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Hanata, WordPress Furniture Marketplace Theme



Hanata WordPress Theme

Hanata is a multi vendor marketplace theme that’s aimed at furniture makers, but it’s a strong enough, flexible enough theme to work for more than just furniture stores.

This Hanata WordPress theme is a cool marketplace that allows you to be the boss.

You can allow of your users to sign up on your website and they can create their very own store selling whatever products they would like to. It’s sort of like at sea, or themeforest. These types of websites are a little bit new, but they’re sort of like a shopping mall, but in the shopping mall, there can be an infant number of vendors. You’re not just limited to how much physical space you have in your Mall.

So, here’s a look at this Hanata WordPress theme.

Hanata, Multi Vendor Marketplace Theme

This theme supports the three major multi-vendor Marketplace plugins, Dokan, WC Vendors and WC Marketplace. The theme provide you with 10 free to find home page layouts, each focusing the would-be buyers attention on your products. You can easily import these home page layouts and customize them to your liking. You can even mix and match elements to create your very own layout. There are six different home page layouts to choose from and with eight different product pages, each one equally simple to setup and a unique blog layout, Hanata transforms your website into a powerful multi-vendor Marketplace.

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