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Casa Royale WordPress Real Estate Theme

You know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in France? Of course you do, they call it a Royale with cheese. This theme is not exactly a Royale with cheese, but it is named CasaRoyal. I think that is supposed to mean Royal House, even though it doesn’t really. Royal house would be Casa Real?

I think. My Spanish is a little bit rusty. Funny story, I took Spanish in college and one time young lady got caught cheating on the final exam. It was the most drama I ever saw in any class that I ever took. Hopefully things worked out for her, but I don’t believe that she passed that particular class. Haha. When you cheat on the final, that’s probably going to happen.

At any rate, this theme is a solid option for those of you who are looking for any high quality real estate theme options. With WooCommerce and a simple, clean Design, This theme is great for all kinds of businesses. It’s a real estate any Marketplace team with a simple to manage front end dashboard, Google Maps integration and advanced search forms. Really, it’s got all of the things that you need to develop a successful real estate business site.

casaRoyal - Real Estate WordPress Theme

We are still working on building our collection of WordPress real estate themes, so we have nothing to actually link to at this point. Just like all of our collections, you will find dozens of high-quality real estate themes once we launch it. In the meantime, you’ll just have to be contented with the hundreds of themes that we have reviewed so far on Templified.

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