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WordPress Kids Themes

A new generation of kids are here and they’ve truly grown up with all the current, modern day technology at their fingertips.  These days, kids are tech savvy and their parents have to be as well.  It’s important to select the right theme, but can be difficult to find a great looking WordPress theme that appeals to children and their parents too.  For kindergartens, preschools, nannies and babysitters, primary or elementary schools, toy stores and online children’s clothing lines, mommy blogs and more, there are a lot of different options.  You’ll want a fun, professional quality theme that appeals to kids and adults as well.  That’s why we’ve created this collection.

We’ve got a wide variety of WordPress children’s themes that are ready to go, right after the installation process is complete.  These themes are well supported, well designed and fin.  I think WordPress the absolute best content management system for building a great looking kids WordPress theme and this collection represents the best themes on the market.  Each one is carefully crafted, full of features and offers an amazing design.  If it’s in our collection, you can be sure that it’s one of the best themes for kids out there.


Cocco Children's WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Built for children’s clothing lines, Cocco is a great-looking WordPress theme with fun, kid-friendly style that I think will appeal to adults as well. Cocco has a lovely set of layouts and design elements that can help you create a fantastic-looking online shop, and it won’t take much time either. For babies all the way up to young adults, I think that this template gives you the right kind of modern feel to build any sort of boutique for clothing, maternity wear or perhaps even a toy store. Cocco as a drag and drop page builder included to help with flexibility, the theme is well-documented and it’s very simple to change colors. By integrating WooCommerce, your store will be as easy to use as any theme out there. This template is translation ready and the developer offers fast and friendly support, providing feedback on anything that you might run into trouble with. One thing that I really enjoy, the newsletter pop-up which can help to engage with your visitors and help them through the process of checking out.

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Juno, Kids Toys and Games Store WordPress Theme

Juno is an incredibly cute WordPress theme, I think that it could be ideal for toy stores, thanks to its full support of WooCommerce. For video games, stores selling kids fashion, toy shops like I mentioned, stores for board games or video games, Juno is a great choice. It’s also good for gift shops that want a fun and whimsical style, something that is kid friendly but also appeals to parents of young children. I think that this template could easily be adapted to a childhood education or learning blog as well. Juno is Gutenberg compatible, has robust social sharing options and it was built around a page builder plugin that allows for maximum flexibility and webpage design. The result is always a perfectly responsive and highly engaging website that I think you and your readers will love.

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Kiddo Turf

KiddoTurf, WordPress Prechool, Kindergarten Education Theme

Kiddo Turf is a gorgeous and responsive kids WordPress template that was built for kindergarten, preschool, children’s activities and blogs. Kiddo Turf is a responsive and retina ready WordPress template that is crisp and clean and it’s design, but still has a kid-friendly style to it. With this gorgeous template, building a website centered around children’s activities, education, preschool and primary schools, and even blogging, is made very easy. It can be difficult selecting a great-looking theme that appeals to both children and their parents, but I think Kiddo Turf has found the perfect balance. This theme is easy to use, very simple to customize and all of the great design that you see is included in your download.

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Kid’s Heaven

Kids Heaven WordPress Children's Education Theme

Kids Heaven, which is also branded as Kids World sometimes, is a complete kids were pressing. This is a colorful, educational WordPress template that supports woocommerce, BB press, events calendar Pro and plenty of other plugins to help manage your website. If you’re building an online Academy for children, and educational institute for kids, selling fashion items for boys or girls, Montessori schools, kindergartens, preschools and nurseries, anywhere from Toddlers to University level students, this is a great option. This template has tons of handcrafted elements, dedicated shopping Pages, it supports all the major plugins that modern bloggers seem to want, there are tons of different header and footer Styles, as well as page layouts. This is a premium theme, it just happens to be aimed at children and their parents. This themes fast, responsive and very simple to customize.

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SuperOwly WordPress Children's Kids Theme

SuperOwly is a kid’s WordPress theme with woocommerce support, responsive design and plenty of documentation. This theme is great for babysitters, child care providers, kids classes, online educational classes, kindergarten, nannies, nurseries, play schools and other educational institutions for children. With classes timetables, teacher profiles and plenty of other features, this theme is perfectly suited for kids educational websites. If you’d like to add the ability to sell products or services online, this template support woocommerce as well. That means there is nearly nothing that you can’t do with the SuperOwly template. There are a variety of pre-made layouts and if you’d like to construct your own, that’s totally possible evening and visual composer.

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Sky WordPress Kids Blog Theme

Sky is a WordPress theme that was created by elegant themes. It’s a Whimsical design with a surprising and refreshing layout, it’s a unique display for blogs and I think that it really would appeal to children and parents of children. This team isn’t exactly dedicated to online education, but I do think as a mommy blog or baby Blog, the design is really distinctive and fun, it’s got a bit of a feminine look to it and I think that it could be really appealing for a lot of different websites. Elegant Themes always offers great amounts of theme options and this template is no exception, you’ll be able to adjust colors and fonts, optimize your site for search engines and more. Elegant themes includes short codes to help create beautiful and complicated layouts, without really having to learn how to code at all. There are a variety of page templates to seamlessly I hope you create I really impactful and high performance website.

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Kids Zone

Kids Zone WordPress Children's eCommerce Theme

Kids zone is a powerful and easy-to-use WordPress theme for Kindergartens, daycares, preschools, arts and crafts schools and more. I think that this theme is so flexible and so responsive, it can be used for nearly any purpose.  Kidz Zone supports tons of powerful plugins, like WPML for easy translation into any language, WooCommerce for selling products, the events calendar Pro plugin as well as BuddyPress. That allows you to build an online community that appeals to parents and their children. This team has been around for several years and it’s been downloaded over a thousand times, so it’s among the most popular buddypress ready woocommerce themes for children. This team can be translated into any language, it’s perfectly responsive and well-designed. I think it’s among the more flexible themes out there and it’s perfectly SEO optimized as well.

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Kids Play

Kids Play WordPress Theme for Children

Kids Play is a colorful, joyous WordPress theme that is suitable for just about any sort of child-related website, whether it’s after school programs, kids parties, kindergartens, arts and crafts classes or perhaps even a daycare center or babysitter club. With a playful design and plenty of features, Kids Play is a responsive and retina ready theme that can easily be adapted to fit the look of your website. The steam uses the Unison WordPress framework, it’s an advanced tool that is a very popular way to help you craft a great-looking website. I think that the same is I highly rated theme for a good reason, it’s simply one of the best designed themes directly aimed at children and their parents.

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Baby House

Baby House WordPress Theme for Kids Education

Baby House is a fun, whimsical WordPress theme that’s all about kids.  Childhood education, daycare centers and baby blogs, it really doesn’t matter, this theme is all about being kid-friendly and parent approved.  You can look at the image and see a little bit of what Baby House looks like in action.  Now, on to the description.  Childhood learning is incredibly important and selecting the right WordPress theme for your daycare center, kindergarten class, language immersion program, play school, preschool or tutoring program, it’s incredibly important.  It’s the calling card that you’ll use to try to develop trust with parents who are deciding where to send their kids.

If you’d like to see more childhood education WordPress themes our collection is an incredible resource and I think it should be the very first place to start looking. But considering you’re already on this page, I guess it’s not where you’re starting looking. But, it is a great place to end up looking. I think it might be the last place that you have to look. We gather up amazing WordPress themes and each one is reviewed to ensure the highest possible quality and user satisfaction. If you see a theme in any of our collections, it’s past our strenuous criteria and can certainly be considered one of the best WordPress themes around.

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Kidz Store

Kidz Store, Kid Friendly eCommerce Theme

Kids Store is one of the best Niche e-commerce teams around, when it comes to appealing to parents who are looking for high-quality products for their children. Whether it’s back-to-school time, birthdays or holidays, or just for the fun of it, this theme makes for a very attractive e-commerce website. I think the same is perfectly suited for selling toys, clothing and other products for children. You can even sell digital products, so if you have a line of spoken word kids stories, maybe you could sell that. Or, perhaps some music and at children? The choice is yours, it’s up to you what you want to sell and how you want to sell it, but it will still be appealing to everyone, no matter what your products are.

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AdSense WordPress Theme for Baby Blogs

AdSense is a WordPress magazine theme that was designed for almost every sort of website, but this is the baby blog. No. I thought I would highlight this theme, because it is among the most popular themes developed by at my theme AdSense, just like it sounds, is perfectly optimized for making money using AdSense. The topic that you blog about, that’s up to you, but I think that this tablet is great for lifestyle and baby blog websites common where you can talk about all of the latest news, techniques, interesting tidbits and other stuff related to raising a child. This team is very simple to use, as plenty of options to tweak it to make it look just like you want to.

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Kid Quest

Kid Quest, WordPress Theme for Boys and Girls

Kidsquest is a WordPress theme for children, designed for preschools, kindergartens and for childcare providers to present their services in a fun but professional way. This WordPress theme is kid oriented from the ground up. It comes with plenty of different pre to find layouts and styles to help present children’s activities. The theme options are plentiful and make it very easy to create a great-looking website for a nursery, children’s school, day care centers and more. It allows you to present your business any unique and fun way that is appealing to parents and their children. It’s important to make a great first impression and I believe that this Kidsquest theme does just that.

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