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Clickbuy, Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme



Clickbuy – WooCommerce Responsive Digital Theme

ClickBuy is the name of this theme. I suppose it should be quite obvious that it is all about selling products online. To be perfectly honest, it’s not a very creative name. But, I do actually really enjoy this template, I think that it has a clean, minimal and modern style that could work perfectly for any type of online shop. Take a look for yourself, here’s one of the versions of the front page that you could select and get started with rapidly.

ClickBuy, WordPress Corporate Style eCommerce Theme

Clickbuy is perfectly rated, five stars out of five. That’s really a fantastic mark. Buyers of this team seem to single out the customer support for much of their price, pointing out how fast and friendly the support has been. Suitable for any sort of e-commerce website, the developer has included multiple layouts for homepage, product pages and that gives you tons of customization options. This is not just a woocommerce theme, it works perfectly for businesses, creative websites, new sights and corporate businesses. The fact that it offers woocommerce alongside, that is the icing on the cake.

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