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Collecto, Distraction Free, Minimal WordPress Blog Theme

August 21, 2018
collecto wordpress minimal magazine theme
collecto wordpress minimal magazine theme

Using a fancy new style and a grid layout, this Collecto theme is completely novel, it’s elegant and minimalist, blending contemporary aesthetics with a classic look of a newspaper or magazine.

Hey there everybody, this theme is called Collecto and it’s a simple, minimalistic WordPress blog theme that’s a perfect portal for your high quality WordPress magazine.  Simple layout, user-friendly features, minimalist design, that’s a lot of what you need to create an amazing website.

Collecto WordPress Theme – Themes Kingdom

Themes Kingdom is all about responsive themes and Collecto is a wonderful theme for any sort of online magazine, mobile friendly and easy to navigate.

Collecto WordPress Theme Single Page – Themes Kingdom

Single pages are made to impress. Your featured image and post title are diplayed first. When people scroll down to read your opinion piece, the side columns on the left – author name and bio – and the right – previous and next posts – follow them.If you want a website with a modern, contemporary style, Collecto does the trick.  This minimalist portfolio theme for WordPress is the perfect combination of simple and elegant, modern and timeless classic.

Onanma.  This website really takes advantage of the simple look, the elegant layout and the crystal clear typography that Collecto offers.  The opening image is strong and I really love the masonry grid layout that shows after you begin to scroll down the page.  It’s a nice effect and it perfectly shows off your content, making navigation incredibly visual and fun.

onanma - A fine online magazine for the fine woman

This is Onanma, a women’s art website, blending portfolio and magazine features into one impressive package.

Another theme that uses Collecto is MonachopsisMag.  This is an online ‘zine, and they’re constantly accepting submissions for upcoming magazines.  The use of Collecto really makes sense, it helps form a professional, user-friendly magazine for any purpose.  In general, the layout if very similar to the Onanma magazine above.


Blending cutting edge content with a simple, clean visual style, Monachopsis is a magazine that gets the most out of Collecto.

And finally, there’s VincentEska, another great looking theme that uses a fullscreen image to give their homepage a different look than some others using Themes Kingdom’s Collecto theme.

vincent eska - Text & Photographie

Frankfurt always leaves me with an internal contradiction. It appeared to me in the years I spent in and around the city and even today, for me, the numerous fragments do not give a coherent picture, not even a paint-by-numbers.

There’s not much there just yet, but I’m sure Vincent is going to have something incredible to look at very soon.  For more photograper’s portfolio themes, try our collection.


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