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Dorsey, WooCommerce Ready Lifestyle Blog and Portfolio

Dorsey WordPress minimalist woocommerce ready theme

Welcome to the world according to Dorsey, a simple looking, minimalist, professionally styled and well designed WordPress theme for blogs, portfolios and it’s even got a full-blown WooCommerce shop set up, so you can sell products of all kinds.  This theme is simple, but it’s not too simple, you know what I mean?   What I mean is, it’s handsome, but quiet.  It’s the boy next door.  It’s a nice theme that doesn’t call attention to itself with brash, outrageous designs.

Dorsey might be best suited as a personal or lifestyle blog theme, perhaps a travel blog or fashion blog?  Anything where bold images and catchy typography are in high demand.  We’ve assembled a big, comprehensive list of both lifestyle blogs here, and travel blogs here, if you’d like to see more options in that vein.

Dorsey WordPress fashion blog lifestyle blog theme

Great for fashion blogs.  Look how the images pop off the screen.  You’re going to get a lot of attention with this theme, if you should choose to use it.

Dorsey WordPress lifestyle and travel blog theme

Or maybe a cool looking travel blog theme?  See what we mean?  The attention is all on your content, there’s no distractions.  That’s what a minimalist theme can do for your site, focusing the reader’s attention where you want it to be focused.  Here’s another set of minimalist WordPress themes you might enjoy.

Dorsey Clean minimal woocommerce shop theme

And you always need to be able to sell products, right?  WooCommerce to the rescue!

Dorsey WordPress minimalist portfolio and blog theme

And here’s a peek at the blog page. (More blog examples here.)  Simple but stylish, the content is again the main focus of the page, which is where it should be.  There’s nothing in Dorsey that isn’t well designed and simple, it’s a great choice for bloggers.

So, that’s a first look at Dorsey, but let’s look at some of the features this great looking theme offers.

  • Thumbnail Galleries
  • Retina Screen Ready
  • Dynamic Image Scaling
  • Left-Aligned Header Layout
  • Basic Google Fonts Integration
  • Tree Sub-Menu
  • Social Media Icons
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • HiDPI Site Logo
  • HTML/Font Site Title
  • Color Scheme Management
  • Sidebar Widget Area
  • WordPress Blogging
  • Image Captions
  • Responsive Page Layouts

There you have it folks, Dorsey, from Made by Minimal.  Let us know what you think and if you ever use this theme, we’d love to see the kinds of things you’ve done with it.  Hit us up with a comment and we’ll link out to you.

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Here are some more minimalist WordPress themes you may be interested in.  Eero.  Eames.  Made.  Milo.  Wright.

The Dorsey WordPress theme is a minimalist theme that finds a genuine equilibrium between form and function, between uncomplicated and complex, between blog-site and portfolio, so it’s amazing for an extensive assortment of layouts and functions.  A one stop shopping center of WordPress goodness. I adore simple style designs, and the fundamentally simple layout of the theme, Dorsey, together with the purely responsive layout, make this template one to keep in mind for a simple blog or portfolio. MadeByMinimal made Dorsey and Dorsey is nicely crafted, it’s not complex, it’s not ugly, but at the exact same time, it’s sassy, very powerful and bold, with a little bit of fun style that makes it one of their best sellers. Minimalist blogging themes are perfect for building a photography portfolio, but Dorsey could be sound for other type of creative site, any photography portfolio or video blog/journal.  You need a strong framework to place your content in if you want your own audience to stand up and be aware of your amazing pictures and creative work. A beautifully, simply crafted theme like Dorsey is an alternative that is wonderful; essentially, if you want a breezy, peaceful looking website, Dorsey could be a fantastic alternative you may enjoy, and if your business wants to present hip pictures, posts that are fashionable and unbelievable visuals, it’s absolutely perfect.  This stripped down theme is pure and clean, boatloads of white space to add an airy quality to the layout, the typography is fearless and nicely crafted. The web log, that is integrated right into the website, causes it to be perfect for something like a personal blogging site, as well as any sort of photography portfolio.

Dorsey is the correct blend of simple, modern and clean design with features that really help run a business, blog or portfolio with one well made WordPress theme.  In short, plenty to absolutely love about Dorsey and if you’re on the search for a straightforward, all purpose WordPress theme that is minimal, perhaps you need to take a stronger look at this one. It’s got a bold, straightforward layout with a left hand glossy, menu and modernist typography, lots of white space for creating lots more and a classy and audacious first impression.

How about the WooCommerce plugin support?  It’s free!  And well supported by Dorsey, so you can add WooCommerce’s natural skills to raise the level of your website.  Get started with eCommerce and you can create a really strong, powerful business in no time flat. With WooCommerce, you’ll be able to sell actual goods that you must send through the post office, in addition to digital products like stock video, computer apps or programs, stock photos, eBooks and other products you just must download. It’s potential to add functionality through a wide assortment of WooCommerce extensions, adding cool and professional functionality like online affiliate marketing systems, Amazon payment gateways, WooSubscriptions, Woo-Bookings and more, all help you create a powerful and professional online business.

There are other characteristics like columns shortcodes and the 100% mobile, responsive-in-every-way layout that looks unbelievable on every variety of device, no matter what size of hand-held electronic device you have. A rather high percentage of individuals are looking at your internet site on a mobile device, so it’s very critical that you simply offer an online encounter that adapts on the fly to match with everybody’s favorite option of computer or device. And with lots of excellent typography and your fascinating, gorgeous pictures, you’ll supply a user experience that is great, no matter what part of the world your visitors are from. I can’t overstate the relevance of a theme which is purely responsive.  Dorsey offers a perfectly delivered capacity to expand the fundamental layouts that are already included, it was designed to satisfy an extensive variety of functions,  and with this amount of dedication to supplying unbelievable support and the layout, you can’t go wrong with Dorsey.  For more amazing WordPress portfolio themes, we’ve built an entire list.


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