Derailed has an incredibly stylish design, it’s simple to use and if you buy it today, they’ll throw in the Golden Gate Bridge for free! That’s just completely untrue, I’m not sure why I said that.

Want to really impress some folks?  Want a feminine theme for WordPress that’s got style, grace, panache and a certain look that just screams ‘style’?  Then have a look at DeRailed.

I really love this theme.

Show off your visual and written work with this incredibly user friendly, simple to customize, full featured WordPress Theme. DeRailed is a bargain too, I love the price point of this theme.

When you’re purchasing a theme like Derailed, you may find yourself looking for help files, tutorials and the like. Well, you’re in luck.  Since this is a true premium theme, Derailed comes packed with an incredibly detailed help file.  Along with that documentation, you get tons more features.  Yep, stuff like Unlimited Color Schemes and a fluid, user friendly and mobile friendly Responsive Layout.  This DeRailed theme is eCommerce ready.  Want to sell some products?  If you’re targeting women or girls, DeRailed is a great pick.

Makes a fantastic gift shop template!

The unlimited color schemes allow for flexibility in design, the responsive layout is user friendly and retina support means it will look great too.  This theme comes with extensive video documentation, so if you need that help getting started, it’s a pretty nice resource to have.

DeRailed is an all around theme that’s definitely worth a look.

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