunding themes out there, but I haven’t found enough to build a collection yet, so I’ll have to wait to see when that happens. In the meantime, you can check out several other collections that might interest you. We have quite a number of themes and I think that no matter what type of website you are crafting, we’ve got something for you to have a look at.  Business themes, eCommerce themes, flat themes.  We’ve got it all.

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