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Bitz WordPress Journal Theme

This is Bitz.  What do you think?

Bitz is a WordPress theme that wants you to ReDiscover publishing. That seems like a grandiose thing to say, let’s see if the theme itself is up to its bold projections about how good it is. This theme was originally released on December 4th of 2015. That’s quite a bit of time that it’s past, a lot of themes that have been on the market that long don’t stand the test of time. This one has been downloaded over 900 times so far and it has a very respectable rating of just over 4.7 out of 5 Stars. So, it looks like the people who have purchased this theme still believe in it, even after over 4 years.  For more magazine themes, check this collection out.

Now with this WordPress theme, you get a front and back-end visual Builder, allowing you to see changes that you make to your website instantly. You can add or remove, modify and switch up content blocks and elements. This allows you to see, as I already mentioned, what your sight will look like in real time. Best of all, it does this even with mobile sites, allowing you to see how your website will look on a smartphone or other handheld device.

In terms of style, you can style each and every category to have his own look, that’s something that bloggers I’ve really been crying out for lately. There are half a dozen different hairstyles and several footer Styles as well. The article blocks are really stylish and attractive, giving you a perfect platform for your content.

In terms of theme options, the theme options panel is smart and has plenty of built-in theme options, letting you modify the design and features of your website with just a few clicks. You won’t even have to know how to code to make the most of those features. There is a built-in reviews system, and Rich Snippets are also enabled for those reviews. Your readings can break down with Dynamic Fields, automatic average rating calculations, good, dad and Baseline reviews. This reviews system has a little something for everyone. You can show your posts with a post time format, there are sticky sidebar and sticky header options and even image filters for your images. This is something that not all online Journal templates offer.

Bitz, Magazine and Journal Theme for WordPress

If the Bitz WordPress theme is not perfect for your needs, we have a wide range of fantastic WordPress Journal themes that could fit the bill. Have a look at those and let us know if you see something that you really love. We would love to see how any of these themes look for your website.

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