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WordPress Travel Agency Themes

This is our set of WordPress travel agency themes, great for all kinds of tourism websites, from wineries to regional tour buses. We hope you like what you see!  If it’s about travel, one of these themes should really do the trick for you.  With every one of these adventurous travel themes, you get something a little different.  Some are meant for tour companies, some are set up as pure travel blogs.  Some offer WooCommerce capability and some are standard blog themes, but most blend a great deal of features and functionality in one package.  With each one, you get a high quality platform for your travel based website, from highlighting travel destinations to booking charters to whatever else you can possibly think of.  With a high quality travel blog, travel agency or tourism theme, you can create an incredible online business that will blow the competition away.


Travelmatic WordPresss Travel Blogging Theme

Travelmatic is being called a premium travel blog theme so you can create an awesome travel diary.  Friends, family and other travelers will love the style of this theme, the custom map making ability and even KML support.  You’ll also love the post formats specific to travel blogs, things like small or large maps built into a post with either full-width or sidebars.  Whatever your taste, there’s a great way to show folks where in the world you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going.  Travelmatic’s developer (Pure Themes) has been making travel related themes since 2011 and they’re good at what they do.  Pure Themes offers great support, the code is finely crafted and there’s a lot of documentation.  So far, TravelMatic has a perfect 5 star rating on ThemeForest.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

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Bold WordPress Travel Blogging Theme

As a travel blog, Bold is a wonderful choice.  This Organic Themes made template has a design that’s completely different than many other templates on the market, so I think it’s a fine choice for some kinds of travel blogs.  Since the style is completely unique, it might not be for everybody, but I really do enjoy this style of blog.  Bold is incredibly simple to manage and customize and since it’s based on the Seed framework, created by Organic Themes to be fast loading and very SEO friendly, it’s succeeded in being a wildly unique and simple to use template.  Organic Themes offers amazing support for all their themes so setting up Bold, and customizing it to look just like you want it to look, is going to be a breeze.  Check out more personal WordPress blog themes here.

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Milos, Resort and Restaurant Travel Blog WordPress Theme

Milos is a great travel theme for WordPress.  Created by CSS Igniter, Milos has the look, the style and the features you need to create a full fledged travel blog and destinations website.  Completely responsive, this theme offers external room booking services, video and slider support, total control over colors and fonts.  If you’re running a restaurant, there’s a great looking template for that as well.  Frequently updated, great support, strong documentation and optimized for speed, Milos is a great looking theme that may work for what you need.  Milos has a really nice style and I think small agencies can really make use of it.

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Travelino, WordPress travel Agency and Blog Theme

Travelino is a really cool design for a travel blog or travel agency website. The Travelino WordPress theme focuses firmly on readability and a well-balanced light up. It’s highly Visual and allows you plenty of different options for monetizing your content. When your visitors come to your website, it’s important that they quickly develop a bond with your posts and Pages, your images and your products. With a theme as clean and well designed as Travelino, that is not going to be an incredibly difficult task.

Some themes fail to live up to the somewhat arduous task of providing a premium experience. They can be cumbersome or lack the features that are required to develop a great-looking website. Travelino is something special though, need developer zealously debugged the code so that it is perfectly responsive and you’ll be overjoyed to know how reliable the support is. It’s comforting to know that if you should happen to run into any problems with your website, the themes developer stands behind it with great support. This is a thoughtful and diligently built WordPress theme that is not even a little bit dysfunctional. I think that it will allow you to entertain all of your visitors and give them an incredible experience every time they visit your site.

This theme has a featured post sliders, you can add maps to single pages and featured images on those same single page posts. There are multiple different blog layout, a pair of attractive hairstyles, there’s a likes and Views counter available on each post and you’ll be able to quickly share your posts on multiple social networks. This fully responsive theme can be translated into any language, including right-to-left languages. There’s demo content included with a handy one click in Porter, this theme Works hand in hand with Google AdSense to help make a little bit of money and the entire thing as incredibly user-friendly and simple to adapt to fit your needs.

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Getaway, Fun and Trendy WordPress Travel Theme

Getaway calls itself an upbeat travel and tourism theme. I really like the sound of that. And I don’t just mean that I like the sound of getting away from it all for a short to long period of time. I haven’t had a vacation in 3 years, but I keep working hard to bring you amazing WordPress themes like get away, so it’s all worth it. This team has 300 sales so far on themeforest and a 4.6 2 rating out of 5 Stars. That’s a very solid rating and I think it’s one of the better travel blog themes I’ve seen yet.

For booking destinations for holidays and travel or tourism sites, this theme is vibrant and effective. I think the your images are going to look amazing with this WordPress theme and the layout is highly practical and effective. You can take you some of the tour filter and tour booking features of getaway to allow users to find vacation destinations quickly and intuitively. In just a few moments, you can allow customers to book tours and pay through the integrated PayPal function. With several great blog layouts, you’ll be able to that’s going to be a really to help build your user base.

We’ve come up with tons of other great WordPress travel blog themes and travel and tourism themes that you might be interested in. We leave no stone unturned to find the absolute best themes out there for showcasing destinations and for selling travel packages. Tourism is such a massive business these days, you need every Advantage you can get and the right WordPress theme can go a long way to helping your business succeed. If you see another great travel and tourism related that we haven’t covered, please let us know and we’ll be as soon as possible. We’re all about bringing you the very best.

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Adventure, WordPress Travel Blog and Journal Theme

Get your motor running with Adventure, an wonderful Organic Themes travel site theme for WordPress. The Adventure theme is truly well constructed, it is packed with fascinating features and it is very straightforward to customize. You would like to provide the absolute best user experience, right? Then you should definitely contemplate sex. Perfectly purely responsive on all apparatus, Adventur permits for multiple languages, as a result of its WPML plugin, which can be totally free! I really like the portfolio and slideshow template that is contained, it actually shows your pictures well and to get a travel site, that is vital. Adventure can also be WooCommerce compatible, which means it’s possible to produce an awesome online store to go together with your traveling blogging. This makes for a true multipurpose website that may do just a little bit of everything. There is one click presentation information import, Google fonts, customized color choices, custom site templates and a whole lot more amazing choices which make Adventure a very lovely theme for just about any kind of blog.  This theme is also a part of our collection of WordPress adventure blog themes.  Check that out for more examples of themes for adventure blogs.

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Locales Travel Directory WordPress Theme

Locales was built specifically to be a perfect theme for travel blog websites.  Share your travel experiences, give folks tips and leads on new, exciting adventures, encourage others to get out there and explore, that’s what Locales is all about.  For those who want to add a feature where readers can submit their own travelogues, that feature is also readily available.  With Locales, you can create an online community based on a shared love of traveling the world, exploring new destinations, sharing photos and experiences with ease.

With the page builder by Tesla Themes, which is included in this handy theme, you can make a site that looks just like you want, with highly engaging images, well framed text and more.  The bottom line is this, Locales is a wonderful theme for building a travel blog.  Create map lists from your data, add ratings charts, pull quotes, galleries, allow readers to submit their own articles.  Locales is a great way to go for any travel blog site.

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WP Voyager

WP Voyager WordPress Travel Blog Theme

WPVoyager is a travel blog with a modern and bold style, it’s responsive and it’s packed with features.  Let’s have a look.  The WPVoyager theme was carefully created with the world traveler in mind, WPVoyager features really intelligent integration with the strong and powerful Google API.  The results, you get a flexible choice of a variety of map displays, letting you traverse a variety of lands, whether it’s the forests of the Pacific northwest, the beaches of the Mediterranean or the mountains of Europe.  No matter where in the world, you can let your friends, family and fans keep track of your most recent travels, your travel diary and all of the various locations you’ve visited, not to mention the stunning photographs you’ve taken and it’s all presented with a really clean and modern design.

They say that world travel expands the mind, it can help to inspire us to be worldly people.  So, what better way to document your travel life, your memories, your images and videos, with this cool, attractive and stunning WordPress design. Photography is so incredibly important with travel blog sites and you’ll want to keep your images well organized.  WPVoyager uses photogrids to make that presentation.  If you don’t want to use grids, there are beautiful collage effects or go with some awesome full width images if you’d prefer that.  WPVoyager is a theme that works well with KML, which is a file format that allows you to display geographic data in Google Maps for mobile websites.  Create KML files to pinpoint your favorite locations, add image overlays or show off your data in new and cool ways.

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Adrenaline Adventure Blog and Travel Magazine Theme

Adrenaline The design of Adrenaline is contemporary, crisp and enjoyable. WooCommerce is fully supported, so it’s possible to construct a great webpage for your online store fast and economically. I believe that the clean, clear design and style of Adrenaline makes it a fantastic candidate for selling nearly any kind of product. Since numerous travel sites monetize their work with selling products, either digital or physical, an eCommerce shop is almost always a fantastic idea. Adrenaline is completely purely responsive to look great on all devices, it is SEO friendly and optimized for speed. The theme puts up quite quickly, there is demo content accessible and the dwell customizer makes it rather easy to fine tune your website. I believe you are really going to appreciate this theme for your trip blog.

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Collecto, Clean Travel Magazine Themes for Minimal Websites

This is Collecto, a great looking all-around magazine theme that I think could be great for travel bloggers.  That’s thanks in large part to the simple, accesible style, the clean and modern lines and the ease of use.  Collecto allows you construct a grid based website that’s inspired by newspaper and glossy magazines, it’s simple and elegant to look at and full of features.  I really love the way Collecto handles images, which makes it perfect for showing your readers fantastic, high quality images from any destination around the world.  The single pages are just as impressive with bold typography, attractive featured images and a fun layout that’s a little bit different than other sites out there.  If you need it, Collecto also offers a cool, simple and clean portfolio page, also powered by a dynamic grid system that helps focus your readers attention on your work.  Check out some additional minimal WordPress themes here.

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Blogging Box, WordPress Travel Magazine Theme

What type of WordPress theme would be ideal to get a travel site? Well, I think that it’s one with an outstanding, portable friendly, purely responsive layout. A theme with excellent use of pictures. One with clear navigation and search features. First and foremost, a theme that is user friendly for both front and rear end users. All that is precisely what BloggingBox offers. A great deal of habit shortcodes, custom choices, widgets along with a blisteringly quick load rate makes this an perfect blogging template for travel sites, travel hints and guidebooks. Search engine optimization is primed to really go crazy, because this theme heaps so quickly. There are several, appealing designs to pick from. Three exciting and new article designs, custom made carousel for lively presentation of graphics and far more.

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