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Going a little further deeper into our archives, we have run across a WordPress theme that you might have missed the first time around. Daily is the name of it and this GPL license theme was released in December of 2012. Unlike many of the oldest themes that we have run across, Daily has been updated several times since its initial release. In fact, it was updated in 2019, meaning that the code should be up-to-date and that can make for a bit of security for your site. If you’re looking to Rebrand an existing blog and you would like style it is a little bit older, one that does not rely on a page builder, Daily could be a decent choice. This theme offers unlimited color options, vast array of fonts, Google Maps integration, full width and classic layouts and a whole lot more. I do appreciate that the developer has continued to make sure this theme is coated properly, but I will admit that the style is quite dated.

Daily WordPress Personal Blog Theme

Luckily, we have a collection that could satisfy your needs. We do our very best to make sure that every one of our collections is full of themes that are well coated, well-designed and themes that are easy to use. It’s all a bit of a balancing act. But, we have tried our very best to ensure that these themes are the best that they can be. Anyway, I have reviewed this theme enough.

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