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Felly, WordPress Personal Blogging Theme



Felly, Wordpress Personal Travel Blog and Lifestyle Blog Theme

This theme is called Felly. It is a clean and well focused personal blog for lifestyle websites and travel blogs. In addition to those two different homepage variations, you get four different blog post styles, 10 post formats including links, status updates, chat, quotes, video posts and audio posts, images and image galleries, aside posts and, of course, the standard post. That’s ideal for personal bloggers who have a lot on their mind and have a lot of different things to say. Philly is well-documented, created for fashion, travel and personal sites and it is 100% responsive. Go with the latest HTML5 and CSS code, smooth css3 animations are provided. The entire thing as well organized with clean and completely valid code. This theme has some professional pre-built page layouts and it works well with any page builder that you want to add to the mix. Built on the bootstrap 3 framework, this well-documented and responsive Felly theme is a clean solution for personal blogs, photo blogs, responsive traveling sites and trendy content of any sort.

Felly, WordPress Personal Travel Blog and Lifestyle Blog Theme

When it comes to the best personal WordPress themes, we’ve got a big collection of awesome themes you’re going to love.  Not all of them look the same, which seems obvious, but I think a little variety is a great thing when it comes to building collections of themes.  Hopefully, you can find something that’s useful to you in that collection.

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