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WordPress Theme Collections

Another Collection of Incredible Parallax WordPress Themes

Parallax scrolling themes are still an amazingly cool way to build an awesome website.  That’s why we created this collection of WordPress parallax themes to help get you started. To set your website apart from the regular old design the competition is probably utilizing. A nicely designed parallax WordPress theme can keep people engaged and that contributes to a fantastic user experience which Google seems to appreciate. It makes sense also, these parallax themes are truly eye-catching! Nowadays, we live in a world in which more and more sites tend to look very much the same, so a new parallax theme for WordPress permits you to brand your website at a completely distinctive parallax manner, all of the while showcasing your portfolio, eCommerce shop, magazine website or blog in a fresh manner.

We all know you’ll like them that make it incredibly Easy to design and generate a parallax brand new WP site quite fast! Parallax WordPress Themes are a super-sweet method for designers and salespeople to create themselves a beautiful and beneficial WP parallax set up immediately. Nonus does that and more. I bet you will agree, the basic layout and design of the wonderful theme is very good and everybody is going to have a good time with their time on your site. This almost unbelievably easy and capable WP theme is crawling with wicked-good capabilities. This WP parallax theme is a fantastic way for businesses to have a gorgeous online parallax page made with ease. The simple look of the theme is quite exquisite and your viewers will have a good time with their trip. This very simple and enjoyable and ultimate theme is cram packed with fabulous qualities. Nonus is fun. We all know you will like them that make it effortless to build a parallax new website fast! It’s clear, a gorgeous WordPress parallax theme with ultimate features is a fantastic way to really go for your site.

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Perhaps a Fantastic new theme with All the characteristics that make it incredibly easy to design and generate a parallax new website in virtually no time? A nicely designed WordPress parallax theme is a fantastic way for designers and salespeople to get themselves a mind boggling and appealing parallax page constructed easily. The whole attributes and design of this amazing looking theme is totally amazing and everybody who visits will probably have a great time with their trip to your website. This incredibly easy and capable theme is stuffed with some excellent things WordPress parallax themes may be an excellent way for everybody to have an amazing WordPress parallax made right out of the box. Pulsar fits the bill. I think the fundamental design of this theme is very fairly and everyone is going to have a fantastic time with their experience. This simple and enjoyable and strong theme is crawling with some of the most epic tools. They are cool! That ensure it is clear and easy to start a parallax website on the first attempt!

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It’s safe to mention a good parallax WordPress theme with tops components Is a amazing way to go. This could be a distinctive and enjoyable blog theme, a professional looking corporate page or an wonderful portfolio site, all with amazing parallax design. Mercurial has the capability to be a very fun, well rounded theme, no matter what business you are in. We know you will like them that make it almost unbelievably easy to design and generate a parallax site with virtually no problems! The very best WordPress parallax themes an superb means for designers and salespeople to get themselves a functional and inspiring WP parallax set up right from the box. The simple layout and design of this WordPress theme is extremely fun and all your visitors will have a good time with their time on your website. This very straightforward and feature rich theme is completely packed with unrivaled components Parallax design WP themes are sometimes a rewarding way for freelancers and businesses to generate a professional looking parallax page made fast. The complete features and layout of the fantastic theme is quite well-crafted and all your visitors will appreciate their time on your website. This simple and good WordPress theme is packed with some very amazing items. They’re astounding! that makes it painless to create a parallax brand new page in no time flat style! I believe that it’s true a beautiful WordPress parallax theme with some of the most amazing attributes is an amazing pick for your website. Parallax WordPress themes are among the most beautiful tactic to a website useful and attractive?

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Blox is a monster. We think that a good-looking WordPress parallax theme With some incredible components is a perfect road to shoot. A gigantic, feature rich and gorgeous theme, a true WordPress portfolio theme for creatives. Blox was created so you could showcase your work without any distractions. Blox is about you and your job. Each portfolio, and you can create as many as you need, is its own”block” of coolness which will features your design work, audio, video, photography or all the aforementioned. We know you’ll enjoy them which make it rather simple to design and generate a parallax new website fast! WordPress parallax themes are a remarkably pleasing approach to a online site beneficial and attractive.

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Of All of the parallax wordpress themes on this list, Expression has just one Of the most fascinating designs and layout attributes. Parallax wordpress templates are hot at the moment, because they’re exceptional in design and they have got features that really make your website look professional and cool. If you’re trying to find a parallax wp theme, then this one could be excellent for your site. It doesn’t matter what market you’re in , this is one of the best parallax themes of all 2014. Expression may be called a next-generation WordPress business and portfolio theme. Expression provides you the ability to demonstrate your prospective customers and customers what sets you apart from the contest, a fantastic eye for design. Parallax WordPress themes are a tremendously wonderful strategy to your site useful and exceptional.  This theme is in our collection of WordPress woocommerce themes too.

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907 is a parallax scrolling wordpress theme that has a fun design and Lots of cool features and choices. 907 matches the bill. Parallax WordPress templates have never seemed so good. WordPress parallax themes are an immensely intriguing alternative to your WordPress site fun and incredible.

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I said it first came out, Ego is one of the best WordPress parallax themes of 2014. I thought it then and I still believe it now, revisiting this theme a few months down the line. Ego has a sleek one page parallax design that jumps off the page with style and sass. WordPress parallax themes are an incredibly pleasurable strategy to your WordPress site exciting and pretty. This would be ideal for a freelancer or small design company who requires a WordPress theme with passion and impact that really drives potential clients wild. Impress them with Ego and your portfolio will look totally magnificent.

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WordPress parallax design themes are a terrifically wonderful Alternative To a website magnificent and impressive. SimpleKey is a 1 page parallax wordpress theme that is HTML5 ready, 100% 100% responsive and features simple shortcodes, truly advanced theme options, a personalization panel for every single page section, sample data (my favorite!) Plus a whole lot more. Simplekey is a multipurpose theme, but that doesn’t actually do it justice. Simplekey is much more than that. SimpleKey is an impressive multipurpose only page WordPress application developer theme. SimpleKey was created as an program sales page, even so it will align with everyone who’d like to present their own portfolios or maybe establish their organization services. In case you’re an iPhone or perhaps an Andriod APP developer, you might also employ this theme for your APP products intro, or maybe you can simply use it to your day daily blogging and site-building.

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Zig Zag

WordPress parallax themes are one of the most interesting approach to Your WordPress website fascinating and magnificent. Zig Zag is a parallax theme for wordpress that’s likely to knock your socks off using beautiful features and a really fantastic look. Parallax themes are extremely popular today and there are a great deal of new themes that just don’t meet the hype. ZigZag has been around the block and it’s still among the best parallax portfolio themes we’ve seen. Any sort of designer will profit from this incredible design.

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Nature is a creative, green themed responsive one page WordPress theme with parallax style Made so that ad agencies, freelance designers and web developers can show off their wares with style and substance. If your organization is doing the whole’green business’ thing, Nature is a great theme to pick. WordPress parallax themes are an exceptionally pleasing way to an internet site entertaining and stunning. I think that it’s true a functional and fun parallax WordPress theme with superb items is a perfect alternative for you. This parallax scroller is current with the latest coding and it’s below the radar enough that it you wont have a thousand other folks using the same theme. That’s nice.

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Eivissa Is one of those wordpress parallax themes that’s a really modern single page template, perfectly well suited as a wordpress parallax theme along with a personal portfolio site. Eivissa is also strong enough and has sufficient amazing attributes, to accommodate just about any sort of parallax usage. Like most parallax wordpress themes, Eivissa includes a powerful options panel, so you can simply create tweaks and improvements to your site over time. Loads of options doesn’t do it justice. It’s got thousands of alternatives, but it never feels overpowering. WordPress parallax themes are a remarkably fantastic option to your WordPress site useful and amazing. It’s clear, an amazing parallax WordPress theme with supreme tools is a picture perfect thing to do.

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Parallax themes for WordPress have hit a new height with’Reversal’, This one is somewhat different however: it scrolls horizontally. Additionally, it is responsive, so it is going to look great on every device, every time you get a new visitor. This parallax wordpress theme compresses all of the latest, best coding, like CSS and Javascript, so this website loads up in cheetah-speed. This assists with the SERP’s, that’s for certain. WordPress parallax themes are an especially wonderful approach to a website thrilling and elegant. We believe a handsome and trendy WordPress parallax theme with some quite excellent tools is a great selection for your website.

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Jarvis is a classic in the making. I think it’s true a near perfect Parallax WordPress theme with unrivaled things is a wonderful choice for you. Parallax WordPress themes are a highly amusing approach to your site engaging and extraordinary. This parallax WordPress theme could be seen on a lot of leading sites on the internet, but you might not notice straight away. That is because this parallax theme is truly customizable, so that each site constructed with Jarvis will look completely different. I have employed this theme and I think it really looks great and it is easy to use. To get a parallax WordPress theme, that is crucial and you can count on Jarvis working right the first time.

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Hi, I’m awesome. I am one of those WordPress parallax themes you’ve Heard so much about. I am packed with functionality and features you may expect to find only in a theme that costs two times as much. But nope, I like to maintain my parallax goodness in the reach of everyone. Parallax WordPress themes are an exceptionally fun approach to your WordPress site appealing and refined. I’ve got a notion that I would be perfect for any company, or individual, who desires a WordPress parallax theme that looks great and functions better. That is how I roll.

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WordPress parallax themes are an extremely fun method to an internet Nash is very highly rated on ThemeForest, so you know that you can count on the code and also the support to be top-notch. It is clear, a grand parallax WordPress theme with perfect things is a ideal way to go for your website.

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WordPress parallax themes are a Really pleasurable alternative to a Site Amazing and useful. Argo is a straightforward and robust WP parallax theme is completely full of first-class features along with a cool flat/metro layout. That’s why it’s in our collection of WordPress flat themes.  A top WordPress parallax theme like Argo, may be a superb way for anyone and everyone to create themselves a professional one page parallax wordpress theme set up very quickly. I bet you’ll agree that the fundamental features and layout of this theme is totally tasteful and your potential customers will have a excellent time with their expertise. This almost unbelievably simple and cool parallax WordPress theme is loaded with nothing but the best. We all know you will like that Argo is a snap to set a brand new parallax WordPress website in a few moments! It is safe to mention a perfect WordPress parallax theme with A-1 ingredients is a picture perfect road to take.

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Fancy! It is clear, a magical WordPress parallax theme with A1 Attributes is a wonderful alternative for you. Well, they’re astounding! Panes makes it simple and fun, not to mention profitable, to create a parallax WordPress site really fast! It requires less than an hour, really, from begin to finish. A WordPress parallax theme is an excellent means for everybody you know to concoct an expert WP parallax website that really gets attention, appearing and reacting only how you need it to. Parallax WordPress themes are an exceedingly pleasing approach to your WordPress website intriguing and incredible.

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I think it’s accurate a charming parallax WordPress theme with a few of The very amazing resources is a fantastic choice for your site. Proxy includes a widgetized homepage, so you can easily edit and re-imagine your website’s design. That makes it rather straightforward to get the specific look you have in mind to your parallax page. Enable individual blocks, disable them also. Add more content blocks. Remove some if you want. It’s up to you, what you really need to do. That is fun! WordPress parallax themes are a rather entertaining solution to an internet site beneficial and exceptional.

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Hybrid An internet site amazing and amazing. 2014 has noticed a real rise in parallax WordPress ththemesnd it has brought us’Hybrid’, a dynamic and enjoyable parallax theme with responsive design and the most recent design look. Hybrid makes it possible to establish an online portfolio, a company presentation or resume with a single page parallax theme design and functionality like a jet airplane. This theme has numerous features, you need to have a look to believe it.

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Parallax WordPress portfolios come in a wide variety of styles and Aesthetic appearance. And the features may vary widely too, so it is best to find a theme that offers a whole lot of what you want. If you want a parallax WP theme with a drag and drop gallery, full screen slider, a practical and filterable masonry portfolio, CSS cartoon effects and parallax scrolling, Surreal could be a fantastic fit for you. Surreal is one of the oldest and most reliable Parallax themes on ThemeForest and the service is incredible, so that you are able to purchase this theme with high confidence. Parallax WordPress themes are a terrifically fun tactic to a blog intriguing and gorgeous.

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Renova Is a 100% responsive parallax one page portfolio theme with the capability to be a multi-page theme too. Renova is well-known for it’s flat style design, strong set of shortcodes, it a really distinctive feature called the management aware gallery. So cool, critically, check the demonstration and scroll down over the gallery things. Cool, right? How impressed arare? your visitors goare goingo be? Anyhow, Renova is among the most unique parallax themes I have seen yet. WordPress parallax themes are an incredibly exciting approach to your site impressive and exceptional.


Candy Is a flat style, one webpage parallax portfolio theme with a minimalist design, features like 100% responsive layout, tacky navigation, HTML5/CSS3 code, Revolution Slider plus a lot more! Candy also comprises the PSD files, which means that you may adjust things in the layout if you truly need to. Parallax WordPress themes are probably the most delightful strategy to a website fantastic and amazing.

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Me Ever to appear on ThemeForest and it has got some hot parallax activity too. That is a mouthful. Well, should you need to get your job in front of as many audiences as possible and give them all a great first impression, ” is a great theme for the job. Parallax WordPress themes are an incredibly fantastic tactic to your web-site alluring and beautiful.

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Clean, contemporary and refined. Themes are an amazing method for enterprises to create an awe-inspiring WP portfolio website quickly. Lazy loading alert! This theme loads fast! The features and layout of this fantastic WordPress theme is quite appealing and everyone who sees it will like their experience. This very simple and powerful WordPress parallax portfolio theme is stuffed up with among the best features that make it easy and painless to look for a portfolio WordPress site really quickly! WordPress parallax themes are a highly enjoyable method that will your WordPress site enthralling and brilliant.

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It’s a top-selling theme on ThemeForest, A simple fact that I’d venture might have something to do with the fact the theme is extremely customizable. Parallax WordPress themes are an incredibly exciting approach that will your website enthralling and exceptional. Display just about any services or work with a anut of sight looking single page website. Assessing out pages with parallax scrolling sections is fantastic and also a real eye-catcher your potential customers can enjoy. This theme is a anbsolutely perfect one page scrolling parallax theme for creative layout folks that would like to show their best projects in a fantastic new way. This cool brand new template will absolutely dazzle everybody with its trendy parallax animated sequences and adjustments that produce your website feel and act incredibly natural. The built in portfolio page is really very powerful and can be simply filtered by using only a small number of clicks.

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Kronos Is a lovely small one page parallax portfolio theme and I think graphic or web designers will adore this theme to display their portfolio. Even if you’re a photographer, an illustrator or a small business, it still great. Kronos includes a flat parallax style that is really trending upward right now. WordPress parallax themes are an extremely wonderful way for you to your WordPress website pleasant and impressive.

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Retro Is a one page parallax portfolio theme with a cool and enjoyable vintage look. A parallax portfolio theme? That is’THE’ retro portfolio theme. Retro Portfolio has a wide range of CSS3 effects, a handy lightbox for embedding your multimedia or video files, free permit for Nivo Slider, Ajax contact form and far more. PSD files included and I’ve heard the admin panel for customization of this parallax winner is among the finest in the organization. Parallax WordPress themes are a particularly amusing method to your WordPress website alluring and lovely.

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Xiara Parallax WordPress themes are an enormously exciting procedure to a website engaging and amazing. Impressive and one of the higest for parallax design templates. I guess it is due to the trendy layout, the simple to use customization panels and the 100% responsive design. Could be the Revolution Slider too. There’s a lot to pick from.

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WordPress parallax themes are a profoundly enjoyable strategy that Will a website thrilling and spectacular. It is clear, well crafted WordPress parallax theme with some excellent resources is a great selection for you.
MicroPage is a simple and daring parallax WordPress theme, with clean and modern lines, bold features along with a dedicated service team who are ready, willing and able to help you with any issues that arise. Flexibility is really a strength with MicroPage, you may use the page-builder to construct just about anything you want. This is similar to the world’s coolest lego collection. Build anything!


Bravo It is obviousa fun WordPress parallax theme with wicked-good features and tools is the perfect choice. WordPress parallax themes are one of the most exciting means to your website amazing and breathtaking. But if you would like to be all conventional and stuff. The parallax effects are optional, but I think they’re especially cool in this theme and design. Two headers, retina ready layout and custom widgets make this theme a real hit. It is clear, a candy looking WordPress parallax theme with unrivaled features is a wonderful way to go for you.

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This tidy and Contemporary parallax WP theme, called Vernum, is an easy And contemporary approach to an age old problem: how do I create the best user experience I can and showcase my content in an enjoyable and interesting way? Vernum is a superb solution. It is modern, it’s clean, it’s stylish and strong. Vevernum is what you need in a theme and it’s got incredible support too, just in case you run into problems setting up the theme or you want to customize it. I think it’s accurate a grand WordPress parallax theme with dreamy characteristics is a perfect selection for you. WordPress parallax themes are a terrifically fun way to an internet site intriguing and beautiful.

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The enjoyable fashion and clean, crisp layout makes Fade one of the best But everyone can use it. It’s just that simple. I think nearly anybody could take this layout and make it something special, no matter what type of website. Is it easy to use? Oh yeah. WordPress parallax themes are an especially entertaining method to your site attractive and attractive.

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Make You’Make’. Make is a 100% responsive and retina ready theme for businesses, corporations, nonprofits and more. If you’re a business or a freelancer, then Make could be a great selection for obtaining a parallax design at a fraction of the price of hiring a full time designer to make one from scratch. Oh yeah, Bootstrap helps. WordPress parallax themes are an especially excellent strategy to your site satisfying and stunning.


WordPress parallax themes are a particularly pleasurable method that Will your WordPress site attractive and gorgeous. has made’Parallax’ theme to actually make the most of two of the most popular trends in WordPress template layout: parallax scrolling and only page layout. You can showcase your products and services with trendy fly in elements, scrolling that’s as smooth and slippery as an eel and this theme has a really gorgeous layout with intelligent use of social networking. The design is divine. Not surprising, since it is from Themify.

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Vertex Light possible. I think that it works. That may be an understatement. This parallax WordPress template is nicely crafted, with a great deal of shorshort codeso help you create the website of your dreams. If you are a service provide, Vertex can assist you in making the first impression you need to make to help sell your merchandise and services. It provides a very clear call to action and it’s really built to convert your traffic into sales. As it’s lively Themes, the code is pristine and the updates and also the tech-support is unparalleled. Unparallelled parallax. Watch what I did there?It’s obvious, an unbelievable WordPress parallax theme with superior features and tools is an excellent choice for you.

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Swag Parallax WooCommerce theme? Now I’ve seen everything! WooCommerce parallax themes provide a the best choice platform to market any sorts of products on a very simple website. No matter what what type goods you would like to flaunt, WooCommerce is a powerful plug in to earn money very fast! If You’ve come in search of a cothe cool new WooCommerce salesheme, this specific theme might be a fantastic alternative. This is incredibly simplistic to set up a new WooCommerce shop and it’s cheap too. You can be sure that your potential clients will enjoy their shopping experience on your page, and that’s because this powerful and beautiful theme has precisely right support and it is incredibly well designed.WordPress parallax themes are an exceptionally exciting approach to a web page entertaining and charming. Evo believes a lovely and gifted WordPress parallax theme with unquestionably perfect attributes is a amanzing alternative.

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Live is definitely one of its type when it comes to amazing parallax scrolling effects, as well as HTML5 and AJAX, this theme is absolutely among the best themes out there on the industry. Live is a staggeringly distinctive and interactive innovative parallax theme with infinite foreground + background parallax layers on a completely responsive layout built using Bootstrap frame version 2.3. The parallax layers may have unlimited vertical in addition to horizontal scroll impact! The 100% responsive layout is 100% stable and tested on all mobile devices such as iOS mobile devices, Windows Phone and Android. We prompromise, layout won’t break on mobile devices. Parallax WordPress themes are a remarkably fantastic way to your website amazing and good-looking.

Passage Is an astonishing and terrific way for designers and freelancers to have a trendy WordPress parallax setup fast. You want to discuss attributes? Let us talk attributes. This straightforward to use and amazing WP theme is chock full of some of the greatest features that make it easy and painless to construct a parallax new website with no major hassles! Tons of modular design choices. Lots of pre-defined parallax scrolling looks. Page animations to help keep your readers engaged throughout their entire trip. Parallax effects, 100% responsive design, drop down menus, multiple sidebars and even more imply that the whole layout of the wonderful theme is completely charming and everyone will have a excellent time with their visit to your webpage. Find out more about Passage below. Parallax WordPress themes are a remarkably fantastic solution to your website thrilling and impressive.

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WordPress Theme Collections

One Page Themes for Portfolios, eCommerce and Blogs


Get ready to get a 1 page WordPress theme with an enormously powerful, extensive and high-reaching layout. This theme is protected, extensive and all-purpose. Monaco was closely constructed to be an extremely functional, visually 100% responsive WordPress decorative multiconcept template. The evolution process was painstaking, this theme was created with the best care and upkeep, to help produce an outstanding user experience. This helps to allow site owners of any knowledge or ability level to be successful. It is possible to quickly and with amazing simplicity, produce the best, most advanced and helpful personal blog site about. Does not matter the appearance , old-fashioned or classic type internet pages of absolutely any sort of market will appear amazing. To achieve this, Monaco is really granted an powerful set of resources, characteristics, plugins and options that can make page constructing and page styling really quickly, saving you far more time to conduct your company. That is a Actuality.

In the built in Visual Composer drag-n-drop page builder into the sleek Revolution Slider premium excellent plugin, along with real, comprehensive ready made WooCommerce integration, Monaco is a totally full-featured classic or classic designed theme, using a single page and multiple options, attractive Parallax segments for producing an amazing, unforgettable user experience in addition to the most straightforward layout and design with the most extensive documentation you may use to completely get the maximum from Monaco in the start.


Chocolate is just plain pleasure. It is sweet but not overly sweet. It is enjoyable, but it knows just how to find the task finished. It is amazing, but it is not crazy. You have the idea. Candy seems great on all apparatus, since it’s 100% responsive. The flat style design does not get in the way of your articles along with also the portfolio pages are really well designed, which means that your articles is always front and centre.


Half Creative is a fresh and minimalist page theme that will be fantastic as a creative website, a company site or possibly a creative portfolio. That is multipurpose for you. HalfCreative is one page theme that’s quite optimized for good SEO, it is super-fast loading, as a result of lazy loading of pictures along with the built in css/javascript compression installment.


X is a strong and dynamic theme for WordPress, entirely capable of assisting you to craft a gorgeous and beautiful single page theme providing accurate impact and an out of the world user experience. X is seen as the very in-demand, strong, unique and beautifully designed WordPress theme in the marketplace nowadays, yet those luminous terms can’t go far enough in communicating that which might be achievable with this lively theme. The unbelievable X theme is extremely fashionable for many different issues, let us check out several. This effective theme is completely fluid, lively and 100% responsive, enables one to alter the fabulous typography readily, guarantees clean controller, is fantastic if you would like to earn single page websites and lots more amazing capabilities.

You will shape lovely project portfolios and it is really eCommerce ready to retail, excellent products utilizing the world wide web. This ultra strong in addition to wonderful WP theme is remarkably flexible in design, allows you assign especially made background graphics or patterns and much more. X provides you with an wonderful consumer experience in addition to an excellent admin experience also, since it is exceptionally designed to seem lovely on any apparatus and also remarkably straightforward to customize to operate exactly like you want it to seem. X comes equipped with the 100% free and robust Cornerstone web-page builder and it is a convenient, user friendly, quick web page builder which makes it quite simple to design an online website that appears exactly how you want it to look in addition to provides all the numerous incredible elements you want. Assuming you chance to be a newcomer with using WordPress, this might be a really practical feature to supply, for why the layout is completely developed in the webpage builder, so you won’t have to understand how to write any code to find an attractive and productive internet enterprise.

Installation Folio

Installation Folio is a superbly professional, businesslike theme to display your portfolio. This wonderful portfolio theme is adaptable, packed with features, magnificent, trustworthy and simple to use, it is solidly coded, flexible and feature packed, excellent for promotion businesses, photography fans, designers, boutique design services or advertising businesses. Selecting a top excellent theme can truly help you produce an excellent first impression. If you would like to use a strong plugin to craft a stunning site, you must think about the elastic, simple to use drag-and-drop webpage builder WordPress plugin, Visual Composer.

The Visual Composer plugin operates with all the Significant third party plugins such as Contact Type 7, equally Gravity and Ninja Types, WooCommerce, Revolution or Layer Sliders and Vital Grid. That helps create this wonderful multi-purpose theme quite, very elastic. You will love the elevated levels of compatibility, so that it’s user friendly, the sensible price, the assortment of strong features and the adaptability to earn any type of web site. Popular features include the heaps of articles components, simple to use front end editor, incredible service, enormous template library and completely 100% responsive layout, and more.

Quickstep is a minimum design single page WordPress theme which has lately added a great deal of features that are popular. With already over 2500 earnings on ThemeForest, you are aware that it has to be quite great. It is 100% responsive, using CSS3 code, and it is also quite simple to personalize this theme to fit your requirements.


Kronos isn’t among those aliens in the Simpsons. It is a tidy, smartly designed solitary page WordPress theme that has been constructed with photographers, designers, artists and creative services in your mind. Your portfolios will really pop off the display together with the appealing flat style layout and smart 100% responsive design.  For more of the best one page themes, check this out.


Oshine enables website owners to genuinely explore the options of energetic, appealing and attention-grabbing WordPress theme site construction. A number of designs work nicely for numerous functions regardless of what business or market your site signifies. Oshine can help you glow whether your interests are classic corporate, artist gallery-driven, big or small, dynamic or static or whatever in between. Powerful customization choices can construct one-page websites with ease but won’t shirk from enormous multi-page authority websites . On top of that, each component, structure, design or alternative can be contained with zero comprehension of design or code.

Begin using one of those Oshine WP theme’s pre-made demonstration pages if you would like to accelerate the process and start your website now. Or have a little more time and make totally special pages using brilliant and dynamic elements like parallax scrolling headers, different stylistically page names, multiple desktop types and much more. Everything works together to make a professionally-designed, appealing and extremely functional set of webpages. Oshine utilizes a bespoke site builder system which delivers drag and drop design creation. Multiple slider choices such as Full Screen, Carousel and Master Slider create lively characteristics which appear amazing and communicate a feeling of style to each visitor. Build confidence and draw more attention than rivals using all the Oshine WordPress theme.


Retro has that classic layout, together with a well created one page design, making this the most common retro-style WordPress theme available on the marketplace. Retro Portfolio is cross browser compatible, simple to use with a very powerful management panel, and it’s extensive documentation to produce the learning curve quite simple. That is fun and convenient.


Well, Xiara has got it. This 100% responsive one page parallax theme is actually user friendly, provides a fantastic user experience and contains the sorts of alternatives which may simply make this last theme you are ever going to purchase.


Display off any merchandise or services that are popular using a boss appearing 100% responsive one page parallax site. Vernum’s obtained parallax scrolling segments is shirts and may be a very cool feature anyone will approve of. This theme is the ideal parallax design theme for innovative designers that wish to exhibit their finest projects in a very fresh, novel method. Vernum will dazzle all your visitors with its sleek animations and animations which produce your new site act absolutely obviously. The pre-made portfolio segment is easy and structurally sound and might be just customized by using only a couple of mouse clicks.


Well, that sort of narrows down exactly what this one does, does not it? Parallax is cool at the moment and this is really a 1 page theme that will really catch the attention of your customers. It is possible to construct any number of parallax pages to showcase your own job and impress people with the candy animations that come along with it.

The Moon WordPress theme supplies a special and ultimately creative choice for designing a web site which captures visitor focus at first glance and backs up their attention with the most intuitive and modern components which enable you to display your articles beautifully. The backend programming is present, correct and strong enough to deal with all customizations and whichever choices chosen from the vast and versatile selection contained. The Moon excels in the plan of websites built on just 1 page which promote scrolling beyond creative and innovative components but also offers lots of chances for multi-page authority websites which need unique constructions to best highlight articles.

Whether you would like a personal website at a cunning and personable style of a multi-page powerhouse to get a large-sized corporation, The Moon WP theme could enlarge to match your particular requirements. The glossy aesthetic, elegance and multitude of design options can allow you to create whatever appearance suits your own purposes. Plenty of attributes can be contained with simplicity from an intuitive rear administrative control panel. For ultimate versatility and the capability to interpret one WordPress theme into a large choice of diverse site kinds, The Moon provides all you want to get up and running quickly.


Enjoyable and consumer friendly parallax layout. And because it is from Elegant Themes, it is dependable and endorsed with a whole lot of support should you encounter issues. This can be quite handy. 1 page themes like Vertex could be quite flexible, so don’t be concerned about outgrowing this theme also fast. It provides a great deal of flexibility to adapt and grow along with your site farther down the road.


Passage is a sleek and flash WordPress theme with a huge quantity of pleasure and professionalism packaged together. Passage could be amazing for start-up, modern technology organizations or perhaps layout companies. Passage will impress your customers with a top of the line fashion. Passage comes right with a whole lot of wonderful features, such as a 100% responsive layout, custom made history images and more!

Enormous Dynamic

The Enormous Dynamic theme for WordPress sites steals the show as a one-page website builder using its many innovative, contemporary and strong components and attributes. The administrative backend of the theme provides even the latest non-coder the chance to construct and restructure polished and professional sites easily. Massive Dynamic comes packaged with numerous addons to assist. Visual Composer assists with designs. Add to Any along with other addons all united to make one of the very user friendly interfaces around. Over 70 customized shortcodes can alter settings, add components like animated icons with only a simple copy and paste.

The fully 100% responsive sites created with the Enormous Dynamic WP theme look polished and professional about any display. No recent elements of flashy site design were abandoned. Visitors will marvel at the remarkable technology exhibited from the very aesthetically pleasing format . Content will convert easily when showcased on this impressive platform. Massive Dynamic is completely incorporated with Notification Center, which combines e-commerce options, portfolio management and new blog posts, along with also the load-time-friendly Progressive Image Loading to show what a visitor needs every moment.


Produce is functions easily with WooCommerce and may have you up and running using a brand new online store in a couple of clicks. Produce comes bundled with Revolution slider also it supports infinite widget places, pricing tables also provides the choice for a complete width or boxed design. Your portfolio pages will look fantastic also with filtering cartoons, blot effects and Ajax loading which give off a genuinely premium appearance and feel. We adore this one as a 1 pager theme, but if you do need to use it like a multi page site template, Create permits you to customize every page with articles, webpages and projects each using a slightly different appearance, such as custom menus, headers, footers and much more.


A 1 page WordPress theme is an amazing selection for a good online website. Stuffing a great deal of amazing types of configuration to definitely demonstrate your own information. Goddess is produced to continue, suited to some portfolio, private wordpress blog or perhaps a company web page. I love WordPress themes with presentation data contained and this is one of these. 1 page theme, 1 page presentation data!


To get a visually arresting and lively site, the Cosonix WordPress theme provides more capacities in personalization and interactivity compared to a number of other choices. Consistently dependable and technologically powerful, the web pages constructed on this theme can emphasize any company’s or person’s images, video or text content regardless of what business they’re involved in. The energy behind its programming and the many functions offered for imagination won’t ever let you down. Cosonix theme provides proper structure and professionalism for all businesses such as companies, travel agencies, lawyers, medical and dental offices, but any sort of little or midsize companies may use it to good effect.

Even in the event that you understand no coding or growth methods, Cosonix will help you make the ideal platform to lure consumers to purchase, phone or stop in. The pro Visual Composer plugin comes packed and completely integrated with this theme. If you don’t need to use among those professionally pre-made template designs from this box, then you can use this plugin to drag and drop widgets or website elements into position. Cosonix also includes AJAX/PHP contact type work and MailChimp mailing list handler. These attributes can allow you to get started building that all-important mailing list once you start your site.


Sites with just a single page are incredibly popular nowadays, but they do pose a exceptional problem for those that have a great deal of articles to be exhibited. You would like to produce a well-organize and user friendly website where guests will feel comfortable and can get all of the information or entertainment they desire. Brooklyn solves these problems by providing a very intuitive admin control panel loaded with features. There are numerous pre-made designs to select from, an array of customization options, and the most recent design in parallax scroll capacity.

These features and much more have produced the Brooklyn WP theme among the very well-known buys around the ThemeForest website from 2013 to 2015. Regardless of what business you’re involved in — artwork or photography, property or building, high tech or Internet advertising — you can make an internet presence with sophistication and style.


Together with the retina-ready caliber, fully 100% responsive layout, and supreme designs and construction flexibility, it enables people from several unique businesses or specialties to construct and attention-grabbing website easily. Nouveau is particularly amazing for innovative professionals such as musicians, photographers, graphic designers, graphic designers, and individuals in the movie, style, or design teams. All modifications, upgrades, and edits are all managed on the exceptionally intuitive admin control panel which uses the superior plug-in Visual Composer for much more accessibility by individuals with no coding or development knowledge.

Begin designing your site using this particular WP theme by assigning a design to your own website. The header mode comes first, then you can move on to deciding on the navigation menu, like you in a left sidebar ideal for drawing focus on various content blocks. Nouveau includes numerous presentation pages and designs which may be loaded with an easy click. With the Visual Composer plugin, everyone can drag and drop different page components into position. Some choices consist of video and graphic sliders, black and white design, short codes to enlarge your choices, masonry post layouts and construction, and a number of other creative tweaks and inclusions. Should you would like to offer your artwork or design from your site, the Nouveau WordPress theme integrates easily with WooCommerce, the hottest e-commerce alternative available


WordPress Theme Collections

Single Page WordPress Themes to Build a Stunning Website

Development and set up the Miracle WordPress theme, you may start to comprehend the reason why it uses that title. Whether you’re the delegated webmaster for a little business, a freelancer, or a person who only wants to enlarge his online stage, this totally 100% responsive and quick-loading theme was made to draw attention and keep it. Whatever design or structure you would like, and whatever kind of material that you would like to add, this WP theme provides flexible capabilities that enable you to do it effortlessly. Numerous components, attributes, and widgets could be chosen and then hauled into place with the superior Visual Composer plug-in packed for this theme. Another plugin included is Slider Revolution, which may create any kind of magnificent picture or movie slideshow possible.

Throughout The plan process, it is possible to readily select from an infinite collection of colors, font options, and typographies. Over 60 different copies and glue shortcodes enable you to include additional modules and components on each page. If you dream about selling virtual or physical products on the internet, the strong and secure WooCommerce plugin provides all you need from trendy product pages into your secure checkout system. The Miracle WordPress theme’s enormous choice of special choices makes it an superb selection for individuals whose online fantasies are much bigger than their developmental understanding.


The Osmosis WordPress theme unites the cleanest code and the most recent technologies with the most innovative and fashionable attitude about site development and all of the capacities which needs to be contained in an accessible way. Even choosing the simple bundle provides more customization choices than superior themes occasionally do. This theme and each contained element is completely 100% responsive for apparent and quick-loading visuals on big screens or small mobile displays.

The Osmosis WP theme Provides a comprehensive list of choices to Tweak, attributes to add, and choices to make. Everything is managed from the readily navigable administrative control panel, therefore every choice, addition, and a decision can be reached in a user friendly manner. If you don’t need to dive to the exceptional attributes, you always have the option to start your site with one click if you select among the added demo pages. This immense group of choices won’t mess your final site with of the layout components. Rather, the Osmosis WordPress theme obviously displays every facet you select from the visually and clean straightforward design that won’t ever skimp on capacities.


The Hypnos WordPress theme permits non-developers a very simple approach to construct a professional and aesthetically pleasing site with the user-friendly admin control panel along with superior plug-ins. This fashionable theme works well on one-page websites but can manage all the needed choices on the websites built with numerous pages too. You don’t need to skimp on capacities that may make every page of the website per cent your articles in the best way possible while providing high levels of purpose for website visitors. This WP theme is 100% 100% responsive therefore that it shows beautifully on almost any size screen due to this Fresh Framework Engine is developed on.

Together with the controls and choice Boxes, start your site construction process with Hypnos by simply deciding on the dark or light choice along with your favourite accent color. Insert portfolio pages and picture galleries which could be searched or filtered together with the theme’s programming. The Brand New Section Builder plugin helps you produce page arrangements you desire. Additionally, it lets you drag different widgets, modules and page components into position. These include such essential things as a listing of your most recent blog articles, contact calls and forms to action along with other favorite WordPress widgets.

Hypnos also comes Complete with an range of premium plug-ins that will assist you create the website you desire. Combine all this remarkable performance together with the cleanest code and built in search engine optimization aid and the Hypnos WordPress theme becomes an superb selection for anybody who wants to make an eye-catching, appealing, highly professional, and totally operational site.


Brainwave Is a smart looking theme based round the Visual Composer plugin, which enables you to build incredible appearing single page WordPress themes easily. You may view six examples of front page header at the picture over, but you do not need to be restricted to only this, Visual Composer allows for unlimited selection. There are numerous sliders accessible, a desktop choice, picture backgrounds and you’ll be able to slide the text or graphics off on any webpage. Brainwave is a superior theme for only page site which allows you display updates, sites, products and much more, using an excellent looking navigation system. I adore this theme for contemporary graphic designers, interior design companies, design providers, photographers and people relations or branding services. Brainwave is an excellent way to produce a daring and lively first impression to prospective customers and the layout is really clear and clean, your articles will pop off the page.

Tides Is one page WordPress theme for most creative people who need a forward looking and totally dominant site to talk about their organization and creative thoughts at a pretty one page web design. Tides has a great deal of special layout choices, a’load ‘ butting which works good, three distinct home page fashions, a filterable portfolio, movie desktop option and Tides utilizes AJAX for quick switching between portfolio information along with your unique posts. Additionally, a Facebook style’enjoys’ choice for your articles. All that together with all the Ebor Template Builder.

Firms Aren’t the only ones desiring online marketing nowadays. The freelancer marketplace is increasing and competition for work is very fierce. This is the reason why a straightforward one-page website can perform freelancers a great deal of good. Among the simplest but best bookmarking website themes to utilize is your Freelancer theme for WordPress. Ideal for one-page websites, the layout is contemporary, slick, and fairly straightforward. There are various colours and backgrounds to be utilized. On that 1 page, freelancers will emphasize their abilities and inform prospective clients why they are the ideal candidate for a specific job.

The Theme may also be customized to include previews of previous work along with other work-related items which could provide prospective clients a much greater idea about what the site owner is really capable of. The theme can be exceptionally 100% responsive. This having been said, it doesn’t matter which sort of device somebody is accessing the web site from. The site operator may be sure that the website will operate in the best possible manner, each and every moment. Besides having the capacity to accommodate several devices, the theme can also be compatible given different browsers.


Encore Is a slick, completely 100% responsive, 1 page product showcase WordPress theme that cries with attitude. It boasts a fullscreen homepage segment, an Ajax newsletter signup type with built-in aid for Campaign Monitor along with MailChimp, an Ajax contact type, a site and plenty of styling choices. It is an ideal WordPress theme for anybody wanting to showcase their product or solutions in fashion.

As Constructed on the strong Bootstrap three frame, it gives one-page styling that’s completely 100% responsive so that it looks great regardless of what size display it is viewed on. Speedy load times are guaranteed by careful coding to excel in any given operation evaluation potential. The admin control panel is exceptionally intuitive, so that non-developers can personalize the page design, content and graphics easily. Full search engine optimization integration helps your company develop and attain greater profits by bringing traffic that is more organic. The caliber Zerif Pro WP theme design can help convert them to clients or customers. The favorite online sales plugin WooCommerce integrates completely on this theme so it is possible to sell electronic or real products easily. Every component of the website could be tweaked or altered to best reflect your organization or professional self. Zerif Pro asserts high loading rates, requires no programming knowledge and permits for ultimate customization easily.

No Matter what business or purpose your site needs signify, the Capital WordPress theme provides a comprehensive solution for a website that includes just 1 page or several pages also. Its multipurpose electricity makes Kapital among the very best available anyplace on the internet. The added premium plugin Visual Composer enables even the cheapest technologically-inclined administrator to drag and drop elements into position to make special pages to serve almost any goal. Over 45 paste and copy shortcodes allow for the easy inclusion of a huge number of customizable components and attributes. The final result is a one of a kind and intentionally designed website that brings attention and keeps it. Kapital provides 100% responsive designs using 12 columns and 1170px grid program for retina-ready look on any size display.  For more minimal WordPress themes, check out our collection.

The user friendly administrative control panel allows Individuals edit site content and appearance efficiently. Both boxed and full-width choices are available. Other customizable choices include a complete selection of background colours, graphics and movies, unique header layout, sleek Parallax scrolling, multiple gallery, portfolio and site designs and much more. Although these customization choices would be sufficient to create stunning bespoke internet pages for private or professional use, Kapital WP theme also has lots of strong widgets like Present Posts, Flickr images, Twitter integration, Membership registration and login capacities and the other conventional WordPress widgets. For site builders with some layout and development ability, Kapital permits for custom CSS styling additional into the present code. Each these advantages combine to produce this WP theme a remarkably strong selection for new sites.

Oxides Is a brand new one page WordPress theme for most companies, entrepreneurs, agencies or anyone who needs a simple, smart looking solitary page theme to their small business. The contemporary design is user friendly and Oxide provides a whole lot of choices right from the box. The demonstration sites incorporate a style blog home page, a studio site, bureau, shopping site, a corporate residence, minimalist, workplace and much more. The theme is nicely equipped, well coded and strong.

WordPress Theme Collections

Some Fantastic Artistic WordPress Themes for Creative Webmasters

Artists require a fantastic portfolio theme, some of which can be found in our collection of WordPress portfolio themes. We love that collection, but we’ve also chosen to add to it with a bunch more incredible themes.  That is where this collection comes in. Emphasize your newest works of art, design and photography with a delicately crafted WordPress site theme. We select only the very best, so you know you are going to receive a fantastic theme if it is here on Evo.

Block was created with a stylish and minimum approach with a distinctive Layout that fits like a glove. It is a universal theme that can be used for a variety of purposes such as publications, blogs, portfolios or movie sites.

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Silk for WordPress was made and built to be easy to use and customize. We did our very best to provide alternatives to tweak the theme as far as possible for every sort of likely buyer. For us nothing is a complete product so we anticipate for your feedback and we will update the theme with additional features as Cotton WordPress goes down the street.

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Kappe is a contemporary, masonry grid portfolio theme that’s ready for your photos, portfolio or design showcase.

The Artist Retro Style Portfolio Theme Theme that actually avoids being passe. It’s very clean, slick and modern design. Together with the admin panel and page builder in this theme, you can detect unlimited possibilities of what the theme can do. Additionally, purely responsive feature is applied as well. At this time you or your customers can research your amazing works through phone or tablet easily.


Eero, named for one of my very favourite painters, is a masonry grid Portfolio theme for a designer or photographer who needs a lot of impact without a lot of frivolous details. There’s nowhere for your articles to concealed with this theme.

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Reversal Is a one page theme with a difference: it scrolls horizontally. The plan is minimal, tasteful, and responsive. All the CSS and Javascript code has been compressed which ensures webpages load lightning fast, making navigation a nice encounter.

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Yet another theme for WordPress, now with cool results. Has released. With SW Well theme, bloggers will probably be supported by 7 customized color styles in Addition to various page templates: Contact us, Picture galleries… This theme has been developed with most innovative trends to suit programmers: HTML5, CSS3, LESS…


Fineliner is a stunning and clean responsive WordPress template that is perfectly suitable for building any portfolio or business sites. The theme comes with 6 accent colors and you can correct more using Design Customizer module. Another premium LayerSlider plugin for handling wonderful sliders is also included. The theme already supports WPML plugin and you may readily use it to producing the multilingual website.

Serendipity With 500+ Google fonts, custom shortcodes, advanced admin panel, slider and videos backgrounds, translation ready, unlimited sidebars, 200+ retina-ready icons, and more. I think that with these features, Serendipity could be an perfect theme for a wedding photography enthusiast.

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Camera 7

Camera 7 is the minimalist WordPress Premium Photography Theme, crafted with care and attention to detail. It includes a minimalist layout, coupled with amazing visual results.
It’s really easy to use and manage, includes exceptional features that let you construct your own blog or photography showcase or website in minutes! It’s 5 totally different gallery display templates, unlimited color choices, it’s responsive and optimized to work fast and simple.


Gazelle Theme is a responsive portfolio site with Super Smooth Horizontal Scrolling action. It is also retina ready, so your pictures will look great regardless of what device your audiences are using.

Zig Zag Is possibly the best answer for a simple, contemporary and clean appearing online portfolio, regardless of what business you’re in. This fresh page-template is full featured, with built in dictionary, and a boatload of sliders and shortcodes.


Producr Established WordPress theme. Unbeatable combo which makes this theme easy to expand with more options, metaboxes or shortcodes. It’s good for business, portfolio or some other general purpose website. Intuitive interface, incredibly easy for installation and work with — even for beginners!


Mana is a fun and classy way to show off your site. Show off just about any design work or popular services using a excellent appearing one page parallax scrolling page. Showing off your webpages with trendy parallax sections is ideal and can be a trendy feature your readers can appreciate. This theme is a great parallax style theme for up and coming layout people who wish to demonstrate all their portfolio work in a novel manner. This theme is likely to stagger audiences with its cool animations and animations which produce your WordPress website seem absolutely natural. The unbelievable portfolio page is really very well-done and might be just filtered with only a couple or three mouse clicks. Mana includes plenty of amazing features too.


With specially balanced layout, this WordPress portfolio theme will Enhance foremost your work into the visitor’s first eye. Designed particularly for developing a successful portfolio of freelance graphic and web designers or photography work, MyFolio gathers all the required tools for your most professional and blank presentation of catalogue work from people who think that simplicity is the best way to attain solid and good looking chances in their careers. Look inside this MyFolio and locate the perfect space for a succinct, polished and innovative content presentation.


FullScreen is tidy, multipurpose and elegant WordPress theme with Fully purely responsive layout. Theme is appropriate for the majority of photographers, creative, business and portfolio websites. Theme includes lots of features such as full-screen slider, modular homepage, design shortcodes and much more. Together with our advanced admin panel, tons of customizations are possible and that will help you redefine your site’s brand value.


Prestige is a Real powerful multipurpose template constructed for Flexibility and much more! This Genesis Framework Child Theme design is really a shiny and brassy, completely purely responsive theme that provides lots of pleasure and professionalism into one brilliant package. Perfect for startups, contemporary technology websites or perhaps design businesses, this theme will make an impression in your traffic with its cutting edge style and design. The design additionally is packed with a fantastic number of amazing features, such as responsive design, tailor made background photos and much more!

Studio London

Welcome to Studio London, among those truly great WordPress site themes. This is the perfect page template if you need a clean and contemporary stage to present your functions! Retina optimised theme graphics, responsive design (optimized for smart phones and tablet computers ) and a ton of options to customise it are only some of the key features. Specify an overall website background and an optional one for each portfolio thing.

SimpleKey SimpleKey is a stunning working one page WordPress application manufacturer theme. SimpleKey is ideal as an program sales page, yet it’ll agree with everyone that would like to exhibit their portfolios or even launch their organization assistance. If you’re an iPhone or maybe an Andriod APP programmer, then you could even employ this theme for your APP items intro, otherwise you may simply use it to your everyday writing.


Highlight almost any products or services that are popular with a A1 fluid design parallax scrolling page. Viewing amazing work with amazing parallax design is excellent and is a feature any user will love. This theme is guaranteed to be a fantastic one-page parallax portfolio theme for up and coming businesses and agencies who’d love to show their newest projects in a cool format. This cool new template is likely to astound and amaze everyone on your website with its smooth motion and adjustments that produce your WordPress website look and feel totally natural. The premade portfolio region is quite well-done and can be easily corrected using only a few clicks.


Welcome to ThemeTrust’s first totally purely responsive layout. What makes This theme so unique is its capacity to adapt to all screen sizes. This new website includes different distinct layouts, all meant to enhance your user’s web experience when eading on smart phones and tablet computers. No more will they be made to scroll and zoom to look at your content, since the template’s design will readily adapt to the tablet screen and display your pages in an logical way automatically. Just try resizing your browser window size when scoping out the theme to see the wizardly awesomeness in actual life! I could really see this as matching together with the name, a fantastic WordPress portfolio site for a tattoo artist. Whattya think?


Welcome to our brand spankin’ new completely responsive offering. What makes this theme oustanding is its capacity to adapt to all screen sizes. This new website comes with different stylish layouts, each supposed to improve your user’s web experience when surfing on smart phones and tablet computers. No more will they have to scroll and zoom to look at your site, as the theme’s design can easily adapt to the little monitor and display your pages in an visceral way automatically. Simply try resizing your favorite browser’s window size when checking out the newest Responsive Theme to see the amazing effect in action!


Welcome to another excellent totally responsive grid layout theme Called Infinity. Infinity is a cool little page template which will showcase your work with stye and elegance.

Fabric8ted is a gorgeous, feminine styled website WP page designed by This theme is ideal for girly blogs and really makes me want to eat cupcakes and blog about sewing things. The soft pastel colour palette is a visually pleasing way to write and discuss your hobbies and interests whatever they are. Provided that they are ladylike!


This Genesis child theme project is a shiny and flashy, completely responsive theme That provides excitement and professionalism into one remarkable package. Just the thing for startups, technology organizations as well as design companies, Genesis could charm your customers with its top of the line design and style. The theme also can come grouped with enormous amounts of amazing features, such as purely responsive design, customized wallpaper illustrations or photos and more!


Passage is a multipurpose, premium parallax scrolling theme, ready to get your content. Show off almost any products or solutions with a strong looking single page WordPress website. Seeing best work with parallax scrolling design is the cat’s pajamas along with a very cool feature anyone will appreciate. This theme is certain to be a neat parallax design template for virtually any kind of businesses and agencies that want to flaunt their latest projects in a really attrative method. It will dazzle all your visitors with its smooth motion and transitions that make your new site feel and look very natural. The highly effective portfolio site is well crafted and strong and is definitely readily filtered with just a few clicks. Simply add awesome!


Your brand is amazing, fun, and refreshing. Together dots, stripes, and chevron ribbons. It is like a party on your site! The included color schemes include soft pink hues or bright, cheery colors. Sally Store is festive enough for internet boutique kids stores and occasion shops.


Skittles is an innovative multi-purpouse portfolio Theme. Simple to setup, enhanced with Enormous Panel, Visual Composer and custom shortcode magician . This combination makes producing content exceptionally simple.


Singlet Is a purely responsive single page theme designed to draw attention to a portfolio. Features inclue four custom post types (project, support, employee, client), two custom widgets (worker, skills), eight webpage templates, a shortcode manager, and much more.

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Devendo is a flat style and modern portfolio theme suitable for photographers. It is built with Bootstrap 3, is 100% purely responsive and available in four colour schemes.


Show off your job with this easy-to-customize and fully featured WordPress Theme. When purchasing this theme, you’ll receive a detailed help file along with additional features like Infinite Color Schemes and Responsive Layout.


Alexx is multipurpose, responsive and clean WordPress theme for Blog, Portfolio or Business website. Theme is completely responsive and offers your visitor great user experience.


Personal Portfolio html template combined with the design of Personal Portfolio WordPress theme,


Journal is a Really clean WordPress theme created with small company, Portfolio and personal sites in your mind. The theme features a homepage , tagline, services and recent portfolio objects (optional). The theme is completely purely responsive so that it will match all of your display sizes — backgrounds, iPads, iPhones — they could all be used to get and view your website.


This WordPress theme will help you to create a portfolio website with The most recent trends look. Creativity has an up-to-date and stylish one page header as a result of its great possibilities, you might change colour, pictures, add some text easily. Besides, there are a lot of animations thanks to that it’s possible to make elements go.


Daisho Is excellent for pros and also industries who need to a minimum and polished WordPress portfolio template. Daisho makes certain your hard work, along with your product or service, are at the forefront with no any diversions. Just take this unbelievable theme for demo. We believe it’s a terrific value too.


Gridster is a neat and tidy grid-based portfolio theme for Photographers, designers and artists to display their work. Gridster was created with simplicity in mind, it’s a left-aligned sidebar which also functions to show the menu and site logo. The homepage is made up of a grid of your images that is purely responsive meaning it’s going to change measurements depending on what size monitor you see it on. Simply create your categories and begin adding pictures to create your website — no other configuration is necessary.

Folio Grid

A purely responsive WordPress portfolio theme Using a tiny hint of Pinterest to it. Nice looking, clean masonry layout creates this theme perfect for displaying a wide array of images, video or articles.


Prospector is a Adaptive theme designed for Desktop and cellular phones. It’s ideal for portfolio websites. Outstanding Sortable Portfolio Displays all of your portfolio things directly on the homepage. Each portfolio thing gets it’s own page with more details. It’s a fully loaded portfolio theme with tons of nice stuff you will love using. Precise and user friendly admin panel allows you to perform a great deal of customisations without knowing any HTML or CSS. Colours, images, fonts, widgets, sliders, portfolios, galleries,… everything could be configured through admin panel.


Galerie is a photography portfolio WordPress theme It permits you to publish your photographs and present them at the best way possible. Galerie was created with photography in mind, but any image-based portfolio (example, graphic design, painting, as well as web design) could make a gorgeous site with this WordPress theme.


Nemesis Is your Reponsive WordPress theme built for creative freelance designer website. It includes lots of cool features ex. Skin care manager, Adaptive portfolio contents (including stylish AJAX portfolio), customizable elements’s color, font and background picture and patterns. Additionally, there are 100+ innovative shortcodes with Shortcode Generator support.


The Metro UI is becoming more popular ever since Microsoft released Inspired by its simplicity and flat style design, ColorLabs introduced the MetroStore WordPress theme to please the eyes of Windows 8 fans. Among many others, flat colors and design are a few of its great features. MetroStore is a great choice for you who conducts an online magazine that also functions as an e-commerce site.  For more WordPress metro style themes, try this collection.


Welcome to our premiere fully responsive theme. What makes this theme really great is its power to adapt to all screen size. This new site comes with different modern layouts, each meant to improve your user’s experience when surfing on cell phones and tablet computers. No more will they be forced to zoom and scroll to experience your articles, as the template’s layout will readily adapt to the smaller screen and serve your articles in an logical manner mechanically. Just try reducing your browser’s window size when previewing the template to see the wonderful effect in real life!

This WordPress theme work is a glossy and fun, totally layout that Merges a lot of pleasure and professionalism and hope into one stunning package. Just the thing for startups, modern technology sites as well as design businesses, this template might make an impression on internet surfers using its ground-breaking design. The theme also comes packaged with a lot of other great features, like responsive design, personalized background photos and much more! This simple to use and strong template is completely full of exceptional tools and features that make it a snap to produce a site rapidly! I think the qualities and layout of this remarkable theme is very pleasing and people will have a fun time with their trip to your page.

Hydra Grid

Hydra Is a completely responsive portfolio grid WordPress theme acceptable for pretty much any type of creative or company use. Hydra is based on the purely responsive Twitter Bootstrap frame , the Hydra is optimized for both mobile and desktop and scores 97/100 in the Google Page Speed Test which ensures lightning quick loading time due to lazy-loading of images and compression of CSS/Javascript.

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Vulcano is great for a blog, design portfolio, creative service, photography website, creative small company or any other related website. Vulcano was intended to showcase your latest works/projects in a unique, creative manner — a sweet looking photograph grid!

This second WP theme work is a smooth and flamboyant, totally theme That combines a lot of fun and professionalism into a wonderful bundle. Suited to startups, technology companies or perhaps design enterprises, this design will make an impression on your visitors with its top edge fashion. The theme also can come packed with a whole slew of bells and whistles, for example purely responsive design, customized backdrop imagery and more! This very simple and fun and lively theme is packed with A-1 components that make it child’s play to set a brand new page super quickly! The entire attributes and design of the fantastic WordPress theme is quite gorgeous and potential customes will have an enjoyable time with their experience.


Meet Fling! Fling is a minimal, theme for WordPress suitable for portfolio and corporate websites. It contains two forms of homepages, as well as Revolution Slider. Hundreds of options, color pickers for components, different shortcodes and much more. Compatible with the latest WordPress version 3.6.x


Biopic is a minimalist, elegant and purely responsive vCard WordPress theme Which is acceptable for using it as a vcard, small personal portfolios, photographers, wedding journals etc..


Welcome to our newest completely purely responsive offering from ThemeTrust: Craft. Why is this theme so unique is its capacity to accommodate to all display dimensions. This new website comes with different fantastic designs, every one designed to improve your user’s web experience when eading on smart phones and tablets. No longer will they need to scroll and zoom to view your sebsite, as the theme’s layout will easily alter itself into the tablet display and function your posts in an intuitive way mechanically. Simply try resizing your favourite browser’s window size when looking at the template to see the amazing effect in real life!


Website, portfolio, creative agency, photography website Or any other relevant website. Shape is intended to showcase your newest works and projects through the use of images. It has kind of a subway style meets photo-grid. Whatever you call it, it is pretty elegant.


Eames, is a very premium photography theme With a stylish and blank masonry grid portfolio page layout. You can easily receive a sweet looking set of photographs online on this theme.

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Gleam is just another great portfolio theme from Elegant Themes. These Guys have really made it their objective to create flexible and powerful WordPress themes that are ideal for beginners or more seasoned WordPress warriors.

The Wall

Fully purely responsive, modern and simple Blog/Portfolio theme created for Those who enjoy grid layouts. It’s built around very popular Grid-A-Licious jQuery plugin!

THEWALL comes outfitted with strong theme options that let you Control all its vital facets; grid (size, colour ), font (size, colour, household ), backgrounds, navigation… literally everything. You’ll never need to mess up using CSS to change color of the links, sidebar background color, font-size, names size, etc…

Tripod With a bright future. An clean and modern looking purely responsive drag-and-drop design builder WordPress theme meant to power professional photographers blogs or sites coming with complicated image gallery choices. A good deal of these grid layout photo blogs lack the flexibility to produce real substantial adjustments to the layout. This one allows you to control just about any aspect of the design. A Great Deal of flexibility.



Lots of features like built in blog formats, portfolio article formats, Lots of design options, including a snazzy looking photo grid.

Hercules is a slick WordPress theme for setting up a clean and Professional art, photography or business portfolio site. Hercules is strong like this! This theme is boasts of a modern design with a 100% responsive design. There are tons of alternatives and page construction tools included to help create a totally unique site. There are 15 custom page templates, 7 custom widgets, 100 shortcodes, 8 post formats included: Video, Standard, Apart, Gallery, Link, Image, Quote, Audio and purely responsive sliders, animated circular and rectangular progress bars. Whew!


Pluto can be used as a portfolio, blog, creative or corporate template. Additional pages can be easily created with the existing elements, you will find 10 predefined pages already created.

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Gridnik is a WordPress Theme for those who dare to be exceptional! With It is flexible layout it can be resized to large sized monitors or even to narrow and small screens e.g. Mobile Phones. Additionally, it comes in 9 slick colors enhanced with 15 ribbon’s options served by Google! Can you feel it?


Snap! Is a new, highly expected Responsive WordPress Theme. If you’re looking for a website for an art exposure this is precisely what you need. New, warm, trendy and creative this is only a few words of a thousand that come to your brain immediately after you visit it.

WooCommerce provide a fantastic way to show-off products in your website. Regardless of what what kind services you are attempting to sell, WooCommerce is a dynamic solution to create cash quickly! If you are out there for a WooCommerce eCommerce template, then this theme might be the best option. It’s particularly simple to begin a new online store and it is very reasonably priced. It’s obvious that your potential customers will have a excellent time during their experience within your eCommerce store, and that is because this beautiful theme has A-1 support and it’s well crafted.

A really unique and creative WordPress photography theme. Hope that you get a significant portfolio since 365 doesn’t mess around. You will be able to exhibit tons of pictures with this theme.


This one is not precisely billed as a wedding theme specifically, however I Think the tasteful design, retina ready display and purely responsive design is ideal for displaying wedding photography. Expression is a powerful responsive WordPress Theme, ideal suited to photographers and creatives using portfolios to effectively present their work. Expression theme is powered by the innovative Pexeto Panel, which provides plenty of options to manage and alter any element of the theme. Considering all the styling options provided you are able to easily customize the appearance of the theme and build you have custom skin.

Design Portfolio

Design Portfolio is a Premium WordPress Theme using clean, modern layout and strong customization features. The template includes an entire set of options that will help you easily customize and set up your website. Full width slider with amazing effects, filterable portfolio with many columns, built in shortcodes, Flickr photostream, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ integration, AJAX contact form, Google Maps, are just a few of its unique features.

Wedding Album

Just a simple, classic wedding album theme. The design is perfectly Balanced to permit the photographs to do all the talking. Simple navigation and menu formation allow this portfolio to actually stick out from a crowd.


Core minimalist is a really simple, clean photography portfolio. If You want your content to be centre stage, with simple navigation and also a lot of built in SEO features, this one is fantastic. Loads incredibly quickly and it has got a fresh, contemporary style that will look perfect for a long time to come.


Website, photography website, portfolio, creative agency, neighborhood small business , or other related website. SkyWalker is the very best choice to represent your project. Clean, contemporary, easy — exactly what you want to avoid clutter and abandon the focus on material.


Everest theme is a super clean, incredibly elastic , and completely purely responsive WordPress theme. Constructed with HTML5 and CSS3 and using a super easy to use, however insanely powerful admin panel that enables you to quickly alter all colours and graphics For text including hyperlinks, set page / header and footer backgrounds and menu colors. Everything is not difficult to change making this the only theme you need. For those using this for customers, adapting to their current brand colors so quickly, will mean cash back in your pocket.


CleanBold is ultra-clean and Easy portfolio WordPress theme That was created with businesses and designers in mind. With a lot of whitespace and simple but daring typography its a great theme for letting your products operate stand out. The main focus is your portfolio area which permits you to show off your designs, products, art or photography in style.

Photolia That means your photography is easily seen by as many individuals as you can!


The best WordPress themes for portfolios, such as Apollo, are a strong, Responsive, and clean showcase template designed to show off you at a big, bold manner. With unlimited colors, customizable designs, a staggering two column design, touch ready slideshows, slide out contact types, google mapping, instagram integration, shortcodes, pricing charts, retina icons, plus a unique Mailchimp Newsletter feature, this theme was made to give you the everything that you need to show off your abilities and tell the world, right from the box.

Slash That’s unique modern design in addition to powerful and robust functionality. It was produced to serve you as a portfolio, photo-gallery and website with native support of WP v.3.2. And v.3.3 post formats. Slash WP will become an effective showcase of your functions.



Persona is a site WordPress theme that will turn your blog into a social tool. When it is a tweet on Twitter, a snapshot on Instagram, a current post on Facebook or a vacation photographs on Flickr, Persona will gather all you’ve posted on the world wide web, organize and bring them into consideration. All articles are being exhibited very beautifully by visually promoting any image or movie that is contained in the post.

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Wedding Day Meant to emphasize your most memorable moments in a fashionable way. Wedding Day comes with a full-width purely responsive layout, smooth transition effects and sliders, a beautiful picture album, dedicated webpages to your wedding service, date & location, RSPV form and a stylish blog.

WordPress Theme Collections

One More Bold Collection of Tesla Themes


Blogojoy is a minimalist WordPress theme that has stripped off all of the unnecessary features and focuses on letting you share your content through blogging. It is possible to set it up in just a few moments so that you can quickly get your site up and running. To make it easier to use, Blogojoy is powered by the Tesla Framework, an administrative tool that makes it effortless for users to customize their own themes, even without having comprehensive knowledge of coding or web layout. With Responsive Design, you’ve got an assurance your blog will display well on many different screens, including mobile devices like smartphones with smaller displays. Extensive HTML documentation is provided with complete step-by-step directions and screenshots so that you can readily get your website up and running.

Blogojoy Includes the Slider Revolution WordPress plugin for free. Slider Revolution not only lets you make your own sliders from scratch, in addition, it shares content on them, including the capacity of embedding videos on the slider. You can also customize your slider using 3D effects, animation and transitions, among other attributes, and you can use the drag and drop editor, so you can easily add the features you want to the slider. Blogojoy also comes with different port types that you may utilize to make a distinctive look for your website. You have the choice to create unique types of articles, including articles with images and videos, articles with sliders as well as those who exhibit in full width. Short codes are also included with the theme that let you add specific features to your site, such as buttons, tabs as well as price tables. You can easily link your social websites to your blog as Blogojoy allows complete integration with the most popular websites, including Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.


One of the most essential things about advertising a new product or service is making sure it readily makes waves round, and one means of accomplishing this is by putting a creative app landing page for it–just like one of those things you see that flash highlighting once you visit sites, otherwise known as splash screens. To make a great program landing page, you can use Advent–a WordPress theme that is ideal for showing a brand new product or service onscreen, together with a call-to-action promo block, contact and subscription form, pricing tables, and an amazing contact type –easily done with the support of the theme’s built in visual composer. This way, you’d get the attention of your readers at a fast and profitable manner–and you’ll surely appreciate that later.

Advent also has other incredible features, such as: a tacky menu–for easy navigation; customizable typography for greater aesthetics; societal integration buttons for easy sharing, and thus your message would readily get across all channels; magnifying glass widget for images of your products; child themes that are also easy to customize, making sure the whole blog looks coherent and professional; 3000+ icon fonts–which it’s possible to get just what you want, and what you know would work best with your site; simple translations in order for your blog will be global without any hassle; SEO-readiness so that you can easily optimize your blog, and widen its reach; speed optimized for superior efficiency, and; also has cross-browser service –so there are no conversions needed, and you can be confident that more folks would get to view and appreciate your own efforts. With the support of this Advent theme, you can make sure that your efforts would be worth it–and your business and your site would be appreciated and respected by many.

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Screen was created with small businesses, creative agencies, and salespeople in your mind. It consists of fresh elements which do nothing to divert the attention away from images of your products and solutions. Screen is powered by the Tesla Framework, which means that you’re free to establish and customize the design of your enterprise site without having to worry about a lack of background in advanced web development. This theme enables you to choose from seven distinct fantastic portfolio representations, dozen custom posts, seven custom widgets, half a dozen webpage templates, and many more. More than that, you also get to enjoy the free Revolutionary Slider which would’ve set you back $15. You receive remarkable animations, dramatic adjustments, and excellent 3D effects. Also, why pay for images when adding videos to your own home page slider is as simple as dragging and dropping them?

The whole goal of making a business website is to help your brand gain greater awareness. Screen is fittingly named because it allows you to showcase your services and accurately present your skill set to prospective clients. You can even add a WHY CHOOSE US? Section to further explain to potential buyers and business partners why they should place their trust in your own brand. Screen’s filterable portfolio lets you flaunt your creations to the world in fashion. The built-in shortcodes allow you to incorporate new components like buttons, tabs, and unique offers. 1 effective internet business technique is to help customers simplify their choices. The Screen theme permits you to create a Cost Table which puts out the similarities and differences between the many tiers of products and services that you’re offering. Moreover, being continuously available to your clients can make all the difference in the success of your enterprise. This is why Screen’s easy-to-manage contact form empowers virtual visitors to drop you a line anytime.


Sevenfold is especially designed for business owners that wish to make corporate websites. Additionally, it is excellent for creative agencies which need to present their work to the entire world. This flexible theme is powered by the latest in Tesla Framework, an extremely competitive management tool which enables you to personalize your website according to your style and preference.  For more WordPress WooCommerce themes, wev’e built this incredible collection you absolutely need to see.  Even with zero knowledge about coding, you get to utilize an easy-peasy drag-and-drop technology for producing forms in your website. The Revolutionary Slider usually costs around $19 however in Sevenfold, it comes for free. Sevenfold boasts of gorgeous transitions, animations, and effects in 3D. You have to pick between three kinds of homepages and three types of portfolio layouts. This theme’s layout is highly responsive, meaning that your followers may access your content with ease, whatever device they are using.

Whether you’re working solo or you’re a part of a group, sharing something about yourself to prospective clients is essential in the formation of confidence. Additionally, if you have got an impressive professional background, you’ll want possible customers to learn about your job experience and qualifications. Sevenfold lets you add an About page built with share buttons for various social media websites. Moreover, you can keep followers in contact with the latest happenings in the industry by making an Events page. More to the point, Sevenfold lets you present your services and packages in an organized and comprehensive manner to strengthen their appeal to would-be customers. You can produce Pricing Tables, thus allowing for effortless comparison between the various services which you offer. Your prospective buyers will value you simplifying these things for them. The AJAX contact form will also make sure that your clients can reach you 24/7. The excellent thing about this WordPress theme is the fact that it’s accompanied by a step-by-step manual and snapshots that will help you through the full process of creating a unique professional site.


Saab is a WordPress theme designed for content sharing, which makes it perfect for WordPress magazine themes websites, creative sites and blogs, although it also functions well as a business website. Much like additional Tesla themes, it’s powered by Tesla Framework, an administrative tool that allows you easily customize your site’s look and functionality even in case you have no previous knowledge in site design or knowledge of coding. To make it easier to add features for your website such as special offers, tabs and buttons, the theme comes with an range of short codes. It also includes Responsive Design, which means that the website you create will show well on mobile devices in addition to desktops.

The theme comes with Revolution Slider, which lets you create your own sliders so you can readily display highlighted content on the header of your site. You’re also provided with video post functionality, which lets you upload videos on blog articles and also create a slider that shows multiple videos, while custom posts functionality enables you to easily edit every article. The theme readily integrates with the most popular social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, and you’re provided with Social Media widgets that enable you to add components like Facebook Like buttons and Tweetme on the site. The theme also has a custom homepage with demo content that you can change with your own personal content. It is simple to customize the elements of this demonstration homepage such as the colour style and layout to make it your own with frame options. Additionally, it comes with useful widgets such as newsletter, writer and category which you can use to add these sections to the sidebar and footer. To ensure that you will never have a difficult time using the theme, it includes extensive documentation.


Worker is a Tesla Framework powered WordPress blog theme that may provide any sort of small business with a virtual abode. It’s also suggested for freelancers and professionals in various professions from life coaching to hairstyling to woodworking. The fashionable portfolio permits you to display your range of skills so that you can impress potential customers. Worker also allows you to keep your customers updated with your latest project in progress. Assist your clients know about you and the work that you do by using the Website section of Employee. You can include not only texts and high quality images, but also videos of your work demos. By sharing helpful and informative content, you’re establishing yourself as an expert in your area, thus, providing people with motives to trust you and get your services. The manufacturers of Worker realize these online marketing strategies are especially useful to small businesses that are just beginning. This is why they fashioned this theme how it is.

Employee was designed so that upon visiting your home page, prospective companies are automatically familiarized with your services. Worker’s service description section allows you to present your listing of rates and services in an organized and comprehensible manner. The appointment calendar feature helps you manage your schedule successfully while making it easy for your customers to prepare a meeting with you. Additionally, you get customizable emails so communication channels between you and prospective employers remain open 24/7. This theme is fully translatable to various languages so you can target a wider pool of clientele. Last, this theme comes with an Testimonials segment where joyful customers can place in a fantastic word or two for you. This is very important because the modern consumer’s purchasing decisions are driven by peer approval.

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The character of your fire or your company calls for a website that’s contemporary, sharp, and just as daring as you. Customize everything in the background to the emblem to the icons. Use the cutting edge animation and transition effects to your advantage. Give your followers or possible customers a taste of the adventures that await them by incorporating high quality images and videos of the destinations that you provide. Elaborate on every travel experience by sharing about them in the site section. Rich blog articles which includes useful travel advice, famous festivities, must-try dishes, and other valuable information for visitors will help boost the prominence of your page.

Studies show that customers are likely to go with businesses which make booking simpler for them. With Magellan, ordering a tour is as simple as choosing a destination in the dropdown menu, selecting dates from the calendar, and clicking onto the lodging or destination choices. Aside from letting you type in descriptions about each destination, this theme allows you to add a more detailed travel itinerary so guests could already know precisely what to expect. Needless to say, this cuts your own job in half. Other useful features include weather forecasts and Google maps. The AJAX form provides a prompt way of getting and responding to inquiries and feedback. Over that, Magellan is integrated with the most popular social sharing services including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest consequently, maximizing your visibility and popularity. The best thing about this WordPress theme is the fact that it does not require you to be a professional on web development. You can easily control your theme preferences without having to leave your WordPress Admin.

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WordPress Theme Collections

Hottest, Freshest Themes You Can’t Believe Only Use One Page


It could be easier to list what this theme DOESN’T do, but that is cheating. It is WooCommerce ready, WPML ready. It’s got Contact Type 7 service, a candy fullscreen slider, MailChimp support. It has got infinite skins and 12 pre-made home page variants. In the event that you were worried about a 1 page theme becoming stagnant, then Jarvis should set your worries to rest. Jarvis does not do dishes.


Singlet is a purely responsive single-pager theme designed create your portfolio virtually jump off the display. Singlet includes four custom article kinds (project, support, employee, customer ), a few custom widgets (worker and abilities ), eight webpage templates, a short-code supervisor, along with a whole lot more. Singlet remains simple to use though. It is easy and robust. It is nicely crafted and purely responsive. In other words, it is a WordPress theme that is packed with completely best instruments, features and service which make it easy and enjoyable to design a 1 page WordPress website fast!


Nash is among the highest rated themes on Themeforest, which is saying something. It is possible to show off nearly any kind of service or work using an appealing appearing single page WordPress website. Seeing content with a single page parallax scrolling layout is wicked-smart (most of the kids do it) and may be something anyone who visits your site will love. Nash is bound to dazzle and amaze you with its cool animated sequences and adjustments which produce your new website look and feel quite natural. Support for this theme is actually solid also, so purchase with confidence.


Scrollex is an enjoyable, trendy and trendy approach to construct a single-page WordPress website that still has sufficient form and performance to appear to be a large, professional site. Sometimes, all you need is 1 page. Scrollex includes a lot of pre-set design fashions, each offering little variations of this fundamental website concerning colours, fonts and designs. I believe there are quite some of these that seem great, which means that you can poke around and see what you like. Each one can be just subtly different than the one earlier, but these small differences can add up to a very different texture and visit the website after a time. Scrollex is a 1 page parallax template using a built-in page builder and it is fully purely responsive to boot up. Scrollex supports embedded movie wallpapers from Vimeo or YouTube and you may also utilize local movie wallpapers which you upload to your site. 1 page themes require good navigation and Scrollex certainly has that. The purely responsive layout means Scrollex looks amazing on a vast array of display sizes and apparatus. Endless color schemes, ultra-easy font choice to great, magnificent typography. Last, excellent code and excellent support from the theme manufacturers.

From time to time, you do not require a good deal of webpages to get the point across. At times, only one page may tell the whole story of your site. That is the notion behind Potassium, a fantastic seeming one page portfolio theme for WordPress. Potassium is only created, with an appealing design which makes it ideal for letting people know about your business in one, simple to use webpage. Potassium is an easy, clean looking one-pager WordPress contemporary portfolio which will be great for nearly any type of business. The appealing layout and unbranded Theme Options panel are a fantastic feature, as is your child theme assistance.

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Newave is a purely responsive parallax theme with fresh and contemporary design. Newave has 5 distinct homepage sections, a colour skin generator, 4 distinct header layouts and a design layout and a timeless design option, so in the event that you would like to change things up, it is rather simple to find the website to appear just how you envision it in mind.

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Highlight pretty much any design services or work such as a boss! Mountain is a brand new one-page parallax theme with a gorgeous fluid design, clean layout components contained. Utilize Mountain as a private site theme, a portfolio (corporate or private would both seem great) or whatever else you desire. Each segment may be customized, therefore Mountain may have as many distinct looks as you require, but each one of these will soon be clean, slick and contemporary with this trendy flat style layout.

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This superior one page theme is a lovely and attractive, 100% purely responsive template which combines a great deal of fun fashion, professionalism and dependability into a splendid package. It is one of these trendy horizontal scrolling websites, constructed on Bootstrap, with complete screen graphics, purely responsive layout and multiple colour variations comprises. Oh yeah, it has a candy page builder constructed right in also, which means that you can always mix up the appearance by making something brand new.

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I have included this one at one page theme segment, but it has really got a typical website to cooperate with the one pager. You are able to assemble pages fast with all the Visual Composer plugin, which can be included at no cost. Also includes the Revolution Slider contained, which is a fairly trendy premium slider plugin. The mix actually gives you a great deal of worth for the purchase price. (Added incentive, I believe the construct in SEO features within this theme are top notch.)

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Main page WordPress themes such as Identiq, this newest WordPress theme, are a near perfect alternative for a superb website. Identiq provides a classy look to the single page portfolio site. It has got features such as an innovative admin panel, purely responsive design and retina screen. Lots of google fonts contained also! Insert the MailChimp integration and constructed in SEO works, together with a lightning quick page loading rates, this theme will surely help you position your website. (Google enjoys strong SEO and cheetah quick load times.)

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Ratio is an easy to check at but strong one page theme for WordPress using fifteen home page variants, more than two dozen portfolio variations, forty plus brief codes, ten single project design designs, nine store designs, five blog listing design options and six menu fashions, to maintain navigation fun and more clear to grasp. Ratio comprises a simple to grasp admin panel that is strong and has you started editing your site easily. Custom made shortcodes buttocks incredible performance, the vast array of portfolio pages provide enormous visual attention. Insert in various search types, parallax pictures in part places, site masonry grid, customized interface format types such as video, audio, site, link, gallery and quote, retina ready screen, multiple icon packs, six hundred Google fonts and WooCommerce integration and you have one complete support, multipurpose power of a WordPress theme.

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WordPress Theme Collections

Several of the Best WordPress Reviews Magazine Themes

User opinions is more significant than ever. It does not matter what field you’re in , movies and movies, songs, video games, music, restaurants or whatever else where consumer feedback helps us to make a determination on the product or service to purchase, a reviews themes for WordPress makes your life easier. These WordPress reviews themes are fantastic for making an internet magazine or social network community based on any sort of media you want to use, while it’s pictures, text or videos reviews. Allowing your viewers to share in the creation of articles is a fantastic way to keep your site fresh and to help it become popular on the search engines. Google loves fresh, fun new content and your search rankings will improve. We’ve specifically chosen these WordPress testimonials themes because they are a powerful and dynamic way to engage your viewers and keep them begging for more.

If you are interested in finding a multipurpose theme for WordPress, look no further as Bookrev is here. The Bookrev theme for WordPress is a premium theme that is perfect for websites focusing on literary reviews. From novels to magazines, any reading material of types can be displayed on a site powered by Bookrev.

The Bookrev theme for WordPress is compatible with various browsers, from Chrome to Opera. This means that you could easily expand your readership. With the help of a built-in translator, you’re assured that your prospective readers will have the ability to comprehend what you’ve written regardless of where they are in the world and what language they speak.

The Bookrev theme for WordPress has been developed to carry clean and valid lines of code too, meaning that you don’t have to have a programming background to enjoy the benefits of an ever-reliable WordPress theme similar to this. It also means that customization is simple. Equipped with all the theme options panel, you can make your site truly unique with a few clicks of a mouse.

Want quick links? No problem! You could also decide to add widgets for your site with the Bookrev theme for WordPress. Include quick access buttons to your About Me page or add hyperlinks to your social networking accounts for easy social sharing.

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Reviews is different than some of the themes on our list, which can be magazine themes with a testimonials component, Reviews was assembled for reviewing a variety of products, kind of like your own Consumer Report’s design website. Reviews enables users to leave comments on as many products as they would like, including grades for as many standards as you, the administrator, wants to provide. Reviews are published and your readers may also get into the act, including their own reviews. Reviews has proven to be a very popular theme since it’s release and I understand why, the simple design is excellent for adapting to virtually any site, the features are endless and the strong reviews engine is one of the best I have seen.

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PowerMag is an excellent magazine theme which allows you to add BuddyPress and bbPress works to create a really all encompassing experience that really helps communicating and connecting with your audience. BuddyPress and WordPress are an wonderful complement, since they definitely do the job effectively together to assist you in making a terrific social networking site almost immediately and efficiently. BuddyPress and WordPress are very well suited to provide help to generate a very effectively powered, modest or colossal online community of kinder-spirited human beings, regardless of what subject you are thinking about. If you would like to take whole advantage of BuddyPress, it’s best to decide on a theme which is especially designed to capitalize on all of the incredible functions this cost-free wordpress plugin is currently offering. Using this theme, the alarms look great and transmitting alarms has never been simpler, because this unique design focuses on letting members develop brand-new friendships, gain new friends and also send correspondence.

This really is a totally responsive in addition to fashionable social network WordPress theme letting you construct your own community website web site within only minutes. Users can check out the a wide range of settings such as creating profiles, follow other users, share work and ideas, comment and socialize and so much more. PowerMag is ideal for building an internet gaming community, composing new content about games, sharing screencap video and much more, so engaging with your viewers will be simple enough for a beginner to get the hang of.


This WordPress multimedia magazine, newspaper, blog, periodical or journal theme is participating, pretty, modern, nicely designed and simple to use since it’s well made, fresh, powerful, feature filled and tidy and having a built in, powerful reviews system, it is a fantastic way to interact with your audience, sharing videos and other multimedia files. The plan is very simple to use, easy to browse, refreshing, trendy and cool and it has many powerful features like Visual Composer, Mega Menu support, Slider Revolution and more, all built to make your movie content truly shine. This video theme is simple to use, dynamic, powerful, modern and flexible for any type of video website, magazine, movie sharing webpage, entertainment blog or video tutorial site. It’s possible to embed your video from all the large sites like Vimeo, Youtube, Daily Motion, Netflix or even Hulu or host your own videos. This theme gives you enormous amounts of great abilities you will enjoy, such as front end user posting, fantastic support, multiple layout variations, powerful theme options and a great responsive design.

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Yosemite is fun and flashy, contemporary classic, grand and airy, graceful and free-spirited WP Reviews Pro compatible WordPress theme. Yosemite is also incredibly adaptable, versatile and that means it supports MegaMenus. Yosemite is entirely enhanced by incredible code and thoughtful design to have a remarkably large level of readability. MyThemeShop offers up Yosemite, understanding it is a pristine and sophisticated WP blog theme that takes its style inspiration from Apple’s Yosemite OSX. It is joyful, jaunty and dandy layout, with thorough and potent plug-ins, astounding levels of support for strong addons like MegaMenu and WP Review Pro compatibility, Adsense optimization and much more, all make this blogging theme a wonderful decision to build a fantastic site about. Yosemite loads extremely fast, because it has a lot of SEO enriching capacities, like lightning quick load times since the CSS is comparatively small. The search engines love websites that load fast and Yosemite does exactly that. Your readers will love the crystal clear and concise layout, which makes your customers encounter top-notch and creates an engagement that some websites don’t have. If you want a theme that is fantastic for blogging and supports WP Reviews Pro, this is a fantastic choice.

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Voyage is 1 heck of a journey, letting you post content such as articles, news stories, blog posts and much more, then let your community of readers add their own testimonials, complete with star ratings. This sort of engagement makes for an enjoyable site that’s incredibly sticky, and it makes your readers feel as though they’re part of the process. Voyage is a beautiful, highly customizable WordPress magazine theme on it’s own, however, the ability to get reviews takes it to another level. This is a traveling magazine theme, build for promoting online tour packages, romantic getaways, honeymoons and other types of holidays or holidays, depending on what portion of the planet you’re in. Produce a variety of tour types and cost them out, use one of the many blog templates to get your articles out there to a broad audience. There are many beautiful webpage templates to get your point across with style also, which means you’re able to craft the form of website that you just imagine, all without costing too much, as this theme is very reasonably priced. Voyage comes with an integrated booking app, accepts PayPal via it’s WooCommerce pages, add societal integration, Google maps, advanced search features and more. Start a memorable Voyage today.

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Welcome to Entrance, a premium Magazine/Blog WordPress theme using a responsive layout and retina screen ready. It’s ideal for magazine, news, editorial, blog, photography or review website. Entry is a WordPress magazine reviews theme that’s totally responsive and retina ready, adapting its size and design to fit your reader’s mobile devices like tablets and smart telephones. Retina ready icons imply it will look great at high resolution. It is possible to customize this theme using WordPress Customizer. Upload your logo, switch the colour scheme, modify settings and preview the changes take effect before you save. A drag and drop material builder permits you to create blocks of information with unique styles and build a special page dynamically. Pick one of the a variety of blog designs with small thumbnails, large thumbnails, grid or masonry grid. There are also loads of widgets also. Pretty solid all about theme.

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Explicit is a powerful magazine theme with built-in reviews functionality. It has got a touch/swipe master slider, infinite loaders, and four pre-built testimonials style with infinite ratings standards. It’s unquestionably among the most common new reviews themes we’ve found. The Ajax powered mega-menu and class icons make it easy to create sub-sections on your website, while WooCommerce support permits you to set up an attractive online shop in just a few minutes. Ajax also forces the sorting and paging so that this template is quick to load up and does not bog down your server. The user and editor ratings are really a cool feature and there are 4 different styles to skin the evaluations, so you can give your site the look and design you desire. This theme is BuddyPress compatible and was built on rock-steady Bootstrap code.

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Solaris is a brand new and elegant theme developed chiefly for its publications, news and site websites. It’s very easy to setup and use. Theme offers lots of features including unlimited color schemes, sidebars, Google Fonts, testimonials, wealthy formats, post banners, secure contact forms together with reCAPTCHA and far more.


Sahifa is among the very popular and flexible magazine themes around, great for sites and news sites too. Built in review engine along with also a features list that goes on and on and on. In fact, it’s the #1 selling blog and magazine theme on Themeforest, which is a fairly good indicator of it’s popularity and stability. Sahifa supports BuddyPress and bbPress, is completely responsive, comes equipped with the TiePage Builder, a drag and drop homepage builder to present your magazine a unique layout all it’s own. Build an online shop to go with your magazine and let your customers review products, that’s the type of engagement people are looking for.

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This amazing professional WordPress blog theme works extremely well for just about any type of website site you’d like. With a lovely design along with a large array of attributes, it is going to work perfectly as a stylish fashion blog site, a magazine site in addition to your own blog. With an outstanding, well-designed structure and tons of performance to make content management easy and simple. If you’re not a WordPress pro, it is possible to adjust this great looking theme to give it the features you’re looking for your web blog to possess. Your blog readers will delight in the design and features of your website, the straightforward navigation, the fashionable and technical layout, the thoroughly clean CSS and HTML, the basic structure and much more.

WordPress is easily the most commonly used blogging alternative around, only because it’s so easy to use, it’s quite flexible and it includes countless effective attributes. There is surely a lot you can personalize with each single WordPress theme, therefore it’s essential to purchase a good-looking blog theme that gives the attributes that you need. A professionally constructed and coded WordPress personal site theme helps to draw guests and with a great WordPress blog theme, the code and design is clean so that your page loads up extremely fast, which can help you rank better about the SERPs. This superior weblog theme boasts all you want to deliver an appealing, authority blog on almost any topic for example travel, food items, applications, corporate and business, private, layout and even more.

WordPress Theme Collections

More Fantastic WordPress Themes by Tesla Themes


Are you looking for a theme to improve your gambling blog? What about a personal blog WordPress theme like Rhino?  Tesla Theme’s Rhino theme is made only for your type of blog. Rhino is a contemporary, fully responsive theme that’s been tested to operate in most browsers. It’s ideal for bloggers who review and rank games. Additionally, it may work for game developers who should release information regularly about the games they’re creating. Because gaming is a very social industry, Rhino provides bloggers with a BBPress forum integration. You can set up the forum and invite your users to talk about the games you examine inside them. By adding this feature, your site will have visitor created content. This adds value to your website even if you do not do the actual content creation.

If people love your content, you can talk them into registering for your newsletter subscription. The theme also makes it possible to set up this without needing particular subscription plugins. This can develop into another monetization channel for your blog. You can add the most up-to-date or the featured posts within this area. Just over the fold, the theme also includes a button where you can place a call to action that can cause a monetization scheme. It utilizes a static page for your front page so that you can modify your articles in this region. But, it is also possible to decide to use the blog posts list in your front page. Game review pages look different from ordinary posts. Aside from the game description and images, they contain a rating system, pricing tables and remarkable visuals to describe the qualities of the game. The sport review page is professionally designed and can be a powerful squeeze page for people that want to however the game.


MedPark is a WordPress theme designed for hospital and health centre websites. Additionally, it is ideal for creating university and education websites. Additionally, it comes with shortcodes that can enable anyone to construct a professional layout even without high-level internet development know-how. If you are thinking about this theme for a medical-related site, it’d be great to know that MedPark includes a physician’s Page where site visitors can look up the titles of different kinds of medics and pros. Every personal account is conveniently handled through the Users section found on your WordPress Admin. Another unique feature is that the listing of health Services, which shows prospective clients what level of health care your facility offers. MedPark additionally allows potential customers to enroll appointments online. Furthermore, there’s a Timetable which reveals the access to each particular healthcare provider.

Use MedPark’s Pricing Table in which you can clearly and concisely gift to soon-to-be clients the contrast between the various packages that you’re offering. Should you would like to utilize MedPark to get a college website or an education-related website, you’ll be glad to know that it’s easily accessible. You and your staff can write regular entries in the Blog section where you can share useful and keyword-rich articles about education or health. Doing so optimizes the visibility of your site online. Your articles can be classified based on recent articles and most well-known articles. Additionally, MedPark enables you to monetize your blog by allowing you to insert ads on your sidebar. Other noteworthy characteristics of this theme that will convert your website visits to sales include the newsletter invitation pub along with the contact page, which comes complete with an area map and a open source messaging form.

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Lovers is ideal for bands, musicians, and other tasks about the music industry. The way to attract the interest of individuals who will probably support your projects is to customize your website in accordance with your music style. The Lovers theme boasts of six different custom articles and eight different webpage template choices. It’s super purely responsive so your followers can read your articles, see your photographs, and listen to your music across different kinds of devices. But maybe the most awesome aspect of this theme is your mobile device-ready Music Player. Your blog visitors can also smoothly navigate your site using the well-thought-out menu bar design along with the convenient search bar.

If you are a music artist, then you’ll not only want to boost your record revenue but also your own popularity. Similarly, if you sell other people’s music, then you will obviously need to introduce the artists that you signify to the listeners. With Lovers, one can create a webpage that features photos of different artists or band members, together with their witty personal bios and music career history information. The Lovers music theme allows you to create albums with playlists as well as a filterable gallery. This way, it is possible to conveniently display your accessible albums and purpose listeners to where they can download or buy your stuff. Lovers additionally lets you create an extremely visible Events section that will help you keep fans updated on your current gigs and calendar of tasks. You’ll never know when your group will make it big, so you’ll need to ensure fans, potential business partners, and producers will reach you easily. For this reason, Lovers provides users with a contact page which comes complete with a convenient messaging form along with Google map.


When you have a business, it’s vital to be certain you become prolific, and that your business becomes profitable–regardless of whether it is large or little. However, most of the time, people become confused as to how they could advertise their business–particularly online. Basically, Bishop is a theme that is specifically made for eCommerce purposes. Getting neat and purely responsive, it’s the best theme that can enable you to show your customers –and possible clients–your own products or services, and also help them know more about your organization, too. It’s easy to handle and browse as it comes with a drag-and-drop builder, and three special homepage layouts that you can choose from, based on your wants and preferences.

Without knowing anything about code, Bishop will be able to help you make use of amazing, patterned wallpapers that may give more definition to your site. This theme also offers the following: quick product view popups–which it is possible to click after something at the list catches your eye; product filtering options, so that you can easily segregate the products that you’re featuring; solid principles and search engine optimization for simple search rank improvement; an extremely purely responsive web design that makes way for effortless navigation, and effortless page loading; currency switchers, so your visitors won’t have a hard time understanding or converting costs; retina and cellular ready, for simple integration on any apparatus; and is totally integrated with WooCommerce–so it is possible to make it easy for potential buyers to store or patronize your services. You can even pick your own dashboard, or customize the theme even better, and also get constructive feedback from your readers–so you are able to improve your blog and company better. Certainly, with the help of Bishop, you can be certain that your business will thrive!

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Whether you’re a professional chef, an entrepreneur in the food industry, or merely a food fanatic, you will love the new iCook WordPress theme. This multi-purpose theme allows you to share your lip-smacking recipes and products into the world with its variety of special features. Included in these are the responsive layout that makes the design adjust to all kinds of screen sizes and apparatus, the custom shortcodes for recipes, the personalized wallpapers, as well as the custom-made icons and logos. While recipe sites nowadays might be a dime a dozen, so iCook can allow you to make sure that yours really stands out. It does this by providing people with a visual encounter they could practically taste. ICook was fashioned so that upon dropping from the homepage, blog audiences instantly get lured from the big images of your mouthwatering masterpieces. This theme also displays your most popular recipes according to the amount of views.

ICook’s recipe gallery includes filter function. This way, you can set your recipes based on breakfast, main meals, appetizers, desserts, etc.. iCook permits you to list ingredients down effortlessly as well. Successful bloggers understand interacting with followers contributes greatly to the popularity of a website. Upon checking your recipes, virtual guests may easily leave comments subject to your approval. At the exact same time, your followers may conveniently use the share buttons to spread your culinary inventions across various social networking websites. If you want your blog and your brand to be well-known across the blogosphere, then you have to be really purely responsive to messages. Likewise, if you’re running a brick-and-mortar shop, you need to be certain that potential clients can locate it with no difficulty. Thankfully, these are what the Google map and also the friendly AJAX form in the Contacts page are for.

] Universe

Welcome to the Universe, the brand new WordPress blog theme that may provide a perfect virtual home for all types of businesses and creative careers. This theme enables you to choose from four distinct Home Page representations. Each is made up of eye-catching galleries and image sliders, custom posts and widgets, along with a filterable portfolio. This theme was created in such a way that upon visiting your webpage, blog visitors will instantly be introduced to your products and services. The customizable and interrogate menu bar makes your site super easy to browse. This theme is all about making buying easier for your prospective clients, which is why it comes with a Start Project Form where interested clients can conveniently type in their business proposals. They can pick the sort of project and support through a handy dropdown menu and they are even able to incorporate their proposed funding.

If you are a freelancer or if you own a new company, it is imperative that you give prospective clients a reason to trust you. Aside from assisting you to create an appealing portfolio, Universe enables you to make a smartly designed About Me/Us page. This gives you a chance to make your story and your skills known. Among the reasons why businesses create websites is in order to obtain international recognition for their brand. This can only be carried out successfully if your site is accessible to prospective customers who speak foreign languages. The good thing is that Universe can be used with all the WordPress Multilingual Plugin, allowing for smooth translation of your pages and posts. Together with the design adjusting to different screen sizes, Universe helps to ensure that online shopping stays to be a nice experience even when buyers are scrutinizing your products through small mobile devices. The theme also comes with a Contact page that’s geared to convert blog visits to earnings. It is equipped with an AJAX contact form along with a map with icons that are customizable.

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Whether you are an artist, a photographer, a model, or any type of freelancer, you are going to need a website theme that is professional yet creative in precisely the exact same moment. You also receive custom widgets, personalized background alternatives, and customized logo designs so you can make sure you site is far from generic. Yopta also comes with a trendy Parallax effect and a chic Member’s Area. The objective of the portfolio will be to showcase your work to the world. That is precisely why this theme permits you to display enormous top quality images. Yopta has a responsive design so that it doesn’t matter whether possible employers are viewing your photos or graphics through their PCs or their laptops or their cellular phones. Your content is sure to look good.

Yopta permits you to make a comprehensive list of the services that you provide and lets you feature your very best deals too. It enables you to categorize your job so prospective clients can focus on what you are selling without getting turned off or distracted by the”creative clutter.” Intrigue your followers and prospective clients with regular articles using the blog section. In this manner, you could show them that there’s more to you than just the product that you are advertising. Yopta helps to make your brand more sociable by letting you connect it together with your social media pages. Moreover, Yopta directs your blog visitors to related projects so if they like what they see, they will know where to find your other masterpieces too. After displaying your skills to potential employers, you are going to want them to be able to contact you easily. Yopta’s AJAX form provides virtual people with an easy means of sending in their queries and allows you to respond promptly. In this manner, you can be confident no significant job opportunity passes you by.

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Zeon is an internet Commerce website theme that has got everything you need to start and manage your own online shop. Why choose a normal design when you can create an attractive online shop with widgets that are customized, logos, backgrounds, and articles? But more importantly, this theme is WooCommerce-compatible, letting you sell your services and products in precisely the same site where you advertise your own brand. One great aspect of this theme is the Product List organized according to category. It helps site visitors to form and view products according to price, popularity, and rating. Plus, promos and discounts are useless when prospective clients don’t know about these, so utilize Zeon’s Special Offers Sections to pull more curious customers. There, you can display new sets, best buys, and sale products in line with the percent off. You might also make pricing tables to help customers in finding a service bundle that is just right for them.

One trick to optimizing your profits is to create shopping simple to your buyers. Zeon’s AJAX technology allows shoppers add various items to their cart without needing to reload the page. Online visitors can make an account with no difficulty. Successful online entrepreneurs understand the value of email marketing, and Zeon’s contact and subscription form allows followers to frequently receive newsletters from you. And don’t just limit your network to people in WordPress. Make the most of this theme’s social networking integration to help your business earn some enjoy popular social media sites. The great thing about running an internet store is the potential to bring your business to an international level. Zeon can be used with the WordPress Multilingual Plugin so that your content and menus can be translated to several languages with minimal effort.  For more WOrdPress minimalist themes, we’ve got another collection you’ll adore.


The founders of the crowd-pleasing Zero gave the WordPress theme a overhaul and turned it in to Zero version 4.0. Equipped with more convenient features, Zero is ideal for making business portfolios, creating online stores, and launching creative service sites. When you receive Zero, you get trendy premium plugins for free. These include the award-winning digital Composer which allows you to just drag and drop items to create a great website in a couple of minutes. Together with Zero’s 40-plus content components and three different homepage representations, you can create a personal blog or a company page that is suitable for your image. Zero also comes with all the Revolution Slider which helps you form a site filled with vivid alterations and jaw-dropping results and animations. It is possible to use the drag-and-drop editor to add photos and videos as you desire. Here’s our collection of WordPress video themes.  Zero’s low-key layout adjusts itself to various screen sizes so your followers may appreciate your own clutter-free content across multiple devices. Other new features added to Zero comprise the scroll cartoon, the font icons, and the sticky navigation.

Another reason Zero is so popular among business owners and salespeople is the fact the fact that it provides potential clients using a stress-free buying experience. Online visitors can create individual accounts, view your shop page, add items to their carts, and proceed to checkout — without breaking a sweat. The filterable portfolio allows virtual shoppers to form and view your things according to newness, popularity, and price. Furthermore, the optimized load rate is likely to make virtual people want to hang out on your site more. You are able to use the blog section to talk about with your clients some helpful info regarding your products, the way to utilize them, and why they ought to buy them. Zero can also be translation-ready, meaning that customers who speak foreign languages may understand your content and product descriptions without difficulty. Needless to say, Zero empowers your organization to dive into a wider sea of clientele.

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WordPress Theme Collections

Some Incredible WordPress Themes from Tesla Themes

Tesla Themes has been among my favorite theme makers for quite some time.  I’ve created a great looking collection of some of their best themes here.  You’ll find WordPress personal blog themes among these, as well as WooCommerce WordPress themes and plenty of WordPress portfolio themes too.  I’ll keep adding to this collection if you keep coming back to see what we’ve added, is it a deal?


As its name implies, Novelty is about bringing something fresh to the table each and every moment. This theme is ideal for news bloggers that wish to get information out there through delivery. Novelty’s layout is contemporary and coordinated. Bloggers can set their posts tidily based on kind. In this manner, readers searching for a particular news group will not have difficulty finding reading materials that interest them. Furthermore, your followers possess the advantage of utilizing the very helpful search bar. Novelty was made in such a manner that site audiences are immediately introduced into the latest news in addition to the editor’s selections. It is powered with the Tesla Framework so you are ensured a searchable setup and customization of your articles sharing site.

This theme is social networking incorporated so people may discuss your information to their own social networks in a variety of platforms. Additionally, it is compatible with all the most commonly used browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome. Novelty’s layout does not just deliver information to the viewers. It encourages the viewers to take part. This is especially helpful because newsreaders online aren’t just searching for somewhere to read reports but can also be trying to find a place where they can openly exchange opinions with their peers. Novelty is WPML-ready, which means that you may expand your reach non-English talking readers. Furthermore, if you are thinking about monetizing your site, you will be happy to know that Novelty includes built-in short codes that permit you to incorporate new components such as pricing tables, tables, along with a special offers section.


Revoke is a multipurpose WordPress theme that is ideal if you are an entrepreneur, a creative person, or perhaps both. Revoke offers performance without consuming aesthetics. The unlimited possibilities for customization is just one reason why it is such a crowd favorite. This theme incorporates neat transition effects and breathtaking visual effects. You get to customize the emblem, the desktop, as well as the widgets. Additionally, there are added thumbnails found below the primary slider. The most important slider’s pictures, names, and descriptions are customizable.

If you would like to start an internet shop, Revoke contains animated portfolios which are filterable. In this manner, online shoppers can navigate your listing of available items based on cost and popularity. Considering that the theme’s design is extremely responsive in every way, prospective purchasers may look through your virtual shop from their PCs, their notebooks, their telephones, and their own tablets. Revoke helps your company get some significant web cred by incorporating it with different social networking platforms. You receive YouTube and Vimeo service and Twitter feed. Adding your Flickr Photostream can also be as simple as pasting your Flickr ID and picking the amount of pictures to display. Revoke is translation-ready so that your articles, art, photography, or products available can find a broader audience all around the world. In case you’ve got an office or whether you are running a conventional business, the Google map at the Contact page will be certain people know where to locate you. In this manner, you can make certain you won’t overlook any chance to create a sale , even better, to earn a loyal customer from somebody.


Selling handmade products online is a excellent way to chase your passion and make a few passive income. Designed particularly for creative people who wish to begin a craft shop business on the internet, Beatrix is fantastic for clothing shops, jewelry shops, and much more. This stylish shopping theme allows you to display high quality pictures of your own masterpieces in the Shop page. There, you may add detailed and beneficial product descriptions to convince customers to buy your stuff. Furthermore, previous clients can add their evaluations and testimonials. This can be helpful considering the impact of peer feedback about people’s purchasing decisions. Becoming WooCommerce-integrated, Beatrix enables your prospective clients to register and make their own accounts. In their personal account dashboards, they are easily able to handle their purchases and their transport information. In this manner they are provided with a searchable shopping encounter. This, then, helps boosts your earnings. Moreover, you get to handle everything from requests to transport without quitting your WordPress Admin.

This theme consists of complimentary 1 hour personalization so that you get a distinctive online store that suits the theme of your company. Additionally, you receive the benefit of all free theme upgrades. It is possible to select among multiple dwelling page layouts and infinite colours. This theme can also be compatible with most well-known browsers, and its responsive in every way layout and loading rate optimization provide a nice window-shopping and buying experience to clients even while they are mobile. Beatrix enables you to categorize your products based on kind. The filterable portfolio allows shoppers see the items based on cost, evaluations, and newness. To further increase your earnings, virtual shoppers will have shown a listing of related products predicated on recently seen items. Show your prospective buyers how great they will look when they purchase your products. You are able to use the Blog part of the theme to post content and photographs of style inspirations.


Unik is a effective premium WordPress theme, which comes packaged with a large selection of characteristics that will assist you create your own, creative or company site fast even in the event that you’ve got minimal knowledge in web designing. It allows you to choose between dark and light styles in addition to six kinds of websites, such as portfolio, health, charity, auto, food and furniture and seven exceptional home pages. Unik comes with the capability to preview portfolio things quickly, in addition to an range of designs for blog articles which also allow you to embed video. It is readily integrated with a plethora of social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. To make sure that site visitors like a fantastic encounter, the theme was optimized to aim a screen rate of sixty frames per minute.

To further raise your customization choices, Unik comes with the Font Awesome Retina Icons set, which provides you over 430 icons with only 1 ribbon, and which seem excellent even on high-definition screens. With infinite scalability performance, every icon exhibits well regardless of how big this screen. Unik comes with different plug-ins which you may use to style your website easily, such as Slider Revolution for creating your personal sliders and Visual Composer for constructing pages with a drag and drop interface and includes over forty elements such as message box, FAQ and Facebook Like and Tweetme. Additionally, it supports attributes, like Sticky Menu for easily navigating between menus and Parallax Backgrounds which allow you to include parallax effects into the wallpapers and contains different short codes, such as tabs, buttons, typography, progress bars and picture slider. Furthermore, Unik is a responsive in every way theme, which guarantees that your creative website works well on mobile devices like tablets and tablets in addition to desktops.


If you are considering building a company portfolio or even a corporate site, the BizNex WordPress theme comes highly suggested. It’s a lovely and professional design equipped with innovative features like the Featured Slider, Parallax Scrolling, built in shortcodes, and easy transitions. The founders of the theme used the most up-to-date from HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery library to make sure you and your website viewers are provided with the finest effects and visuals. The slider pictures, descriptions, and names may be customizable. You do not require any particular knowledge to establish and personalize your enterprise site because BizNex includes comprehensive HTML documentation and also with thorough instructions and snapshots to help you in the creation of your company’s virtual home. As a company owner, you are going to want to achieve not just those customers that are browsing out of their houses but also those that are on the go. BizNex’s responsive in every way design design makes your page simple to navigate regardless of which device your audiences use. Whenever your page’s design adjusts to the cellular device, your advertisement banners and vouchers do, also.

The BizNex theme enables you to select between One Page and Multiple Page layouts. This theme was created to easily direct your prospective customers to where they could buy your products or to where they could discover more about your services. In addition to your customer portfolio, BizNex lets you display testimonials from satisfied clients. This feature is very helpful nowadays when people’s buying decisions are highly influenced by testimonials from peers. Furthermore, this theme was created for suitable social networking sharing, making certain your company spreads its standing across various platforms that were online. And yet another way to help your company grow is to give an ear to customers’ feedbacks — that makes you more conscious of the wants and how you are able to appeal to them. Because of this, BizNex includes a helpful message type from the contact page.

Daily Post

Daily Post is full of amazing features that will assist you make a visually attractive site which can do justice to your articles that is posts. With zero coding abilities necessary, you may earn a exceptional news site which can make your followers wish to read. With Daily Post, you have to pick among many featured articles designs and assorted content discovery attributes. The scroll and responsive in every way layout provides readers with an unrestricted studying experience. It is possible to sort your written articles based on class, screen breaking news through shifting text, comprise the latest posts and favorite articles, and also demonstrate the weather prediction based on the digital viewer’s place. But what really sets Daily Post besides other news site themes is that it enables other people to distribute news to you. Daily Post takes site interaction into a whole new level because it allows you to get files and media files from virtual guests. The highly observable comment button knowingly invites readers to share their responses to this information.

This theme’s objective is to assist you to spread the story not only within the blogosphere but throughout the world through different social networking platforms too. That is the reason this theme is social websites incorporated with big built-in sharing buttons. Furthermore, this theme involves a ready printing button if your readers want to talk about a tough copy of your posts. If your information site is made up of articles written by several writers, each contributor could have a single profile using a bio and a list of subjects which the author specializes in. In this way, fans of every writer can quickly track down other posts written by him/her. This theme includes extensive documentation to help you through each step of creating and assessing your information website.


Cuisiner is a WordPress theme designed using the fashionable food fan in your mind. Get in contact with individuals who possess the exact same fire and discuss recipes with fellow gastronomes all around the world utilizing Cuisiner’s recipe gallery. This permits you to make step-by-step info and discuss testimonials and events. Cuisiner enables you to link your website with assorted social networking pages and so, helps to maximize your website’s exposure. Likewise, it empowers your followers to speed your recipes. This is excellent because guest interaction is vital for the achievement of any site. This theme’s responsive in every way layout will make your articles observable via a wide selection of devices and display alternatives. In this manner, your followers may take a look over your recipes via their cellular phones or tablet computers effortlessly even as they cook in their kitchens.

Recipe blogs are now extremely common. However, Cuisiner boasts using a load of features that can allow you to make an extremely personalized website that actually stands out. Including custom widgets, articles, effects and videos, in addition to a suitable drag-and-drop editor. Cuisiner’s terrific screen data in most pages can allow you to catch the attention of more foodies out there, and of course create their mouths water! As a cooking connoisseur, your site is a manifestation of your own kitchen. It is possible to categorize your recipes based on desserts, salads, beverages, and much more. Cost tables are ideal if the brand/s you signify offer distinct layers of comparable support. It’ll present packages and costs in a manner which individuals can easily comprehend. Cuisiner includes a broad collection of shortcodes to handle the invention of cost tables, special supplies, and switches. This is particularly useful if food isn’t simply your fire but also your own livelihood.


Epilog is a superbly designed WordPress website theme. It moves all of the necessities of a contemporary theme. Additionally, it looks fantastic in both portrait and landscape views of cellular devices. This theme is especially created for individuals and companies using vibrant photos in their own blogs. Every design part of the site is toned down to make people concentrate on the photographs and graphics. If you have a restaurant, by way of example, along with your meals are nicely presented, you may take advantage of this theme on your site. The site’s minimalist layout will make your meals or other sorts of fairly creations stick out. It’s also ideal if you prefer to blog on your travels and your artwork and crafts creations.

Epilog works nicely for the image-heavy sites. It sports a minimalist picture slider near the peak of your home page plus a set of call-to-action buttons directly below it. This attribute is completely responsive in every way and it transforms beautifully between display dimensions. At front page, the theme minimizes the mess from discussing just the most crucial facts about the content. Since the theme lessens the amount of colours used from the font and design, the featured pictures stick out from front page. The theme includes six designs to select from. You’ll also have the choice to utilize promotional boxes in front page and blog articles. Because photographs look great within this theme, Epilog places Instagram because the centerpiece of its own social sharing integration attribute. The theme includes its Instagram feed. All you need to do is link your own Instagram to your site and it’ll load the pictures from your accounts. Additionally, it permits integration of additional social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.


Defender is a WordPress site theme, which imitates professional allure. It’s excellent for attorneys, law firms, accountants and other relevant experts who wish to construct an online presence and make a terrific first impression on prospective customers. This theme’s layout boasts of daring typography, sleek transition and refined consequences. The user interface layout is consistent and consumer experience is certain to be outstanding. When you receive Defender, you get superior plugins such as the Slider Revolution at no cost. The appointment calendar shows your accessibility so neither your time nor your customers’ is squandered. As a lawyer or an accountant, the character of your company is to help individuals resolve their problems and also to make life simpler for them.

A glance of your site states a fantastic deal regarding your professional abilities. It’s because of this why Defender was developed to be coordinated and simple to navigate. The menu presents significant pages such as Practice Areas, About and FAQ to a virtual visitors in a systematic way. If you are part of a group of professionals, Defender enables you to make individual pages for every professional complete with bio, area of specialization, contact information, and a fast click appointment button.

You will obviously wish to leave the belief that customers can reach you effortlessly anytime, anyplace. Defender includes a totally responsive in every way design, which adjusts to several devices along with also a contact form which lets website visitors send you messages immediately. Furthermore, this theme works with browsers that are frequently used. At the sort of company which you are conducting, trust is very crucial.


E-event WordPress theme is the best design option for people or groups who wish to spread the information about their private or professional occasions. This is highly suggested for people who want to run e-seminars, novel debuts as well as online celebrations. Whether your event is going to be held at the digital universe or in the actual world, you will love the massive counter, which educates participants the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds that the upcoming major event is expected. In this manner, nobody will miss their opportunity to join . The occasions are filterable so virtual guests may easily sort them through and find certain actions that interest them. This theme also contains an upcoming events carousel so readers will know beforehand that dates they need to mark on their calendars. You get to select between two table layouts. This includes complete with relevant info such as the title of this case, the date, the time, the server, along with the place. E-event also contains a section where it is possible to present the facilitators. With this section, you’ve got four unique designs to select from.

In this manner, you can readily expect the amount of participants for each occasion. E-event lets you make informative pricing tables while enabling you to select from three exceptional layouts. Show potential participants how entertaining your occasions could be by utilizing the Gallery along with the Blog. The eye-catching design is very responsive in every way so you’ve got an assurance your website is available through multiple gadgets along with also the standard of the pictures and videos of all your events are maintained.


Are you currently in the outsourcing business? By building a site with Cre8or, you’ll have a private space which you are able to design according to your intended customers’ tastes. It’s ideal for companies that have visually appealing products such as bakeries, photography studios and site layout. Since it’s responsive in every way, you can readily show it to customers using your telephone or your tablet computer during encounters. Prospective customers looking at your site won’t have any trouble seeing your webpage since it’s intended to operate with any browser. The theme designers out of Tesla Themes also made certain the theme is optimized to load quickly with a slow connection speed.

Upon activation, the theme produces a theme choices part on your WordPress sidebar so you just have to go to a single location for all of the theme attributes. You may begin by selecting from the five available portfolio designs. In such designs, your customers will instantly find the videos and images which you share on your site. The attention to detail inside this theme can be understood from the innovative but speedy loading animation attributes. Every page transition, by way of example, is revived to create your website more memorable. Clients searching for creative forms will certainly appreciate their experience from the site. All of the customization you want are available from the themes choices. The theme designers also included an visual composer for those that don’t wish to get HTML codes. Whatever you discuss in your portfolio could be shared to a various social networking accounts since the theme is incorporated with social networking sharing.

WordPress Theme Collections

Several More Amazing Elegant Themes

We added a collection a while back including some of our favorite themes created by Elegant Themes.  We’ve decided to add some more in this collection.  For WordPress portfolio themes, try this.

The Fusion Theme is a fashionable theme which will suit manufacturers who wish to appeal to a broad range of audience. Fusion accomplishes this by showing the product/s directly on its homepage using a slick picture slider and complementing color scheme. This is a bold move that enables website visitors to concentrate on the product without being put off using the site’s looks.
Included from the Fusion Theme are .po and .mo translation-ready files which allows you to tailor fit your site to your audience’s native language.
Shortcodes included in the theme are for producing little buttons, icon buttons, big buttons, context boxes, toggled articles, tabbed content, slideshows, tooltips, picture sliders, social networking badges, password protected material, author bios, column designs, customized icon lists, corporate pricing tables, client testimonials, drop caps, and quotes.
The Fusion Theme also includes an integrated Theme Customizer where you are able to make all the essential design changes to suit your business’ needs. It’s four built-in colour schemes (blue, green, purple, and red).
Fusion is part of this Elegant Themes gallery plus it’s available through a personal yearly plan, a developer yearly program, or life access plan.

Explorable WordPress Premium Travel Blog Theme

The Explorable Theme is a location-based theme for WordPress site owners that wish to rate and review any location or institution that they have visited. Websites operating under the Explorable Theme works great as traveling and review websites.
The Explorable Theme’s homepage prominently features a Google map in which locations that you have visited and have written about are pinned. Website visitors also have the choices to enlarge the map to find listings or search the site using a built-in search bar. As soon as you select a trapped location, a material box will popup showing you a summary of you review and rating. Clicking the content box will open the full review on another page.
The theme is easily customized with an integrated ePanel Theme Options located on the WordPress dashboard. You can also make changes to the website using the Live Theme Customizer. The Theme Customizer permits you to choose between different font styles, background colors, and color schemes ( it’s possible to pick between default, blue, green, crimson, and purple).

The Flexible Theme boasts a minimalist and responsive theme design while keeping your art front and centre. This theme may suit portfolio sites for photographers, artists, illustrators, and other visual artists.  Perhaps you’re looking for personal blog WordPress themes?  You know the drill.

The theme’s homepage includes a simple gallery of images on its upper half and blog article summaries on the lower half.
The Flexible Theme also includes a Live Theme Customizer if you would like to make real time changes on your own site. The theme’s picture and video galleries are conducted with Ajax that allows you sort the pictures into various groups based upon your preference.
The theme includes shortcodes for fast creating button varieties, content boxes, tabbed articles, toggled content, slideshows, image sliders, tooltips, social media buttons, protected content, author info, quotations, column designs, pricing tables, customized list fashions, corporate pricing tables, drop caps, and client testimonials. Additionally, it has translation ready .mo and .po files that you may use to localize your website’s theme.


The Chameleon Theme’s most important feature is the capability to change your site’s color schemes to fit your preference at any time. This can readily be done using the theme’s Live Theme Customizer. You can choose between different background colors, textures, and font styles.
The theme transforms your WordPress website into a portfolio site whilst still retaining the essential blog features. The Chameleon Theme also has a customizable footer widget where you can add text, pictures, and other pieces of code.
For broader customization needs, you will need to use the theme’s ePanel Theme Options. This backend dashboard features permits you to change favicons, manage SEO tags, change fonts styles and dimensions, upgrade navigation menus, handle ads, and alter a whole lot of different features.
The Chameleon Theme also includes three distinct slider design styles, seven pre-made page templates, and five different portfolio designs. It also includes short codes for producing boxes, buttons, quotations, testimonials, pricing tables, drop caps, customized list styles, author info, tooltips, password protected material, columns, social networking boxes, tabbed content, and picture sliders.
As a portion of Elegant Theme’s theme database, purchase of this Chameleon Theme is backed with a dedicated customer support staff. This also allows you to find totally free theme updates.


Aggregate is a magazine-type WordPress theme that prominently showcases a picture slider on its homepage. The theme also lets you make unique widgets on the site if you want to add more personalized content for your website. With these additional widgets, you might create a Photostream, a Recent Videos Player, or even a Popular Posts slider.
The Aggregate Theme comes with an integrated Live Theme Customizer that lets you alter the website’s background colour, texture overlays, and font designs real time. The theme also has optional footer widgets at which you might add other text, pictures, advertisements, or other parts of code.
Together with the theme, you might choose from eight different page templates. Additionally, it has a responsive design which makes viewing the site in other screen screens simpler.
Shortcodes included in the Aggregate Theme are for producing social networking boxes, buttons, quotes, pricing tables, drop caps, customized record styles, tooltips, picture sliders, password protected material, testimonials, columns, author info, tabbed content, and boxes.

Origin WordPress Grid According Portfolio Theme

The Origin Theme is your go-to WordPress theme for showcasing cute and easy cover photos of your blog entries. It could match bloggers and writers who don’t prefer walls of text in their site’s homepage but rather entice people with beautiful graphics .
The Origin Theme is grid-based, meaning it’s left oriented primary menu and the articles are arranged in block grid throughout the main page. This gives your website a clean look.
The theme includes seven premade page templates for generating sitemaps, innovative search webpages, penis login pages, picture galleries, portfolio pages, blog feed pages, and contact types. Shortcodes included in the theme are for producing quotations, image sliders, customized list fashions, tabbed articles, buttons, password protected content, boxes, testimonials, drop caps, customized list styles, tool tips, columns, and writer info.
You can personalize the theme to fit your brand by using the Live Theme Customizer or through the ePanel Theme Options. During the former, you can choose between six colour schemes (gray, blue, green, orange, crimson, and purple); boundary, sidebar, and menu colours; and font styles. The latter personalization option will allow you to create more changes on the theme’s physical design and layout. It will also let you manage the backend analytics, advertisements, and optimize the site for search engines.  For more WordPress WooCommerce themes, try this.

DeepFocus WordPress Photography Portfolio Theme

A theme that lets you turn your site into a functional photograph gallery, Deep Focus is perfect for photographers. It is sleek, contemporary, and easy on the eyes–your viewers would have to visit a photo gallery of your job, also by clicking on those images, they would get to browse and find out more about what you are doing, and what you may provide. With this theme, you can pick from 5 different colour schemes–so you can be sure that you’d find out that would best suit your taste and would enhance the quality of your site!

What is great is that Deep Focus has browser compatibility, meaning that you’d be able to reach more people in only a brief quantity of time. Additionally, it makes use of complete localization so that your content could be interpreted depending on where your readers are, so making sure you’d have more followers, so they’d see that you really look after them. With the help of all shortcodes, a bevy of page templates and layouts, and a highly completely responsive design, it would be simple for you to showcase your abilities in your own blog. It’s always important to make sure photos get to communicate what you are trying to sayand with the help of Deep Focus, you’d surely have the ability to achieve that and more!  We’ve also got some minimalist themes for WordPress here.

Evolution Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

A totally responsive WordPress theme that includes 4 evenly great designs that could adapt to almost any screen or browser, Evolution is a great choice for prolific bloggers! So many themes will be the reader using the cursor to scroll up or down a page, but not this one. Its design enables it to accommodate whatever device the reader is using without ruining the aesthetics of your site! In this way, readers will fully appreciate your articles, and would keep on needing to see more–truly vital to your future of your website!
Evolution uses a secure and legitimate code, which means that any design or design that you would use to liven up your blog was made with accuracy, and also the very best coding integrity, assisting you to make certain your site would be of premium quality! It includes the ePanel choice which allows you to use various colours, fonts, search engine optimizers, along with other important features that can make your site even better. What is more is that by downloading this theme alone, you’d get instant access to 387 more amazing themes–just like that!


If you’re searching for a WordPress theme that would be perfect for your online store, and make sure you’d get admired in your niche, look no farther because eStore is the correct fit for you! This theme is a fuss-free, simple to configure, and easy to navigate theme that’s made just for internet sellers. It will let you display high quality images of the products you’re selling, together with short descriptions, and you might even make shopping easier for your followers by means of utilizing the Simple PayPal shopping cart plugin! This way, transactions would be done in a fast, reliable, and easy method!  Here are some great eCommerce WordPress themes.

Aside from PayPal, you might also add the shopping cart plug-in of your choice with just a few clicks. Besides, you could enhance the design of your site morethanks to the”open ended” coverage that eStore utilizes. This just suggests that you’d be more in control of your website–exactly what you would like if you want to succeed in the online shopping niche. Take advantage of different layouts, fonts, and shortcodes that would make you look as if you’re a web design expert, and also get support from smart tech experts. Certainly, using eStore are such a breeze!


In classic black and white, it’s simple to see that Straightforward Press lives up to its title. It’s fantastic for minimalists who’d like to keep things direct, and make sure that there aren’t any unnecessary components that may hinder the reader away from getting the complete gist of the site, and appreciating it for what I is. Improved to be slick and crispier, you’d find a functioning JavaScript Slider that allows you to demonstrate your readers the most up-to-date and greatest from your website –so you could easily get their attention! The theme is also perpetually updated, which means you may make sure that it will forever at the moment, and that it would work as quickly as you want it to.
Your site would be made even better with the assistance of this theme’s lovely gallery section, where readers might easily keep tabs on what has been happening with your brand, and a”blog” section where you could be more comprehensive, and help them know what you’d wish to communicate in a certain moment or so. Choose from 5 unique designs, and enhance it more along with your choice of gear, of desired. Certainly, with the assistance of Simple Press, your site would look classy–but not left !

Gleam Full Screen WordPress Portfolio Theme

What is unique about it’s that it allows you to choose a background for the many pages of your site, offering them their very own exceptional appeal. This way, readers would truly be prompted to read whatever you have written–and could have a great visual experience when doing this! This so happens because Ajax loading is used by Gleam to make sure pages and slideshows would load fast, and wouldn’t complicate things!
Another amazing thing about Gleam is it includes a complete screen gallery that you could personalize and turn to your very own portfolio. By doing so, you’d easily be able to showcase what you’ve got in store for your followers with no interrupting your additional content–and that is not something that other themes can do for you! It’s also entirely responsive, and has great browser compatibility, so making certain that studying would be easy for your followers, and potential ones, too! By making use of Gleam, you’d have the ability to inject both fantastic aesthetics and content on your blog–and certainly, it would prove to be the best website there is!

Webly WordPress Software Revenue Page

If you are looking for a theme which uses classic elements while making certain that it works fast, Webly just might be the right theme for you. It has a content pub and multimedia slider which allow readers to easily know what to expect from your blog, and see significant information, such as a contact page, portfolio, and much more! As webmaster, you won’t be needing a hard time utilizing the theme because you’d easily see tools, such as shortcodes, site templates, and colors that you can use to enhance the appearance and feel of your site.

Webly can easily be enhanced with the help of habit short codes that allow you to produce sharp and smart designs that are perfect for all those niche you are thinking about. You would never feel frustrated thinking that you couldn’t make your website better when you really could. You could also make use of page templates, such as site maps, about me, contact, and even galleries, also. And of course, you could expect high browser compatibility, as a result of its responsive design, too. Upgrades are also given regularly, and you could also use support from their amazing tech team, also! Simple, sleek, and professional–those create the Webly experience worthwhile!

True to its title, TheStyle is perfect for fashion bloggers who’d like to showcase their work, and make sure that their blog boasts of world class appeal. TheStyle has this modern design with a timeless touch, featuring Ajax loading sliders that readily show your readers your own words and photographs, helping define your place in the world of fashion. Nowadays, if you want to be taken seriously as a fashion specialist, you’ve got to ma sure your website offers an enhanced visual experience whilst still having allure –TheStyle would help you attain this, and much more!
Up to three articles in newspaper style would show up in nicely laid-out columns on your screen. This way, readers would readily be able to determine what they’d want to read, and yet they’d still have some gist of what your other posts are around, too. It’ll improve traffic on your site, and because the theme is SEO ready, you can opt to optimize your articles so they would readily show up online–which makes sure you’d gain more followers in the future! Who knows? Sooner or later, you may be the following Anna Wintour! For the time being, make use of TheStyle, and certainly, it is going to provide you the next that you deserve!

Magazines are known to possess unbelievably artistic yet comprehensible designs, and what better way to accomplish that than to use a theme that is made just to turn your blog into an online magazine–none besides TheSource, of course! This WordPress blog has lots of elegance which enables content to be exhibited in an aesthetically-pleasing manner_3–without making the display seem cramped or anything of the type! It has high functionality, meaning that however peppered your site is, it won’t have difficulty showing up on different browsers and devices–making reading easy for your followers.
With the support of a full-width homepage and a three-column grid, you can be sure that your content will find the display time and recognition it deserves. Your readers would be in awe of how fast your site operates, and be amazed with your choice of layout as it’d feel as they’re reading an actual magazine! You can spruce up it by using the ePanel option which has a great choice of fonts, colors, and styles! Additionally, you’d be glad of just how stable it is, too! Certainly, with the assistance of TheSource, your site would be the go-to page of several –and it’s going to be considered as the origin of what they want to understand!


Sometimes, there is nothing better than reading a site that’s straight to the point, and amazing in its simplicity. This theme is stripped down to basics–but has incredibly rapid sliders, and great performance in regards to working on several different devices–automatic unlimited scrolling included! It gives great restraint with five easy color schemes, and beautifully elegant fonts that you would surely want to utilize. It comes with complete localization that makes it easy for readers everywhere to comprehend what it is you are trying to say.
Even if you have no clue how to code, you would be able to relax because Modest has built-in shortcodes which you can use–and these really turn out to be great, and not amateur-looking. You’d be seen as a professional in your market with the support of the always dependable ePanel alternative where you can tweak things in your site, and flip it into only the finest it could be. This theme is really elegant in its own purity and is never loud or overly much. If you would like to serve your viewers something that is refreshing and honest, try Modest and see what it could do for you!

My Cuisine

These days, food sites have been all over the place, and it’s not tough to see why. If you’re a certified food lover who would like to record your culinary adventures, or whether you are starting an online business that involves foodcatering or catering, and so on, why not try MyCuisine? This WordPress theme has a rustic, vintage feel that allows you to showcase photos of tasty foods or products with some descriptions, and people can click on them to get the full disclosure. It is easy on the eyes, and easy to work with, also!
However, you could also use MyCuisine for other kinds of companies, any site you have in mind. After all, it is highly customizable, using a selection of four colour themes that functions nicely with its aesthetic. You can also make use of different page templates, so you can just add content and post it immediately –no need to be knowledgeable in HTML and the like! Improving the website is also simple, thanks to built-in shortcodes and layout patterns which you could pick from. With the help of MyCuisine, you’d be able to supply a world-class studying experience to your own followers –and that happens with only a few simple clicks!

Elegant Estate

Imagine being able to sell properties only through a website: that is what Elegantestate can perform to you, and more! This theme was curated for the requirements of real estate agents, and anyone who’s considering procuring properties like homes, and lands of different sorts. Using its charismatic, yet straightforward and bright allure, Elegantestate is sure to bring you more readers, and more customers, giving you lots of earnings in the long run. It’s basically all of the alternatives and plug-ins you have to be prosperous in this niche–while making certain that using it is a breeze!
With features like Google Maps integration, a picture gallery, price and contact listings, slideshows, available properties directory, and more, setting a real estate business will not be as hard as you think it’s going to be. What is more is that you can pick from various theme options which can make your site better, and make you seem like a professional in your area! There would be no more need to hire a tech professional, and should you encounter problems, there’s a tech support team that may assist you! By making your site truly your own, you’ll be more inspired to get you best at the office. Really, Elegantestate can make everything for you!