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Barista, WordPress Coffee Shop and Cafe Theme



Barista Coffee Shop Theme

This is Barista, a coffee shop theme that’s got every feature needed to create a dreamy website with tons of style.

Coffee is important, to me at least.  I know I’m drinking coffee right now as I type this.  Well, not exactly as I type, but it’s sitting right next to me.  See?  Oh damn, I knocked it over.  What am I doing, you couldn’t see that I was drinking coffee anyway.  This is what happens when you’re not drinking enough coffee, to be perfectly honest.


Barista, WordPress Coffee and Cafe Theme

Okay, so we all know that coffee is great, way better than tea anyway.  It kicks sand in tea’s face and steals it’s lunch money.  Coffee is where it’s at and it’s big business too.  If you want to try to go head to head, toe to toe with the big hitters in the coffee business, sites and companies like Starbucks or Stumptown or my personal favorite, Coava, you’re going to need an incredible website.  A coffee shop website template like Barista could be the secret to getting those high rankings you want.

But is Barista just a coffee shop theme?  Oh definitely not, it’s great for bakeries, restaurants and more.  Any food service business would benefit from the style, the features that Barista offers.

Barista has several pre-made demo sites to choose from, a standard home page, metro style or dark style home page, grid home and boxed home pages, vertical showcase, shop home for extablishing a WooCommerce based shop.  There’s a parallax showcase and more coming soon too!  That’s a lot of options for setting up a page you’re going to really love.

One click demo data import, WooCommerce, tons of typography options, a café menu, booking form for Open table integration, responsive design, customizable colors, tons of free plugins an so much more, this is a theme that any coffee shop owner is going to adore.

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