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Contentberg WordPress Theme

This theme is called Contentberg, it’s a wonderful theme that helps make your content as readable and beautiful as can be.  When you’re blogging, you know that content is king.  That’s the old chestnut, but it’s absolutely as true now as it ever was.

Using a simple, minimal theme is often a great idea, it can reduce the number of distractions, helping to keep your readers engaged with your posts and pages.  This theme is a complete package for bloggers, for writers and content marketers alike.  The design is simple, that much is clear, but the features are there.  With a theme like Contentberg, you can do anything you set your mind to.  Thanks Eminem.

You have tons of control over your website and there’s almost nothing that can’t be accomplished.  That’s basically what I just said, but I’ll say it again.  Oh yeah, this theme could be pretty similar to some of these marketing WordPress themes.  Check those out if you’re interested.

This theme is perfectly compatible with Gutenberg, the newest way to build amazing websites.  Embrace the future!  Gutenberg may have had some growing pains early, but the developers are working hard to improve the user experience every day.

Here’s the look of the Contentberg WordPress theme.

Contentberg, Writer Blog & Content Marketing Theme

For a limited time, this theme is priced at $29, which is a huge bargain.  I’d pounce all over that if I was interested in a new theme.  This theme makes it very easy to build a homepage, you can drag and drop pre-made widgets right where you want them, or you could use the advanced page builder, if you feel comfortable with that process.

Hey, do you prefer WP Bakery’s Page Builder plugin?  That works just as well and there are tons of features that work really well with that plugin.

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