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WordPress Single Page Themes

Sometimes, all you need is a single page to get the entire message across. That’s what this group of themes is all about, a whole bunch of awesome themes that just require a single page. If your site can pull it off, why complicate things?

Single page themes can be perfect for businesses who wish to make a wonderful first impression without becoming bogged down in a great deal of content. For restaurants, sometimes a single page is all it takes to receive your info out there. For smaller businesses, just one page theme could get your prospective customers all of the info they need to make a decision about your product. From parallax themes to standard designs, these one page designs should be exactly what you’ve been on the lookout for.

WordPress single page themes are gaining popularity due to their flexibility and the impact they make in just one single page. They are a handy way to show off your products and projects with style and panache. 1 pager themes may be used for landing pages, contact sites, product promotion or purely informational web pages. Sometimes you do not need a multi-page site and just one page WordPress theme is enough to get your message across. That single solitary page can get all the information out there and maintain the user experience positive so that your readers don’t need to navigate through page after page to get the information they’re seeking. Some of these themes are great as landing-page or coming soon pages, some are ideal as vCard or restart sites, some offer parallax scrolling and some are a wonderful combo of those features and more. Regardless of what kind of theme you’re in search for, we’ve gathered up the top in 1 collection. We hope you find precisely what you’re looking for.


Divi, Premium, WordPress Single Page Theme

The Divi WordPress theme is abounding with Incredible options and user-friendly features. There are plentiful styles to choose from with the Divi WordPress theme and if if you don’t find a pre-made one that fills your needs, you can always use the Divi Builder to drag-and-drop your way to a brand new look for your website. Considering the ease of use, Divi is one of the best ways to create a one page template for your business. Whether you want to showcase a portfolio, introduce a service to the world or even to sell some products, the Divi WordPress theme is a fantastic choice because there’s absolutely nothing you can’t accomplish with it. This theme is teeming with style.

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Verko Modern, Flat, Clean WordPress One Page App Theme

Online business owners who need a modern and fashionable website complete with safe and powerful eCommerce alternatives should consider the Verko WordPress theme, a powerfully delightful and cool theme, great for promoting application design with a stylish one page theme, offering great typography, color schemes and SEO optimization, among other outstanding features. Unique landing pages invite site visitors to experience the business and research the variety of products. Pictures, sharp images, include videos and strong calls to actions to increase profitability online. The Verko theme never gets in the way of the content but provide a stable and streamlined backdrop for your own offers. The focus remains on the most important part of the website: products. No matter what type of company you run, like an electronic advertising agency, travel agency, hosting firm or craft sales business, on the internet, the Verko WP theme can offer an expert presence with lots of backup power for more and monetary trades.

No professional developmental knowledge or means to code is needed to create attention-grabbing website pages. Include slideshows of particular sales or merchandise photos . While building the website, use the preview system that is handy to check out your header, footer, logo and more before making it live. Verko also offers a totally customizable and practical mega menu navigation systems so shoppers and other website visitors can always locate exactly what they want, no matter what.  Verko is an ideal way to promote that killer app you’ve designed, but you don’t need to stop there.  There’s nothing that won’t benefit from a fantastic single page WordPress design like Verko.

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The Fox

The Fox Multipurpose Single Page WordPress Theme

The Fox is a responsive multipurpose WordPress theme with a few dozen different styles to choose from and several of these different styles can be used as one page web templates. With nearly 10,000 sales and a very strong average rating of 4.7 on themeforest, this template is a brilliant way to create an amazing website that only needs one page. In fact, there are several different one page or landing page theme demos included in your download, each one can be installed quickly to see how you like it. The support is fantastic, people still love this WordPress theme and find it to be incredibly flexible. The possibilities with the fox WordPress theme are endless, it’s simple to customize and it’s a very powerful theme overall.

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The Gem

The Gem Single Page WordPress Creative Portfolio Theme

The Gem is a highly versatile, responsive and high-performance WordPress theme that is perfect for all kinds of creative uses. This theme is among the most popular on the Internet, it’s sold over 20,000 times and has a nearly perfect rating. This WooCommerce ready theme has a handful of different one page demo sites that you may find interesting. There are dozens of different demos, so it’s really worth taking a look at all of them to see which one you like the best. The Styles range from very simple to somewhat or Nate, this theme has tons of other great features that make it so popular. It’s sort of a Swiss Army knife for WordPress, it gives you so many tools to help organize your site and plenty of helpful features to make running your website fun and lucrative.

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Brooklyn, Premium WordPress Single Page Themes

Brooklyn is an incredibly popular WordPress theme with 41 pre-built web templates, each one installable with just one click. The Brooklyn theme has sold over 30,000 times in the five years since its first release, and they just keep updating and upgrading this template so that it’s as fresh as ever. This agency, business and corporate creative theme has the ability to use just a single page to get your point across. If you want to make a great first impression, the Brooklyn WordPress theme is a fine First Step, the design is so clean and fresh that people will have to take notice. Brooklyn has received many five-star reviews and I think that this theme is certainly worth considering if you need a one-page WordPress theme.

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Fortun, Single Page Landing Page Business Theme

Considering the amount of time and energy it takes to run a great business, having the right website and place can help to ease the burden. Fortune is one such themed, it offers 18 different unique and modern demonstration site to Showcase a little bit more about what this stunning package of themed Emma’s can do. This is great for Creative websites, for landing pages, for businesses and agencies, corporate and creative websites to. The one-page version is just as stunning as the rest, it’s got plenty of themed options to help customize it, agree page builder to add all of the functionality that you want your site to have and it delivers a fantastic user experience. The support is Best in Class, these demo sites can be installed with just one click and the result is a responsive and Powerful experience for all of your visitors.

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Uncode, Responsive Premium Single Page WordPress Theme

Uncode is a creative, multi-use WordPress theme that was built to impress. This woocommerce ready theme is great for blogs, corporate websites, digital agencies, freelance artists, magazines and creative portfolio websites. Several of the demo styles utilize just one page, which can be an effective way to present websites with out tons of information. This might not be right for all Sites, but if you need a one-page WordPress meme, Uncode could be a great choice. This template is purely responsive and has tons of theme options to allow you to take control over every aspect of your website. This trendy and contemporary design is timeless and provides a great user experience.

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Avada Single Page Full Screen Tech Startup WP Theme

Avada is the most popular WordPress theme ever on the themeforest website this template has been downloaded over 444,000 times and it feels like it’s just getting warmed up.  It’s insane how popular this theme is. Using Avada’s fast, fun and intuitive Fusion Builder, you can create any sort of layout you want, including high-quality single page layouts. There are 41 pre-made and fully functional websites included with your download, the style and look of each is fresh and different. With the fusion Builder, you can always create something else if you don’t see what you want right away. There are plenty of premade styles for landing pages, app launch pages, general business websites, eCommerce sites, portfolios, fashion blogs, hosting company sites and tons more. There’s nothing that you can’t achieve with the Avada theme and the fusion Builder.

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Zelle Pro

Zelle Pro, Responsive Corporate Single Page Theme

While many of the themes in this collection have dozens and dozens of different demo styles included with your download, many of them often multi-page sites, Zerif Pro is a little different. This theme only offers a one page layout. Since they still put in tons of effort and time on developing the same, it’s all done to give you an even better user experience than other sites that might not have spent the time on perfectly designing for the one page limitations. What you get with Zerif Pro is a beautiful, easy to use WordPress theme that is woocommerce ready and only needs one page to tell the story of your company. If you have engaging, fascinating content, a one-page WordPress theme could be what you need to really get ahead with your business.

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Honshi, WordPress Single Page and Multi Page Parallax Theme

Honshi is a creative multi-purpose WordPress theme that gives you the option to use just one page when developing your website. This theme has a clean and varied look, it’s great for all kinds of modern businesses and portfolio websites, not to mention blogs and eCommerce shops. Honshi has been recently updated and upgraded, it now has 12 different preloading animations, 21 portfolio animations, 4 layout modes, 15 caption types and three portfolio pop-up types. That’s a lot of different stuff and it’s all brand new. And it still has the same great pre-made demo styles that can help you create a solid looking website for eCommerce, portfolios and blogs. The seam has one click installation, a powerful Page Builder and tons of theme options to keep your website looking great. It’s all user-friendly and simple to manage.

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Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro, Single Page Material Design WordPress Theme

Hestia Pro is a material design WordPress theme that we have highlighted in a handful of other collections, but this is where it really shines. Hestia Pro is a gorgeous one page layout with gorgeous, elegant style and attention-getting parallax scrolling. With the Hestia Pro WordPress theme, you also get access to WooCommerce, the most popular and easy to use, not to mention powerful, eCommerce cart for WordPress. Fine-tuning your websites look and feel as never been simpler, you’ll be able to customize your one page design and see those changes in real time. Adjusting colors, design details, fonts and more is a very straightforward task. This theme is fully compatible with all of the most popular page builders, that allows you ultimate flexibility in terms of your layout. This theme is certainly well worth considering if you need a great-looking one page website.

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Create, WordPress Responsive Single Page Theme

Create is a powerful theme at a very reasonable price.  With the SiteOrigin Page Builder, which is included in your download package, you can craft any sort of website you want, even a one page site that can really wow your audience.  Sometimes, all you need is a single page, so a theme like this is a great choice.  Create has a year of support, comes with Slider Revolution, there’s one click demo data import to give you any of the gorgeous layouts you see in the demo.  There are lots of portfolio layout options, hover effects, animations and more.  You can even use video backgrounds for making your site incredibly ‘sticky’ and engaging.  Google handles the fonts, which gives you a fast and simple way to create a site that you can really sink your teeth into.

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Fildisi, WordPress Premium, Responsive Single Page Business Theme

Fildisi was one of my favorite themes to come out in 2017 and it’s still among my favorites this year.  I guess I’m not alone, with over 1,000 sales and a perfect 5 star rating on ThemeForest, Fildisi is proving to be quite popular.  With Fildisi, you don’t just get a clean, corporate feeling website, there are multiple creative demo styles included, from portfolios to blog themes, SEO servieces to eCommerce shops.  That’s right, Fildisi now supports WooCommerce, the most popular and powerful shopping cart plugin for WordPress.  Now, the reason Fildisi is in this collection is that it works perfectly as a one page or single page web template.  There are several different demo styles to get your creative juices flowing and each of them is worth checking out.  What type of style do you want your website to have?  With Fildisi, any look and any feel for your website is well within reach.

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SCRN WordPress Single Page Theme

Scrn is a single page, parallax WordPress theme that has taken ThemeForest by storm.  With over 6000 sales and counting this theme has great support and a lot of features that have made it a really popular choice with web developers and WordPress beginners alike.  I guess there’s something to SCRN’s smooth scrolling parallax pages and the amazing looking portfolios you can build with ease.  promote your work.  Win friends and influence clients.  This one pager parallax theme is just what you’ve been looking for.

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Jacqueline, WordPress Single Page Theme

Boasting a beautiful design, premium features and high levels of functionality, Jacqueline is a well crafted WordPress massage center theme that could also work great for any sort of day spa, hair or makeup stylist website, beauty salon or other type of related website.  Jacqueline makes it very easy to promote your business, allowing you to grow your customer base, interact with them, take bookings online with the Booked plugin and WooCommerce makes it possible for you to sell goods and services on your website too.  It’s a great combination of features that make this premium spa theme a really great choice for any small business owner who wants a beautiful and professional website at a very reasonable cost.

With several demo layouts and easily imported demo content, you’ll be able to get your site online quickly.  If you’re not comfortable coding things, you’re in luck, Visual Composer is included so you can quickly adapt the theme to look just as you want it to look.  I love the powerful functionality that WooCommerce provides this theme, your online shopping experience is going to be second to none, no matter what type of product you want to sell.  Jacqueline is totally responsive, supports sticky menus, it’s retina ready too, so your images look great every time.  This theme offers a one page option, for those who don’t want to have a site with multiple pages, a nice idea for many salons or spas.  The powerful administrator’s panel makes editing and changing this theme a snap and with tons of custom features, it’s plain to see why Jacqueline is a popular choice for spa and salon owners around the world.

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Oshine Single Page WordPress Theme

The majority of websites use a multi-page structure to organize their content.  The benefits are pretty clear, more pages equals more content, more content means you can rank for more keywords.  That’s one way of going about building your online presence.  However, some sites don’t require multiple pages, they can get away with just one page.  If you have a product or service that is fairly limited in scope, these one page WordPress themes might help get the job done.  Oshine here is a theme that offers the best of both worlds, great looking multi-page setups along with a handful of powerful and attractive one-page designs.

Single page WordPress themes are getting to be quite popular these days and that means there are a lot of different options out there.  We’ve tried to find the absolute best one page WordPress themes for corporate websites, landing pages, freelancers, creative agencies and even some eCommerce sites and Oshine certainly fits that category.  It’s among the most popular and well liked themes around.  I think it’s definitely worth considering for your one page needs.

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One Page Pro

One Page Pro, WordPress Theme for Single Page Sites

For single page websites, One Page Pro is a dynamic and practical option with loads of user-friendly features and the ability to customize your website to have all the features, and the design, that you want.  One Page Pro is powered by the GoodLayers page builder, which is a very visual way to construct pages.  Considering you need to get the point across in just a single page, having all of the content blocks that the GoodLayers builder gives you is a real requirement.  One Page Pro works great for business sites, for eCommerce and for general information.  You can import any of the demo designs with just one click, you can adjust the look and the layout perfectly, there are a variety of header and footer styles and building your paghe with a diverse array of widgets.  This theme includes an advanced theme options panel, full support for WooCommerce and oodles more.

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