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WordPress Personal Blog Themes

When you’re hunting for an amazing WordPress blog theme, you’re absolutely going to want one that’s well designed, supremely easy to use and one that offers every feature necessary to build a great looking blog.  This list of carefully compiled themes is a fantastic satrting place to build that personal blog of your dreams, one that makes your posts look great and keeps people coming back for more.


Extra, WordPress Personal Blog and Magazine Theme

Powered by the amazing Divi builder, this Extra theme shows what kind of magazine or personal blog site you can create with a powerful page builder and tons of features.  It’s powerful, but simple to use, which is why it comes so highly recommended for folks all over the place.

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Edition, WordPress Responsive Personal Blog Theme

Edition is a really nice personal blog theme that has a clean style and loads of features that make it an ideal place to build your website. From the look to he countless features, this Edition theme is a smart addition to your list of possible templates.

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Marni, Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Marni is an incredibly clean, smooth operating personal blog theme for WordPress.  It’s got a simple style, pretty close to minimalist, but enough of a unique touch that it can help make your site memorable.

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Brixton WordPress Writing and Journal Theme

The Brixton WordPress theme has a powerful set of features and a clean, minimal design that’s an eye-catching possibility for a personal journal, blog or magazine website for WordPress. This fun looking blog theme’s layout is really crafty and thrilling, proficient at beautifying your website.

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Rinjani, WordPress Blog Theme with Grid Layout

Creating a blog than needs a special dose of wonderfully constructed masonry grid layout?  Or perhaps you’re looking for a highly structured, geometric and solid, strong layout for a portfolio, and you’d prefer the high levels of order and visibility that a grid WordPress theme provides?  Well, look no further than Rinjani, a wonderful, slim and sleek, modern and orderly, neat and clean WordPress personal blog theme.

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Adventure Theme, Personal Blogging Theme

Organic Themes’ Adventure theme is a personal and lifestyle blog that’s built to show off.  Considering how many features Adventure has, it’s really simple to set up.  Every theme option, and there are plenty of them by the way, is located in the native WordPress customizer and you can download demo data with a single click.  That’s pretty great.

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Rodberg Travel Blog WordPress Theme Gutenberg Compatible

Boy, do I love to travel, to get out there and explore, to see new sights and experience different cultures.  This Rodberg theme is a WordPress theme that thinks a little bit like I think, it’s all about allowing your visitors to experience the world. It can be amazing to travel the world, it helps expand the mind and open the heart. I think that it’s something that every human being can benefit from. With a theme like this one, you can help your visitors to do all of that and more.

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Howeret, Ultra Simple, Minimalist WordPress Blog Theme

This Howeret WordPress name is a creative portfolio and photography theme that was built before the Elementor page builder. It’s got a minimalist design that doesn’t get in the way of your content, allow you to create beautiful online grid portfolios, display your work in an attractive masonry style and with all of the most modern code and Page building techniques, this theme is going to help you prepare your website to look its best. This template is ideal for Freelancers, creative agencies, designers and pretty much anybody who wants to Showcase their work in a simple but attractive way. With incredibly fast page load times, this theme delivers a fantastic and a smooth user experience, it looks great on all devices, it allows you to get in touch with your readers with a functional contact form and the code is clean and valid. This is a minimal theme that really does everything that you needed to do. The support and documentation are fantastic and the admin panel is highly usable and functional.

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Foodica Personal Blog WordPress Theme

The themes in our collections are already pre selected for their quality, outstanding support and solid documentation. For example, check out these minimal WordPress themes.  Or, maybe this collection of WordPress blog themes is more up your alley?  These themes of all the features that you need to establish a really wonderful website, even if you happen to be a beginner using the WordPress content management system. We continue to add to each of our collections constantly, helping to grow them into the absolute best resource for WordPress themes on the web. If you know of another great WordPress theme that we’ve missed, please let us know about it in the comments and we will be back shortly with even more outstanding templates for you to choose from.

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Montblanc WordPress Parallax Portfolio and Personal Blog Themes

Montblanc is a beautiful minimalist personal blog theme by Tesla Themes, but it’s way more than just a simple blog theme.  Montblanc has full support for WooCommerce, which means you can add an eCommerce shop if you so desire.  This responsive theme has both one page and multi page options, it’s great for blogs of course, but can also work well as a portfolio, corporate website, creative agency and more.  Montblanc is a wonderful combo of gorgeous, sleek design and plenty of features to keep people coming back for more.

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Bridget, Personal Blog Theme for Women and WordPress

Bridget is quite possibly the best looking blog theme this year for sites in the fashion trends category, I think that Bridget would work perfectly for creating a lookbook, highlighting the newest trends in fashion or lifestyles.  Bridget offers you complete control over the layout of your blog too, which is handy.  Match your brand with style and grace.  A great looking, user friendly and robust WordPress blog theme is a great option to allow you to grow followers online.  So if you’re into interior design, the latest fashion and accessories, you’re a lifestyle blogger or if you’re just a personal blogger looking for a fun and stylish theme with plenty of gorgeous design elements, Bridget might be what you’re looking for.

Bridget is a fashion and lifestyle Blog theme for WordPress. I think that it does a great job of presenting your content in a fun and professional life. It’s got a hint of feminine style, but I think that it works perfectly for just about any type of content. If you are taking the time to run a successful lifestyle or fashion blog, personal or travel blog too, this is theme offers flexibility and control that you’re going to want. You will have complete control over the layout of your blog from top to bottom, including the header and footer sections. You will be able to quickly integrate your social media accounts to help promote your content and stay engaged with your readers.  If you want to use video to enhance your personal blogging experience, check out this collection of video blog themes.

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Sleek WordPress Personal Blogging and Magazine Grid Theme

Sleek is a perfect fit for creating a magazine style webpage with a beautiful grid based layout.  This sophisticated blog template allows you to make the most out of the screen with full width images, all while the sidebar and menus remain where they are.  It’s a really unique way to layout the page, if you ask me.  Sleek has five separate blog layouts, depending on what you want to see.  There’s the newspaper style, masonry blog, minimalist list blog design, carousel and slider based designs.  There are also post formats so you can build an online magazine with any sort of media, from music to video to text and image based posts.  Sleek is straightforward to customize, depending on your design preferences.  Sleek includes an incredibly easy t master theme customizer, so you can switch out colors, typography and background.  Sleek has so many more features, it’s definitely one you should check out for yourself.  For more video themes for WordPress, check out our full collection.

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Authentic, Flat WordPress Personal Blog and Fashion Blog Theme

Authentic is a multipurpose blog theme that’s recently been updated, so it’s better than ever.  You want a highly rated and popular blog?  This one is it, I’m telling you.  With over 6,000 downloads in just about 2 years, Authentic sports a nearly perfect 4.97 rating on ThemeForest.  That’s crazy, it’s not just a handful of ratings either, it’s been rated well over 100 times.  It’s one of the highest ratings I’ve seen.  Support for WooCommerce means Authentic isn’t just a blog theme, it can be a full featured eCommerce site as well.  Authentic was coded from the ground up with Bootstrap, so it’s responsive, looks fantastic, loads fast and it’s stable as can be.  The Authentic WordPress theme has a one click demo switcher to let you see various design possibilities before you commit to them.  This is a lifstyle blog, a personal blog, fashion blog, viral magazine, minimalist template and so much more.  You’ve got to see their travel magazine demo, it’s stunning.  Authentic gives you unlimited color options, easy font switching, tons of header options, footer modules and more.  Authentic is built for speed too, scoring a perfect mark on Google’s PageSpeed Insights.  You can buy Authentic with confidence that it’s one of the best themes on the market.

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Mallow Feminine WordPress Blogging Themes

I really like the Mallow theme.  I mean, that goes without saying, I put it in this collection.  It’s relatively new, but the style is bold, it’s fun and I think it makes for a fantastic personal blogging theme . Mallow is minimalist in style and highly polished.  Built for lifestyle blogs and magazines, personal blogs and other general purpose blogs.  Mallow is completely responsive, it’s SEO optimized as well.  It lets you use all the post types you want, there are multiple attractive blog layouts included too, all of which makes Mallow a very flexible WordPress theme.  If you wnat to give your audience a smooth, clutter free environment to ready what you have to say, the Mallow WordPress theme might be a good fit.

Mallow is a stylish and responsive WordPress theme with multiple blog layouts, perfect SEO optimization and Ajax post loaders to give your content a little bit of Swag. It has so many amazing features that I think that it’s one of the best Gutenberg ready themes available for personal bloggers. Mallow is well supported and well-documented, certainly a bargain for the price of just $28.

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Aesthetic WordPress Theme for Personal Blogs and Journals

For bloggers who are looking for a very stylish web template, Aesthetic is a fantastic choice.  And really, who among us isn’t looking for a great personal blog theme?  Nobody wants something that’s junky or loads slow or looks bad.  Luckily, Aesthetic pulls off style and features without a hitch.  Aesthetic is a lot like all ThemeFuse’s themes, it’s incredibly simple to use, simple to adjust and customize.  You can rally tailor make your site to suit your taste and fit your brand.  With Aesthetic, you can adjust colors and fonts rapidly, you can even change between multiple different layouts.  The Aesthetic theme is perfectly responsive, it’s Retina ready and all of that gives your users a great experience on all devices.  Your images are going to shine, your text posts are going to get a ton of attention and with social media integration, the shares and retweets are going to really start to pile up.  Aesthetic has a very intuitive user interface that’s incredible easy to use.  The admin interface is always the sort of backbone to a theme and this one is strong.

This is aesthetic, a response is WordPress blogging theme that is fantastic for any bloggers who wants complete control over the look and feel of their website with attractive, pre-made styles to choose from as well. The admin interface is robust and allows for all sorts of adaptations and customizations for your website. This theme was built on the Unyson framework, a fast loading framework that really helps set your content apart.

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Cooperative WordPress Personal Journal and Blog Theme

Cooperative was built by Graph Paper Press and it’s a really strong example of a very simple, minimalist personal blogging WordPress theme.  Cooperative is ideal for designers and authors, writers and lifestyle bloggers.  With perfectly tuned responsive design, Cooperative helps to ensure everybody who visits your website gets a fantastic experience.  You want to talk customization?  It’s an absolute dream with Cooperative, you can quickly swap out headers, backgrounds, logos, menus, text blocks and other sorts of widgets.  Post formats are always important for a personal blog and Cooperative supports all the usual suspects, video and images, image galleries, quotes, audio and, of course, standard blog posts.  With unlimited galleries, Cooperative is perfect for folks who take a lot of photos on the go.  Cooperative lets yuou add more content to the custom widgetized areas.  Graph Paper Press always offers automatic updates to all their themes, so this one will never break, even if you upgrade your WordPress installation to the latest version.

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Lucid, WordPress Theme for Personal Bloggers

Lucid is another personal blog and magazine theme by Elegant Themes, the makers of Divi and Extra, among others.  I love the design of this one.  It’s been around a while now, but don’t call it a comeback, Lucid is just getting warm.  What is it that makes it so Lucid is still going strong after all these years?  Classic design, pristine code that actually gets updated frequently.  This theme is sleek, it’s modern and it does all the heavy lifting of a premium theme, making your content look fantastic.  I think one of the best things about Elegant Themes is the level of support they offer and Lucid is obviously no exception.  With tons of widgetized areas, not to mention their awesome short codes, this theme is ready to adapt to suit your blogging needs.

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Yosemite, Powerful WordPress Parallax Personal Blog Template

Yosemite was inspired by Apple’s Yosemite OSX and the design chops with this theme are nothing short of amazing.  Yosemite is the kind of personal blog theme that blends modern style with some classic elements, giving you a feeling of timelessness.  Yosemite boasts of a legendarily high user engagement rate.  Compared to other themes, people just react well to Yosemite, thanks to the clean design and well though-out layout of the theme.  AdSense optimization means it’s relatively simple to monetize your blog with Yosemite.  Schema integration is covered too, so you’re going to be found quickly (and often hopefully) by the search engines.  Fluid and responsive, Yosemite adapts to look perfectly on all sizes of display.  This theme is parallax too, that adds a cool pop of fun to otherwise static pages, which boosts the user experience.  The code is clean, fully commented so it’s simple to find the spot you need to adjust, if you should happen to want to make some code changes.  Don’t worry of you’re a beginner, you really don’t have to touch a single line of code to produce a stunning website.

Yosemite is a beautiful looking personal blogging theme that has a lot of style and Panache. This isn’t AdSense optimized theme, helping you make the most out of every click on your website. With you semity, you will provide a fantastic user experience for every reader who visits your site and this elegant design certainly has no shortage of fans. This team is highly adaptable and you can adjust the look and feel with just a few clicks, thanks to the in-depth admin interface to help create a really custom look for your website.

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Webly, Elegant WordPress Personal Blog Theme

I really like the Webly WordPress theme, from Elegant Themes, as a private or personal blog website. Elegant Themes does an amazing job with all of their WordPress themes and Webly, I think, is one of their best. All of elegant themes templates load up fast and look good on all devices thanks to their native responsiveness. Webly is fully supported by elegant themes and I find their support to be on the very best of NE theme developer. If you do choose Webly as your personal blog, you have access to all of the elegant themes creations. So if you decide you don’t like this theme, there are plenty of others available from which to choose.  If you'[re just getting started in blogging, I think Elegant Themes are a pretty solid choice, they can help strengthen your knowledge and their supreme levels of customer service is really comforting.

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Divi, WordPress Personal Blog Theme

Divi is the flagship WordPress theme from Elegant Themes, one of the most popular and most successful theme developers out there. Divi is the ultimate WordPress page builder it allows for real-time design and everything on the page can be customized to fit your needs. There are multiple content elements, create and organize your website quickly and efficiently. There’s absolutely no need to learn how to code to make the most of it, just click on the element that you want to adjust and drag and drop or type to add your content. There is almost no load times, making this theme incredibly fast and with over 20 pre-made layouts that ship with the theme Builder, this is a great place to get started creating a really custom look at a reasonable price.

What more can I say about the Divi WordPress theme? Well, I guess I better think of something. In a world of wannabes, Divi is the King. There are few themes that can even come close to threatening the massive power, and efficient features of the Divi WordPress theme. This theme exploded on the scene a few years back and since then, it’s been a Non-Stop rise up the charts of popularity. This theme is as popular as any and it’s one of the most illustrious, highfalutin WordPress themes ever made. It’s got a library of pre-made design suggestions that you can turn into the frame for an incredible website.  With Divi’s page builder, I believe you can build anything your heart desires and any suggestion otherwise is probably wrong.  Divi has every bell and whistle needed to make a perfect personal blog theme.

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Emporia Clean, Minimalist Personal Blog WordPress Theme

There are thousands of different personal blog themes out there, but few are as simple to use and easy to manage as this team, which is called Emporia. Emporia is a responsive blog and portfolio theme rolled into one. It’s great for photographers and bloggers who want to showcase their work without any distractions. This theme is mobile first, it develops a really smooth and fast loading web page, no matter what your blogging about. Emporia is very simple to customize, backgrounds, logos, Fav icons, menus, text blocks, headers and widgets are all easily styled to look just like you need them too. You can add slideshows and rearrange image orders, there are unlimited galleries available, and I think that for personal bloggers who want a very simple and stylish blog and portfolio combination, this is certainly one.

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Milo Clean, Professional Minimalist Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Milo is a simple and clean WordPress theme by developer called Made by Minimal. This is probably among their most popular themes and it has a really nice layout and it is incredibly simple to use and to adapt to fit your needs. Milo is one of the simpler looking themes that I’ve ever come across, that’s why I’ve added it to our collection of minimalist WordPress themes. But for blogging, I think that the simple and clean style lends itself to almost any sort of blog. Writers who want to attract a lot of attention and keep it focused on the content or wise to choose a simple looking theme like this one. Milo features a left-sided header design as well as a cascading submenus, gorgeous project descriptions, e-commerce compatibility and several basic style settings.  It’s all built for simplicity at every turn.

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Infinity Grid

Infinity WordPress Grid Theme for Personal Bloggers

InfinityGrid was designed for the every-day personal blogger or even companies who are looking for a simple, but thorough blog theme for their web presence. Infinity Grid has an impressive set of advanced theme options to keep things looking and responding good, even as you start to get more and more traffic.  Navigation is a snap too, with custom menu support and more.  I think this theme is particularly good for a beginner or novice WordPress user.  Make that a future expert WordPress blogger.

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Collective Multi Author and Personal Blog WordPress Themes

Personal blogs can take all shapes and sizes, which is why I’ve included Collective in this round up of personal blogs.  It’s a little bit different than a lot of the other themes in this collection, it’s built for multiple authors.  Interesting, right?

Collective has a great looking and fluid design, This theme displays perfectly across all mobile devices. Your images, your widgets and your content scale up or down when the browser is resized. When viewing the site on a phone or tablet, Collective absolutely delivers a stunning experience. This theme was built for showcasing people, or work, project and writing. It’s the perfect solution for multi-author blogs, portfolios, associations, groups of people who share an interest in a particular subject. If you are partnering up with others in a new or existing venture, this theme is perfectly crafted to get the job done.

Collective is WordPress theme that was built for multi-author blogs, associations, Partnerships and more. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work perfectly well as a personal blog, I think that the same as a modern style that is really attractive and provides a great user experience. With a theme like this one, you will get a very attractive platform to Showcase your written content and your images are going to look fantastic as well. The Collective theme offers fantastic support, tons of features and it’s very user-friendly.

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Soledad, WordPress Magazine and Personal Blog Theme

Soledad is a WordPress personal blog and magazine theme with a staggering 4000 different demo Styles, each one can be installed with just a few clicks. That gives you a ton of flexibility in terms of starting a new website or rebranding your existing web page. Soledad offers the ability to sell products with woocommerce, so if your blog has an e-commerce component, this is a great theme for that. There are portfolios, hundreds and hundreds of different blogs styles and typography options. If you choose the Soledad theme, you will join thousands of others who have found this template to be a fantastic choice for their personal or professional blog page. Soledad is perfectly responsive, that can help your SEO efforts and the flexibility is marvelous. With great support and plenty of documentation, Soledad is very simple to get started with and even easier to customize.

Soledad is a multi-concept personal blog, magazine and News website. Soledad is exceedingly popular, it’s been downloaded over 17,000 times. Thankfully, there are over five thousand different demo Styles included, giving you plenty of options to customize your look so that no other site on the internet looks quite like yours. Ideal for lifestyle blogs, personal blogs and professional, corporate websites, Soledad offers all the flexibility you need to perfectly craft an amazing looking website. The life customizer Powers the admin panel, making for rapid changes and adjustments to what you see on the page. Soledad is well supported and well-documented, SEO optimized and it supports WooCommerce as well, allowing you to set up a shop online.

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Doberman, Personal Blogging WordPress Magazine Theme

Doberman is a viral magazine theme with a cool looking flat style and a lot of features that make it an ideal solution for bloggers who want an attractive platform for any type of content.  (To see more examples of viral themes, check out this collection.) Richly integrated with social media, you’ll be able to build an audience quickly, as long as you keep supplying fresh content that is.  Doberman allows any webmaster, no matter what skill level, to build a website quickly with a drag and drop page builder.  Live editing means that you can make changes as see the results before you even hit the update button.  This theme is SEO optimized to help you rank in the search engines and there are infinite style variations you can select from.  Sort and display posts by how trendy they are, whether over the last day, week, month or all time. For a flat theme, Doberman really packs in the style too, I love the typography as shown but even that aspect can be altered if you want.

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Epilog WordPress personal Blog Theme

Epilog is a classic Blog theme that is great for personal bloggers who want to share their content with the widest audience possible. Getting a reader is an enjoyable experience, that should be your first and foremost job. Keeping people engaged and keeping them on the page as long as possible, reading every last word of your content, that’s what it’s all about. Epilogue was Bill with bloggers in mind, it allows you to engage with your readers with incredibly clean posts, a professional and stylish layout and it is perfectly responsive, making this a great theme for mobile devices. There are six different blog layouts, 3 promotional boxes and a variety of post formats are supported to give you the flexibility you need to do anything you want.

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The Chatter

The Chatter WordPress Magazine and Personal Blog Themes

The Chatter is a great selection for personal blogs and magazine websites. This theme is pack of style, it offers all the theme options you could possibly want to adjust the look and feel of your new template to fit your brand. There’s almost nothing that you can’t do with this team and it has plenty of advantages that you should consider before purchasing. This clean and minimal style WordPress theme ensures that your contents jumps off the page. There are unique built-in features to help achieve that and this team works great with all of your social media icons to help with engagement.  Here are some more great minimal themes to get you thinking.

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Eames, Personal WordPress Blog Theme, Sleek and Slick

Eames is a simple, minimal WordPress blog and portfolio themes that I think is great for Content creators who want the written material to be the most important thing on the page. Of course, Eames also does a great job with images, but if you are seeking a Blog theme that is more about typography than images, this is a great choice for you. Eames is WooCommerce compatible, has fun and user-friendly navigation and it is quite customizable as well.

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Blogojoy WordPress Minimalist Personal Blog Theme

Blogojoy is a minimalist blog template that offers a fun style and plenty of features. The layout is modern but Dynamic, it’s a very stylish and elegant theme that is well worth looking into. Built on the powerful Tesla framework, this theme is incredibly simple to customize, it gives you strong social media integration and built-in short codes as well. The documentation is Thoroughly crafted and support is equal to the task, helping even a beginner achieve what they are looking for with this fabulous personal Blog theme.

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Bold WordPress Personal Blog Themes

Bold as the kind of personal Blog theme that can really help you make a first impression that is not going to be soon forgotten. I absolutely love the layout of the steam, the way that it highlights your most important content on the front page and really draws attention to it. This is a simple looking theme, but it packs enough features under the hood to make it work for almost any purpose. This is a responsive theme, there are a variety of page templates included and short codes as well. You can feed your videos and even sell products using your favorite Ecommerce shopping cart for WordPress. For many, that is going to be WooCommerce, but the choice is up to you. If you’d like to see more WooCommerce WordPress themes, you can have a look at our collection where we have reviewed plenty of great choices that are well worth looking into.

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Rima Stylish and Modern Personal Blogging Theme

This theme, which is called Rima, is one of the most popular themes to have been released in July of 2018 on ThemeForest. With a 4.83 rating and over 150 sales in its first 20 days on the market, this theme seems poised for greatness. I think that throughout the rest of 2018, it’s probably going to be one of the more popular personal blog themes available and I think it’s also great for fashion, WordPress lifestyle blogs, Beauty and travel blog themes too. It’s a full-featured theme that has a very slim and trim design that looks great on all devices.

This polished and beautiful theme as well balanced pages that make it great for almost any variety of blog. When you build a post with Rima you get a what-you-see-is-what-you-get functionality with the Elementor page builder or WP bakeries page builder, formerly known as visual composer.

The theme options are powered by the creating a custom look for your website. Support and updates are fast and friendly, if you should happen to run into any sorts of troubles, you’re always going to find the film developers there to help you in your time of need. Consider them to be like Simon and Garfunkel. That means, they’ll be your Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Now, I really have no idea what that means, but it sounds nice. I think the point is, these guys seem fully capable of helping you if you shouldn’t have any issues installing, customizing or putting this theme to use.  This isn’t their first rodeo.

The Rima theme’s developer, ArtStuduoWorks, has a really big hit on their hands. I think this is probably going to be there best selling theme ever when all is said and done. They only have 10 items on ThemeForest and most of them just haven’t gotten this type of response this fast. So, hopefully they do a great job of supporting it if this thing really blows up.  I guess, it’s a nice problem to have.

Rima is a stylish and modern personal Blog theme they can give your readers the best possible user experience. This is a polished and balanced Blog, the design is modern and trendy yet classic at the same time. With this theme, you got the ability to use your favorite what you see is what you get page builder, whether it’s Elementor, King page builder or visual composer. Those may be among the most popular, but this seemed perfectly supports any page builder that you might want to choose. This theme is Gutenberg friendly, it gives you everything possible that you need to create a fantastic blog website.

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Nexus WordPress Modern Magazine and Personal Blog Theme

Nexus is a little bit of an old school theme from Elegant Themes, but I think that is still worth considering if you particularly like the style. Elegant Themes does a great job of updating their templates so that this one is as fast loading and user-friendly as ever. With Elegant Themes, you get a wide range of short codes to help at functionality to your pages, there is a home page builder that gives you precise control over what you see and Elegant Themes is known for their unparalleled support. Like all Elegant Themes offerings, advertisements are prominently placed but not intrusive, making this a great blend of functionality and monetization possibilities.

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Tree Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Lately, I’ve been going through and looking at some of the older themes that are still available on themeforest. So, it was just a matter of time before I ran into Tree. Not a tree, tree that WordPress me. This is a minimal Blog theme that was designed to help promote your content in a very simple and straightforward way. Tree was originally released in November of 2013 and it has not been updated since very early in 2013. January 3rd to be exact. In my opinion, that is far too long to have gone without a critical update. Considering how much WordPress has changed over the years, the developer really should have done a better job staying on top of this theme. So, anyway, I am not going to recommend this team. It has a 4.25 rating overall, only just over a hundred downloads, meaning it has been downloaded just about one time per month since it was originally released, so it’s not too popular. Frankly, I doubt you’re going to get much help in terms of support from the developer.

I suppose this template has some value to people who might want to get in their time machine and go back to look at what a cutting-edge WordPress theme was like in late 2012, but I can’t really recommend it for anyone else. So, you may be interested in this.  We’ve rounded up more of the best WordPress theme for personal blog sites.  Check them out.

We will be back shortly with more outstanding personal blogging themes so stay tuned. In fact, why not bookmark us so that you can check back as often as possible. We continue to add new WordPress themes to all of our collections, helping to ensure that they are high quality and well respected. That’s what it’s all about, I respect. It’s not about respect at all. It’s about high-quality WordPress themes with tons of flexibility. Tree is not that.

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We’re building WordPress theme collections as fast as humanly possible!  So if you haven’t found exactly what you were looking for in this collection, you might want to take a look at the other collections we’ve made.  So far, you can check out our selection of portfolio WordPress themes or WordPress minimalist themes.  Since there are thousands and thousands of WordPress themes out there, we’ll be adding more and more in the near future, so be sure to check back often to find the latest.  Have a great WordPress day!

Considering all of the advantages that WordPress can provide to a blogger, there’s good reason why it’s the number one content management system for blogs around the world.  It’s fast, open source, user friendly and best of all, it’s completely free.

WordPress makes it incredibly easy to edit your website and to manage your blog, helping you to increase your traffic increase the attention each and every one of your posts gets. If you’re spending time and energy creating amazing content you certainly want people to be able to find it with ease. WordPress is a Content management system that allows you to do this.

With WordPress, you got the platform needed to create an amazing website that delivers a fantastic user experience. But what type of WordPress theme should you be looking for? If you are in the market for a high-quality personal Blog theme, this collection is a great starting point to help you find something that you’re really going to love. We have searched high and low to find the absolute best personal blog themes and where, each one of them is a premium theme that is well supported and well-documented, they have all the features you will need to set up a fantastic and successful personal blog.