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Cesis, Responsive, Multipurpose Agency WordPress Theme



Cesis Creative WordPress Theme

Cesis is a user friendly, well designed creative agency theme and it’s perfectly responsive too.  What more could you ask for?  Well, free money for one thing.  You can always hope.

Let’s talk turkey, shall we?

Here’s one version of the homepage.

Cesis WordPress Responsive Multipurpose Agency Theme

Here’s another homepage layout.

Cesis WordPress Business and Digital Creative Theme

What do you get if you download this Cesis theme? Well, you’ll receive the possibility to create stunning websites. This theme was created by an elite author, that means they’ve sold a large number of WordPress themes on ThemeForest. In this case, that number is over 16,000. I see no reason why this template will not continue to add to that growing number. With a 4.9 rating and over 800 sales, it’s proven to be quite popular in the first few months it has been on the market. The theme Cesis bills itself as the smartest theme on the ThemeForest. The advertising copy says you never imagine that powerful websites could be made that easy. I think that’s a very interesting statement and one that probably requires a bit more research to determine the veracity of. I will say this, there are a lot of great features to point out.

For one thing, you get a powerful header builder with infinite possibilities for header creation, you can adjust the width, many style and Logo position among other things. It’s all done in the WordPress customizer, you’ll be able to see changes as you make them, and not have to publish your website before seeing the effects of what you’ve done. There’s also a footer builder that basically does the same thing. With this template, you’ll be able to adjust your floor Style quickly and easily, create your own if you don’t like the pre-made options.

This theme loads up very rapidly and that can truly help with SEL. Fast loading themes always seem to rank better than slow loading templates that are flabby and disgusting. This theme is thin and beautiful. Pretty much the opposite of flabby and disgusting. There are dozens of different full-featured, pre-made templates that allow you to get a new project up and running quickly and your little love the dynamic styles of each and every one of them.

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