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Gwangi, WordPress Social Community Builder Theme



Gwangi, Social Networking and Dating Theme

Gwangi is one of the best teams specifically built for dating and matchmaking websites. This is a real up-and-coming Niche with quite a bit of demand, yet not too many things to choose from. This is one of the more popular themes for building a dating community and letting your users find love around the world. When he has all of the features necessary to get the job done with style. This bootstrap coded WordPress Team Works hand-in-hand with Buddypress and bbPress to allow for a maximum amount of communication between your users.

This responsive social network in a box has an event calendar, fully supports WooCommerce and has a drag-and-drop page builder for crafting multifaceted pages that look great on all devices. There’s absolutely no bloat in the code, that can help with page load times, a critical factor in ranking your website well.

Making money with Gwangi, that’s going to be a fairly easy thing to do. Assuming you put it all the hard work that it takes to create a fantastic website that people really want to use. That’s the big challenge, right?

Once you get people there, you can charge a weekly, monthly or even annual fee with WooCommerce subscriptions, a premium plug-in that is sold separately.

There are also ways to charge users for some specific access to certain pages, like a membership directory, member profiles or additional photos of potential mates. All of that is thanks to the WooCommerce membership plugin, another premium add-on that you can purchase separately. You can even use AdSense to make a little bit of money placing ads on your website.

For Community networks, online shops, dating sites and social networking, this theme is a real winner. One really cool feature is the Ajax calculation between users based on buddypress profile Fields, a real matchmaking system that you won’t have to think about to get the most out of.

There’s a Tinder style member swap feature, Ajax Global search and mutual friends can be displayed in the members directory. Overall, this is one of the most future filled themes for any dating website that I have seen yet.

Gwangi is also part of our collection of WordPress dating themes.  That collection is a great place to hunt down a theme you’re going to love.

Gwangi Social Interaction and Dating Theme

Here are the links to more information and to the Gwangi demo site, just in case you want to find out just how good this theme is for yourself.

Demo More Information Get Hosting
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Lookbook, Premium WordPress Fashion Shop Theme



Lookbook WordPress Theme

Lookbook is one of those themes that just has features for days.  It’s got a custom admin panel, greatly extended from the native theme customizer to put all the adjustments and fine tuning at your fingertips.  The code is incredibly clean an valid, optimized for fast page loads and that helps get every page on your site indexed quickly and efficiently.  The customer support is helpful and professional and I really love the offer of a detailed theme knowledgebase, helping you troubleshoot any issues that arise when customizing your theme.  You get access to multiple custom widgets, allowing a wide range of content management options.  There’s even a custom form builder and about 100 different short codes to add cool features to any widgetized area.

Cool beans.

The theme’s maker says this about Lookbook.

Lookbook is a fashion store theme for clothing shops, accessory stores, fashion blogs and lookbooks showcases. Powerful WooCommerce shop functionality is extended by WooCommerce addons, you can install a free version or purchase a premium one – all styled and integrated for the fashion theme!

Fashionable design is yet highly flexible, providing unlimited color, font and layout options for your fashion store. A clothes store needs sizes and color options for product, and all this functionality can be added with Yith WooCommerce addon, as well as wishlist functionality, email subscription and other. You can use either a free addon version, or purchase a premium version separately – your fashion store Lookbook theme has styles and integration for both versions.

With wide blog options you can create a fashion blog to blog about trends in fashion and clothing, clothing advice, etc. Powerful functionality easily turns this WooCommerce fashion shop theme into a fashion blogging website.

But how does this theme look?  Let’s take a peek.

Lookbook, Classic Fashion Blog and Portfolio

Lookbook is I really fine example of this genre of themes, but it might not be perfect for your needs. If you need some more options, take a look at our full collection with a wide range of lookbook templates for WordPress. We have found so amazing stuff out there and I think you’re going to like what you see. Check out the demo below or click to find out more information about this high quality fashion template, even get yourself Bluehost hosting if you need it.

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Bewear, Lookbook and Fashion eCommerce Theme



Bewear, WordPress Fashion Lookbook Theme

This is a fashion lookbook or fashion diary theme that has a lot going for it.  In terms of design, it’s clean and professional, it’s got a really modern feel and a clear-cut layout to make navigation simple enough for a caveman.  Or cave woman for that matter.

Designers and bloggers can display a lot of content in collections, or as individual products, giving you a lot of flexibility.  You’ll be able to show customers an overall style or get them outfitted in the latest fashions, thanks to your insightful guidance.

I always like having a look at what the developer says about any given theme.  In this case, it’s this.

Bewear Lookbook WooCommerce theme is a clean and modern Fashion theme which allows designers, fashion-bloggers to showcase various products under various collections. This allows your customers to see the overall style of the outfits or get an idea about the latest fashion.

Bewear is built on top of Underscores framework built by the same company that built WordPress and the same framework used in the most popular WordPress themes. The code is lean and extensible with various actions and filters allowing developers to add functionality via child themes and/or custom plugins.

The theme is integrated with various plugins and extensions like King Composer, Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, YITH WooCommerce Wishlist and YITH WooCompare.

That’s a bunch of features, right?  Right.

Bewear Lookbook eCommerce Theme

If you’re not exactly feeling the look and style of the Bewear WordPress theme, we have a huge collection of templates that could be a better fit. We have tried to get a wide range of looks and styles, giving you plenty of different options to set up an amazing website to highlight your content. It’s all about producing a great user experience and these themes can do just that with tons of features and a user-friendly interface for you, the webmaster.

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Collecto, Magazine Inspired WordPress Journal Theme



Collecto, Clean, Magazine Inspired Journal Theme

Collecto is a WordPress theme that was inspired by glossy magazines and journals. That’s right, I’m talking about the printed material. Polygon from Ghostbusters famously said that print is dead, that’s anything but the case when it comes to digital journals or online periodicals. They are bigger and better than ever and this is one of the finest, most unique minimal style Journal themes that I have seen come along in the last few years.

Collecto is a highly customizable theme, it gives you every feature that you could possibly want to build a professional online magazine that can stand up against anyone in the business. This theme is great for home journals, blogs, lifestyle magazines and a whole lot more.

In terms of features, few magazine themes or Journal themes give you more than this one does. Collecto has a unique style that makes it particularly engaging, ensuring that your readers have a fantastic experience every time they visit your site and making it all the more likely that they will come back looking for more. That’s because this theme delivers a fantastic user experience to everyone who visits. Even on handheld devices, this template displays properly, lose it fast and gives everyone a chance to see what you have to say.

Collecto Simple, Professional Journal Blog Theme

If you’d like to have a look at our full collection of Journal themes, check out this collection. We have gathered up quite a number of the absolute best themes for journals, hopefully you can find one that you truly love. Finding the right theme is a bit of a challenge, that’s why we have selected so many different themes that you can choose from. Hopefully, one of them will be the perfect fit for your needs. In the meantime, good luck in your search for the right WordPress theme for your online Journal.

Demo More Information Get Hosting
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