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Djompo, Premium Senior Care WordPress Theme



Djompo WordPress Theme

This theme is a very straightforward senior Healthcare WordPress theme. It’s suitable for hospitals, medical and Health Care Facilities as well, but its main purpose is as a senior care website. This theme was created by an elite author and it’s easy to Showcase what you have to offer with the professional and well-designed layout that you get when you download the Steam.

To be perfectly honest I’m not exactly sure what it is that the developer believes separates the theme from others that are more general or multi-purpose. It’s really sort of a matter of which images you choose, what your website ends up being about. There’s nothing hyper specific to the senior Healthcare field, but, that’s what the developer has decided to promote as the niche for this WordPress theme. I’m not entirely certain why you wouldn’t simply pick a different, more general-purpose theme like Divi, one with more features and faster load times, and use that to build your website. But, if you have your heart set on a theme that was specifically built for Senior Living options, this might be it.

Djompo, WordPress Retirement Village Senior Care Theme

Sure, this theme has all the usual suspects in terms of features, one click demo import, a live customizer and it’s fully responsive. The theme is optimized for fast load times, has a powerful admin panel and plenty of typography options. But what does this theme do to set itself apart from other options in the market? I’m not entirely sure that there’s an answer to that, because I don’t think that it does do anything to separate itself from other themes. You might be more interested in a theme that has a multi-purpose style but has more flexibility than this one.

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