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Ego WordPress vCard or resume theme

With a name like Ego, it has to be good. That’s what I figure anyway an Ego does work well as a handsome WordPress vCard theme.

Ego is a WordPress business card.  That’s about as basic as I can make the description.  But sometimes, you don’t need to describe things more than they need to be described.  But, I think I will after all.  Well, actually, I’ll let the theme’s developer, UD Themes, have a crack at it first.

Ego is a sleek, fully responsive, onepage WordPress theme that screams with attitude. It boasts a fullscreen slider with custom captions, an AJAX portfolio and contact form, a blog and tons of styling options. Its the perfect WordPress theme for the freelancer or small design studio that wants to showcase their work in style.

Over 200 theme options, a responsive layout, unlimited skins (who wants to be limited to one or two skins?), sliders, parallax background images,  AJAX contact for and so much more, this theme has a lot to offer.  In terms of the style, it’s modern and sleek, but it remains user friendly.  Never confusing.  At over 3000 downloads and a 4.4 average star rating out of 5, this theme is insanely popular too.

UD Themes has created a monster!

Great support, fantastic documentation, great reviews, great features, what more can you ask for?

Uh oh, here’s a problem though, it may not be offering support anymore.

Hi, your support website is not working anymore. Which “captcha” plugin do you recommend for the Ego Onepage contact form? (I’ve been getting a lot of spam e-mails lately, all sent through the website’s contact form).


That’s a problem and I hope it gets sorted out quickly, otherwise I can’t recommend this theme anymore.

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