Daisho is a portfolio solution for creative professionals and companies looking for a minimal and professional look. I guess you could call Daisho a metro style theme?

Daisho may be used for experts and web sites who demand a minimal and slick WordPress portfolio page. Daisho helps to ensure your projects, or your product, are in the forefront without having any diversions. Take this smashing theme for test. We think it’s a wonderful value too.  With a gorgeous metro inspired grid layout, Daisho has what it takes to present your content with style.

Daisho has been sold over 5000 times on ThemeForest, with a very good overall rating, just above 4.5 overall.  Ikonize did a really great job with Daisho, this theme loads up fast, looks great on all devices with it’s perfect responsive design.  I’ll let Ikonize say what they want to about Daisho.

Daisho is a portfolio solution for creative professionals and companies looking for a minimal and professional look. Flexible and responsive presentation, smooth navigational flow and clutter-free approach. Put your works in focus. The definitive portfolio solution for creative professionals available now.

The reviews are mostly very positive, here’s a handful of them to show you what folks who have used Daisho think about it.

Here’s a 5 star review from eborg9.

Just wanted to say that this theme does rock and I appreciate all of the help that you have given on your help forum. I got it working just the way I want it. That needs to be said, because too many theme authors give bad service. I always check the comments before I buy anything to see how the designers respond to questions, and you have been consistently helpful and anyone thinking of buying this theme should know that.


And another 5 star review.

I cannot let another minute go by without noting how incredible your support is, both here (which truly, you do NOT need to do) and especially on your dedicated support forum. The theme ROCKS but is definitely made even better by your comprehensive support. In just a day or two, I?m almost fully finished pulling together my new profile/portfolio site. You?ve earned yourself a very dedicated fan, Flow.


So, great support, fantastic design, that’s what people identify as the best qualities of Daisho.  See for yourself with the links below.

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