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Emma Feminine Wedding Theme for WordPress

August 25, 2018


emma clean minimalist wedding wordpress theme

Emma is a user friendly, totally 100% responsive wedding theme for websites made using WordPress. Visually, Emma’s design philosophy relies on a floating, almost ethereal aesthetic. The homepage scales into a fresh and uncluttered fashion, the header together with hyperlinks to other segments perched tidily beneath the webpage. Concerning technology, it pulls on the newest edition of WordPress’ Bean Framework, a type of blueprint which accompanies its own ready-to-use attributes. Users may select and choose from these types of ready options based on their own taste and requirements. The Bean Framework also appears to be compatible with search engine optimization so the consumer’s website is simpler to locate with Google or another engine optimization. The frame also supports the introduction of child themes, permitting you to take that distinctive look from 1 website and adapt it into some other occasion.

It’s intended to desire as few sources as possible in the system. It does so by employing efficient languages such as HTML5 and CSS. For many its litheness, the theme looks great new from the box whilst still offering comprehensive customization. It is possible to design your own logos, icons and much more, or you could mix and match the templates and components the theme enables you to use whenever you download it. Emma also benefit from other complimentary Bean-based plugins which let you incorporate twitter and instagram in your website. The theme is flexible to any display size, is compatible with a complete assortment of browsers, also includes .po and .mo documents for translating code and posts to any language created by WordPress. Help files are included in the theme, and also the theme’s designers also take questions directly in tweets or via emails, and always update their theme to make sure its longevity.

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