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Builder, Responsive MultiPurpose Bootstrap Theme for WordPress

September 18, 2018


Checking in with one of the most expensive price tags I’ve ever seen, $200, Builder better bring the features, the design and the all-around awesomeness like few others.  In fact, the only theme I can think of that’s more than this one is called Pile, which runs $225 per license.  Pile is maybe worth it, at least it’s close.  We’ll have to see about Builder.

So, what do you get for your $200?

Well, for one thing, you get a theme that has recently been re-built from the ground up.  A complete revival of the original theme we reveiwed over a year ago.  They’ve added tons of new features that will hopefully justify that hefty price tag.  It’s still based on Bootstrap, which is good.  Bootstrap themes tend to load up fast and look good too.

The support is 24/7/365, which is nice.  Who knows when and where you’ll be if things suddenly need to be fixed on your site.  Anything can happen and it usually does.  So, that’s a big checkbox in the ‘recommend’ category.

Builder is responsive, which should go without saying, it’s also retina ready.  WooCommerce is totally supported, meaning you can build a fancy WordPress web store of your own.  One negative, this theme is now built on Visual Composer, which is a lame copout and a terrible, bloated and un-fun plugin that I don’t like.

But to make this an insult sandwich, here are some more great things about builder.  Multiple blog styles, multiple portfolio styles.  Unlimited colors and sidebars too.  Demo data is included for rapid deployment of your new site.  There are a pair of boxed layouts and a pair of widescreen layouts.  Three bold home page styles and a lot more.

Builder is still a great theme, but I worry that that value just isn’t there at a $200 price tag.

So, I decided to check this theme out on Pingdom to see how fast it loaded.  Not great results.

tools.pingdom.com-Website speed test

The performance grade is great, meaning they’ve properly set things up in terms of caching, minimizing redirects and all that, but 119 requests?  A load time over 12 seconds?  That’s horrible and for a page that’s only 2.1 MB, that’s really, really slow.

I blame Visual Composer.

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