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HiveMag, WordPress Magazine and Blog Theme



Hive WordPress Theme

This is HiveMag, a classic, simple and minimal blog and magazine theme for creating a modern, attractive and stylish website.  It’s all about your content, helping provide a great user experience for all your visitors.

This theme has very elegant typography and that house to shine of a very bright Spotlight on to your content. If you’re sharing thoughts, feelings or experiences, if you are creating a video or photo scrapbook, this theme has what it takes to help you achieve your goals. In terms of typography, the fonts are up to you, you can change them out to fit the style that you were looking for. In addition to the fonts, you got several different adaptive layouts for posts. You can mix and match portrait or landscape images, add very long titles to help promote your content. There are even several different post formats to help highlight your content is theme can be personalized to match your desired style and that makes it a very flexible Blog theme that can work for just about any type of content.

Here is a look at the front page of hyve Mag, this is a 3 column layout with a masonry grid Style that makes your content look very attractive and well-organized. Visitors to your website can certainly find your most important content right off the bat.

HiveMag, WordPress Magazine and Blog Theme

The developer of this theme, PixelGrade, has created some very popular WordPress themes over the years. Looking back at other themes that they have created, they do a fantastic job of supporting and documenting all of their themes. While this theme is priced a bit higher than many of its type, it is still a solid value, considering how good the code is and how flexible it is. Bloggers who want an elegant, clean platform for their blog or magazine should certainly take a long look at this responsive gem.

One of the other themes that they have created that I really enjoy is here.  Pile.  Of course, that theme is quite expensive at $225. To me, it might not be fully worth all that money. There are certainly other options available to you at a more reasonable price, though come again, the amount of features and functionality that you got is quite stunning, making this highly rated theme a pretty good option for all types of blogs.

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