Grubbs Design

We’re getting a lot of inquiries about this new WordPress theme designer, Grubbs Design, we’ve gotten so many requests for information about them, we’ve decided to review some of their creations.  Some of these designs are simple, modern and clean, others are a little more complicated and complex.  I think the combination is interesting and one well worth paying attention to.

Absolute is minimalist, I love the layout of this theme.  For more minimalist style WordPress themes, check out this collection.

Grubbs Absolute
This is Absolute, a well designed minimalist theme that Jon Grubb created for one of his clients w2ho wanted a very modern look with great typography.  Another cool looking magazine is called Absolute, but it’s not related. 

Not to be confused with this Amax, the Amax WordPress theme uses the full screen to make a massive impact on readers.  We love great looking fullscreen WordPress themes so much, we’ve made a collection describing them in detail.  It’s something you may be interested in.

Amax Grubbs Design
Amax is a fullscreen theme, Jon Grubbs was particularly proud of this entry.

Anzio is a theme that uses just a single page to get the message across.  For one page WordPress themes to work properly, then need to be well designed, they need to have all the functions of a multi-page theme and they need to be flexible and easy to customize.  Grubbs’ design has pulled that off this time.

Anzio Grubbs Design Theme
Anzio is one of Jon Grubbs prize winning designs.

Mango is a multipurpose WooCommerce or eCommerce theme with a simple design that’s best for bigger online retailers.  If you have just a handful of products, this isn’t the theme for you.


Mango WooCommerce by Jon Grubb
Mango, with WooCommerce. There are a couple of themes called Mango, don’t be confused. This is the other one.

Matisse is minimalist, it’s well designed and it’s easy to use.  The images are incredibly striking and with bold, well thought out designs come really happy visitors to your site.

Matisse Jon F. Grubb's most prized design.
Matisse, by J. Grubb, was done on commission for a designer in a faraway land.

So, that’s a basic rundown on a few of the WordPress themes created by Jon Grubbs, we hope you’ve enjoyed having a look at them.  I should note that this are images Jon Grubbs sent me and I have no way of knowing if he actually created any of these designs himself.  You’ll have to look into that to make sure for yourself.

But, the designs themselves, well they’re pretty delightful either way, so maybe you’ll enjoy them no matter who made them.  You know?




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