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Hestia Pro, WordPress One Page Business Template



Hestia Pro One Pager WordPress Theme

Hestia Pro is one page material design theme that is great for businesses, startups, for foglio’s and plenty more. If you want to use just one page 2 introduce readers to what it is that you have to offer, this one page theme could be just what you need. It’s even got support for WooCommerce, something that is a nice added benefit. A lot of customized or makes it very simple to adjust the look and feel of your website and Hestia Pro could be the theme of your dreams for several other reasons.

There are nine reasons listed to be exact.

One, this team is translation and right to left ready. If you’re building a website that is not written in English, or any of the languages that typically read left to right, that’s not a problem. Every element of the theme is quickly and efficiently translated with either free or premium plug-ins. That means you can use any right to left language you see fit.

Second, this is the theme is totally seo-friendly. Search engine optimization is more important than ever these days, to build a successful business, you simply have to have an SEO ready theme that is optimized with clean code and fast load times. That’s really going to make Google love your website.

Another reason you might love the same, the live customizer. The live customizer makes it simple to fine-tune your website. With the Hestia Pro theme, you can customize just about anything that you see on the page. Change colors, change fonts, change layouts, widget areas and more. All the results will be shown in real time.

In addition to these three features, this template offers one minute setup and the demo content installation, custom backgrounds are available and it has been optimized for Speed. Mega menus are also supported and when it comes time to update your theme, just one click gets the job done. Finally, there are video tutorials to walk you through the process of building a fantastic looking site using the Hestia Pro theme and if you run into any issues, support is just a few clicks away.

Hestia Pro, One Page Material Design WordPress Theme

One thing to bear in mind with this theme, unlike many of the themes in our full collection of one page WordPress themes, this one does not include a multi-page option. That’s right, this thing can only be used as a one-page theme. Now, for many of you, that might just be fine. If you are promoting something like a web application or the website that you are building is purely for informational purposes and you know that you will never need a multi-page site to go along with it or to adopt it into a multi-page website based on this content, you might be fine. And it is a high-quality theme, it should do wonders for helping to promote your content on just one single page.

But for many of you, you’re here because you want one page theme that has the adaptability to eventually be morphed into a multi-page website. For you, this theme is not going to be a perfect fit. Luckily, our collection of one page WordPress themes has many different variety of tablets. Some of them do, in fact most of them do offer multi-page variations. That means that any sort of branding that you create on your one page that you can be repurposed when you go to build a multi-page site.

In general, it’s a good idea to stick with one theme and make sure that it has all the flexibility that you need to achieve your goals. That said, sometimes you can’t see the future. Personally, I have made many different choices with this particular blog that you’re reading right now, some of them are incredibly bad ideas. Some of them, I simply didn’t know what I was doing at the time. Now, I have a handle on things. I’m certainly glad that I’ve never had to switch themes in the middle of blogging. That’s actually a joke, I have switched themes several times. It’s not fun and it’s kind of a pain in the ass to have to adapt what you have already done to a brand new but template. So, keep that in mind when you are looking at this theme. It’s not going to work for multi-page websites.

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