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Geschaft, WordPress Business and WooCommerce Theme



Geschaft, WordPress Business Theme

Geschaft means business or shop in German. The more you know, right?  For businesses who want a nice looking website that’s a bit different from others in this category, Geschaft could be a great choice.

To be honest, I’m not overly enamored with the style of Geschaft though that may be just a matter of personal taste. I will certainly add the same to our individual posts, so I’m probably not going to add it to any collections in the immediate future. I’m going to wait to see how popular the same becomes. I think the person, the style may be too simple and to spare, though it was created by a well respected and prolific developer, 7Uptheme.

Here’s a quick look at the front page.

Geschaft, WordPress German Business Theme

For many, that front page is going to be too simple and stripped down. Then again, many of you will probably really enjoy it. There are several different demos included with this multi-language theme and each one can be installed very quickly with just a single click. One feature that I do love, they’ve included video tutorials to help you get started. If you still run into troubles, there’s lots of online documentation and going further, incredible support. Putting the focus on your content is important these days and this minimalist theme does just that, though I’m not totally in love with me typography or font choices. But, that’s why they play the game. It’s going to be great for somebody and who am I to judge? This theme is flexible, allows for unlimited colors, offers tons of other cool stuff that you just really should take a look at it. I think I’m through talking about this.

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