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Eduprime, Education and Learning Management System Theme



EduPrime, WordPress Education Theme

This is Eduprime, it’s a WordPress theme, not a librarian Transformer.  I’m pretty sure you didn’t really think that’s what this theme was all about, but I figured I’d let you know in advance.  Saves on disappointment for the rare few who were looking for that.

EduPrime is one of those WordPress education themes that is great for a lot of different types of Education. Of course, you’ve got classic educational purposes like schools, universities, private tutors and instructors, but it could also work great for a driving school. In fact, they have included a driving school demo. There’s also a high school demo, which seems a bit strange because I’ve never actually seen a decent High School website. It’s not like I’m looking for them, but I have to do a few and most don’t use WordPress. They use static HTML sites and, frankly, they don’t look all that great. In addition to these basic Demo’s, there is a kindergarten style, that could be great for preschool education websites.

The developer, ModelTheme, describes Eduprime like this.

EduPrime is a Fresh Education WordPress Theme for For Universities, Schools and Education, specialized on school presentation and learning management system.  Our brand new Education and School WordPress Theme, EduPrime was designed for the branch of the school, university or course selling websites. To achieve success in the foundry area, your website has to deliver a high-quality service presentation and a top-notch design. Permanently updated, with reliable support and amazing features.

And now, the front page of Eduprime.  It’s pretty plain, but if that’s what you need, then that’s what you need.

Eduprime, Education and LMS Theme

If you’re looking for more top-notch WordPress education themes, we have got a collection that I think is right in your wheelhouse. We have gathered all of the absolute best educational themes out there, review them to ensure their of the best quality and made sure to give you all of the pluses and minuses of each theme. There are hundreds and hundreds of options for Education templates, so you should definitely proves that collection to find more outstanding stuff. We will be back shortly with more outstanding education WordPress themes, hopefully this collection becomes the biggest and best repository for Education themes on the web.

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