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Bready, WordPress Bakery Theme



Bready Bakery Theme for WordPress

If you are hungry for a WordPress Bakery theme, Feast your eyes on this. Brady perfectly fits the bakery and cake maker niche with a sweet, delicious and elegant style. You’re going to want to eat up every visual crumb of this high quality Bakery template, it is captivating to look at and even better in terms of its performance. This theme is lightweight and Incredibly fast. Building a stunning website without any sort of coding knowledge is well within your grasp with this template. You get three different home page designs, a well appointed and attractive shop page, product details Pages, many order form, an about us page and a contact page. That is just the beginning of what makes this theme so perfect for bakeries. 

Also, cupcakes.  Why?  Because cupcakes.

Actually, I may have to take a lot of this back. As I’m going through the promotional page for Brady, I can’t help but notice how many different typos there are in the graphics. They have managed to miss spell the word product, the word other and they have even managed to call their theme by the wrong name.

To me, that’s pretty poor start.

If you can’t get these small details right, how can I trust you to build a high-quality template? And why would I give you $59 just to try to find out whether or not you’re as bad at coding as you are as felon? On the other hand, the theme does look great, so if you are the trusting sort or you have a bit of coding experience yourself, you can make the most of this template by making it a little bit better in terms of the code.

Bready, WordPress Bakery Theme

Well this theme is geared toward bakeries mainly, meaning that you might want to take a look at this collection of WordPress Bakery themes. It also could pull off double duty as a coffee shop WordPress theme. We have collections for both of these product lines, something to think about. Hopefully you can find something that you really enjoy and one or more of our collections.

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