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WordPress Video Themes

Video is hugely popular and it’s getting bigger every single day.  Sites like YouTube haven’t been around all that long, Vimeo even less, but they’re wildly popular with millions of page views every day and massive amounts of content being created constantly.  For your website to cash in on part of that action, you’ll need a great WordPress video theme to help you get started.  We’ve found a whole bunch of incredible WordPress themes you’re going to absolutely love.

WordPress is obviously a great blogging platform but sometimes people forget how powerful it can be as a video blogging setup.  If you want to build a creative, engaging video portfolio to show off what you’ve made, if you want a delightful site for motion graphics, video or film productions, 3d and special effects, this is absolutely the place to be.  Thanks to WordPress’ ability to expand with addons and plugins, there’s practically nothing WordPress can’t do.  You want to build a site where folks can share their own videos?  It’s well within reach, assuming you select the right WordPress theme.

But where do you start to find that perfect video WordPress theme?  There are thousands available and selecting the right one can be difficult.  Have no feat, we’ve gone out and found the absolute best themes for video, film, motion graphics and animation too.  Every theme in this collection is perfectly responsive, adapting to whatever screen size your viewers choose to access your site.  The vast majority of these themes allow you to embed or self host videos, depending on your preferences.  We’ve tried to find a lot of themes that are BuddyPress ready as well, so you can build a whole community around video.  And what about membership functionality?  That’s certainly possible with BuddyPress themes, meaning you can even keep some videos behind a paywall.  So, no matter what your needs are, we’re hoping to find some incredible themes that perfectly work for whatever it is that you need.


SOHO WordPress Theme for Full Screen Videos

SOHO is a great looking full screen creative photography and video portfolio theme.  If you want an ideal way to promote your projects, one that loads up fast and looks great on all devices, one with pristine code and tons of features, SOHO should probably make your short list.  SOHO has several different aspects, some traditional and some pretty radically new.  SOHO has a full screen slider, you can add background images or video to your home page, there are gallery albums, masonry grid portfolios, an attractive ribbon gallery, there’s the portrait format, which is interesting, and a full screen blog.  The SOHO theme is powerful, it’s translation ready, color and font management are really straightforward.  SOHO has sold over 3,000 times, attesting to it’s popularity.  Support and documentation are really high quality  with the SOHO theme.

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Viseo WordPress Video Theme

Viseo is a highly respected WordPress theme for podcasts, for online series and entertainment.  So many people these days are getting into podcasting, whether it’s audio or video based, the format is getting huge and you can see that since this Viseo theme has been downloaded over 600 times so far.  If you’d like to get into the act and share programming about what interests you, Viseo could be a great theme to help get you started.  Of course, Viseo is easy to use, to customize and all that, but let’s talk about the important stuff.  Podcasts.  With Viseo, you can host video or audio files locally, you can lock them behind paywalls if you choose, accept payments through the eCommerce section and a whole lot more.  This Viseo theme is sort of like a little podcast studio in a box.

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Divi WordPress Video Portfolio Theme

Divi is a world class theme, an absolutely striking example of what’s possible with WordPress.  I’ve seen Divi used in about as many ways as possible but as a video portfolio, it really shines.  Video is important, it helps to get information into our brains a lot faster than any other sense and a website that harnesses the power of video is far more likely to attract and keep our attention than a website that doesn’t.  With Divi, from Elegant Themes, you’ll have one of the very best themes on the market with tons of flexibility and features, great support too.  There are thousands of people in the Divi community, many of them working to make this theme better every single day and that sheer amount of work really translates to a great experience for both blogger and reader.  For more portfolio WordPress themes, try our collection.  You’re definitely going to find something you enjoy there.

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Empire, WordPress Video and Portfolio Theme

MoonBear Themes has upped their ante with the invention of this Empire Theme. This theme boasts an elegant yet easy spin on the favorite portfolio site design for musicians, photographers, illustrators, and other folks in the artistic area. The theme’s founders supposed the theme for minimum panel or WordPress dash administration. It’s their target for the end user to focus more on their craft and allow the site do the job when showcasing their artwork.

Empire Theme is simple to use with a built in visual composer and webpage builder. As an end user, all you’ve got to perform is form your blog articles and upload your own photographs of your artwork and the theme will automatically produce sliders and design grids to display them.

The Empire Theme includes a minimalist design that will suit many creative people as it provides them free reign to the creation of an internet page that reflects their private brand or company.  The Empire Theme may also function as WordPress video theme should you want to show more of your content. Other characteristics included in the theme are: completely purely responsive layout, retina screen ready, built in Ajax contact kinds, prebuilt 404 pages, css3 animations, and FontAwesome icon collections.  Check out some more WordPress minimalist themes.

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Benson WordPress Video Portfolio Theme

Benson was originally conceived as a straight up photography portfolio, but the design is so good with landscape oriented images, I thought I’d include it here in this collection.  CSSIgniter always does a great job in designing their themes, the code, the actual layout, they’re all very carefully crafted to get a solid result.  Benson is certainly no exception to that rule.  Benson supports video and slideshows on all posts and pages, so if you’re promoting your skills as either videographer, photographer or cinematographer, Benson has the look, the feel you want.  Multiple portfolio styles help present your creations properly, you can absolute control over colors , Benson supports Jetpack and custom widgets are included too.  The Benson theme has a lot to offer and is absolutely worth checking into.

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Materialism WordPress Multimedia Video Agency Theme

Tesla Themes’ Materialism is a wonderful theme for using promotional videos to boost attention to your projects.  In fact, it’s not just a booster, it’s a rocket ship heading straight to the Moon!  This audacious little theme has a hyper-modern materialist style.  What’s materialism, you ask?  Don’t feel bad, I had to look it up too.  Materialism is a style that’s somewhat similar to flat or minimalist style, but there are often very, very small drop shadows behind elements.  Like, maybe 1 pixel or something.  The look and design is still clean, but there’s that hint of shadow.  Anyway, this material design theme lets you use video to promote your projects or products.  Oh yeah, this Materialism theme is WooCommerce compatible to set up a great looking shop.  If you’d like to see our full collection of minimalist WordPress themes, head on over, there’s a lot to look at.

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Wrap, WordPress Video Theme with Bootstrap Code

Wrap calls itself a cutting edge WordPress theme and that got me to thinking.  Since this is a movie theme, I’m thinking of a WordPress journey.  A feature filled adventure through jungles of buggy code, past raging rivers of bad design, through caverns of outdated plugins to the wonderful, serene glens of the Wrap theme.  I have no idea, I’m trying not to get bored writing, don’t judge me.  Wrap is a nice looking theme, it’s clean, it’s simple and I’ve found Tesla Themes really easy to deal with.  It’s simple but not too simple and I think there’s a lot to be said for that.

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Video Go YouTube Clone WordPress Blog Theme

VideoGo has five basic page layouts to choose from, giving you several pre-made options for creating a video magazine.  Not satisfied with that?  Okay, you can simply head to Visual Composer and make some new layouts.  Visual Composer is fairly easy to use, adds flexibility that a static site can’t and it’s really well liked.  Now, some may go overboard with their reliance on Visual Composer, but used in moderation, it’s just fine in my opinion.  Video Go has a sort of cross between a typical personal blog theme and a video magazine theme like, oh, I don’t know, maybe a YouTube?  It’s honestly not that much like YouTube, but it does have some hints of it.  If you are looking for personal blog WordPress themes, our full collection might have what you’re looking for.  For more general purpose themes, check out this collection of WordPress magazine themes.

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Vignette WordPress Theme with Video on the front page

My first love in the world was always film and video, at least in terms of creative pursuits. That’s why I’m always so excited to review a new video theme that has as many features and a stunning style as the Vignette WordPress theme has. Vignette is great for photographers, models and videographers, there’s a flexible homepage layout that gives you as many choices and options as you could possibly want, there are four different types of layouts for each image or video gallery. That allows you to display your content in a unique way that perfectly fits what you envision. Vignette support’s jetpack, a powerful and free plug-in that works for users who want intense levels of customization, to Monitor and analyze web traffic, who want to present mobile friendly content and add a lot of high performance tools to make their website work perfectly. This SEO optimized theme comes with premium quality support, regular updates and one click 10 of the data import. The documentation is extensive and it is compatible with all the major plugins and Page Builder add-ons that you could possibly want.

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The Motion

The Motion WordPress Business Promo Video Theme

If you’ve been looking for a very professional and adaptable WordPress theme to showcase your videos, this Vignette theme is a very solid option.  Vignette is a responsive portfolio theme that can help present your posts in a professional manner.  Vignette has a flexible homepage layout which can either showcase a featured image or featured video.  Options, for to choose from in total, and each of your image or video galleries is going to look amazing. The same support jetpack and all of the cool features that come along with that. You can customize almost anything you want to with this WordPress theme and the custom widgets help your page load very quickly. With a powerful admin panel, you have complete control over every aspect of your website. Just click a radio button to turn elements on or off, add your logo, change background images and so much more. This theme is also highly SEO optimized and that helps you rank in the search engines whether it’s being or Yahoo or, the big daddy, Google.

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Vlog Personal Video Blog Podcast Magazine

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that v-log is a video blog and magazine theme. You may be surprised at just how highly rated this template is though. With over 3000 sales so far and I nearly perfect rating of 4.95, this is among the most popular video blog themes available. It’s perfect for video tutorials, sharing viral videos and video blogging as well. This template is completely compatible with the Neo, Dailymotion as well as YouTube. If you want to share video that you host yourself, that’s certainly a possibility as well. I think that the log could be a stunning website for video podcasts, though it would work just as well with audio podcasts. The same process works for both, you can self host or in bed audio from a player like SoundCloud. There are 200 different post layouts the theme is optimized for Speed and it is a smart and flexible template that I think is absolutely worth consideration.

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Direkuta WordPress Video Portfolio Theme

Direkuta is a web template for film directors, video portfolios and it’s a unique way to show off both your work and your personality.  Direkuta could work well for a director or actor’s portfolio, a showreel, a sort of resume for any or all folks in the movie business.  Responsive and completely creative, Direkuta is a Bootstrap coded theme that’s integrates perfectly with all sorts of social media, keeping you in contact with your loyal fans and probably helping you to build a few new ones.  You really won’t see another thing like this one. Each section is designed to be unique and present your content in a slightly different way. For video portfolios, acting reels, directors show reels and personal portfolios, this responsive and well-crafted, flexible and dynamic theme is a great place to start.

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Reel Story

Reel Story GPL Licensed WordPress Theme

This is Reel Story, a premium WordPress video theme that was created for videographers, cinematographers and other video makers who want to publish their content in an attractive and stylish way.  Reel Story is perfectly responsive, so your posts and pages look amazing on each and every device.  Reel Story allows for a wide range of customization too, with almost infinite color and font choices, making your site very appealing for your visitors, whether you’re embedding videos or self hosting them.  Themefuse is great in terms of support, so you should feel pretty confident about this theme, even if you’re new to WordPress or have customization issues that go beyond the routine changes that most folks make.  When it comes to simple, attractive WordPress themes, few beat the work of ThemeFuse. And if you’re looking for a video theme, you’re definitely going to want to look at this theme, which is called Reel Story. Made for video blogs and portfolios, this theme has the right blend of simple looks and tons of features. It’s easy to see why it’s been one of the most popular video portfolio themes for quite some time now.  Here are some more WordPress portfolio themes you might enjoy.

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Viduze WordPress video Magazine themes

Viduze is a classicly built video magazine theme that’s fit for sharing the latest news about just about any topic.  From travel to world news, sports to local interest stories, Viduze has the fun and fresh style to go with all the bells and whistles you could possibly want from a video theme.  Viduze is a premium magazine theme that does more than just serve as a video platform, it can be used as an eCommerce store, a BuddyPress community and social media page too.  With Bootstrap code and responsive design, Viduze looks fantastic on all kinds of computers and handheld devices.  This SEO friendly theme has an SEO control panel built in, helping your pages rank as high as possible in the search engines.  Viduze supports iFrame, so you can post videos to other sites and embed them in your posts.  No matter whether it’s YouTube, Vimeo or Daily Motion, the process is the same.  But, if you want to self host your videos, that’s a simple task as well.  There’s really nothing that Viduze can’t handle.

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Ananke WordPress Video Portfolio themes

Ananke is a modern one page parallax WordPress theme that’s got a ton of possibilities for showcasing moving images, video and more.  This theme was designed with video in mind and it shows, seems like everything is in motion with this theme.  It’s not just the parallax scrolling effect, but video backgrounds, video in lots of other places too.  For creative portfolios, design agencies, motion graphic designers and photographers, Ananke does a lot of work to make your projects look incredible.  Ananke is responsive, so folks can access your work on mobile devices and since the latest version came out in July of 2018, it’s completely up to date with the most recent version of WordPress.  Ananke is simple to install and customize and I think you’re really going to love the one page design as well as the built in page builder to help you craft any type of layout you want.  The theme options panel is robust, but not intimidating.  It’s really easy to get started and make some incredible customizations with the Ananke theme.  One last thing, there are rave reviews about the support offered by the developer OceanThemes, so I think you can purchase this theme with confidence.

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KonCept WordPress Portfolio and Video Theme

Krown themes presents KonCept, a minimalist portfolio theme that is meant to help make your content really stand out from the crowd.  KonTent has a very modular design, based around a lovely and well organized masonry grid design.  KonCept is packed with features too, they just added WooCommerce support in one of the recent updates, and it’s more powerful than ever since it’s most recent update a few months ago.  KonCept has proven to be popular with over 4,000 downloads and a sparkling 4.71 rating on ThemeForest.  You can use this stunning portfolio theme for any kind of creative content, though I’m recommending it as a video portfolio first and foremost.  KonCept is totally responsive, which I believe is a key factor for video portfolio sites.  More and more people are downloading and watching video every day and a growing number are doing that on their smart phones or tablet devices.  As we go forward, responsiveness is going to grow in importance, so now might be the time to upgrade your video site to handle that mobile traffic.  Here’s our collection of WordPress WooCommerce themes to peruse.

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Joker Photography and Videography Full Screen Theme for WordPress

The Joker WordPress theme is a photography and video portfolio that uses the full width of the page 2 develop a really striking first impression that is really going to make the most of your content. Joker is a theme that has been around a couple years now, and it’s gotten quite a positive response from everyone who has purchased it. So far, it’s been sold over 400 times and has a perfect five star rating. It’s easy to see why, this theme has a distinct design that is overflowing with features, it’s highly adaptable and it reinvents what WordPress video themes are all about. This responsive theme has 13 pre to find home page layouts that can maximize the impact of your images, videos and posts. There are great portfolios, masonry portfolios as well as the full screen video background and fullscreen image styles. For a clean and creative video blog website, Joker is a professional and stylish option.

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Circle Filmmaker Studio WordPress Video theme

This theme is called Circle, it’s suitable for Creative agencies, film studios, actors or directors, bloggers and magazines. In short, this template is great for anyone who wants to Showcase high quality video on their website. Whether you choose to self host your video clips or embed them from a website like Vimeo or YouTube, you will get a great-looking result that helps attract new customers and keep them entertained. There are multiple different demo styles in this multi-purpose video template, 7 different home pages to be exact. Each one has an amazing design and responsive and feature Field layout. There are even more inner pages to keep everyone happy, this SEO ready theme has plenty of documentation and great support as well. With a drag-and-drop page builder, you’ll have no troubles assembling a website that looks just like you wanted to look and has every feature you could possibly imagine.

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Goodwin WordPress Photography and Video Portfolio Theme

Goodwin is a well-organized and well coordinated WordPress photography theme that does just as well for showcasing your video portfolio. If you’d like to present your video or multimedia content in a forceful and positive way, you probably need a great-looking theme like Goodwin. It’s a perfect blend of form and functionality, simple to use and simple to customize, but it doesn’t mean that this theme isn’t incredibly powerful. There are all sorts of add-ons and plugins that you can integrate with Goodwin to really make it shine. This is a creative and modern theme that works just as well for videographers as photographers. The full screen layout is a great way for creative folks who want to present their content to the public with a style that is anything but drab and boring, your camera work will look sparkling with the Goodwin WordPress theme.

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Moview WordPress Movie and Video Community Theme

MovieW is a really quite a unique little WordPress theme, let me explain.  This theme is all about displaying videos, whether they’re self hosted or embedded.  That’s not what makes it different though, there are a lot of themes on this list that can do that.  What sets this theme apart from the others is it’s abilities to allow you to create a fantastic online community based on film and video.  That’s right, MovieW is a BuddyPress community theme that allows for maximum connection for movie lovers who want to come to your website to learn and connect with other film lovers.  If you want to create a website that’s similar to IMDB, Rotten Tomaties, CinemaBlend or others, this theme is certainly worth considering.  For movie reviews, forums, television show reviews an more, MovieW gives you access to all the needed tools to get the job done.  It even supports WooCommerce, so you could sell products with it as well.  There are news feeds, movie spotlights, celebrity biography sections and plenty more in this full featured video template for WordPress.

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Drone Media

Drone Media WordPress Videography Theme

Drone Media is a really cool theme, it’s built for aerial photography and videography businesses. This Drone Media theme is modern and functional, it concludes several unique short codes and visual composer to help you build a great-looking website. With this theme, you got a fully responsive design, a Gutenberg compatible template to start making Gutenberg ready Pages almost right off the bat.

This is a fresh and stylish theme that is about a trendy topic, drone videos. Aerial photography has been around for decades, but it’s getting more and more common with the advent of drones. High-quality cameras can be affixed to these drones and you can take some pretty amazing aerial footage to promote real estate, shoot music videos, for corporate presentations and camera operating services.

Whatever you feel like changing can be done in the easy to use admin panel and the handy built-in customizer. If you’d like your website to look just like the demo site, you can use the one click. Boom! It’s done just like that.

This template is SEO friendly, it loads up incredibly fast, there is a multitude of short codes included and no matter what language you’re Target demographic, you can easily translate this theme into any language. Drone Media is compatible with mega menu, sticky menus are also supported, there are Parallax background effects, customizable Google Maps and the typography is handled by Google itself, which is always a popular choice, thanks to the large number of free fonts available to help customize the look of your website.

I think that this theme is probably the first of its kind. I haven’t seen any themes out there that are specifically about drone footage and that’s a pretty cool thing. I really get into you Drone footage of my own town, there’s some really lovely stuff out there and I think that it’s a pretty neat way to see the world from a bit of a new perspective. If you would like your visitors to see your company from a new perspective, perhaps a high-quality WordPress theme like Drone Media could be just the ticket.

For more themes that are all about video, check out our collection of multimedia WordPress themes.  You’re certainly going to find something you love in that collection.

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Moview WordPress Movie and Video Community Theme

Soledad is one of the most popular and highest quality WordPress themes available. When I saw that they had developed a video portfolio or Video magazine demo, I knew that I had to include it in this collection. Considering the fact that they have over 4,000 different home page demo Styles, it’s not surprising that they’ve dedicated quite a number of those Dana to promoting videos. With a nearly perfect 4.88 rating on ThemeForest, over 15,000 total sales, this is certainly one of the most popular and best selling WordPress themes ever. With its most recent update, it’s bigger, faster and easier to use than ever. This is the number one selling magazine a Blog theme of the year and it has been the best seller since its release in late 2015. With support for Gutenberg and incredible speed optimizations, this team has all the modern touches you need to create a fantastic looking website to promote self hosted or embedded videos.

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Attitude, WordPress Multimedia Video Portfolio Theme

Attitude is a multimedia portfolio with an impressive array of multimedia options. The steam was created with artists in mind, particularly paying attention to work of videographers. Video is certainly popular, and it has been for quite some time, but it’s getting even more popular lately. With the rise of smartphones with built-in HD video cameras, you’re seeing more and more video content everywhere. Video can help you attract attention and that can be important. Video can be a great marketing tool and if you’d like a theme that can do more than just serve as a portfolio, attitude might be a great starting point. This theme is search engine optimized, clean and well coated, fully commented and valid HTML and CSS or also part of what this theme offers. There’s extensive documentation and multiple different post formats and portfolio styles. This is a great team for video and has been ever since its release.

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Video Touch

Video Touch Front End Video Submission Web template

This theme, which happens to be called Video Touch, is a truly good method, geared toward allowing one to develop video site that is incredibly buzzworthy with front end submissions so your audience can submit their very own videos.  Maybe even some of them go viral. Pretty cool, right? That is flexibility which makes it possible for you to host whatever you need. The cool looking layout is unique and progressive too, with clean design and powerful features not found in several of the low end topics. Video Touch has a drag and drop layout builder contained so you can craft any sort of layout you desire. Add menus in a variety of places, be sure your logo is right where you need it, add more and content areas. Therefore it is mobile friendly on display sizes and all modern apparatus video Touch also allows for infinite color schemes, it is completely and totally purely responsive. Easy to utilize for both front and back end users.

Video Touch WP theme is also WooCommerce ready, with several options for packaged, a carousel, masonry or standard layout, complete width or columns along with a lot more. This retina template that is prepared is certainly one to consider in the event you’re looking for among the best multimedia display themes available on the market.e market.

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News Tube

News Tube Video Theme Youtube Clone

If you’ve been searching for a perfect magazine for video heavy websites, NewsTube could be the solution you’ve been looking for. This template comes with several different theme layouts and has plenty of theme options to keep everyone happy. No matter which website you want to host video, Vimeo or Dailymotion, YouTube or even self-hosted, News Tube makes it easy. This theme has been around for a few years now and they’ve really worked out all the kinks. It’s a perfect solution for a content focused website where video is the primary means of communication. There are unlimited theme layout variations, dozens of different short codes and theme options, multiple page posts, video features, channels, playlist, advertisements and even front-end submissions. If you’re running a subscription-based website, News Tube makes it easy to monetize your content. I think that you’re certain to find at least one layout and style that perfectly fits with your needs.

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VideoTube WordPress You Tube Clone Theme

The VideoTube WordPress theme gives you everything you need to craft a full-featured video blog, news magazine or viral video website.  This theme has a clean style that lends itself perfectly to any sort of video related website.  With clean code and tons of features, VideoTube lets you self host video clips or embed them from sites like YouTube or, Hulu, DailyMotion or Vimeo.  You’ll even be able to give your viewers the ability to upload their own videos to your site, adding to the fun.  It’s a full-fledged peer feedback system that encourages interaction.  Pretty neat, right?  With a responsive design and a highly widgetized home page, styling your page will be incredibly simple to do.  Video posts have like buttons and view counts, you can easily swap out the theme colors and create a whole new look and feel for your website.  Considering how important connecting with your audience, really engaging them with your content, this theme has a lot of features that can make your job a whole lot easier.

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Viem Bold WordPress Video Portfolio an Magazine Theme

This WordPress video theme is called Viem and I believe it to be one of the more attractive, bold WordPress video themes come along in quite some time. I really enjoyed the variety of different styles that this game offers. There is a beauty shop homepage, a cooking blog for video recipe creation, a viral video magazine style as well as the standard home pages. If that’s what you’re into.

There are plenty of different video styles to choose from which makes a website that looks exactly like you wanted to look. There are plenty of key features included with the Via WordPress theme like responsive design, retina ready display, one click demo import, Advanced header options, SEO optimization, thousand plus icons, a handy and Powerful administrator panel for making edits, translation ready files and a lot more. If you want to collect and share videos online the Viem might be for you.

This is one of the standard layouts for the Viem WordPress theme.  It’s flat and well organized, I think it makes for a really nice video blog and video aggregator site.

Viem Video Slider wordpress theme

And this one is for having fun, a viral video magazine that is all about funny and eye-catching video clips.

Viem Viral Video Magazine Theme

If you want to broadcast your videos all around the world, this theme can help get that accomplished as well. Viem uses the popular delete video player plug-in, which is modern and responsive, fully customizable and beautiful. This theme supports video advertisements, embedded or self-hosted videos, and Google driver videos too. YouTube 360 VR and YouTube live streaming and a whold lot more. You can play video from any Amazon server too, if you’d like to do that. Amazon S3 and Amazon Clive Drive Cloud Drive videos are supported. There are eight Unique Home Page advertising supported for pre-roll, mid-roll or post roll ads.

I think all things considered, this theme is a pretty good choice for a WordPress video theme.

I notice doesn’t have a great rating on, Dawn Themes, is relatively new to the scene. I think they have a few bugs to work out before I can fully recommend the same, but it does look good and I think there are enough features that make it a solid WordPress video thing.

If you’d like to see the other, perhaps better, WordPress video themes, then take a look at our full collection which has many of the best premium video themes around.

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Moview WordPress Filmmaking Community Theme

If you’ve always wanted a website that’s sort of similar to IMDB, the internet movie database, or maybe Rolling Stone magazine, Cinema Blend or even TMDB, you’re in luck.  This is the theme you’ve been waiting for.  Oh yeah, it’s also great for movie reviews too, which means Rotten Tomatoes or NDTV Movies are websites you can emulate with Moview.  Celebrity sites can use MovieW too, as well as movie trailer blogs, movie reviews site and a lot more.  With BuddyPress and bbPress, you can add a slick looking forum for memners to discuss any kind of topic, as long as it’s film and video related.  Using MovieW theme, you can build a massive database of movies and reviews, whether they’re new releases or something from the Classics aisle in the movie store.

Not that there’s a classics aisle left, but you get my point.

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Video Pro

VideoPro WordPress Youtube Clone Theme

VideoPro is a feature-rich WordPress theme that’s absolutely dedicated to video, this isn’t some theme that’s been repurposed from a typical portfolio or blog theme, it’s been designed from the ground up as a completely responsive video theme for video sites, news & magazine sites or any type of sites that you can imagine that depend on offering high quality video, whether it’s self hosted or streaming from Vimeo or Youtube.  What subject matter your site is about, well that’s up to you.  The professional design, layout and clean, modern style lends itself to a wide variety of purposes, like news magazines, political videos, games, news, movies and entertainment and plenty more.  VideoPro is now fully integrated with BuddyPress too, so you can craft a solid online community around your videos.  Pretty handy.

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WordPress Music Theme Superstar

This is Superstar, which is meant to be a theme for musicians, bands, DJs and others in the music industry, though it’s just as good for video projects.  There are dedicated video pages, portfolios and the Superstar theme is even WooCommerce ready for creating an online store to sell products.  Easy to set up, easy to configure, this theme also comes equipped with Visual Composer as well as Revolution Slider.  Clean, modern and perfect for musicians of all sorts.  Have a look below.

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SlimVideo WordPress Theme

SlimVideo is just what it sounds like, a lightweight, easy to use and powerful video theme.  Aesthetically, SlimVideo is somewhat generic, though a lot of people are looking for that in a WordPress theme. But don’t worry if you don’t love the design, you can switch it up as much as you want.  SlimVideo is totally flexible in it’s design.  Play HD videos that you’ve hosted yourself, or from a video site like Youtube, like Vimeo or like Daily Motion.

This Slimvideo WordPress video blog, journal, periodical, magazine or newspaper theme is easy to use, well designed, beautiful, modern and engaging as it is fresh, clean, strong, well made and feature filled. The design is modern, sleek, crisp, fashionable and elegant and it has many amazing features.  With this theme you’ll get a bunch of superb functions like multiple responsive layouts, support for many advanced plugins, beautiful, functional design, front end video submissions and incredible support and documentation. This multimedia WordPress theme is modern, powerful, simple to use, dynamic and flexible for any sort of video magazine, video website, viral site, video blog or entertainment blog. You have the ability to embed clips from the biggest sites like Hulu, Netflix, Daily Motion, Youtube or Vimeo or host your own video files.

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Attitude, WordPress Video Portfolio Multimedia Theme

Attitude is a portfolio style WP theme and I think it can be a sweet way for business owners to get themselves an incredible looking, functional portfolio page put in place immediately.   Attitude has it going on and I think what it’s best for, ultimately, is a video portfolio template.  The basic layout of this great WordPress theme is incredibly simple and everyone will love their visit, because the user experience is incredible.  Look at that attitude!  This almost unbelievably simple and awesome theme is full of A1 qualities that make Attitude look great on all devices, since it’s perfectly responsive.  Attitude has that SEO optimization, it’s easy to change up colors, swap out sidebars and plenty more.  For creative folks who want to spend more time creating and less time fiddling with the back end of their website, Attitude is a great choice.

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Orion Press

Orion Press WordPress Animation Theme

The Orion Press Theme, made by WP Galaxy, is a specially designed theme for those who want to build a news and magazine type of website. The theme’s main feature is its responsive and retina display ready design. As a magazine theme, the Orion Press Theme also includes .mo and .po translation files. This way, any user can easily translate the theme’s headers without having to modify php files.

The Orion Press Theme also includes an automatic page builder called Visual Composer. This allows you to easily create post layouts by just selecting from a list of options found in the Orion Press Theme’s dashboard. Other features includes are: seven different built-in shortcodes, drag and drop page builder, footer style options, Taygem Review System Plugin, sticky navigation menus, Google Web Fonts, built-in Related Posts plugin, full screen backgrounds, customized social media widgets, different page and post layouts, different media post formats, different page templates, different drop-down menu options, Google analytics compatibility, layered PSDs, and different color options.

As a premium WordPress magazine theme, Orion Press will help showcase your news and blog updates while maintaining a clean and well-curated site design. This theme is compatible to major web browsers and is updated up to the latest version of WordPress.

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Pure Photo

Pure Photo WordPress Artist's Image Gallery Themes

Pure is a flexible and user friendly video blog, video portfolio and creative agency theme for WordPress.  If you want a theme with tons of options for layout, a graceful and beautiful style to make your images or videos look the best they can look and a rich user experience, then Pure is a theme to consider.  I really like that their support is said to be among the best around and another thing, Pure is even WooCommerce ready if you need to sell products.

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Avada Single Page Full Screen Tech Startup WP Theme

Avada is definitely the most popular WordPress theme on the market and now it supports a video slider, which is the version shown above.  This theme is incredible, the level of detail is amazing and it’s so flexible, there’s nothing it can’t do.  Possibly that is why Avada is incredibly widely used.  Check it out.  Avada provides various features which make it suitable for virtually any internet website. Pick from one of many amazing and helpful sliders, outstanding and functional headers, copious fascinating and properly organized image variations, include a feature packed and impressive eCommerce market as well as other capabilities.  This truly mesmerizing theme does just about everything extremely well and it’s stunning and remarkable too.

With the Fusion Builder, one can create any smartly-designed and wonderful configuration imaginable. Fusion Builder is a lot more than a webpage builder, it’s a highly effective design program to allow you to create the absolute best webpage you are able to.  Having this amount of assorted options to pick from, you could be puzzled at first, but Avada is conveniently simple to get going.  Great for beginners.  There are plenty of incredible styles and variations you are able to construct, blog post types, portfolio page styles and various other elements are also remarkably modifiable. There are lots of preferences and features that it’s not hard to understand exactly why Avada is the most preferred WordPress theme.

Demonstation web sites display Avada’s miraculous usefulness as a digital photography portfolio, vintage shop, landing page, new and innovative retail store, gym, tech online community, church, restaurant, travel blog, design blog, artistic shop, law company, webhost, architectural structures company, lodging and resort, life style or another handy, amazing type of site. That’s an excellent breakdown that stresses the many captivating ways you can use Avada. Also, you will find these demo websites may be rapidly and without problems installed to enable you to get started off fast and cheap. And, it’s a matter of modifying your site’s distinct layout.  The theme offers incredible levels of support and documentation to go along with the remarkable design and style, so it’s perfect for beginners and WordPress experts too.

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Kentha, WordPress Theme for Bands and Musicians

This theme is Kentha, a music and video theme that offers a high powered and smooth running video background, works with all the major video players, allows self hosted videos and more.  Responsive, easy to customize, mobile friendly and well designed, Kentha is a theme that Podcasters are going to love with a unique skip function, custom tracklists for videos and music files.  One great feature is the Kentha Ajax page load, that allows you to continue playing audio or video even when you change pages.  How frustrating is it when you accidentally click on something and have to go back to find your place later.  Hey, this feature is going to really help your readers, viewers and listeners to find what they want on your site while enjoying your content.

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Primero, Old School Video Blog Theme

Primero wants to be the first thing you think of when you think of a video-centric blog template.  I do like the design, but it’s very specific, maybe not to everybody’s taste.  Primero is a blog that isn’t *just* about videos though, you can use it as a great looking standard blog with photos and a lot of text.  Three featured sliders are included for variety, there are four navigation styles, video documentation is included and with the detailed help file, you should be able to solve any issues you could possibly run into using Primero.

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VideoTube Filmmaker's YouTube Clone Theme

Would you like to collect and share your favorite videos on your very own website?  Want to create a sort of desktop broadcasting company?  With VideoTube, it’s all possible.  With the ability to host your own videos or embed them from a site like YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, DailyMotion or even SoundCloud for audio.  Videotube makes it all effortless too, you can share your videos on social media, you can invite feedback from peers with Videotube’s built in like system and it’s user-friendly and simple to customize the front page design as well.  Collect and share videos from all around the world.  Thumbnails are automatically generated for fast uploading.

This VideoTube theme offers loads of outstanding elements you’ll love, including powerful theme options, fantastic support, a great responsive design, multiple layout variations and front end user posting. This theme is gorgeous, feature filled, flexible, sleek and unique for any sort of Vblog, tutorials website, news or entertainment site, video news magazine or video journal. You may embed videos from video sites like Vimeo, Netflix, Hulu, Youtube or Daily Motion or host your own video files.  This video periodical, newspaper, journal, magazine or blog theme is modern, well designed, engaging, easy to use and beautiful as it is feature filled, strong, well made, clean and fresh. The design is fashionable, modern, sleek, crisp and elegant and it has many great features.

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Video Fly, WordPress Video Blog and Magazine Theme

VideoFly is a great video theme that includes front end submissions.  Created by touchsize, one of the best theme makers around and all they do is create premium quality themes.  VideoFly is a high quality and aesthetically pleasing theme, it’s well supported and highly respected by those who have purchased this theme. As for front end submissions, not every theme does that, so it’s a wonderful way to expand the content you have on your website. There are unlimited page layouts, unlimited footer and header layouts and every one of them is gorgeous.

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No Limits

No Limits, Video Blogger WordPress Theme

NoLimits is based on Twitter Bootstrap code, meaning it’s fast and flexible, with unique customization options to help make your videos look incredible.  Pro-level SEO, beautiful layouts, this theme is one of the best video landing pages around and it’s completely responsive too.  There are even parallax background effects for maximizing your site’s creativity.  If you want a fast loading theme that can showcase a single landing page style video, this might be the one for you.

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Motive, Lovely WordPress Multipurpose Portfolio Theme

I love the Motive WordPress theme for any sort of video project, I’m thinking you may too.  With a bold, fullscreen style and plenty of features, Motive helps present your video and multimedia content in a creative and attractive way.  Motive is created by Tesla Themes, who are among the best theme develeopers around, so I highly recommend them.  Motive is based on the Tesla Framework too, it’s rock solid and responsive, fast loading and bloat free.  Tesla Themes has ensured that all of their themes work perfectly with all the major plugins, so you can use WooCommerce, help your SEO efforts with Yoast SEO or all in one, depending on what flavor you prefer.  So, what do you think of Motive?  It’s not a really traditional video portfolio theme, but I think it could work great for many types of websites.

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Viduze WordPress video Magazine themes

This is Viduze, a well built, well styled, simple to navigate and easy to customize video magazine theme for WordPress.  Any kind of journal, magazine, newspaper or blog will look great with Viduze.  This theme is really easy to use, well designed, it has clean code, it’s modern, engaging and beautiful.  How can one theme do all that?  Well, it’s fresh, strong, clean, well made and feature filled, that’s how.  Features like iFrame support, WooCommerce and more.  The responsive design of Viduze is very trendy, the features on the back end are simple to use, it’s a cool, refreshing and easy way to display any sort of multimedia content.  The navigation is very straightforward and the list of features is comprehensive.

This theme offers you a great deal of fabulous options you’ll enjoy, like multiple responsive layouts, SEO optimization, great documentation and fantastic support, featured, popular and recent videos, multiple colors and fonts and powerful, flexible theme options that let you make this site your own, separating it from other sites that might be using the same theme. Viduze theme is sleek, unique, BuddyPress ready, it’s flexible and gorgeous for any sort of video blog, magazine, video sharing page, video tutorial site or entertainment blog. You really can build an entire social network around the videos on your site, whether it’s gaming, movies, music videos, sports highlights…you name it.  Viduze allows you to embed clips from all of the major sites like Hulu, Vimeo, Youtube or Daily Motion or host your own videos.

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Inspiro, Artistic Video Blogging WordPress Theme

Inspiro, by WPZoom, is the height of simplicity.  If you want a basic looking, easy to use theme that’s built specifically for video promotion, then you have to have a look at Inspiro.

Whether you need a website for an up-and-coming corporation, a nonprofit organization, your own freelance design work or a personal gallery page, the Inspiro WordPress theme can deliver an ideal solution that fulfills your unique needs beautifully. The professional structure and highly appealing aesthetic make the end result simply stunning, but the work it takes to get to that point is so easy you might not believe you can achieve it.

No code knowledge is required since Inspiro comes packaged complete with the premium Visual Customizer and Dynamic Homepage Builder plug-ins that allow anyone to create appealing layouts and eye-catching designs upon the powerful ZOOM framework.

Neat deal.

All of these offer highly intuitive options so they are very easy to use no matter what type of design you want to end up with. Just some of the options possible with Inspiro include full control over background graphics, color schemes, company logos and included photos.

There are both premade page layouts and the opportunity to build your own structure with ease. Include a gallery of artwork or photographs and even build an online store with functional and secure shopping pages. No matter what your purpose for building an online platform, the Inspiro WordPress theme can help you achieve your goals with inspired style.

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Seppo Corporate One Page WordPress Theme

This is Seppo!  What’s a Seppo, you ask?  Well, I just looked it up.

I’m really hoping that the developer of this theme is Finnish. You know, from Finland? Not like a finish line, like the Finnish people. My auto-correct just will not go back and correct that first mistake. I’ll have to take care of that myself.

Anyway, I like to look up what these themes mean when I review them, and I had no idea what the word Seppo means. Get ready for a journey down the rabbit hole.

In Finland, Seppo means ‘smith’ or a skillful person. Like a blacksmith, silversmith, or a gunsmith.  Not like the band The Smiths.  You get the picture, right? It’s a mark of quality and distinction, a real compliment to the name holder.  Seppo is a very common given name in Finland and was particularly popular in the the 1940s and 1950s. So, yeah, it’s the same as Smith in English.  Anyway, that’s what it means in Finland.

But it does not mean that everywhere.

In Australia, it’s rhyming slang. Up to this point, I didn’t actually know that Australians did rhyming slang like the English too. Anyway, Seppo is short for septic tank, which rhymes with Yank, which is an America. So, Seppo is a nickname for Americans using a comparison to a septic tank.

Hey, you know what Australia, screw you too, buddy!

Just kidding, I love Australia, they’ve done nothing wrong to me.

Back to Seppo, it’s a basic and creative WordPress option for digital and creative agencies. I think that one thing this template has going for it, it’s colorful and bold, it offers one page design and it is totally responsive. If you’re looking for a clean, multi-purpose one page business theme, I think that it could do the trick. I’m not in love with the fact that there is nothing particularly creative about it. It’s a lot like a lot of other themes and it relies heavily on Revolution slider, where have I read that before, and any of one of them number of different page builder plugins. Of course it works with any one of a number of page builder plugins, everything works with any one of a number of page builder plugins. I don’t really think that that’s much of a mark of distinction these days, just working with page builder plugin.

Meh, I just don’t think there’s much to recommend here.  It’s not enough of anything and it’s going to get lost in the shuffle, I’m afraid.

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Whether you’re self hosting or even embedding video in your website, you can WordPress to make a tremendous impact on your readers.  Since mobile devices are all the rage (smart phones and tablets) along with ultra-cheap data plans and cheaply priced video-cameras that have the ability to shoot high-quality, HD video, more and more folks are creating and consuming video every day.  Whether you’re into funny cat videos, tutorials, travelogues or news, video is king.  To get millions of hits on Youtube or even your site, you don’t need an expensive set up with thousands of dollars of gear.  An Android or the latest iPhone and a cheap or free editing set-up are all you need.  Oh yeah, and a great WordPress video theme to help show it off.  There’s a lot of competition out there, so it can be tough to stand out from the crowd, but a powerful and well designed video WordPress theme can help even the playing field and bring your videos to the masses.  So, here you go, the best WordPress video themes on the planet.

WordPress: it’s obvious that this is the absolute best platform for crafting a website that’s all about videos. No matter whether you’re trying to build an online portfolio to showcase all of your amazing digital creations, or you’re trying to develop a website with memberships and protected video clips and content, everything in this comprehensive collection of themes is perfectly crafted to help make the job easy and fun.

With WordPress and it’s massive amount of add-ons, plugins, extensions and options, creating the perfect video website for sharing video content, something like YouTube or Vimeo, even allowing for front end submissions so your visitors can help create content for you. It doesn’t matter one bit, any type of video site you can imagine, from promoting your film to showing the latest news, it’s all at your fingertips. But to take full advantage of what WordPress has to offer, you need to select the perfect option.

We’ve gone out and found an amazing collection of perfectly responsive, mobile friendly, feature filled themes that ensure your mobile visitors get the same great experience that visitors get on a traditional desktop or laptop browser. When you’re looking for the best WordPress video themes, it’s critical to look for a few key features to help make your site really jump off the screen. Look for the ability to self host and embed video clips, so you can integrate YouTube clips right in your posts. If you’d prefer to control what advertisements are shown, then embedding may be the option you’re looking for.