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WordPress Children’s Themes, Kids Day Care and Kindergarten

November 19, 2018
WordPress Children's Themes

Perhaps you’re trying to sell products aimed at kids or their parents and parents? An expert layout directed at children ought to be entertaining, but practical. It does not have to seem boring in any way. We have tried to keep this in mind when making this collection.  WordPress makes it simple to create a site directed at children, parents, daycare centers, kindergartens, toy stores and much more. If you are on a budget, then you might realize that these themes are a fantastic way to avoid spending thousands of bucks on a customized theme, by employing the ability of the WordPress community for several of the plug-ins and attributes you want.

This group of the greatest children’s WordPress themes is packed with easy, yet effective templates for a child friendly site up and running quickly. With one of those themes, you will have the frame required to create and customize a site right off the bat. We have kept pricing in your mind also, these are all reasonably priced so that they won’t break your bank. We believe you will enjoy the huge array of attributes that these themes offer also! Hope you like and please tell us if we have missed any fantastic themes.

Kids Zone


Kids Zone is a beautifully well thought out, perfectly designed WordPress kid’s education theme, suitable for kindergartens, children’s day care centers, preschools and much more.  This theme could be perfect for any sort of childhood education theme, from arts and crafts to grade school and even parent training classes.  Kids Zone supports a wide variety of popular plugins like BuddyPress, bbPress so you can form a community around your educational programs, but also WPML for translating the theme into any language.  Contact Form 7, Event Calendar Po and even WooCommerce, so you can set up an online shop to sell products like eBooks or even tangible goods like T-shirts or toys.  Kids deserve a fantastic WordPress experience as much as anybody and this interesting, well crafted theme has so many features that make it a great choice for all sorts of websites.  Basically, Kid’s Zone is fun.  Recently updated, Kid’s Zone now suuports Visual Composer, which means you can create a layout of any variety and offer features and content that really make sense for your readers.

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SuperOwly - Kindergarten, School of Early Learning, Nanny Agency WordPress Theme WordPress Theme Reviews

With a variety of layouts, one click installation and Visual Composer, SuperOwly is a theme that can look exactly like you want it to look with nearly any feature under the Sun.  SuperOwly has a built in events calendar to create and manage schedules, special events and other things with ease.  SuperOwly has a timetable for classroom schedules, teacher’s profiles and includes support for multiple plugins that help make your website full featured and easy to use.  WooCOmmerce, Easy Tables for Visual Composer and Slider Revolution too.  SuperOwly has a micro-niche design and since it utilizes Visual Composer, no coding knowledge is required to get the most out of it.  For education related sites, this is a full set of features that you’re really going to enjoy using.

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Kids Heaven

Home Landing – Kids World wedesignthemes.com

If absolutely nothing else, this theme is colorful.  But, it doesn’t stop there.  Kid’s Heaven is responsive, meaning it looks great on all devices, it offers nine distinct home page options, which you can check out in the demo below.  Kid’s Heaven is WooCommerce ready too, so if your business involves selling products, that’s easy to accomplish.  Kid’s Heaven is also bbPress and BuddyPress ready, as well as including Visual Composer and Revolution Slider, for big, attractive sliders and fun, colorful and flexible layouts.

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Kid’s Play

kids play wordpress children

Kid’s Play is a cool, fun and user friendly theme for daycare centers, preschools, after school programs, arts and crafts classes and kindergartens.  Kid’s Play features a playful design with fun animations that combine with fun, kid-friendly icons that really set the stage for an all around great website template for kids.  On the technical site, Kid’s Play is retina ready as well as responsive, for a great looking user experience and as always with ThemeFuse, you get detailed documentation and strong support with each and every theme.

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Kidz Store

Kidz Store WordPress eCommerce theme for children's clothing

Kidz Store is one of the finest WordPress ecommerce themes for the niche of children’s products like WordPress theme kids party supplies or a children and toys WordPress theme.  Kidz Store is designed to make setting up an online shop quick and easy, not to mention affordable.  A nicely prepared kids blog template requires plenty of functions to ensure it is innovative as well as exciting.  This theme comes crazy cool features for selling kids products like clothing or toys, and here’s a great thing: it’s compatible with WooCommerce. Because of it’s quirky design it’s best used to create sites for selling toys, clothes, children’s books and other products that kids love.  If you’d like to see more WooCommerce ready themes, check out our collection here.

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WordPress AdSense optimized baby blog theme

You might not think it by reading the title, but Ad-Sense from MyThemeShop is a perfectly crafted, responsive AdSense optimized blog that’s perfect for blogging about babies, girls and boys of all ages and motherhood.  What’s the best WordPress mommy blog?  In my opinion, at least for a lot of people, it could very well be Ad-Sense.  This theme has it all, a fun, kid friendly design, great layout that puts the focus on your content, a plethora of AdSense ready areas to put any sort of advertising you want and it’s all incredibly simple to use.  Ad-Sense has a simple, straightforward boxed-layout that means all your articles are very easy to find, easy to navigate and they’re going to get a lot of clicks if you select the right images to go with your killer content.  Lots of widgets help add functionality and  Ad-Sense loads up fast for improved SEO.  If you’re not using a fast loading, SEO ready and Ad-Sense optimized theme, you may want to have a look at Ad-Sense.

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Kid Quest

kid quest wordpress daycare center and childrens theme

Kid Quest, it’s all about Kindergartens, play groups, primary schools or daycare centers.  Designed for professionals who want a fun way to highlight their services geared toward kids and schools.  There are several pre-defined layouts and feature lists included, showcasing kids activities and since this theme is part of Theme Fuse’s ‘Core’ theme, it’s ultra flexible and versatile.  Kid Quest offers several built in sliders, including premium sliders Layer and Revolution.  The simple design makes this theme easy to navigate and each layout that’s included was specifically created to give an air of professionalism to parents can see that their child is in good hands with your company.  With loads of color choices, background images and more, this theme is superbly flexible too.

Kid Quest is a WordPress theme specially made for kids’ school, child care, playgroups, story book presentation, and other kindergarten or preschool related websites. The theme’s features allow you to design your website to present the contents in an attractive way.

The theme comes with some ready-made niche related layouts for the different types of activities for children. It is fully customizable, with a selection of colors, fonts, layouts, and built in sliders. It also comes with multiple creative icons, background options, and short codes. All your changes can be done with ease through the theme’s easy to use visual page builder, which provides drag and drop options to let you structure your site without changing any complex coding. The theme also has ready-made design pages for the pricing section, services, and gallery for those who do not have time to customize their own pages.

Kid Quest was coded with SEO in mind, ensuring that your website would appear in the higher ranks in search engine results. It is translation ready, perfect for your site’s different types of viewers. The theme’s auto install or one-click installation options make using the theme even more convenient. Kid Quest has everything you need laid out for you, all you have to do is add in your blog content.

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Sky WordPress Kids Style Theme

Sky is a dreamy little kids style WordPress theme that floats above the pack in with a wonderfully whimsical style that will leave your visitors with a sense of wonder and joy.  Sky works in a unique way, loading all of it’s content with AJAX, so that the page load speeds are really fast.  A well prepared kids blog template must have plenty of features to cause it to be innovative and even lots of fun.  No matter how many pages you have, the page load speeds are lightning quick.  A lot of the design elements in this theme would be perfect for a blog about kid stuff, a blog aimed at mothers, a page for promoting an app aimed at children or even an educational business.  Youngsters ought to have an entertaining, appealing, incredibly well-designed WordPress kids theme.

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CaresLand WordPress kindergarten theme

CaresLand is all about day care centers, child care and kindergarten or preschool programs.  Kindergarten classes are meant as a way for kids to transition from home to going to real school, and there are lots of fun activities like drawing and singing that help make it really enjoyable and CaresLand make it simple for you to promote those activities and show parents how much fun their child will have.  CaresLand has a special events page, a beautiful slider and it’s totally responsive, so it looks professional and appealing for kids and parents alike.

CaresLand makes it a breeze to create a website for Kindergartens, preschools, daycare centers and more.  Caresland is a perfect choice for blogging about kids too and since the fun and kid-friendly design is perfectly responsive, it’s going to look fantastic on any device.  CaresLand was made by Theme Isle and their products all share a few things in common: a central theme options panel that easily lets you adjust settings like fonts, colors, content widgets and more.  The clean code, full range of browser support and the responsive design mean this theme won’t leave anybody out of the fin, your content can be accessed on any device.  One thing that sets this theme apart is the special events page, which is perfect for any sort of kids educational group.

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Kids are the future, that’s the old saying.  And it’s true, too.  Kids need education and play, that  where these themes come in.  We’ve found a collection of the best kids themes on the market, each one will help to educate and entertain children, and they’re all super easy to use too.  Children’s education themes are popular in 2016, as they have been since WordPress came on the market.

Whether you need a website for a kindergarten, a day-care center, after school program, these themes can fit the bill.  Maybe you’re looking to sell products aimed at children or their parents and grandparents?  We’ve found some great ecommerce themes that have the style and features you want to see in a children’s toy store, boutique, shoe store…you name it!  A professional design aimed at kids should be fun, but functional.  It doesn’t need to look boring at all.  Parents need to see that your site is professional in order to trust you with their child’r education…and their hard earned money.  We’ve tried to keep that in mind while creating this collection.

WordPress makes it easy to create a website aimed at kids, parents, daycare centers, kindergartens, toy shops and more.  If you’re on a budget, you’ll find that these themes are a great way to avoid spending thousands of dollars on a custom theme, by using the power of the WordPress community for all the plug-ins and features you need.

This collection of the best children’s WordPress themes is packed with simple, yet powerful templates to help get a kid friendly website up and running fast.  With one of these themes, you’ll have the framework necessary to make and customize a website right off the bat.  We’ve kept pricing in mind too, these are all reasonably priced so they won’t break the bank.  We think you’ll enjoy the wide variety of features that these themes offer too!  Hope you enjoy and please let us know if we’ve missed any great themes.

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