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Explosion WordPress Theme

Explosion, Terror and Mayhem. Those are lyrics from LL Cool J. Explosion is also a responsive WordPress blog theme that was released quite a long time ago. Not as want to go as LL Cool J’s first album, but pretty long ago. With just over 200 Sales at a 4.7 rating on themeforest, explosion was quite a popular theme in its day. It was built on the bootstrap framework, it looks great on all devices, it includes over a dozen different widgets and three different theme left. That said, it hasn’t been updated in about 3 years. That is far too long to go without critical updates. Frankly, I don’t think that you can count on this particular theme being safe for your visitors. These days, people can come along and hack websites that are out of date. Explosion is quite a bit out-of-date and I’m certain that there are some bits of code in there that can easily be hacked apart and that can put all of your data and your hard work at risk.

Explosion WordPress Theme for Personal Bloggers

So, that is why we have created a fantastic collection of personal blog themes. We’ve got even more WordPress themes, personal blog style.  Check those out.  We continue to add to that collection all the time and we only recommend WordPress themes that are completely up today, ones that offer great support, tons of style and flexibility. To be perfectly honest, explosion is so out of date I don’t think that I can recommend it for anyone other than people who simply don’t care whether their website gets hacked or not.

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