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ConArch, Construction Company Business Theme for WordPress



ConArch WordPress Theme

ConArch is a great looking WordPress theme for construction businesses and builders. The theme is well developed, packed with features and it’s the product of extensive research on construction company websites, industrial and factory website and they developed the template that has all the functionality that those types of businesses need. It’s great to see somebody really dive deep on what it takes to build a great Construction Company website, because most web designers probably don’t go to those lengths. The result is a professional and Powerful WordPress theme and uses Elementor page builder to allow you to create web pages that look just like you want them to look. For architecture firms, construction companies, Contracting businesses, trades people of all sorts, from electricians to plumbers, painters to handymen, and even perhaps home renovation companies, this theme gets the job done.

Here’s a good look at the front page of the con Arch WordPress theme, well, one of the front pages. Again, you can create tons of different looks for your website. There’s absolutely no need to get locked into one one design and keep it for years and years and years. Those days are over, there’s a lot more flexibility in terms of design and that means that if you get tired of the look of your web page, you can always swap the some things out and make it look a bit different.

Con Arch Construction and Building Business WordPress Theme

We are rapidly expanding this WordPress reviews website called Top Notch Themes, but we have not yet built a collection for construction company WordPress themes. Perhaps that’s a bit of an oversight on our part, there are plenty of different themes out there that I think could work well for a lot of different companies. We will eventually put together a construction company theme collection, and will link to it from right here. Until then, perhaps you’d be more interested in our collection of WordPress business themes. We’ve got a wide variety of great templates with a clean and corporate stop, many of them would also work perfectly for a construction business. Well, that’s all for now, we’ll be back soon for more amazing themed reviews.

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