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Flaky WordPress Responsive Theme for Online Shops



Flaky WordPress eCommerce and Fashion Theme

With a name like Flaky, you know this theme has to be good.  I mean, right?  It’s a bad name.

Despite being a relatively poorly named theme, Flaky is a responsive WooCommerce theme for online shops that I think could work for just about anything. To be succinct, there’s a wealth of options as to what you might want to sell with this flat and well-designed theme. You can sell bikes, gardening supplies, banana trees and steel drums, or steel watches for that matter, fire pits, plastic feet, if there was such a thing, wax lips or anything else you could possibly imagine.  This theme is primarily designed as a fashion shop theme, but you don’t need to be boxed in, it could work for so much more.

I’m not sure what the market is like for wax lips in 2018 but it used to be pretty big, way back when.  Or so I’m told.

Flaky WordPress eCommerce and Fashion store Theme

With the Flaky WordPress theme you get an entertaining theme that isn’t domineering, it’s got a lot of white space and a sort of pastoral, childlike style about it that is bright and homie.

By comparison, some themes leave you shivering in the dark, or curled up in a corner, cramped in by too much information on the page. That never happens with the Flaky WordPress theme, because it’s flat and clean, modern and beaming. It is a fertile breeding ground for sales. In fact, I think this theme can help any sort of business, as long as you’re willing to do all of the hard work that it takes to make sales.

This is an above-average WordPress theme to be sure, it provides an absorbing user experience, it reaches out to a wide audience and it’s well arranged style is a pleasure to use.

It’s true, there are plenty of Woocommerce WordPress themes out there. But how many of them can claim to be as clean and amusing as this particular template. There is absolutely no noise on the screen, yet this theme is anything but plain. It’s a heavenly and sophisticated theme that is graceful and shiny. You will never be bored with this Lively and easy to manage template, it should absolutely terrifying no one when setting out to customize at work Christian and this one is really Nifty and a pleasure to edit.  For more eCommerce WordPress themes, try our collection.  It’s engaging and packed with themes.

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