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WordPress Fitness Themes

Looking for a theme for your fitness center, gym, weight room or aerobics class?  How about a personal training business?  What about a general fitness blog with healthy living tips, recipes and workout routines?  No matter what your need, these fitness WordPress themes have what it takes to run a successful business.

If you run a gym or you’re building a site for a client who is a personal trainer, fitness expert or you need to establish an online presence for gym memberships, fitness products or other physical training related businesses, we’ve assembled a list of some of the best WordPress fitness themes around.


Kette, Gym and Fitness WordPress Theme

Want to create a beautiful and professional sports related website?  If you’re a yoga instructor, personal trainer, you own a small gym or teach spinning classes or martial arts, you can make an awesome looking website with Kette.  Add in WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 support and other plugins that help make your business a success.  Kette has all the feature’s you’d expect from a modern theme, it’s responsive and Retina ready, it’s got tons of pre-made demo sites to extend the way your site can be customized.  Overall, the style is totally modern, it’s got a flat style that really lends itself to great imagery, text that gets attention and an online shop that gets results and drives sales.

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Fitness Zone

Fitness Zone, WordPress Theme for Gymnasiums

This is Fitness Zone, a powerful fitness theme that makes a great impression for gyms, personal trainers and other fitness related businesses.  With Fitness Zone, you’ve got five page layouts to select from, as well as five header styles and a dozen simple to operate ‘skins’ to give your site a unique look.  There’s also Mega Menu support, sticy navigation, a blog page with comments section, tons of short codes and plenty more great features in this responsive, professional theme.  Fitness Zone even supports eCommerce, so if you’re selling products, that’s a great benefit.  With a timetable plugin, you can support schedules with a view of upcoming fitness related events.  There’s even a cool body mass index calculator included. Maybe the best feature I’ve seen in this theme, a detailed workouts page, it’s a custom post type for posting workout samples, with a step by step tutorial for each workout, images and videos too.  Pretty cool.

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Justfit, WordPress Fitness Training Theme

This is JustFit, an exciting new WordPress fitness theme, great for personal trainers, yoga studios, gyms and a lot more.  With JustFit, you get an ultimate fitness and exercise theme for WordPress.  If you’re a personal trainer, JustFit makes building a successful business relatively pain-free.  For creating a fitness community, JustFit is a great choice too.  Maybe you’re publishing a magazine?  Well, JustFit does an amazing job of handing that task as well.  JustFit is completely flexible and it can help you grow your online following with a whole bunch of amazing features and functions.  Testimonials, workout routines, fitness videos, products and more.  Your blog needs to be a big part of your fitness business, which is why JustFit’s blog is sleek and attractive, perfect for any type of post or content material.  Drag and Drop functionality means this theme will look exactly how you want it to look too.

For fitness websites, a great looking theme like JustFit can really help break out of the mold.  This theme has a responsive design, it’s built for speed and SEO, the sales funnel is helpful and well designed and it’s an invention that can make your website an impactful one.  I think that can help drive traffic to your site like never before.  If you get the idea that I respect the theme’s developer, MyThemeShop, you’re right on the money.  JustFit is bursting with features and you’d be foolish to not consider this theme.

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Ultra, WordPress Fitness Demo Theme

A great fitness theme can really make your business look professional and it’s a great way to give your potential clients a fantastic user experience, allowing them to get all the information they need to make an informed decision about the services you offer.  That’s what Ultra is all about.  If you run a gym, a personal training service or you sell fitness products, this theme is a top notch choice.  With WooCommerce, you can let customers subscribe to your services online, no more running credit cards at the front counter.  With Ultra, if you need additional features of flexibility, the handy drag and drop page builder is a fantastic feature, since you can create any content you need.  One click demo data import means your fitness theme will be installed quickly, all you have to do is create some content, swap in your photos and your site will be up and running in no time.

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Blogging Box, WordPress Fitness Journal Theme

Whether it’s fitness articles, training tips, healthy cooking tips or workout routines, millions of people look for information about the health, fitness and lifestyle every day.  If you select a theme like BloggingBox, and you work incredibly hard to build up content, you can create a fantastic website that folks will love, relying on you for the latest information about fitness.  BloggingBox is a multipurpose WordPress theme, with several elegantly designed layouts, each one of the perfectly responsive.  With BloggingBox, you’ll have the flexibility to create a site that is easy to navigate, simple to use for both front end and back end users and one that will really draw in a huge audience.  Perfect SEO, fast page load speeds, advanced theme options and typography, unlimited colors and more, you can even translate this theme into  any language you choose.  WooCommerce and AdSense are two popular ways to monetize any blog and BloggingBox is built to work wonderfully with both of those tools.  Good luck!

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Infinite Sports and Fitness WordPress Theme

This fitness portal is called Infinite.  Well, don’t think of the entire theme as being about fitness, it’s really just this demo, there are a ton of pre-made demo sites that mean Infinite can work for a ton of different types of websites.  I guess that’s why they call it Infinite?  There’s an applications promo demo, one for converences and events, several creative styles for agency portfolios, a demo made for architecture firms, several business templates, medical site styles, and multiple creative portfolio and blog styles ranging from simple to intricate.  But this is a collection about fitness and gyms, so that’s what I recommend the Infinite theme for.  Created by one of my favorite developers, GoodLayers, Infinite is easy to use, easy to customize and has all the features needed to make a really amazing gym websites.  WooCommerce, great documentation, fantastic support, the list of features goes on and on.

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IronFit WordPress Fitness and Training Theme

IronFit gives you a viewer-friendly front page with an alternative to add site content and a store. This theme uses powerful font design for a manly look. This theme is designed for modern websites with four color schemes and a responsive in every way layout to choose from. The colors the developer picked contrasts well with the dark background, although there are only four colors available.

The IronFit theme also gives the user the option to readily use shortcodes on content types like accordions, tabs, tables, sound and video files.  The header of the page features three columns. The first column contains the business information such as the telephone number of the address, the opening hours and your gym. The middle is for the logo of the rightmost side and the gymnasium comprises the social media buttons and the search bar.  It seems great with any gadget and it can integrate with ecommerce management plugins. You can even arrange the things in your shop can be organized using classes and show them as a list or as tiles.

The shop’s product pages feature a photo of the merchandise with a brief description above the fold. Underneath these characteristics, the developers included two tabs of content. The second tab shows the testimonials and reviews about the product. Lastly, just above the footer, the developers included a section for ideas of associated products. Products on sale additionally get a badge. The badge is of the exact same color with color scheme colors.

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Gym & Fit

Gym and Fit, WordPress Health and Wellness Theme

Whether it’s martial arts or boxing, dance, spinning classes, crossfit or aerobics, Gym & Fit is a theme that’s build specifically with gyms and other fitness centers in mind.  It’s all about an active lifestyle.  There are built in scheduling features powered by Events Calendar Pro, so it’s great for gyms and personal trainers who offer scheduled classes and events.  Not an expert at coding CSS and HTML?  No big deal Gym & Fit makes it simple for even a beginner to adjust almost any setting.  As a responsive theme, Gym & Fit will look incredible on any sort of device and in my experience, this is a very well supported theme for anyone to use.

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Sportify, Premium WordPress Fitness and Sports Theme

Tesla Themes presents Sportify, a fitness and sports related template which gives you every tool you’d need to create a really cool sports, gym or fitness related website with really alluring content.  Sportify is totally premium, it’s got a flat design, loads of features and a lot of attractive design elements that make it a big hit.  Animations, eCOmmerce, transition effects, gorgeous sliders and more.  As for customization, it’s simple with all Tesla Themes, and Sportify is no exception.  With Tesla Themes, you also get great support and strong documentation, so it’s always simple to get started.

A Multi-purpose WordPress theme that’s primarily used for anything connected to sports, fitness, and gyms, Sportify could make it easier for you to represent your sport in a manner you see fit. A sports-related website is something that should have a good mix of photos, videos, graphics, and text—and one that can be quite engaging for those who read it. This theme has so many great features that can make your blog better, with its prime feature being the Revolution Slider—something that gives you a drag and drop editor, reliable animation and transition effects, and images and videos that you can easily customize to your liking.

If there’s something that’s really awe-inspiring about Spotify, it’s the fact that Sportify is backed by Tesla Framework, which is an incredibly powerful administration and frame tool that helps you give your theme more functionality. This way, you can create a custom background not only for the whole website, but also for certain pages; contacts that come with mapping icons—so it would be easier for you to know who you are dealing with; social sharing Icons, so gaining traffic would be easier; and there are also various custom widgets that you can use—so you can add what you feel would make your site easier to navigate. You can even customize posts by adding pre-defined elements, such as team members, testimonials, calendars, and anything else that you feel like sharing. There’s also an AJAX content form that works even without reloading the page—and that’s something that does not happen in most websites.

With Sportify, you can also filter your timetables so that you won’t be sharing your whole life and story with just about anyone. This way, there’d still be some mystery and people would really take what you post seriously—making business both fun, and professional for you.

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Athlete, Fitness, Boxing Gym Theme

Athlete is a great choice of theme if you’re in the fitness, boxing, or gym niche—or anything close. It has this contemporary design that exudes of life and energy, and is quite responsive, even if it has lots of customizable features. A gym or fitness blog that’s responsive is great because you’re dealing with people who want to improve their health, and who want to know whether a certain gym or fitness center is available or not—so getting back to them on time is crucial. It also has various homepage versions—so you won’t get stuck on something that you don’t feel comfortable with, and you can be sure that your website would be something that you can be proud of.

This theme has responsive support. Not only does it load fast, it also works in high quality in all devices, so you wouldn’t have to feel like you have to use the computer just so you’d get the whole feel of a certain website—and this is really important if you want to gain your readers’ trust and loyalty. It also offers trainer management and fitness class paradigm that allows you to create class schedules, and make use of full galleries that can help you put on display some of the latest happenings in class that you’d want to share with others. Advanced options are also available to enhance the look and feel of the website, and even has a Woo Commerce option that makes it easier for you to sell fitness-related goods, or get payments for classes or training sessions, and the like. And, if you choose to try the demo, you can instantly import and make use of the theme with just one click, too. Athlete could really turn things around not only for your blog, but for your whole place in the niche, as well.

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