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Hydra, Fast Loading WordPress Blog and Portfolio Theme



Hydra, Fast Loading WordPress Theme

With a claim of blazing speed, I’ve just got to review this theme.  Hydra is a full-featured WordPress theme that has a left and right aligned demo for your pleasure.  With a launch price special of $39, you better get this thing while it’s hot.  For personal blogging sites, professional creative sites and more, Hydra is a dangerous ally to have.  You want to be careful, you cut off the head, two more grow in it’s place.  That can add up after a while.

Hydra has a responsive full page layout, it’s perfect for any of the thousands of different devices folks can possibly access your site with.  That means your pages and posts will look incredible and functionality will remain high on all devices, no matter what.

They’ve included dozens of finely crafted shortcodes to extend the native capabilities of WordPress, easy to configure through the WordPress post editor.  For bloggers of all kinds, that’s an incredibly user friendly way to get a site online and begin to build it’s popularity.

Hydra offers custom widgets you can select from, there are a dozen of them by the way, and Hydra supports all default widgets too, including the new gallery widget available in the newest WordPress 4.9 release.

Over 700 Google fonts, the WordPress customize, Hydra is developer friendly and it also contains tons of documentation for easy, user-friendly adjustments to your website.  Retina ready, translation ready into any language, unlimited colors and demo data is included.  That’s a lot of features.

Okay, on to the claim of blazing speed.  So many lies get told, I have to check them on it every time.  I tested this theme from three locations and here’s where it was the fastest, Stockholm, Sweden.  Check it out.

Hydra Speed Test

So….yep, fast as can be.  Man, just 37 requests and a 95 grade.  Better than 96% of all themes out there, that’s cheetah speed baby!  Like they say in the advertising copy, nobody likes to wait.  They claim rigorous code optimizations to reduce bloat and I’d say it paid off handsomely.  SEO is going to be a piece of cake with Hydra, that theme is incredibly fast.

So, all things considered if you need a really fast blog and portfolio theme, Hydra could be the answer.

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