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CSS Igniter presents Hugo, a WooCommerce powered WordPress theme that will help transform your site into a ball of fire with lovely, clear-cut design, well layed out pages for cart, product and checkout pages and more.  This is a toolbox of professional level WooCommerce tools, created all inside this flexible, powerful and stylish WooCommerce theme for WordPress.  What sorts of tools does Hugo feature?  How about a completely re-built, ground breaking visual design tool that is definitely going to make it easy to transform your website.  Like an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.  WordPress Magazine Themes, Online Journals and Newspapers

(Why a duckling turns into a swan, I’ll never know.)

Hugo puts your business on it’s shoulders and delivers it to incredibly new heights, making it easy to build a brand to rival the big boys.  Sell you products with such style and grace that massive retailers like WalMart and Amazon are quaking in their $1,000 Ferragamo shoes.   How is this possible, you ask?  Well, CSS Igniter packed this theme with so many features that they’re practically falling off the page.  Every line of code, every pixel of this design was made with selling products in mind.

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WordPress is only a tool though, you need to have a confident, strong user in charge of this theme to get the most out of it.  That’s where you come in, young WebMaster.  This theme is a lot like Yoda and that makes you Luke Skywalker.  You can use these tools to build that eCommerce store with ease, but it needs to function well if you’re going to make any money.

Create pages that look just like you want them to look with a built in page builder, adjust the colors and fonts to fit your brand.  Then, add functionality with one of a few dozen widgets that help display your content in style, with a wide variety of powerful options to choose from.  CSS Igniter has built a theme that will be an SEO monster too, lightweight code loads quickly and Hugo’s CSSis completely stripped down to perform miracles.  WordPress eCommerce Themes, JigoShop, Sell Media, Easy Digital Downloads


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