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WordPress Magazine Themes

If you’re looking to get into the world of magazine publishing, you’re going to want to have a look at this collection of the best WordPress magazine themes on the web.  We’ve found some incredible themes as we’ve gone on a hard target search for the very best we could find.  Every single one of these themes uses WordPress as the platform to help you create a really great user experience for your visitors.  WordPress is the best content management system for blogging and that carries over to magazine type websites too, which makes a lot of sense, since the two are very closely related.

But where do you start?  There are thousands of magazine themes for WordPress out there.  Some are fantastic and others, not so much.  Sometimes it can be difficult to pick the good from the bad, which is why we’ve created this collection of the absolute best magazine themes anywhere.  Some of these themes are geared toward entertainment news, some for politics or sports stories.  Some are fashion magazines and some are simply for gossip or viral content.  What they have in common is this, all of these themes are completely responsive and completely customizable, even for a beginner.  The vast majority offer hundreds of font choices, unlimited color schemes, widgets, plugins and addons to help make your experience a rewarding one.

Click Mag

Clickmag, Responsive Viral Content Theme

This is ClickMag, WordPress magazine theme that is all about maximizing the number of clicks your content can generate. That’s a really important thing in the world, it’s not just for viral news and video content anymore. The more engagement that you can create with your readers, the better that’s going to make your website incredibly sticky and ensure that people find something to entertain them and keep them coming back for more down the road. ClickMag isn’t just a pretty face, it Sports a 4.58 rating on Dean Forest, making it quite popular indeed. This theme supports woocommerce, there’s almost $100 worth of value additions in terms of plugins and add-ons, the theme itself is SEO optimized and uses only the freshest code that is completely valid. In terms of support and documentation, you get a really fast and friendly customer service from the themes developer and the documentation appears to be quite extensive. Griefer gossip columns and online newspapers, magazines and reviews sites, ClickMag certainly well worth considering for your next project.

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Daily Post

Daily Post Clean WordPress Magazine Theme

This theme is called Daily Post, it’s a clean and modern WordPress news magazine theme that should really get more attention, which is why I’m highlighting it today.  Created by Tesla Themes, this theme reminds me a bit of the Extra theme by Elegant Themes, which you can see in our collection of premium WordPress themes.  It’s pretty similar, though there are distinct differences.

Tesla always does a great job of coding their themes and Daily Post continues that trend.  Here’s a look at the front page.  It’s clean, it’s simple and it’s got a really wonderful layout that helps make your content incredibly readable.  If you’d like to see some more WordPress themes for magazines, check out the rest of our collection below.  We keep adding to it constantly, so you’ll certainly find something you like in that collection.  We’ll be back soon with more amazing WordPress themes.

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Extra Personal Blog and WordPress Magazine Themes

Extra, by Elegant Themes, is a WordPress magazine theme built with the Divi page builder plugin and it’s one of the most popular themes on the market.  Extra is clean, classic, has an alluring flat style design that causes your articles to practically jump off the page.  With Extra, you get the power of the Divi page builder too, allowing for infinite variety to your page layouts.  Just drag and drop content blocks where you want them to find that perfect design.  Finding the proper theme, that can be a challenge when you’re starting your new eMagazine website.  I think that any high traffic website could benefit from Extra, since it loads so fast, looks great on all devices and is extremely flexible.  With thousands and thousands of downloads so far, Extra has proven itself to be incredibly popular and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

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Bingo News, Magazine and Blog WordPress Theme with eCommerce

I’ve placed the Bingo WordPress theme in this position for a reason, I think it compares pretty favorably to the Extra WordPress theme, which is just above it. Bingo is a multi-purpose newspaper, magazine and blog WordPress theme that works great for sports, travel, a healthy lifestyle blogs and magazines, fashion magazines and Technology magazine websites. If you’re sharing the latest news and events, you’re going to want high-quality WordPress theme to help make it happen. I think that this template has all the features of any modern magazine website. There’s a dragon drop page builder, that gives you the option to create your very own custom layouts, there’s one click demo Imports, plenty of Ajax features and Bingo is WooCommerce ready as well.

In terms of being SEO friendly, this is one of the best optimized magazine themes around. If you don’t want to have to learn the Divi page builder setup that extra uses, Bingo offers a reasonably priced alternative. This team has a perfect rating on ThemeForest, it’s one of the absolute best themes out there.

DemoMore Information Get Hosting


Newspaper Most Popular WordPress News Magazine Themes

If you want to have a look at the most popular magazine and newspaper WordPress theme available, this is it, Newspaper.  With a staggering 60,000 sales and counting, this theme is the best selling magazine theme ever on ThemeForest.  With a 4.84 rating, it’s really highly regarded as well.  Newspaper helps make your blogging efforts easy and rewarding too.  With a theme like Newspaper, you can get started generating traffic and revenue quickly and efficiently.  I’m not going to say it’ll be easy, blogging can be hard work, if you want to succeed.  But with a theme like Newspaper, you’ll at least have the theme part of the equation out of the way, since it’s one of the most efficient on the market.  Newspaper strikes a fantastic balance between advertising and original content, which is critical.  If you want to monetize your site, you need to make it seamless, which Newspaper does a great job of.

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Soledad WordPress Highly Rated Magazine Theme

You’re looking at Soledad, one of the highest rated magazine themes for WordPress on any marketplace.  Clean and creative, Soledad supplies you with a very clean canvas to apply your posts and pages.  It’s rangy, can be used for a wide variety of content from travel and fashion magazines to sports and entertainment.  No matter what kind of content you create, Soledad has the design and the features to make it more popular than ever.  Soledad has hundreds of customization options, so your blog or magazine will remain unique.  That can help deliver the kind of user experience that readers crave and keep them coming back for more.  With over 200 different demo sites, you’re bound to find a style you love with the Soledad theme.

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Ultra WordPress Magazine theme for gaming

Ultra is the most powerful and flexible theme offered by Themify, which is saying something.  Themify is known for making high quality themes, supporting them well and giving webmasters enough options to do just about anything under the sun in terms of creating a tailor made look for your website.  The Ultra WordPress theme gives you full control over the header to the footer and everything in between too.  Ultra has several attractive demo styles you can peruse before you buy the them, which is nice.  There are demos for an agency, restaurant, fitness club, wedding planners, gaming sites, eCommerce and lots more.  While people often think that Ultra is more aimed at designers, the possibilities for a great looking magazine website are endless.  You won’t need to learn to code, since all adjustments to the website happen in the admin panel.  It’s really a solid setup.

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Collecto WordPress Minimalist Magazine Themes

Since Collecto was inspired by modern, stylish design magazines, I thought it might be worth including this theme in our magazine themes collection.  Collecto is part blog, part portfolio and it’s oozing modern, clean style.  Collecto is a grid based newspaper theme with an elegant, minimalist design ethic that looks incredibly contemporary.  Collecto has a very legible style, the white space reminds me of design magazines like Luxe Interiors.  I think a lot of people really value that clean, stylish look and that’s why this theme has proven to be so popular.  Collecto’s dynamic grid system perfectly arranges your content in easy to access sections.  The multi-column style really does remind me of a magazine.  Since this theme is responsive, it works perfectly on all devices, even tablets and smart phones.  Let’s see a print magazine do that!

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Vlog Personal Video Blog Podcast Magazine

I figured I had to put a great looking video magazine theme in this collection and here it is, Vlog.  This video blog or video magazine is stunning.  It’s simple and fresh, exciting and inviting too.  With Vlog, the focus is on videography, but that helps complement the needs of a complex magazine website.  If your content is heavily into video, whether it’s travel or sports, fashion or something else entirely, Vlog is a great fit.  WIth Vlog, video blogs and video tutorials are equally well supported.  You’ve got full compatibility with Daily Motion, YouTube or Vimeo.  On top of that, you can self host your videos to control how your content is delivered, if you should choose to go that route.  There are tons of options available and Vlog is optimized for SEO too.  All things considered, I think this is the best video magazine theme on the market.  Vlog is also in our collection of WordPress video themes.

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Bimber, Classic Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

Well coded, well designed, packed with features, it’s no wonder this is the all time best selling viral magazine template on ThemeForest.  Bimber is an incredible Adsense optimized theme, and it’s one of the best WordPress viral magazine themes around.  Bimber is the undisputed champion of viral marketing themes for WordPress, and it presents the ultimate customization options in a striking package that is absolutely certain to help attract readers and keep them engaged with your content. When you’re seeking a sweet new AdSense optimized buzz-worthy template to showcase your content, images, or design work, the large array of outstanding designs makes WordPress an effective option and Bimber is ready for anything that you decide to throw at it.  Although there have been lots of first-rate buzz-building magazine themes available for WordPress for many years, recently there has been a substantial rise in the number of responsive viral themes and it’s easy to see why, it’s an increasing market and people love viral images, memes, videos and other fun content.

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Zox News Clean Modern Magazine Theme for WordPress

Zox news could be the key to starting your media empire online.  That’s a bold statement indeed, but I think it might be true.  I really like the look of Zox News and in fact, I’ve used this theme in the past.  I found it to be very easy to set up and customize and it’s so visually enticing, it makes for a really eye-catching website.  Zox News is constantly being updated, as recently as July of 2018 and that means it keeps staying fresh.  One really positive thing about Zox, it’s support for AMP or accelerated mobile pages.  Zox News’ AMP pages load up lightning fast but the look and feel keep with the site’s branding, which is really nice.  WooCommerce is supported as are tons of great plugins like Theia Post Slider, Theia Sticky Sidebar and more.  A total of $78 worth of plugins.  One thing I really like is that it doesn’t rely on Visual Composer for the layout, each design is created with widgets, which tend to load faster.  This is a real high performance theme.

DemoMore Information Get Hosting


Look WordPress Fashion Blog and Magazine Theme with eCommerce

This theme, look, is still the highest rated fashion magazine theme available on ThemeForest. This template has now been downloaded well over 1,000 times and it still has a perfect five star rating. For personal blogs or magazine sites, no matter what the subject matter, this theme can give your website the clean and professional, stylish and feminine look. I really enjoy the multiple different theme demos that are included, the faster page load times and the responsive Style. You get a drag and drop a page builder, hundreds of powerful theme options to customize your website and a built-in reviews system to keep your engagement level with your readers very high. WooCommerce is also included and that is the top free Ecommerce solution for WordPress for a good reason. I think this template can help any magazine, newspaper or blog website to achieve a professional look in just a few seconds.

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VideoMag, WordPress Video Magazine Themes

VideoMag is pretty much exactly what you’d think it might be, a classic video blog or magazine theme.  More and more sites are sharing more and more video, because it’s so easy to create a solid looking video with high quality camera phones and simple, cheap editing software.  Video Mag supports all the standard embedded video sources, Vine, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Twitch and YouTube, as well as giving you the option to self host your own videos.  But saving your server may be a good idea, so if I were you, I’d consider embedding videos.  Then again, if your server isn’t an issue, self hosting allows you to control whether advertising is shown and if you do show ads, that’s a great way to monetize a site.  Anyway, I could see the argument either way.

VideoMag is powered by Orange Themes page builder, which is a visual drag and drop page builder, similar to Visual Composer.  If you’re not familiar with it, it’s largely similar to Visual Composer, so folks with experience with that plugin should do just fine.  If you don’t know either, it’s still relatively simple to use just about any drag and drop page builder to create a good looking website.  Orange Themes also adds a custom HTML video player with logo overlay, Orange Themes mega menu, custom post layouts, a unique homepage design, a highly customizable GUI with a very nice control panel, visual shortcodes and a lot more.

Demo More Information Get Hosting


CoupShop Minimalist WordPress eCommerce Theme

CoopShop is among the cleanest WordPress themes for a magazine.  The design leaves plenty of room for white space, a true sign of modern design.  With bold, elegant typography and a real eye for an open, inviting look, ThemesKingdom has created theme that reminds me of a modern design magazine.  This theme is stylish, it’s got a decidedly mid-century modern style.  As for features, CoopShop packs plenty in it’s sleek package.  For one, CoopShop is WooCommerce compatible, so setting up a shop with your magazine, it’s easy as can be.  There are multiple layouts available with CoopShop and swapping between them is very, very easy to accomplish.  CoopShop has a built in blog and portfolio too, all with the same great style  This theme is very typography centered, with over 800 Google fonts at your fingertips.

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Authentic WordPress Personal Blog and Fashion Blog Theme

While this Authentic theme is  billed as a lifestyle blog theme, it works just as well for an online magazine.  With a trendy, slim style and tons of white space, it’s modern and elegant at the same time.  That’s a nice combination.  Authentic is well documented, the designer offers friendly and thorough support and the theme is responsive too.  As a fashion magazine or travel mag, Authentic practically performs miracles, making your images and posts look attractive and fresh.  There are multiple header and footer options, tons of widgetized areas to help add even more functionality, smart adaptive images for better performance in load times.  The best thing, Authentic is built to scale up quickly in terms of traffic.  The most popular blog using Authentic drives over 200,000 visits per day and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.  This is a very high quality magazine theme for any purpose.

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Lucid WordPress Personal Blog by Elegant Themes

Lucid is a great-looking material design style magazine theme from Elegant Themes. Elegant Themes is among the leading developers of WordPress themes and they’ve developed a rabbit falling. Each one of their themes is superb, never sloppy and each one brings a strong set of tools to help present your content in a professional and succinct way. With gorgeous responsive design, your content will look amazing on all devices. The theme options panel is helpful and packed with tons of features, there are multiple shortcodes to help organize and create complex layouts with just a few clicks. There are several different page templates included to make your life easier and I encourage you to take a deeper look at the lucid dream because it is one of the better magazine themes around.

DemoMore Information Get Hosting


Aesthetic Personal Blog, Beauty, Feminine and Lifestyle Blog Themes

Aesthetic is a WordPress blog and magazine theme the can take you or content and really make it shine. If your goal is to create a really successful online magazine, a great theme is often times the first step. Created by a talented group of developers, aesthetic has a clean and fresh layout, it makes your content all the more appealing thanks to it’s clean and straightforward design. Selecting the right theme is an underrated part of having a great online magazine. The experience your readers will get as they come to your website is second to none and I think you’ll be astonished by how successful you are website can be with a theme like this one.

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Divi WordPress Portfolio Theme

With the Divi WordPress theme, you can build anything that you can’t imagine visually. That includes a high-quality magazine website. With real-time design, each and every change that you make to your website will be shown instantly. You can simply click and type into any area of the page, there’s no need to open up your settings panel and add text content. Just click anywhere you want and start typing away. This is a really unique and Innovative way to build an online magazine website. Each and every element on the page is completely customizable and you can organize your content anyway you see fit. This response is editing even allows you to apply custom changes to see specific breakpoints for mobile devices. There are dozens of different content elements, you can Import and Export your layouts and even get started with some of the pre-made layouts that are included with the Divi theme. I think this template is ideal for all sorts of online magazines and thousands of others agree. This is one of the most popular templates available for good reason.

Demo More Information Get Hosting


Buzznote Magazine Theme

With a layout that’s 100% responsive and mobile friendly, WooCommerce compatibility, a powerful, dynamic, painless to use and highly capable theme customizer, Buzznote may be among the best magazine themes to be released in 2018.  I love the simple and thoughtful design that makes blogging fun and reading your blog even easier.  I think Buzznote could be ideal for travel magazines, enjoyable travel for travel mags and other informative sites.  Buzznote is modern and flexible, it’s compatible with all the major browsers, has multiple different layout styles built in and the overall effect is to create a simple but elegant website for almost any occasion.  This clean, creative theme was built with Layers WP, it’s modern and multi-purpose, so it’s great for photography portfolios too.

Demo More Information Get Hosting

Milan Pro

Milan Fashionable Magazine Theme for WordPress

Milan Pro is a highly unique Genesis magazine theme of that make sure content stand out from the crowd. This thing that has multiple custom page templates, clean and valid HTML5 code and the theme customizer is incredibly simple to use. There are three different footer widget areas that you can use to customize your website and add functionality. This theme is mobile responsive and stylish looking to boot. I think it’s got very unique grid layout that can really be captivating and make your content really shine. It’s a fashion forward magazine thing in to help you tell a digital story of your choosing. As with all Genesis themes, the code is perfectly valid and that results in a fast loading website.

DemoMore Information Get Hosting


Cool Personal Blog Magazine WordPress Themes

Cool it is a very impressive magazine theme with a stunning design, fluid layout and four different basic styles to choose from. No matter which one you select, you’ll get attractive way to present your contact. No matter what type of magazine you are attempting to create, Cool has an impressive style that people really seem to love. This template offers one click installation, a year of premium technical support that’s available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There are narrated video tutorials to help you get started and the theme options panel is very simple to use and Powerful. It gives you tons of different options to customize your theme to get a really stunning result.

DemoMore Information Get Hosting


AdSense WordPress Multipurpose Magazine Theme

Packed with tons of incredible features, Ad Sense is one of the better looking, easiest to use and user friendly news and magazine themes on the market.  With Ad-Sense, you get a them that strikes the perfect balance between generating revenue and supplying a great user experience with your content. Ad-Sense lets you build listicles or list articles, which is among the most popular ways to create content.  After all, that’s what Templified is doing right now!  Ad-Sense offers tons of tools to make that job a little bit easier, helping you generate lists fast.  Every advertising location in the Ad-Sense WordPress theme was carefully tested to make them convert at a high rate.  The entire theme is just a pleasure to use, both front and back end users will rejoice.

DemoMore Information Get Hosting


Moment Magazine Theme with Funky Clean Minimal Design

With a dazzling, unique layout, a variety of magazine article layouts, SEO optimization and lots more powerful features, the Moment WordPress theme is ready for it’s moment in the sun.  This theme by CSSIgniter is one of the boldest, most unique magazine templates around.  Moment is inspired, it’s different and catchy, I think people will really react positively to this theme.  It’s probably not going to be right for everyone, but if you’re looking for a theme to help you stand out from the crowd, I think Moment gets the job done.

DemoMore Information Get Hosting


Mallow Feminine WordPress Personal Blog and Fashion Themes

For fashion magazines, Mallow could be the right fit.  Minimalist but polished, Mallow is great for magazines, lifestyle and personal bloggers and more.  Your readers will go wild for the style and since Mallow is so clean in it’s design, it’s very easy to find anything you’re looking for within just a few moments.  It’s highly visual, I think that’s what does it as much as anything.  Mallow is responsive, it’s SEO optimized for fast loading times, there’s a child theme included to help establish your website and keep it safe from WordPress updates.  Social media plays a prominent role, as it should, with placement in either header, footer or sidebar widget.  hey, why not all three, right?

DemoMore Information Get Hosting

The Rex

The Rex, WordPress Masonry Grid Blog Theme

This beautiful magazine theme comes with its own proprietary page builder, that’s a really cool thing to find one that’s integrated in the theme and not just one of the popular theme builders tacked on as an afterthought. The fact that this template was built from the ground up around its own page builder, I think that that adds a lot to the table. This theme is full of helpful widgets and other features to make your website a smashing success. Of course, the reason I’ve included it in this collection is that it also has a built-in reviews system, a powerful feature to help really engage with your audience. People love to read reviews about products before they purchase them, and with this template, you’ll be able to rate and review products using stars or numerical ratings on a multitude of different criteria.

DemoMore Information Get Hosting


Novelty WordPress Magazine Theme

Novelty is ideal for news blogs and content sharing websites. The greatest advantage of its design is that it allows you to display your posts in an organized and appealing manner. For instance, you can catalogue your articles neatly according to Travel, Lifestyle, Politics, Technology, and more. Blog users can also take advantage of the handy search bar. This systematized arrangement is more likely to draw in more blog subscribers. With this theme, you get a featured image slider, featured posts and custom posts, and tabbed widgets. The Tesla Framework is extremely competitive and stable, allowing stress-free management and customization of your site’s settings from your WordPress Admin. With the built-in short codes, you can create and add new components like a team members’ page, pricing tables, offers, and buttons. You can do all these without prior knowledge of web development. Novelty is also cross-browser compatible so anyone can view it using Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, and others.

Why limit your followers to English readers when you can choose to go international? Being WPML-compatible, this theme enables you to run a multilingual site without difficulty. News and informational content are meant to reach distant places. That’s why Novelty is social media optimized. Let your followers help you to pull in more readers for your site as they share your content to their social connections. Plus, user interaction is essential to increasing the popularity of a site. In fact, in news blogs, the readers’ raw reactions are almost as important as the news itself. Novelty allows easy commenting and with the use of the AJAX technology, followers can send in their messages quickly without the need to reload the page. All in all, Novelty is all about getting the word out there in an efficient and interesting way, in a manner that people would want to read and share across the Internet.

Demo More Information Get Hosting

Okay, that’s all we have for now, but we’ll be back very soon with more amazing themes for magazines.  If we’ve missed a great looking template, be sure to let us know and we’ll add it to the collection just as soon as we can.

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WordPress Hotel Themes

With a WordPress Hotel theme, you can take your visitors on a whirlwind tour without leaving the comfort of their home, office or mobile device.  With these travel themes, your WordPress website will travel to the four corners of the Earth to bring a user experience that’s second to none.  If you run a travel agency business, a travel blog, a blog detailing local destinations or even a hotel or B&B, these travel related WordPress themes will guide your website to the top of the internet.

Tourism is a massive business, accounting for well over half a trillion dollars a year in spending and that number is sure to increase in 2016.  You can earn a part of that money if you present your company in a professional manner with a fantastic travel theme.


Hotello - Hotel Booking WordPress theme

Hotello present you a golden opportunity to help Market your hotel, resort or vacation rental property. This theme is ready to use right out of the box, it’s perfect for apartment buildings, condominium sales as well as the aforementioned Resorts and hotels usage. This theme offers reservation systems, it is sort of like a digital tour guide helping your potential guests see what you have to offer.

With the Hotello, you and your readers will enjoy a clean and functional user experience, the advance booking system is user-friendly for front-end back-end users. Your customer availability and complete the form and even pay, all in one very simple process. There are unlimited header Styles and customization options, you can add a weather widget to inform your guests about weather conditions. I think that’s a really neat feature and something that all Hotel and Resort rental sites should have.

There are a variety of single-room page templates, listening Room features and amenities will not be a problem. There are pricing options, image Galleries and instant booking with Paypal payment Gateway. There are flexible pricing plans and room rates, you can charge people for breakfast or dinner if they would like to add that, there are Advanced features like a City Pass card included in the room rate as well. I mentioned the advanced booking system, it makes the process of booking a room with your hotel a very simple one.

There’s a booking calendar, three different booking modes, Advance room settings and seasonal prices as well. You can handle email notifications with ease and I think that overall, Hotello is a great template for all sorts of rental properties.

DemoMore Information Get Hosting


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Whether you’re a traveler, a tour operator, or a travel agency owner, the Magellan WordPress Theme was designed especially for you. The nature of your passion or your business calls for a blog that’s modern, sharp, and just as daring as you. Customize everything from the background to the logo to the icons. Use the cutting-edge animation and transition effects to your advantage. Give your followers or potential clients a taste of the adventures that await them by adding high quality images and videos of the destinations you offer. Elaborate on each travel experience by sharing about them in the blog section. Rich blog content which includes helpful travel advice, famous festivities, must-try dishes, and other valuable information for tourists will help boost the prominence of your page.

Studies reveal that customers are most likely to go with businesses which make booking simpler for them. With Magellan, ordering a tour is as easy as choosing a destination in the dropdown menu, selecting dates in the calendar, and clicking on the accommodation or destination options. Aside from allowing you to type in descriptions about each destination, this theme lets you add a more detailed travel itinerary so tourists would already know exactly what to expect. Needless to say, this cuts your job in half. Other useful features include weather forecasts and Google maps. Moreover, past customers can add their reviews and share their experiences with each product, service, or travel destination. The AJAX form provides a prompt method for receiving and responding to inquiries and feedback. More than that, Magellan is integrated with the most popular social sharing services including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest thus, maximizing your visibility and popularity. The best thing about this WordPress theme is that it doesn’t require you to be an expert on web development. You can easily control your theme settings without having to leave your WordPress Admin.

Demo More Information Get Hosting


Hotelia WordPress clean Hotels Theme

Hotelia is a WordPress blog theme which was designed for business owners in the hospitality industry. Whether you’re a travel blogger, an hotelier, a restaurateur, or a travel agency owner, you’ll find Hotelia’s design to be elegant, responsive, neat, and multifunctional. Among the standout features of this theme are the free premium plugins. This includes the Virtual Composer with its easy drag-and-drop technology. This lets you create a highly personalized website in a matter of minutes from cutting-edge styling choices and over 40 content elements. Hotelia also comes with a Revolutionary Slider. This theme provides you with a broad range of options for transition effects, 3D effects, and animations. Feel free to add and tailor images and videos to give prospective clients a real feel of the services or travel destinations that you offer. Use the huge image display to your advantage and attract your followers’ attention with irresistible photos of products and places. Better yet, wow them with a virtual tour.

Hotelia was designed to make it easy for blog visitors to locate your business’s facilities. This theme enables you to create food menus and accommodation options, complete with price information. You can also add a news section to keep your potential clients and loyal customers updated on promos and innovations on products and services. Every business owner should understand that people’s purchasing decisions are highly influenced by feedback from peers. Aside from allowing you to input detailed descriptions of each hotel room, product, or destination, Hotelia allows your followers to write reviews about them. And since how you manage inquiries online reveal to clients how hospitable you can be, would-be customers will love Hotelia’s contact page with its convenient inquiry system. Entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry will also be glad to know that Hotelia is WooCommerce-compatible. This means you get to handle your items for sale, the orders, inventory, shipping, and clients’ concerns all without having to leave your website.

Demo More Information Get Hosting


Vega, WordPress Hotel and Hostel Theme

Vega is a multipurpose theme with over a dozen demo sites to show you what’s possible and their Hotel demo is a sparkling example of what’s possible with this theme.  It’s perfect for a hotellier who knows exactly what they want.  Here is an effectively constructed, appealing, vibrant and ingenious Bootstrap built theme that will help you generate the webpage of your wishes. This theme is potent, it has been carefully designed with all types of user at heart, from rookie to very experienced professional. With the newest Bootstrap code, this template is perfect for sites and business owners of any variety, given that this design is an unbelievably dynamic and cool multipurpose template, ideal for absolutely everyone. In case you are a new comer to the WordPress platform, you may use this theme to build a lively and stunning web site swiftly, because nearly every thing in this theme may be edited, even by inexperienced WordPress individuals. It doesn’t make a difference which kind of content you have got, from graphics to blog articles, goods or posts, this WordPress theme will let you start a good appearing theme on any mobile device, given that it’s faultlessly responsive as well. There is a lot of additional features that will help create spectators and actually make them happy.

This web-site installs in a short time and there are various plugins you could employ to grant new abilities for your website. A completely responsive web site is important, which is the reason this breathtaking, variable theme has been produced to be completely responsive, so it looks terrific on every electronic device, every single time. You may rapidly build your own unique versions using this beautiful theme, because it is completely adaptive and vibrant, efficiently structured and created in every way. This is an absolutely impressive WordPress bootstrap theme that you should definitely review.

Riverside Resort

Riverside Hotel, Restaurant and Resort Theme

Perfect for hotel and resort owners or marketers, Riverside is a theme that’s specifically created for that niche. The main draw of the theme is its amazing online booking feature that makes it easy for potential guests to make inquiries and reservations for rooms, cabins, etc. that they would like to stay in. With the help of this theme, it becomes more convenient for you to add images and descriptions of your various rooms and services, together with other useful features such as Spa, Events and Rooms, and Meetings that you can just import to your blog with only one click. You will also have full control of pricing plans, room capacities, room types, and basically everything that can help you manage your business better, and could make it more appealing to the public—including coupons.

Also coming with optimized load speed, Riverside is translation ready—which means that even if you want to use other languages for the blog, it won’t look as if it has been translated by someone who knows nothing on the subject. It is also created with CSS3 and HTML5—two of the best improvements when it comes to website aesthetics, making the blog easily responsive, and truly optimized for business. Riverside also makes use of cross browser optimization—which means it would be of high quality and would be fully responsive, and is child-page friendly, so every single part of your website would be amazing. It has impressive weather widgets, social media sharing buttons—so you can easily get more of the word out, clean codes, FontAwesome 2 and BootStrap3 capacities, revolution sliders, an extensive array of Google fonts, visual composers, and 1-click demo installation, in case you like what you see. Riverside would surely help your hotel and accommodation business thrive—because these days, a responsive, easy-to-read, well thought out blog is definitely helpful.

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Voyage, WordPress Tours and Destinations Theme

Voyage is a chic and modern WordPress blog theme which was designed with travel agencies in mind. Voyage effortlessly showcases the packages that you offer with its tour single layouts and a variety of tour list designs to choose from. The Destination Grid makes it easy for prospective clients to view the gorgeous locations that you offer in one quick glance. This feature and the Tour Types feature increase the user-friendliness of your site by allowing you to conveniently categorize the trips according to type and destination. There’s also the Advanced Search Filters feature which will allow site users to look for tours according to destination, date, time, price, and more. Voyage doesn’t just limit you to stunning travel photographs. You can also feature videos to provide travelers with a thrilling glimpse of the adventures that are within their reach. You can keep your blog visitors updated with the latest news and promos using any of the five different Blog Templates. With the customizable Google Maps feature, you can show would-be travelers the specific locations of your travel destinations.

When you’re running a business, it’s vital to have a homepage that really stands out. This theme offers six attractive homepages that are easily importable. Each comes with a collection of interior pages, thus affording you with a hassle-free means of setting up a tour and travel website. With the Integrated Booking feature, Voyage enables you to determine the availability of tickets and to manage all bookings without even having to leave your WordPress dashboard. Potential clients can also make their own accounts so it’s easy for them to log in and check their booked tours. Another awesome feature of this theme is PayPal Integration. Accepting payment for bookings is as simple as entering your PayPal ID in the required field. Moreover, the Social Integration feature aids with the visibility of your blog content through various social media networks hence, boosting your popularity, not to mention your sales.

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Sun Resort

Sun Resort, Hotel and Resorts Theme

Sun Resort is a responsive and ultra modern WordPress hotel theme, ready to help you get visitors engaged and booked to your resort or hotel with a stylish design and easy to use interface that looks great and is really simple to use.  Sun Resort offers you a built in booking form so your visitors can request a stay online on any device.  The flexible layout means you can create the website you’ve been dreaming of at a reasonable price.  CSSIgniter has definitely kept flexibility in mind with this template.  The drag and drop homepage lets you use custom widgets to make a layout that fits your company and won’t look like every other site on the market.  There are multiple color schemes, custom widgets for social networking, Flickr images, embed Tweets and more.  This cutting edge, well made, flexible, attractive and simple to operate hotel and motel theme permits you to advertise brand new products, develop your company, advertise old goods, supervise delivery and product stock and get in touch with potential customers and more.

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Love Travel

Love Travel, Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

Love Travel is a great theme for travel agencies, travel bloggers or tour operators, but really, any business can benefit from the solidly coded and well designed Love Travel theme.  Hotels, motels, bed and breakfast places, resorts, cruises, travel agencies and more will find that this theme has features specific to the travel industry that are incredibly important.  It’s very important that your site be able to reach the widest audience, that’s why WPML capability allows your page to be translated into multiple languages.  That’s crucial for a travel based website dealing with multiple countries.  There’s a search travel filter, CF7 integration (that lets you create a custom contact and booking form and newsletter subscription forms too), a gorgeous use of Revolution SLider, mega menus and a dynamic user interface that provides a wonderful user experience.

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Hotel California

Hotel California, Modern Resort and Hostel Theme for WordPress

Welcome to the Hotel California, a delightful hotelier theme for building a bed and breakfast site, a hotel or hostel, private room rental service or even a full fledged resort property website.  Such a lovely face this theme puts on, with bold and elegant design, crisp and clear layout and more features than you’ll know what to do with.  We’re ;ivin’ it up at the Hotel California, a fantastic looking WordPress theme that allows you to create a stunning and polished travel blog, a hotel website or timeshare sales page.  There’s plenty of room to expand this theme and make it look exactly like you want it to look, giving it all the features you want to provide yous customers with a smooth buying experience and give them a great stay on your property and on your website.   You can check out any of the features you like, such as one click demo content install, a built in cost calculator widget, booking apps and a full service online shop powered by WooCommerce.  You can never leave behind options like full typography choices, responsive design, unique page transitions and multiple choices for the general layout of the blog, including summer and winter demo versions.  Enough of the Eagles.

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WordPress Theme Collections

Best WordPress Dating Themes



WordPress Dating Themes

The popularity of online dating services has never been greater. Really, over the last decade, this online matchmaking service Market has absolutely exploded. In the past, there may have been ways to meet people online, but there wasn’t a specific market for online dating services. But that has all changed, now online dating networks and matchmaking services are over a 2 billion dollar a year industry. If you are looking to cash in on this, creating your own website to help people find the love of their life, now is the absolute right time.  Plus, this collection of WordPress dating themes is the best possible place to start your search.

There are quite a few matchmaking Services that are quite well-known, yet there are plenty of others that are Niche markets just ready to help find very specific markets of people find love. If you want to get in on this, you’re going to need an absolutely perfect website to help you achieve the best possible experience for your users. After all, that’s what it’s all about, helping your visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for.

If you would like to start an online dating website, whether it is a site that appeals to nearly everyone or a very specific niche market, based on personal interests or location, employment or something else entirely, we have gathered up some of the finest WordPress themes that we could find to help you get a head start in building a successful website.

At first, it can be a little bit daunting to search for a great WordPress theme that fits your needs, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We have gathered up and reviewed several amazing dating themes that I think can be described as the absolute best on the market today. So, without further introduction, here is our collection of the absolute best online dating and matchmaking Community themes available today.

Pet Club

Pet Club WordPress Dating Theme

Pet Club is not necessarily the type of name that you would necessarily expect to be a WordPress dating website, but here we are. That is what the name of this theme is and that is what it purports to be, eh WordPress theme for building a dating community and helping people to make matches online. I suppose adopting a pet is a little like dating, you’re selecting the right fit to join your life, but this thing goes beyond the typical pet adoption website template, it’s also specifically made for dating sites. I suppose if you really wanted to get down to it, you could create a niche dating site based around community of fellow pet lovers, letting people find perfect life matches based on a shared interest. In hindsight, that’s not such a bad idea.

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Gwangi Social Interaction and Dating Theme

Gwangi is a dating and matchmaking Community WordPress theme that allows you to manage your very own community of people searching for love. This theme works perfectly with Events Calendar Pro, WooCommerce, BuddyPress and bbPress. That’s basically all you need to help you get a fantastic online community constructed from scratch. This theme is absolutely adored by just about everyone who has purchased it.  Because it is so flexible and filled with features, you’ll be surprised that it’s only priced at $59. This is theme offers features that up until this point only the largest dating sites could offer. There are Community networks, Community shops, Community forums and events. With paid memberships Pro compatibility, you can add subscriptions and classes, even lock content behind a paywall if you choose.

This theme is also compatible with LearnDash, allowing you to create and sell courses and administer quizzes, among other things. Perhaps not something that you’re looking for in a dating site, but it is a nice feature to offer.  Then again, I guess if you’re creating a really in-depth matchmaking system, that could be a smart thing to offer.  I stand corrected.  nearly everything is customizable, changes are previewed in real time and, in my opinion at least, there’s no bloated page builder included.  This theme rocks!

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Sweet Date

Sweet Date WordPress Dating and Marriage Theme

Sweet Date is a premium quality dating theme that is really unique. This is a modern and premium being that is perfect for dating and Community website, though it is flexible enough to be used for a more general purposes site. Everything you need to create a fantastic online community is included with the sweet date theme. This is one of the most popular dating themes around, it’s been sold over 8,000 times so far and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. This theme perfectly integrates with bbPress and BuddyPress, Easy Digital downloads and you can install Elementor to create layouts that fit with what you want your website to offer.

This Sweet Date theme offers membership subscriptions features, you can even have different levels for those subscriptions, offering different benefits at gold, silver and bronze levels, for example. You can even lock content behind a paywall based on membership level, a great feature for a dating website and one that many of the biggest dating websites offer. This is a bargain price for such a high-quality, feature field theme.  I think Sweet Date is pretty stylish, so I think it could be good for a lot of sites.  Sweet Date does have that classic ‘dating website’ look, right out of the box.

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Love Story

Love Story WordPress Theme

Love Story is a high quality dating WordPress theme responsive layout, multiple membership levels and fees, it offers private messages, privacy settings, Facebook login and even virtual gifts, a very interesting a feature of that not all dating themes offer. This is great for any online community, not just for dating or matchmaking, though that is what it’s specifically built for and that is what this collection is all about. But there are chat messages options, membership fees, the theme options panel allows you to quickly and efficiently change up the look and feel of your site and more. The themes developer offers premium quality support for the first 6 months after your purchase, making this a great thing to get started with if you need a little help getting set up. Sort of like your visitors, right?

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Seeko Clean, Simple Dating Profile Theme

Seeko is a community site builder at BuddyPress theme that is modern and user-friendly all at once. This theme works perfectly with Gutenberg and the Elementor page builder, two of the most popular and newest ways to usually create a fantastic website. Seeko allow other users to connect with one another, exactly what you want for a dating site, correct? Within minutes, you can have a bold and trendy dating site complete with BuddyPress support, a matchmaking system, Seeko’s own proprietary and professional search engine and an overall appealing design.

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Dating WordPress Theme

Dating is a responsive WordPress theme that does pretty much what you would expect it to do based on the name. This theme allows you to create a successful online dating website. Nearly everything in this theme is completely customizable, there are settings for fonts, colors, basic layout and more. This theme is sort of a social mixer theme allowing you to create custom post types, allow your users to engage with one another and really make a connection. Dating offers Advanced theme options, includes the PSD file for fine-tuning your design, there are custom page templates, drop-down menus, social media icons and it is all very well-documented.

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Datebook WordPress Dating and Matchmaking Theme

DateBook is an ideal theme for creating a dating start up. This theme is fully customizable, it’s SEO friendly and it comes packaged with ready-to-use profile Fields, something that you’re absolutely going to need to create a successful dating website. Big book allows members to create their very own personal profile, highlighting and representing the things that they want others to know about themselves. It’s all about connecting. This theme lets you earn revenue by setting several different paid subscription levels, which is probably the very best way to monetize a dating website. This is just how the big sites do it and now, with a relatively reasonable price, you can have a fully functioning dating site of your very own. There are so many Niche markets out there, I think that with a little bit of hard work, you can have an amazing dating site quickly and without too much effort.

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Besocial Dating and Social Networking Site

Besocial is a WordPress theme that doesn’t just simply support BuddyPress, it’s an actual BuddyPress community and social network theme in one well-designed package. Diesel fuel has a lot of different features that make it ideal for building a BuddyPress based social networking site, including a dating site. It’s got like and dislike rating systems, featured member system, user blog posts, custom BuddyPress widgets, profile searches and social media sharing buttons to name just a few. Be social works great with BuddyPress and bbPress, it is WooCommerce ready oh, well documented and responsive. This theme is all about making connections, discussions, meeting people and getting to know them.  This theme is very simple to look at, but don’t let that fool you, it’s completely easy to adapt this theme to almost any sort of look that you could imagine and considering how many features Besocial offers, this is certainly one of the best options for creating a dating website.

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Mingle BuddyPress Social Networking and Dating Website

Mingle is one of the first BuddyPress themes ever created, it’s still going strong after all these years. This theme has been adapted and updated over the years to continue to offer fantastic support for more modern features. There is a drag-and-drop layout manager, allowing you to create custom layouts for any post or page. You can attach custom headers and Footers to any post or page as well, interchanging them as you see fit. There’s a contact form Builder and a lot more features jammed in there to make Mingle one of the best BuddyPress themes available. And as for the dating aspect, I think that the style and look of the same certainly lend itself to that purpose, but you may find that this theme is a bit too dated to use on a modern website. Still, since it is so popular, I have decided to include it in this collection oh, so the choice is yours whether it’s useful to you or not.

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Kleo WordPress Dating and Social Interaction Theme

Kleo is a modern BuddyPress theme that is a community and social network in a box. This theme is one of the most popular BuddyPress themes available, it’s racked up nearly 20,000 sales so far and it was the best-selling BuddyPress theme in 2018. This theme allows you to build a professional Community, create a stunning portfolio and even sell products. This Kleo WordPress theme has all the features and functionality you would need to create a really strong dating website, the fact that it supports BuddyPress makes that a possibility, but the overall gorgeous design and adaptability is what really sets this theme apart. Created by a power elite author, Kleo is certainly a great option for building yourself a dating website.

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Dating Agency

Dating Agency WordPress Theme

Dating Agency is a fantastic WordPress theme that is fresh on the market. This theme is built on the very popular Monstroid at WordPress theme, offered exclusively by template monster. Dating Agency includes a featured slider, Parallax scrolling effects, beautiful Galleries and a lovely blog to go with. There are Google fonts and Google Maps Integrations, cross-browser compatibility and thorough documentation. This theme also includes PSD files for advanced customization. What you get with the dating agency WordPress theme is a fantastic platform for building a slick-looking, modern dating website that works great on all devices.

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Creating any sort of online community can be a huge challenge, that’s why selecting the right WordPress theme is such an important factor. We hope that you have enjoyed this collection of buddypress and bbpress Reddy themes that are perfect for establishing a dating or matchmaking website. We will be checking back on this post often to add new themes as we find them. It’s an ever-changing world out there oh, so there are plenty of new options coming online each and every day. If you happen to notice a great theme that is perfect for building a dating Community, or you have already created an appealing and feature filled dating website, please let us know in the comments and we will be sure to update this collection as soon as we possibly can.

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WordPress Theme Collections

Best WordPress Agency Themes



WordPress Agency Themes

When it comes to making your website stand out from the crowd, it’s all about creativity.  With competition at an all time high, if you’re marketing your website, it’s time to get creative.  It’s true, you need every edge you can get.  There are a lot of similar products and services floating around and when you’re asking potential customers to trust their business, and their money, to you, you need a great looking, professional and user-friendly WordPress theme.  We’re here to help.

For a creative agency, whether you’re creating a site for a digital marketing firm, an SEO company, a graphic design company or even a freelancer, the themes in this collection are dynamite.  These themes can help you build your online brand from the ground up.  They’re perfect for helping to showcase previous work, for building trust in your brand and for luring in new clients and customers.

WordPress is a wonderful solution for creating a great looking website for a relatively low price.  It’s all about creativity, innovation and developing a huge online presence.  With any of these themes, you can highlight your best work in the best possible light.  There are tons of different themes to choose from and we’ve gathered up the absolute best creative agency themes anywhere.  Every one of these themes is responsive, offers great support and can help you build your website, and your business, the right way.


Fortun, WordPress Creative Agency Theme

If you’re looking for a WordPress theme to get a fresh start with an existing website or for a brand new creative agency, Fortun could be a fine choice. Fortun is a multi concept WordPress theme with 18 modern and stylish demo sites, it comes bundled with visual composer so that you can create even more if you need to. This template offers an amazing attention to detail and it was developed from the ground up to help you create the unique look for your website. With a perfect rating of 5 stars on ThemeForest, Fortun is a visually stunning template that has clean code and plenty of features. The typography is stylish and attractive, the page builder allows for ultimate flexibility and there are a variety of portfolio layouts pre-made for you to get started. You get several different header and footer Styles, fantastic support and one click demo import to get you started rapidly. This SEO optimized to theme has everything it takes to be a high-quality template for any sort of agency.

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Divi WordPress Business Themes

Divi, from Elegant Themes, might be the ultimate WordPress theme. This theme can do it all and with the Divi page builder, plus any of the two dozen or so pre-made templates, Divi can help you build an amazing website that will generate exuberant support from all of your visitors. If you have the need for a creative theme for your website, you can produce an amazing and user-friendly template with Divi and the Divi Builder. You’ll be able to make a hospitable and fascinating website and drag and drop your way to any sort of layout you can imagine. Vivie comes with amazing support and thorough documentation, so you won’t be banging your head against the wall trying to make your website work.

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Materialism WordPress all around multiuse theme

This theme is called Materialism and it is a high-quality, simple and creative WordPress portfolio theme for digital agencies of all sorts. Materialism is one of those themes that has a high degree of customization possibilities, it can be used as a landing page or blog, a creative website and more. I love the call-to-action functionality of this scene, it’s a beautiful and modern design with battle-tested features and a honey sweet code base. Materialism is great for corporate blogs of portfolios, creative agency landing pages and so much more. Don’t settle for theme with poultry features, materialism has a Nimble and Powerful set of features to help achieve your goals.

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Studio 8

Studio 8 Business and Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Studio 8 is a creative WordPress theme that was crafted to help make your website the best that it can be. Fortunately, Studio 8 is a powerful and stimulating WordPress theme that is befitting of a highly professional website like the one you are trying to create. This highly well organized and simple looking theme is exciting and contemporary with just a hint of minimalism. With Studio 8, ambitious webmasters can create a hard to find destination website for Creative professionals, web designers, digital agencies and photographers alike. No matter what type of creativity you’re into, the studio 8 theme is a flexible and elegant themes at can introduce your agency to the world.

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Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic WordPress Business Themes

Massive Dynamic is a silky smooth and Powerful visual website builder that’s among the most popular themes on all of theme forest. This theme is all about user experience and it delivers a clean and gorgeous, fully responsive site, every time out. There are over 50 handpicked sections to help showcase your work and to allow your readers to get educated about what it is you have to offer. This theme is certainly nothing to sneeze at with it’s fast load times, intelligent theme importers and over 60 pre-built web templates to choose from. It’s absolutely ideal for all kinds of innovative and creative online agencies.

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The Agency

The Agency WordPress Business and Portfolio Theme

The Agency is modern, it’s creative and it was designed for marketing agencies, with agencies, web design companies and freelance designers who want to showcase projects in an inexpensive and user-friendly way. Creative agencies need to have a presentation that’s memorable, because there are so many agencies competing for a share of the market.  The Agency does a wonderful job of displaying clean, fresh content in a really simple and straightforward way.  This theme is instinctive to use, it’s incredibly simple to customize and it produces a very impactful and beautiful showcase for all of your creative works. This theme has everything a modern WordPress theme should have and the support and documentation are first-rate, helping you to produce the type of website you have in your mind.

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Uncode Clean Modern eCommerce WordPress Theme

I have really enjoyed my time delving into the Uncode WordPress theme, it’s a theme that has a lot of optimism and a fun, flat style too. This theme is feature-rich, it’s a towering example of what is possible with a modern and well-crafted WordPress team. You don’t have to be well to do to afford this theme, it’s reasonably priced at just $59. This theme is incredibly Cooperative, it collaborates with the webmaster to help create an amazing looking website every time. For agencies and blogs, corporate and creative sites, Freelancers and magazines, this theme really delivers. It’s a terrific way to get your website up and running quickly and with dozens of different demo sites, as well as a visual composer plug-in to add even more flexibility, you’ll never run out of options for how to construct your website.

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Oshine Corporate Style WordPress Business Themes

With over 30 stunning, responsive demo sites, the ocean themed has found itself climbing the all time best seller charts on themeforest, it’s now in the top 10 best selling creative WordPress themes of all times. There are tons of features offered by the ocean themed, and that has led to over 20,000 sales so far. With us staggering 4.81 rating, this Majestic and vigorous WordPress theme has 43 demo sites with hundreds of pre-made page templates to help keep your website looking great. There’s nothing sloppy about the code, this is a dashing and well-crafted theme that is going to create a lot of exuberant fans of your online digital agency.

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Burst, WordPress Premium Quality Agency Themes

Unleash your creative side with Burst, a parallax theme that’s got just what it takes to make an amazing website from scratch.  Power Elite developer Mikado Themes has created another absolute gem with this Burst theme.  It’s powerful and stylish, yet incredibly simple to get started.  Burst offers several premade templates to help you get your site set up quickly and get it looking just like the demo sites you see in the links below.  Burst is WooCommerce ready, it’s great for creative agencies, blogs, businesses, portfolios and other sites.  If you want a great looking theme with parallax style, that’s Burst.

Burst, vibrant and bold, is a multi faceted WordPress template, alive with abundant features.  For more multipurpose WordPress themes, try this collection.  This theme has plentiful demo previews, so be sure to take your time with it, there’s something for everybody with this smart and dazzling theme.  Artists, designers and other creators and crafters, will love this theme.  It’s WooCommerce ready, so you can sell your products and services, the unique layout is guaranteed to attract attention and if you want to switch anything in the theme, it’s ultimately flexible in terms of layout and design.  Burst allows you to use mega-menus, has a drag and drop page and post builder powered by Visual Composer, it allows for lovely and easy to read typography, is totally responsive and, of course, is designed to use parallax sections that really are unique and grab a viewer’s attention.  Use it as a one page theme or a multi page theme, the decision is yours.

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Podium Model Agency WordPress Portfolio Theme

Podium is a modeling agency website template that has a mind-blowing style and plenty of features to make it one of my favorite things to come out in 2018. This theme is all about modeling, model agencies, modeling portfolios, model schools and fashion magazines or fashion boutiques as well. This template can also double as a brand design or healthy lifestyle blog, and I think it works great for both. It’s impossible to know everything about every WordPress theme, but I think that this one is clearly a well-informed and sparkling WordPress theme that could be ideal for Creative agencies. If you need a theme that is responsive and retina ready, has an events calendar and several options for gorgeous online portfolios, this could be a great theme for your creative agency.

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Cre8or WordPress Minimalist portfolio Themes

Cre8or, by Tesla Themes, is a very confident and determined, simple and minimalist, bright and beginner-friendly WordPress theme with a lovely grid portfolio layout. I’m confident that this theme would work great for any online agency that has highly visual content, though the blog that is provided is also alluring. This thing was skillfully crafted and its glistening style will make your content look fantastic. Thanks to its responsive design and beautiful typography, not to mention the incredible attention to detail, Cre8or is a theme that can showcase all of your content in a charming and creative way. This theme was built by creatives, for creatives and I think it’s great for personal portfolios, agencies or digital Studios to show off all sorts of creative projects.  There are numerous useful features included to help make your site stand out and it’s never cumbersome to use. This theme is a big hit.

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Brooklyn, Premium WordPress Video Ready Blog Theme

Brooklyn is a very popular WordPress theme, it’s been sold over 30,000 times so far on themeforest, and this woocommerce ready theme is ideal for agencies, creative companies, gaming magazines and creative professionals. This theme offers a one-page demo type, so if you don’t want a multi-page theme, this one’s a great option. There’s an astonishing number of features that are included with Brooklyn and over 40 pre-made web template styles to choose from. Each one installs quickly and looks great on all devices, thanks to the magic of responsiveness. If you want to communicate with potential clients before you even meet them, this is a great calling card theme. You simply have to give Brooklyn the direction to go, and it can make for a really great experience for all of your visitors. There will be nothing mysterious about the support and documentation, it’s intelligently designed and some of the best I’ve ever seen. If you purchase the Brooklyn theme, you might find Brooklyn to be the land of milk and honey.

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Acerola Best WordPress Minimalist themes

Acerola is a great-looking minimalist agency theme with plenty of features that help make it a real winner. This incredibly clean theme offers bootstrap code, visual composer and it supports WooCommerce as well. Tested on every recent version of WordPress, as well as every currently popular browser, acerola has passed the test with flying colors. This agency theme has cool page animations, it’s Creative Design includes a masonry grid layout, it’s perfect for portfolios and photography, restaurants and stylish shops too. There’s a lot of white space involved with the acerola theme and I think that helps make for a really impressive display. Your visitors will be ooh-ing and ah-ing about you’re amazingly user-friendly and impressive new website if you should choose the ass or roll up WordPress theme.

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Create 2.0 WordPress portfolio theme

Create is a modern and stylish WordPress theme that I think could be great for digital agencies of all sort. Created by the crack staff at themetrust, I think you’ll appreciate all of the hard work that went into the crafting of this theme. They’ve created a very seamless design that is incredibly simple to use. This is a high-performance team that I think will really resonate with readers, there is a drag and drop page builder included to help you craft the look that you are looking for and with plenty of other amazing features, this theme looks great for all kinds of portfolios. I think you’ll be overjoyed, as will your readers, when you see just how strong your content looks with the Create WordPress theme.

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Havana, WordPress Architecture and Design Agency Theme

Havana, WordPress Architecture and Design Agency Theme

If you’re an architect, or you run an architecture firm and you’ve been searching for am architecture WordPress theme with awesome, SEO friendly, spotless CSS and HTML, lots of versatile, impressive customization alternatives, in depth help files and outstanding tech support, a sparkling structure that is simple to operate and a straightforward, futurist style, then Havana may be what you’ve been seeking.  The theme developer says this about Havana.

Havana specially made for Interior Design services, Dining Room, Exterior Design, Kitchen Design, Living Room Design, Master Bedroom Design, Cottage, etc. Havana help you to build beauty and modern website in no time. Havana has beauty design and bunch of features to make your website stand out of crowd. Powered by Visual Composer and Rev slider. Get Havana now!

The theme features a clean, minimal and stylish design, perfect for all sorts of architect and interior design studio WordPress templates. A large collection of powerful shortcodes help you showcase your works, add team members, display your interior design projects, renovation process videos, post architectural and furniture design articles, show design stats, sell design & art products online.

The drag and drop page builder, the fast load times, the sliders, the demo data, retina ready and mobile friendly responsive display, child theme compatibility, a powerful framework called Shifen, one click installation of demo data, it’s all there and all included to help you make a memorable website.

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Ultra WordPress Portfolio Theme for Creative Sites

Ultra is a powerful and flexible theme that was made by Themify. What this Ultra theme does, is it allows you to create a wonderful and expressive website in almost no time. Ultra includes multiple different skins and demo sites, each one bringing a little something different to the table. There are plenty of them and I think every one is worth taking a long look at.  I think that among these, the agency style theme is one of the best. If you want to concentrate more on running your business than creating your web presence, a theme like Ultra could be just the ticket. This handsomely styled theme looks great on all devices, thanks to its tidy responsive Style and it’s got plenty of features to help you brand your website.

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Universal WordPress Parallax Business Themes

Universal is a smart multi-purpose WordPress theme that has become a Smash Hit over the last few months on themeforest. This modern and multi-purpose, minimalistic and user-friendly theme is fast loading and lightweight. They’re both multi page and one page options for building a beautiful Business site or agency website. Some themes have a paltry number of features, but Universal has a mammoth selection of amazing demo sites, color options and features that you get to choose from. This theme support woocommerce fully and its design is never wasteful. I think a great theme like Universal could be valuable when you are building your website. You won’t go into it blind either, the developer offers tremendous support and they’ll even install this theme for you for free. That seems like a pretty good deal.

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The Fox

The Fox Multipurpose One Page WordPress Theme

The Fox is a responsive, multipurpose creative theme that I think is ideal for online agencies.  This theme has recently been updated and upgraded to Fox v3.0, it’s now got even more great features like parallax scrolling, over 30 home page variations, a recently revamped theme options panel, and it’s still got all the old functionality that buyers have come to love.  There are several different demo styles that lend themselves to agency designs, from landing pages to creative layouts to present creative content, app promo pages, and single page formats too.  There are several different business layouts that could be great for creative companies who want a clean, corporate style to help offer their services.  Every one of the demo styles works with WooCommerce to allow for online shop building, which could come in very handy if you’re offering things like SEO services, software or even tangible goods.  The theme is flexible and user friendly and the support and documentation are outstanding.  This is a very popular theme for good reason.  Check out our big collection of WooCommerce themes to see more like this one.

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Zelle Pro

Zerif Pro WordPress Portfolio Template

Zelle Pro is the best selling WordPress theme from female. I can really understand why, the design is incredibly simple and straightforward, the customization process is intuitive and Powerful and the amount of features included is stunning. If you are looking to build a one-page theme for your creative agency, this theme should be high on your list. Zelle Pro offers WooCommerce support, allowing you to quickly setup and online shop to sell products. Then there is the live customizer, a fast and simple way to find him your website. Zelle Pro is fully compatible with all of the most popular page building plugins, free and premium alike. This makes it very simple to add functionality, rearranged Design Elements and produce exactly the layout that you want. All in a smooth scrolling, single page.

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Bateaux, Creative, Minimal Studio Theme

Offering you an advanced page customizer, synchronized color tool, one click demo import, dozens of menu variations, hundreds of Google, Typekit and custom fonts, eighteen portfolio templates, a dozen single post design layouts, WooCommerce, Revolution Slider, WPML translation, Contact Form 7 and Yoast SEO support are just some of the amazing things that really help set Bateaux apart from it’s competition.  The simple, almost minimal design belies a lot of hard work that’s gone into making this full featured template look and act perfectly on any device.  That’s responsive design at it’s finest.  Bateaux tries very hard to never let on that it’s a completely buffed out premium theme, wearing a simple costume of a minimal design blog theme.  The unique home page designs are fantastic, there are sites designed specifically to show you what this theme could look like as a personal blog, an app sales page, a one page portfolio, magazine, agency landing page, a resume portfolio and much more.  For more minimalist WordPress themes, our full collection is a wonderful place to begin your search.

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