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How Many Websites are There? How Popular is WordPress?



I’ve just read an interesting article on a website called Templified.  It’s all about answering the question of how many websites there are in the world and just how popular WordPress has become.  This is the introduction, just the first few paragraphs.

I started wondering to myself this morning about just how popular how many websites are there in the world anyway? What percentage of them use WordPress as their content management system? And why is it so popular? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that WordPress is popular, you run across WordPress websites everyday, including top-notch themes. I know why I use WordPress, but what is it about WordPress that makes it so popular? Is there anything that we can glean from these numbers to learn more about this content management system and what its future might hold? Those are some of the questions that I asked myself before writing this post and hopefully, I have done a good enough job of explaining all of the answers.

But before he gets all of that, let’s take a step backward and think about just how many websites there are in the world and how we got to this point so quickly. Geologically speaking anyway. The internet moves pretty fast, I guess 30 years or so is quite a long time to build up to the Staggering number of websites that are currently are on the web.

We’ve come a long, long way since the very first website was launched on the world wide web.  The year was 1991, late summer specifically, when was launched.  Pretty crazy, right?  For the first couple of years, nothing much happened.  Then, the British physicist Tim Berners-Lee made the WWW technology available as a public domain code, which is a lot of why the web began to flourish in the early to mid 90s.

Before that, the same Mr. Berners-Lee had created the World Wide Web in March of 1989.  He also created the first web server, the first browser and the first code editor for the web.  Berners-Lee created hypertext markup language, HTML and Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or HTTP.  That’s quite a bit of stuff and all of it laid the groundwork for what would become the modern internet.

The whole thing gave a nice, broad background on how WordPress has gotten so popular.  I think it’s well worth taking a longer look at.

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