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Chicky Fashion Magazine WordPress Marketplace Theme

Chicky Fashion Marketplace eCommerce Theme

Chicky Fashion Marketplace eCommerce Theme

Chicky may not be the best name for a WordPress theme that I’ve ever heard.  In fact, it’s downright terrible as far as names are concerned.  But there are a lot of themes that have bad names, it’s sort of par for the course for some theme developers.  That doesn’t change the fact that the theme is a pretty good one though, so that’s something.  I really do like it.  So, what do I notice first about the Chicky WordPress theme?  Well, you’ve got to really admire that typography.  It’s bold, it’s attractive, it’s legible.  The image is striking, which is a very good lesson to learn, the better the images, the better the impact on your visitors.  If the image is grainy and boring, chances are people won’t pay too much attention to what your content is.  So, that’s just about the demo site though, but you get the idea.  Pick awesome images and that’s half the battle.

Chicky is a fashion marketplace theme, which means that you can set up a site that lets people add their content, their products, to your website.  Pretty neat, right?  It’s all the rage right now, with more and more of these marketplace sites popping up.  In fact, it’s so popular that we went and made a collection for that type of theme that you can see here.  So, if this Chicky theme doesn’t do the trick for you, head on over there and see what you see.  I really like a number of the themes in that collection.

Anyway, back to Chicky.  Chicky is ultimately flexible there are unlimited colors and fonts available, the theme is customizer ready with multiple cool looking header layouts.  Use Dokan or WC Vendors to create your multivendor setup.  I love the premium addons that are included with Chicky, like the premium content builder elelemets, a coming soon mode with countdown timer.  You’ve got a premium image gallery and it got a bunch more awesome stuff if you really delve into what Chicky has to offer.

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